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  1. I've read the whole thread, I managed to run "Editions" mode 😀 Thanks for all advices! This is how I did it (on PS5, but I don't think it's relevant to the case, but who knows...): 1. Disconnected console from internet 2. Installed Minecraft from disc. 3. Switched do alternate account 4. Run the game and created tutorial world. Played a while 5. Created new world - survival mode, easy setting. Didn't play, just exited after a few seconds 6. Closed the game, switched to my main account. 7. Run the game and created tutorial world. Did only first few steps in tutorial (connected with moving), exited after a few seconds. 8. Created new world - survival mode, easy setting. Didn't play, just exited after a few seconds 9. Closed the game. 10. Connected to the Internet and installed the latest patch. 11. Rerun the game, didn't connect to Microsoft account and didn't convert my two worlds (tutorial and the other one) to Bedrock edition. After this steps I could see Editions button in my main menu. I think steps 3-6 are totally unnecessary, but I wanted to describe the process as precise as i could. Maybe it will help someone. I have never played Minecraft until today on any device. My version of disc is CUSA-00265.
  2. Thank you very much for checking this for me! Indeed it makes no sense to buy Season Pass 2 now, but when/if price drops to 5$ why not OK, so I can add Green Cities to my library safe I asked about it because I own Unravel 1 and I couldn't buy Unravel 1+2 bundle (it was cheaper some time ago than Unravel 2 itself!) because I "already own Unravel 1". The same situation happened to me with Sound Shapes (bundle with all dlc was cheaper than only season pass)... I wonder how it works.
  3. Hi! Let's assume that I add the free dlc Green Cities to my library. The question is: will it be still possible to buy the whole Season Pass 2 later? Could anyone who already done that check if it's still available to add Season Pass 2 to basket or will be there an information that it's unavailable to buy because you already own some part of this Season Pass?
  4. I changed my email to gmail and it works (it's in spam folder though ). Next, I changed to my previous email and it doesn't work anymore. Very strange, but I have to live with that I suppose.
  5. I use generic e-mail. One of the biggest in Poland (onet). I have many services connected to this account and never had a problem. Anyway, now I know that notofications should work, so I'm going to change my email now and we will see.
  6. Thanks for the advice, but i checked this too...
  7. That's nice, but it's not working for me Can we test it somehow?
  8. I double checked this and I have right email set. I've searched spam folder in my account, but there aren't any emails from psnprofiles...
  9. Hi! I don't receive email notifications. I'd like to know if it's a bug, my bad settings or just a premium feature. I have both boxes near "Notify me when someone joins my gaming session" checked and I receive notifications only here, in my profile. Can someone help me with this?
  10. Borderlands 2! I'm waiting for GOTY edition at good price and then I'm going to buy it
  11. I think that idea of completion percentage is to show how much trophies (points) did you earn among all of trophies that you could obtain. As far as i know, calculations on psnprofiles.com "deletes" from completion percentage games that you own (played), but you didn't earn a single trophy. So I think that the same adjustment could be used for DLC. DLC with at least one trophy earned would be calculated to the whole completion, while the other wouldn't. What do you think about it?