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  1. :platinum: #392 - Wolfenstein: The New Order (GER)


    All TNO stacks are now done. :dance: The German version of The Old Blood is next because Wolfenstein, that's why! Good thing I don't need to know German to play these versions. xD

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    2. cr1s


      They're in German, but as I've mentioned in my status update, there's absolutely no need to know the language. You might have to translate a few words, but that's it. Of course, you wouldn't be able to follow the story if you wanna experience that again, but I personally didn't mind that as I had already played it twice before. I just wanted to experience that awesome gameplay again. It never gets old.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. Spaz


      There are no English subtitles?

  2. Weekly Update #21 (November 12-18): Upupu Productions* proudly presents: An event by Monokuma Featuring: - @cr1s - Monokuma - And a bunch of other characters but who cares about them, amirite? DESPAIR-A-TON #1- Wait, is it time yet? Aww, I was getting to the good part! But no, it's not time yet. I was just rehearsing for next month's show. Speaking of which... less than 2 weeks left! Oh... Can't you do that later? It's time for the Weekly Update! >_> Fine, fine... *yawn* Wake me up when it's December, will you? I- *sigh* Well, at least he won't bother me now. Anyway... Hello and welcome to another Weekly Update! We're getting ever closer to that-event-that-shall-not-be-named-lest-Monokuma-wakes-up, and the excitement and anticipation are building up! In the meantime, @cr1s is working on the Fall 2018 list, trying to complete as many games as he can before the aforementioned event begins. It looks like he's still very much on track to complete 12 games by December 20! Let's see what happened this past week... Overview: Man, those pork buns are sooooo good! I feel like I can do anything after eating one of these! Like this: , and that: , and even that: In fact, this pork bun is so good that it also lets me kill Nazis without breaking a sweat, just like this: . 10/10, would eat again. Progress Update: Got the Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4) on Thursday and its 100% on Saturday. Thoughts on the game and its trophies coming soon... Gestarted Wolfenstein: The New Order (GER) am Samstag... Oh wait, wrong language. But yeah, the German version of TNO is my last remaining stack for that game. Needless to say, I'm definitely skipping all of the cutscenes. I've played the game twice before anyway, so I already know what the story is about. But yeah, I've finished the story on Uber difficulty and was just cleaning up some perks. The remaining ones don't take a lot of time to clean up, so I should hopefully get the platinum tomorrow. Added the following games to my backlog: Code: Realize - Future Blessings, Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms (EU), and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. More information on that here: Plans For Next Week: Wolfenstein: The New Order (GER) Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (GER) Do I start Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Trilogy Pack (Vita)... or do I finally play Mass Effect: Andromeda? Decisions, decisions... I'll just take advantage of the fact that Monokuma is asleep to remove those games he keeps adding every week. Ahem... That's it for this week, everyone! See you next Sunday!
  3. From the current sale on the EU store: I was looking for some VNs to play and @Rantaro recommended these. I already have Future Blessings from the Bouquet of Rainbows collection on PS4, but thought I'd get it separately and play it on the Vita first (since we all know that VNs are better on Vita anyway ). I enjoyed Guardian of Rebirth and look forward to playing this one! I'll wait until I get Kyoto Winds before starting Edo Blossoms since the former is the first part and I wouldn't want to play them out of order. It's not on sale right now, but there's always the Big in Japan sale!
  4. :platinum: #391 (and 100%) - Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4)


    I had a blast revisiting this game yet again. :dance: I'll definitely play the Asian version at some point!


    That pork bun is just sooooo good. :holy:

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    2. DamagingRob


      Pork bun guy is the best. :lol: Congrats!

    3. cr1s


      @Rantaro Twice is still good, especially when it comes to Sleeping Dogs. 👌


      @DamagingRob This guy also gets it. :dance:

    4. ShonenCat
  5. Mine is Blacklight: Retribution, which is currently at 0.27%.
  6. Weekly Update #20 (November 5-11): Hello and welcome to another Weekly Update! This was quite an eventful week, so let's get down to it! How about no? Why are you saying that, Monokuma? Anything you don't want our viewers to find out? ... Overview: I spent a lot of time playing Wild Licking Simulator surprising people with Penetrator attacks, like this: I didn't wanna spend my entire week doing that, though, so I switched it up and... What's that? Vending machines are out of "refreshingly twisted" drinks? Is my journey through Oddworld over? That made me sad, so I felt like having a pork bun to cheer myself up: Progress Update: Do we really have to go through this? ;w; Yes, we do! *upupu* Went back to Saints Row IV (AU PS4) and got its platinum and 100% on Thursday. Thoughts on the game and its trophies here: And now, for my favorite part of the week: Monokuma is dealt a huge blow as my third attempt at the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy is successful! He probably took this part literally and thought it'd take me that many times (and even more) to get that trophy : Whatever. I'll make sure to redeem myself during the upcoming Despair-A-Ton. Just you wait... Speaking of which, less than 3 weeks to go. I sure hope you're getting ready for this. *upupu* Of course I am! What better way to get ready for it than not getting ready at all? Upu- What? What do you mean, "not getting ready at all?" Because I'm confident I'll emerge from it unscathed. Oh, I'm sure your overconfidence will be your downfall and can't wait to see that happen! Anyway, where was I? Yeah, I gotta say that I was surely lucky. Someone on apparently had to play the game a dozen times before that trophy finally unlocked for them... But yeah, I went back to Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) and finally got its platinum on Saturday. Thoughts on the game and its trophies coming soon. With that one done, the Oddworld series is now fully completed! Until Soulstorm comes out next year(?), that is. Started Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4) on Sunday. It's my third time playing it and it's definitely still as fun as I remember it. I wouldn't have done some of these stacks if the games themselves weren't fun. It's not always just about the trophies, you know? Added Red Faction II to my backlog. Do I play it this month, or do I leave it for next year? Decisions, decisions... I definitely aim to fully complete the Red Faction series next year anyway (only II and Guerrilla PS4 left now). Also added Destroy All Humans! 2 and Darksiders (PS4) to my backlog. Guess how I got all these? That's right, this. I obviously got all of the games in that bundle, but am only interested in these 3 games. Plans For Next Week: Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4) Wolfenstein: The New Order (GER) StarBlood Arena BattleFantasia Max Payne 3 The King of Fighters XIII One day, Monokuma... That's it for this Weekly Update, everyone! See you again next Sunday!
  7. Warhawk Supreme Achievement All your base trophies are belong to platinum. Mine is Warhawk, which is currently at 0.37%.
  8. :platinum: #390 - Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita)


    The third time was indeed the charm! :D I'm glad the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy didn't glitch yet another time. However good these "refreshingly twisted" drinks are, I wouldn't want to get more addicted to them. :ninja:


    All stacks in the Oddworld series are now done!  :dance:Soulstorm when? I need more Oddworld in my life! ;-;

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. UltraRareBoy
    4. cr1s


      Thanks, everyone! ^_^


      Gee, thanks, @Honor_Hand. :P I do need some rest in order to face the upcoming Despair-A-Ton with all my might, after all. :ninja:


      @DamagingRob You certainly did, you Shenanigan Master, you. :awesome:

  9. Man, it's been a while since I posted in here. I've obtained a few platinums since my last update: #385 & 386 - Drawn to Death (regular and JP version respectively) I talked to Amy. For like an hour. Today was a good day. Earn all other trophies in the game. Nothing to say about this one other than: "Damn you, @DamagingRob!" *shakes fist* #387 - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PS4) Achieve All Trophies Unlock All Trophies Well, I'm glad I bought this game at the beginning of this year because it was delisted a few months ago and was never released physically for consoles. Oh, and the fact that I actually found a boosting partner for it after all this time is a miracle in itself. But yeah, it's nice to finally have this platinum for sure. #388 - Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (PS3) Platamire Munch Unlock all other Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD trophies. I'll post my full thoughts on this game when I platinum the Vita version (depending on when the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy will stop glitching on me - that glitch seems to be much more severe here. At least it didn't glitch for me in the PS3 version). But in short, I actually enjoyed it and - despite its technical hurdles - think it's a great addition to the Oddworld series. #389 - Saints Row IV (AU PS4) Kingpin Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row IV: Re-elected. Difficulty: 2.5/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Man, this game never gets old. It's my third time playing it and is still as fun as I remember it. You play as The Boss, who has just been elected POTUS when aliens decide to crash his party and invade Earth, while also capturing many of the other Saints. The Boss now faces the daunting task of freeing his friends, defeating the alien leader, and taking back Steelport from his grasp for queen and country- oh wait, wrong country. But yeah, this is just a sample of this game's wildness. This game ramps up the over-the-top craziness the Saints Row series is known for while also staying true to its roots as a Saints Row game. It relies on parodying other games, franchises, and films (such as Mass Effect, Streets of Rage, Space Invaders, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Prototype, They Live (with Roddy Piper even making a cameo appearance in this game!), the Saints Row series itself, and countless others) as a form of humor, but still retains the traditional Saints Row humor. And it's all in a good way, thankfully. Gameplay-wise, it's more of the same compared to its predecessor. You have side quests (which range from killing some aliens to climbing up towers) that cover almost the entire map, a thousand collectibles to get (literally), Professor Genki (because what's a Saints Row game without Genki?), and other mayhem-inducing activities. You gain access to superpowers and elemental powers by defeating and consuming some Wardens, and you can upgrade them using Data Clusters (the collectibles). Challenges are back and plentiful once again, though they're not time-consuming. It's definitely a lot of fun, especially with the addition of powers. There are also 2 pieces of DLC (included in the PS4 version of the game). One of these is Enter the Dominatrix DLC (which was originally scheduled to be released as standalone DLC for Saints Row: The Third), while the other has you saving Christmas from an evil Santa Claus. So yeah, even more craziness to be had there! *cue wild licking*The platinum/100% isn't hard as you can play on the easiest difficulty and still get all the trophies, which mostly involve completing the main story, side quests, and challenges. The challenges include getting kills with certain weapons, using your powers on enemies, getting a Gold Medal in all of the activities, and some miscellaneous tasks. Nothing hard there either, even the Gold Medals as they're pretty easy.Final Verdict: Do you like "mindless fun"? Do you like blowing stuff up? Do you like kicking alien ass*? Do you like causing mayhem in a big world that's filled with such tasks? If your answer to all of these questions is "yes", then Saints Row IV is the perfect game for you to play (and replay, and replay, and replay - unless you don't like stacking, that is). Make sure you also check out the other Saints Row games if you haven't done so yet!*Bubble gum included for your chewing pleasure.
  10. #389 (and 100%) - Saints Row IV (AU PS4) **Also my 400th completed game**


    This is my third time playing SR4 and it's still as fun as I remember it. ^_^ It crashed a few times, but ran well otherwise. I'm just glad it didn't crash while idling the remaining 15 hours for the 40-hour trophy since I did that overnight and while at work. xD


    Just the regular PS4 version of SR4 left and I'll have all Saints Row stacks done! :dance:

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    2. cr1s


      Thanks, everyone! ^_^ And I'm pretty sure the same can be said about you, @DamagingRob and @Honor_Hand. :P*cue wild licking*

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

  11. I'm doing Oddworld for the 3rd time now and on the mudokon fortress level, I got all the mudokons around the circle so they can chant and raise the water level and I shit you not, as the cut scene appeared showing the water level rise, a spoocescrub regrew in the background like seriously??! o.0

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ChristIllusion12


      When the cutscene shows the water level rising and all the sligs are in the football like field, I saw a spooceshrub regrow right next to a slig and I hadn't even set foot in the area :/ I'm going to beat the game still and reload my last save and play to the end a few times and see what happens :/ 

    3. cr1s


      Well, I guess they don't really regrow there. But in the area where you get the Mudokons to chant, a bunch of SpooceShrub appear afterwards. I'm pretty sure that doesn't count against you since you're required to do that in order to progress through the game. As for what happened, I would've restarted the level to be "safe".

    4. ChristIllusion12


      I didn't restart the level but I have to do another bad quarma playthrough as I didn't get less than 10% quarma the first time so will try it again on that run if I don't get the trophy although I'll probably be wasting my time and will have to do a 5th playthrough xD 

  12. Weekly Update #19 (October 29 - November 4): Hello, and thank you for tuning in to our weekly show. It's time- for some honey! What? Okay, let me get this straight... You don't roar or bite, but you love honey. And if my memory serves me right, you were also eating pancakes the other day. What kind of bear are you??? But... But I can't help it, honey and pancakes are so damn tasty! ;w; And I'm a... desbear! For once, I agree with you when you mention how tasty honey and pancakes are. And... "desbear"? So you wouldn't use that word for Despair, but you'd use it to describe yourself? Hey now, this honey is all mine, you hear me? Don't you try anything "funny"! And yes, I think "desbear" suits me much better than it does Despair. *upupu* Who said I- *sigh* Monokuma being Monokuma. Let's just carry on with our show. Overview: Well, well, well... what do we have here? Well, there's my weekly dose of the "refreshingly twisted" drink, for one. I swear I'm not addicted to it! It's... My doctor prescribed it to me as a way to combat Despair... Yeah, that's right! *looks around nervously*, Oh shit, here comes Paul! , And more of this game: . Progress Update: Another failed attempt at the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) as the trophy glitched on me again. *upupu* But you know what they say: "Third time's the charm", so hopefully the next attempt will be the one that does the trick. You humans and your nonsensical expressions. Do you really believe in those? Well, we'll see what happens. And where there's Despair, there's also Hope... how else could we tackle your wrath, Monokuma? Did you just say... Hope? There's nothing more amusing than your futile attempts at putting an end to Despair. *upupu* I could say the same when it comes to you and Hope. Enough of this nonsensical talk, though. Started Saints Row IV (AU PS4) on Saturday. It's my third time playing through Saints Row IV and man, this game never gets old. As is almost always the case when I play open-world games, I'm doing as much side stuff (exploring, doing the side quests, getting the collectibles, etc.) as I can before progressing through the main story. Went back to The King of Fighters XIII and got the remaining online trophies done. At least I don't have to worry about that part anymore. Thanks for going through it with me, @Honor_Hand! I gotta admit, it was more fun this way. Plans For Next Week: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) (if the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy doesn't glitch again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again...) Saints Row IV (AU PS4) Start Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4) around the weekend. StarBlood Arena BattleFantasia Max Payne 3 The King of Fighters XIII (thanks for that, @Honor_Hand!) *upupu* A fourth game... Monokuma, it's not funny, okay? ;-; Speak for yourself. In fact, I think it's so funny that I can't stop laughing! Welp, that's it for our Weekly Update! Stay tuned for our third Monthly Update, coming right up! Monthly Update #3 (October 2018): Welcome to the third edition of Monthly Update, where we review what games I started, finished, removed and added from/to my backlog during the month of October! Started: Red Faction (October 3), Drawn to Death (October 11), Drawn to Death (JP) (October 15), Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PS4) (October 15), Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (PS3) (October 20), Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) (October 24), The King of Fighters XIII (October 27) Finished: Superhot (October 2), Red Faction (October 10), Drawn to Death (October 14), Drawn to Death (JP) (October 15), Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PS4) (October 19), Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (PS3) (October 24) Removed from backlog: N/A Added to backlog: Brink That's it for this week, folks! I'll see you next Sunday for another Weekly Update!
  13. Monthly Update #3: October 2018 Started: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (October 24) Finished: N/A Removed from backlog: N/A Added to backlog: N/A Backlog Progress: Completed | In Progress (as of October 31) Not much to report this month. I started Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD last week, but I don't have the platinum yet as the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy glitched on me and didn't pop at the end of my first playthrough, so that will require another full playthrough (if I'm lucky and it doesn't glitch again). I'll hopefully get it done in November though and platinum Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Trilogy Pack as well. I'm barely making progress on my Vita backlog these days, but I'll pick up the pace in 2019 for sure.
  14. Weekly Update #18 (October 22-28): Hello and welcome to another Weekly Update! Despair-A-Ton is fast approaching, with just a little over a month to go! In the meantime, @cr1s is trying to complete as many games as he can before then, while Monokuma tries as much as possible to distract him from the task at hand. What makes you think it was me? Oh, come on. This has "Monokuma" written all over it! Where? I don't see "Monokuma" written anywhere. Moving on... Overview: Alright, let's see what kinds of shenanigans happened this week... More "refreshingly twisted" drinks. I think I'm starting to get addicted to those now... What's that? Here comes a new challenger! Ooooh... I wonder what that "new challenger" is about. *upupu* Progress Update: Got the Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (PS3) platinum on Wednesday. Thoughts on the game and its platinum... well, I still haven't gathered my thoughts on this game. I'll post my thoughts sometime next week for sure. But if you've seen my previous Weekly Update then you already know I loved this game. Started Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) on Wednesday. Let's see... I finished my Angelic Quarma (Good Ending) playthrough, but the infamous "I Regrow Nothing" trophy glitch happened to me. I know it's not a screw-up as, like in the PS3 version, I was extremely careful and always double and even triple-checked that no SpooceShrub was regrown outside of Raisin's Cave, but the trophy still didn't pop. I need to do a Black Quarma (Bad Ending) playthrough anyway, so hopefully it'll pop at the end of that. If it doesn't, well... the only apparent way to get it to unlock is to do all of the following... in a single playthrough... YES! Now that's what I like to hear! *upupu* Not that I had anything to do with this. It doesn't matter. I'll get that trophy eventually! And no, Monokuma, I don't need you to mark my words anymore, okay? Aww... Oh, well. As you wish! *marks words anyway* Started The King of Fighters XIII on Saturday. Wait a minute... this game's not on my Fall 2018 list! First @DamagingRob and now @Honor_Hand... it feels like everyone's out to get me. ;-; Yes, YES! Feel the- However, I'm still very much on track when it comes to completing 12/20 games by December 20. I've finished 6 games already with a potential 7th on the way, and I have quite a few games planned for November. Not to mention your little event in December. So don't you get too complacent now, Monokuma! Man, you're such a party pooper! Me? Nah, you'd better leave that title for someone else. But yeah, @Honor_Hand and I are done with most of the online trophies. We should hopefully get the rest of them done next week. Anyway, let's move- Ooooh, it looks like we have a new guest! A new guest? What are you talking about? And why wasn't this done at the beginning, like you always wanted? Well, I've only just noticed it. ;w; Anyway... Finally someone who's looking forward to it as much as I am! I like you already, @Rantaro. Although... "Despair Month"? What makes you think the Despair is only gonna last a month? *upupu* Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell? You said- I might as well reveal it now: the so-called "Despair-A-Ton" event is merely a prelude to something much bigger! Oh man, 2019 is gonna be an excellent year for Despair! O_O Prelude? Year? Wow... Talk about a plot twist! Well.. what about Despair-A-Ton then? Just what is it exactly? And what kinds of shenanigans will 2019 feature? Now, now. I'm sure @Honor_Hand will be glad to tell you all about it... once he figures out what it entails, that is. Or maybe he should just keep it to himself. *upupu* As for your last question... it goes without saying, but all shall be revealed in due time! Man, you humans ask way too many questions sometimes. Just sit back and enjoy the show like I do! I'm sure he wouldn't do that... Right, @Honor_Hand? In any case, I think we should move on before I start losing my mind. *smiles nervously* Plans For Next Week: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (Vita) (if the "I Regrow Nothing" trophy doesn't glitch again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again...) Either Red Faction II to maintain this small UR platinum streak I've been having... or I might break it (it wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway) and just platinum either Saints Row IV (PS4) or Sleeping Dogs (NA PS4) instead. StarBlood Arena BattleFantasia Max Payne 3 Man, what an episode! Thank you all for tuning in, and I'll see you next week for our third Monthly Update, along with our usual Weekly Update! I think I'm gonna have nightmares tonight...
  15. :platinum: #388 - 73.jpg







    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. cr1s


      Thanks, everyone! ^_^


      @Honor_Hand That GIF was the first thing that popped in mind when I got the platinum, so I had to post it. xD But I actually do like this game and I'm currently playing the Vita version, so it wasn't just for the hell of it. :D


      @Jelloycat If you like puzzle platformers, you should give the Oddworld series a go. It has a lot of charm (you can probably tell from this cover alone :awesome:) and is a blast to play, although the PS3 and Vita versions of these games are a bit marred by some technical issues. If anything, you could at least play New 'n' Tasty! on PS4 since that version of the game runs very well, and it's a remake of the first game (Abe's Oddysee) anyway.


      @DamagingRob This was one of your shenanigans? xD And you always have the option of not returning to it if you think it's such a garbage game. :P

    3. ChristIllusion12


      Well done, I'm looking at doing this one shortly :)

    4. DamagingRob


      @cr1s Or there's that. Lol.