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  1. Season 2: Episode 6 - "Hello Despair!" Weekly Update #34 (October 7-13) Intro: Wait... "Hello Despair!"? It was supposed to be "Goodbye Despair!"! I won't allow any of our episodes to be called that! Such a title would be tantamount to spreading Hope! What about the game then? What will you do about it? I'll just censor it the good ol' fashioned way like I did above... Censorship is sure to unleash tons of Despair on our viewers! *upupu* But it's still visible. DAMMIT! I'll have to come up with an alternative way by the time you get to *that part* then. Maybe I should skip to it now then. I wish I could... As much as I'd love to, I have to follow our episode breakdown, or a certain bear will get angry! I wonder what @Monokuma will come up with when it comes to that censorship. In the meantime, it's time for another episode of our Desbearful Show, where the bear is- Enough with that already! Okay, fine. Let's check out what today's episode has in store for us! Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Unleash The Shift! - Part 1 Despair-A-Ton 4 - Part 2 Plans For Next Week Outro Upupu, I wonder who our Ultimate Guests for this week are... Ultimate Chats: Let's welcome- What's that? Another @Monokuma? They're multiplying! 😱 I, for one, welcome another @Monokuma to our show! Let's see what CypherKuma has to say. *upupu* Spoken like a true @Monokuma. We're off to a great start already! I'm sure you and I will get alon- What the hell was that all about? Are you going haywire or something? Pull yourself together! Wuzzat? Are you challenging me to an Epic Upupu Battle? @Monokuma accepts and hereby announces your defeat by countering your abysmal attempt with *this*! Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! Wow, I can't believe that @Monokuma has just wasted half of our allocated time with a Petty Upupu Battle. Hey, it's not petty! It's clear by now that CypherKuma is only here to undermine my authority! Besides, look at that! He can't even say "Ultimate" properly! Begone, you fake @Monokuma! Where do you think *you're* going? *You* are staying here as I teach you a Despairful Lesson for attempting to hijack our show with the help of that nonsensical @Monokuma - one that involves everyone's beloved franchise! *upupupupu* Umm... Thank you for joining us today, @CypherNova139? Although it sounds like you're gonna be staying here for a while. And now, let's welcome our next Ultimate Guest: @jemmie! DanganVegas, huh? Are you trying to fool us all? We both know that you got those MonoCoins from Towa City! Or maybe it's the fact that you got really unlucky there. *upupu* Like hell he will! Thank you for the vote of confidence (probably), @jemmie! I'll make sure to nab this victory for Team Hope! So you mean to say that the caption is actually a translation of the English text? My, my... what a plot twist that would be! *upupu* Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Who knows? Thank you for stopping by, @jemmie! And now, let's check out what games were played this week! Progress Update: Overview: It's time to get ready for one hell of a ride, for the shift has been unleashed! Or so I had thought... but I quickly got dragged back into the world of Despair, as it's time to say "Goodbye Des-" *upupu* once and for all! Oooh, so that's how @Monokuma plans to censor me! But that won't stop me from achieving victory in our Seasonal Face-Off. Maybe you should pick up the pace then if you wanna finish in time. Weekly Progress: Unleash The Shift! - Part 1: Ah, here we go! The second in a series of "side games" that are being decided by a certain bear and his certain associate is Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed! I gotta say, though: even if that damn bear didn't choose it for me now, I would've actually done it soon-ish anyway because it's an ancient PS3 game with online trophies. But hey, the sooner, the better! Also, to answer @CypherNova139: 1) You're not FeliKuma's spokesperson. 2) I already said last week that people could check out my profile to find out what the next FeliKuma game would be. 3) I don't have to platinum any of the games that FeliKuma decide to make me play - merely complete their online trophies. After all: Nowhere did it say I must platinum them. @cr1s is absolutely right! @CypherNova139 is attempting to spread misinformation! Perhaps I should inflict a harsher punishment on him for that. *upupu* But yeah, I started this game on Monday thinking all online trophies only required another person and I could get them done quickly... Note to self: check different guides thoroughly to make sure what a certain boost involves. And why is that, I wonder? *upupu* Because I thought everything could be done with just one other person when there's one trophy that requires 2 other people and another one that requires... "8 gamers" Ahhhhh-hahaha- That said, a certain someone invited us to his farm to help us fill in all those extra spots! I'm talking about this: ha... ha? And how do you think he's going to help you when I have him under my watch here? *upupu* Oh, there's always a way. In fact, he's actually readying all his MooStations as we speak! But yeah, I started this game and got a few trophies! Let's look into them a little bit. I won't talk about the game itself right now because I barely played any of it. First of all... in order to even be able to play online multiplayer, you have to play a couple of single player races first! Yep, the MP menu isn't there at first, leaving you to believe that they might've forgotten to include it in the game or something. But of course, it's just derpy you at the end. The first of these races is the tutorial, which will gauge how good the game thinks you are and then recommend you the best driver setting. I ended up with "Experienced" (somewhere in the middle), but I switched to "Novice" in order to make a certain trophy easier: Proving Grounds Won JR's GTR Challenge What does JR @Monokuma's GTR Challenge comprise? It's quite simple: win a 2-lap race. You're in third position too, which makes it easier. Getting into first place is easy, but it's staying there that's the hard part, especially with the way the vehicles seem to handle. In the end, it took me 5 tries to beat his challenge. Believe me, you'll want to finish this challenge ASAP because of the annoying commentator who repeats some of his sentences, like this one: "You need to be aggressive, but you gotta give the other cars some respect." How about you shut up and let me concentrate instead? Don't attribute this challenge to me! If it were up to me, I'd have you win a 999-lap race. Oh, how glorious it'd be to see the Despair on your face. *upupu* When all that was done, I was able to access the online multiplayer! But that's when the above happened with that trophy requiring a total of 8 players. Since you can get almost all of the other trophies along the way, @Honor_Hand and I decided to wait until @CypherNova139 is done feeding all them cows. The one trophy you can't get with the others is the one for playing online for over 10 hours, but you can idle grind that one anyway. Barely anything happened in this game otherwise. When I first launched the game, I got a trophy for owning 3 different kinds of vehicles as I have the Ultimate Edition of the game and downloaded all the DLC prior to starting it. I also went for one last trophy: Recommended Completed an event recommended by a Friend Does this game have Facebook integration or what? Err, close enough? This trophy is pretty simple as it just requires you to play an event that a friend has played and recommended. A quick, 5-minute job. Nothing else to say about it, really. It's not like what I'm saying right now is solely meant as filler to fulfill one of our broadcasting obligations. Not at all... Oooh, filler? That's bound to fill tons of people with Despair. *upupu* Too much filling... Well, that's it when it comes to Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed! Stay tuned as I go back to this game soon! Despair-A-Ton 4 - Part 2: Here we go! Another Despair-fueled game is here! This time, it's Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Des- Kuma! Kuma! Okay, well... that game. In case you forgot, here's a reminder on what Danganronpa actually is: Oooh, a recap? I know how much many people hate those. Having fillers and recaps in our show is the perfect recipe for Despair! *upupu* The Danganronpa 2 platinum is divided into three major steps, and as I did before, what I'll do is go through each one, talk about how I dealt with it, and mention some noteworthy things whenever applicable. I only really completed the first major step this week, and it's very similar to Danganronpa 1's, so there won't be much to change or add. 1) Story Mode: Story Mode in Danganronpa, as stated above, consists of going through a ton of dialogue while doing a lot of investigation and surviving Class Trials. This is pretty much the easiest step towards the platinum, which was made relatively painless thanks a couple of excellent resources I found online. Here's how I went through this step: For Daily Life and Deadly Life, I used the following guide: - True, it's in English, but since I'm plowing through these stacks, I really just needed to know what was the fastest way to do that (which this guide provided), meaning just the necessary interactions. In other words, who to talk to, what to interact with, and where to go next. The game also helps in that: 1) it displays a red exclamation mark on the next areas you need to go to whenever you check the map, and 2) it doesn't allow you to leave an area until you've done everything that needs to be done there. One thing to note though is that the above guide had a couple of missing steps and minor errors, but they were very easy to figure out, so it wasn't a big deal. I also followed that guide for the Hidden Monokumas. Yep, those are one of the new additions to Danganronpa 2! What are those, you may wonder? Collectibles... because @Monokuma knows how much a lot of people hate those. What? How did everyone find those? I made sure to hide them very well! For Free Time, I remembered my derpy incident from Danganronpa 1 and didn't use a guide for the answer choices. For Class Trials, I followed this excellent guide that has the answers to all of the questions in each Class Trial: and It was very easy to follow with a clear and concise walkthrough. The answers for the Logic Dives, Hangman's Gambits and Closing Arguments were similarly very easy to follow. Perfect guide with no issues whatsoever. Another new addition to Danganronpa 2 is the ability to raise pets! And of course, one of them is none other than @Monokuma. Which stage each pet is at depends on the number of steps you take, and which animal you get depends on its Hope and Despair meters. You can raise the Hope meter by giving them Mineral Water and the Despair meter by letting them drown in their own shit. Literally. Like this: Yep, another classic Danganronpa moment. I simply used this guide for knowing how to "feed" each pet. Last, but not least, I also did the grind to Level 999 for this trophy! It's really simple as you can simply idle grind it, although the XP stops counting after a little while for some reason, so you have stop walking and start walking again. I'm sure that's another one of @Monokuma's shenanigans. That's pretty much it when it comes to this week's Despair-A-Ton progress. The Despair is set to continue for a while to come, so stay tuned for that! Upupu, I sure can't wait for that! Plans For Next Week: Danganronpa 2 continues... and ends! And what's that? A minigame that features Monomi? That's not fair! I'm supposed to be there instead of her! It's time to start Ultra Despair Girls afterwards! Finally, there's a game that lives up to its title! Another game brought to @cr1s by FeliKuma? Who knows? Stay tuned to find out! *upupu* Maybe I should just let him host this section... Outro: That's it for this episo- Wait, another Ultimate Guest has just join- Sucks to be him, because we're out of time! I guess he'll just have to wait until next week! *upupupupu* Well, there you have it. You can safely blame @Monokuma if he refuses to let you on the air during a certain episode. That's it for this week, folks! See you next week for another episode of The Desbearful Show! Until then... have a Hopeful Week, everyone! More like "have a Hopeless Week!" See you next time! Goodbye Des- Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! DAMMIT!
  2. Season 2: Episode 5 - "Havoc in Paradise City" Weekly Update #33 (September 30 - October 6) Intro: *cue Burnout Paradise theme song* 🎶 Take me down to MonoDise City Where the brass is frit And the kills are gory 🎶 MonoDise City? That doesn't sound good... Didn't you know? It's the birthplace of us Monokumas! You should come visit us sometime... We'll make sure to treat you with the utmost respect. *upupu* "Respect"? Coming from you? And with those lyrics above? Nah, I'll pass. That's not how the song goes anyway. Let's try this again... *cue Burnout Paradise theme song* 🎶 Take me down to NekoDise City Where the meows are big And the kitties are fluffy 🎶 Whoa, hold on a minute! That's not how the song goes either! I know, but I wanted to have my own fun with it since you did too. Enough of these wild rides already. Let's get on with our show! Hello, hello! Welcome to another episode of the one and only Despairful Show, where the bear is gritty and the puns are funny! Not. Thank you all for joining us, as we have quite a few things to talk about today! Indeed! I've been looking forward to this for a long time now! It's high time we stop these "juicy" episodes and delve into the origins of Despair itself! Oh, the next few episodes are gonna be something else. *upupu* Calm your- no, wait... What I mean to say is, everything in due time! Let's check out what this episode has in store for us... Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 4 Lost in Paradise City: North American Edition - Part 1 Despair-A-Ton 4 - Part 1 Plans For Next Week Outro And now, it's time for some Ultimate Chats with our Ultimate Guests! Ultimate Chats: Let's first welcome @jemmie! Thank you for joining us again! You gotta admit that I have some awesome moves, right? But if you thought *that* was awesome, check *these* out: Really? I could do easily do those and I don't even know how to dance. I think I have an idea of who "he" is. He's someone @Monokuma pretended to have feuded with a little while ago when it's all just an act to try to deceive me. I... do not comment on rumors or speculation. Ten... Thousand... Monocoins? O_O Ahem... would you like to try your hand at some of our exclusive casino minigames right here in DanganVegas? Whether it's the MonoMono Slot or unorthodox minigames like Salmon Fishing, Outlaw Run, or Treasure Hunter! Monolith, your earnings are sure to increase exponentially! Especially if you play Treasure Hunter! Monolith. *upupu* Plus, you'd get the chance to listen to this rocking soundtrack over and over again, composed by none other than Monokid! HELL YEAH! Huh? What was that? WHAT? How did that- if you'll excuse me for a minute.... I'll be right back... Strange things are happening today in our studio. Judging by his behavior, I'm sure @Monokuma knows something about this mysterious yell... but knowing him, he won't utter a word. I'll just pretend I never heard it... Let's continue our show while @Monokuma is away doing who knows what. Oh, boy... just be glad @Monokuma isn't- Who are you calling "stupid"??? I'll let you know that I'm the most intelligent being in the entire univer- no, multiverse! In fact, I'm so intelligent that I get a score of 999 on every IQ test! Gah, he's back already? That was fast! O_O Apologies for that back there. Rest assured that this "technical difficulty" has been dealt with accordingly and we may resume our show as usual! What if I told you that the MonoMono Machine you used only had a single type of item to dispense? Oh, man... that's one of @Monokuma's classic shenanigans right there. I'm surprised someone like @jemmie who knows @Monokuma better than a lot of people fell for it. That's the exact expression I had when going through the story. We apologize for the spoiler tags not working. That's something that we can't seem to be able to fix. Once again, make sure to blame this failure on @Monokuma! Will you stop blaming everything on me? You should share part of the blame too since it's also your show! Oh, I'm sorry... it's just that I've once heard this saying that goes: "When in doubt, blame @Monokuma". Don't believe everything you hear, dammit! I refuse to be blamed for every single thing! Okay, okay. That's it for this week's Ultimate Chat with @jemmie. Thank you for joining us, and see you soon! And now... He's back! HE'S BACK! I knew it! My suspicions have been confirmed... Let's welcome @Honor_Hand! Yo dawg, I heard you like Monokuma, so I put a Monokuma in Monokuma so that you can Despair while you Despair. Whoa, that's Despair x Despair! Or is Despair ^ Despair? Whatever the case, it's sure to include many nines! Oh, I can tell you *exactly* how many nines it has! Six nines? That's a lot of Despair. O_O That's out of the question! Nothing shall ever replace MonoCoins! Swimming in a sea of MonoCards just doesn't have the same feeling! Is there even such a thing as a MonoMatic Yeller Machine? Hmm, that'd be a nice concept. It could yell "AHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" at you after a few attempts of using it because there's no way I'd ever allow MonoCards to be produced! I was messing with him... and you too, from the sound of it. Sure thing! I'm always happy to detail my experiences with the games I play. =) I hope you'll enjoy them! It is on PC, but not on PS4. And yes, it looks that way because Gal*Gun 2 was actually made using Gal*Gun VR's engine. It should've gotten PSVR support because it feels kinda weird playing it without PSVR. Hey, I love snacks too! Huh? O_O *gets up from his seat in shock, takes a couple of steps back, then attempts to flee but is immediately stopped in his tracks by @Monokuma's Exisals* Now, now... where do you think you're going? I don't get why you're surprised. That's what we Monokumas do in MonoDise City! Don't worry, I won't eat you or any of our Ultimate Guests! Although it's admittedly very tempting to go *omnomnom* on you all... See, that's another concession I have to make in order to make this show a reality! That pretty much makes us bound to this show's existence then. If it were to be cancelled for any reason, our lives would be in jeopardy! Hold on, that needed a SPOILER WARNING! Don't tell me you're one of those people who spoil everything for everyone? Oh, come on... It was very obvious I'd get the platinum this week. Thank you, @Honor_Hand! I'm glad to have another marathon done! \( ̄▽ ̄)/ Hmm, let's see... This time, I'll blame @Honor_Hand and @Monokuma. Am I right? Upupu, I'm glad to officially announce The Best, Most Despair-Inducing Tag Team in the History of Mankind!!!!! One half @Monokuma, the other half Felicia aka @Honor_Hand! Allow me to introduce FeliKuma!!!!! Or is it MonoLicia????? Whatever, you choose the name you think is better! Both are filled with Despair anyway! *upupu* Our mission is as follows: Prevent @cr1s from securing his third consecutive victory against @Monokuma at all costs! AT ALL COSTS, I tell you! How will we do that? It's very simple: by randomly making @cr1s play various games that aren't part of our Seasonal Face-Off! Burnout Paradise and Two Worlds 2 are only two of these games! More will follow, you can be sure of that! This announcement marks a turning point in our Seasonal Face-Off! There's no way @cr1s will be able to recover from such a Despairful Setback! Boy, oh boy... Things have just gotten much more interesting now! "Tag Team"? If this were wrestling, this would be a 1-on-2 handicap match. But no matter... If @Monokuma and @Honor_Hand think they can cause a loss for me this way, they should think again! There's no way I'll let that deter me from completing the objective at hand, which is to secure yet another win against @Monokuma! I'll show all of our viewers that Hope is a powerful weapon. Just you wait! Thank you for dropping by, @Honor_Hand! \^o^/ And with that, our Ultimate Chats for this week have come to an end. Let's talk games and trophies now! Progress Update: Overview: From peeking, to racing, to investigating, this sure was an eventful week! We all know the investigations are the best parts! There's no doubt about it! *upupu* Says the bear who made these investigations possible. Let's check out what games were played this week! "Okay, you know what? That's enough peeking for a long time!", I tell myself as I leave the world of Gal*Gun in an... unusual condition. Elated, I embark on another racing adventure in MonoDise City... I mean, NekoDise City... no, wait. What's it called again? Whatever... Less burnout, more action! Them carboarding skills. All this havoc ended up causing me even more burnout, though. I feel like I'm about to get trigger happy anytime now. Good question, Byakuya. The answer to that would be... IN YOUR HANDBOOK! Someone didn't pay attention in class... Weekly Progress: Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 4: #423 - Gal*Gun 2 (EU) True Gal Gun Master Unlock every trophy. 1st October 2019 • Platinum in 1 week, 23 hours Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Despair: 666/10 Oh, look! Another platinum that's quite... At long last! I don't have to play this game for a while! I'd have said "never again", but we all know @Monokuma will make me play the other stacks one way or another. My thoughts on the game haven't changed since my last update. In fact, they haven't changed ever since I first played it. That's how painfully mediocre this game is. If you enjoyed it, good for you... but I personally preferred Gal*Gun when the rail element was still present. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come for the franchise. With that out of the way, let's check out the trophies I had left from last week! As you can see, I didn't have much left to do: Demon Pranks was the trophy I missed during my first playthrough and consists of the ending you can get alongside Chiru's Route A ending. As I knew how exactly to tackle it, it didn't take long to get it. In fact, each playthrough takes about 2-3 hours if you skip everything. Master is my Partner! and A Flower in Each Hand go hand-in-hand and were quite honestly the easiest endings to get as they were very straightforward. As such, I got them on my first try, so they weren't bad. I wrote a mini-guide for them anyway, so here's what I had to do to get these two endings in the same playthrough: Last, but not least, Walking Phonebook requires you to get every girl's phone number. This trophy might invoke a flashback that involves a certain trophy from Double Peace that also has to do with all the girls, but this one is much easier and less time-consuming. I only had about a dozen or so phone numbers left to obtain, so it was a fairly quick task. The good thing is that I kept this trophy in mind when playing through the game, which allowed me to get it alongside Master is my Partner!, as Risu's number was the last one I had to obtain, and you can only get each main girl's number when you complete all of her endings. Anything but sports games... So, what are your final thoughts on the game and platinum? It's pretty obvious by now, and there isn't really much I can add. The developers did a 180 on my favorite aspect of Double Peace, which lowered my enjoyment of the game quite a bit... so did an even worse story (which I feel like isn't the focus of the series anyway), simpler gameplay mechanics, and a repetitive soundtrack. To make things clear, I don't mind playing these "fan service" games, but they should at least have fun gameplay mechanics for me to enjoy the game (i.e. Senran Kagura), which unfortunately isn't the case here. Gal*Gun 2 is, to me, a missed opportunity to build upon Double Peace and make it even better. Hell, I would've been fine with "more of the same" too. Just... not this. As far as trophies go, these are a lot simpler and less time-consuming this time around due to the point system not factoring into any of the trophies anymore and the removal of Double Peace's ending system in favor of a more simplistic - albeit slightly confusing - one, as well as the star-based rating at the end of levels and boss battles. With only 3 playthroughs + a bit of cleanup (if necessary) and each playthrough only lasting a few hours, this platinum isn't a hassle to get, even if the game might not be to your liking. Wait! Before we switch to the next game... PLATINUM SCREENSHOT! PLATINUM SCREENSHOT! PLATINUM SCREENSHOT! I sure can't wait to see it. :9 Oh, don't worry... I wasn't planning to continue without showing our viewers my platinum screenshot! And I know how much you enjoy them too. Why, this is actually the best one you'll ever feast your eyes upon! BEHOLD... That's it for my first ever Gal*Gun marathon! Thank you for following my... unusual adventure, and you can be sure I'll be back for more at some point. Yes, YES! Play all the stacks! ALL OF THEM! Lost in Paradise City: North American Edition - Part 1: *cue Burnout Paradise theme song* 🎶 Take me down to the paradise city Where the grass is green And the girls are pretty 🎶 That's the original version of the lyrics, by the way. That title... Lost in Paradise City? Count me in anytime! This game is brought to @cr1s by FeliKuma! The first of many to come... *upupu* Ahhh, Burnout Paradise... what a pleasant surprise that was when I first played it on PS3 earlier this year. I had heard excellent things about it and wondered just what exactly it is that made it so good. And after finally playing it, I can definitely understand and agree with all the praise it's gotten. I see, I see... So tell us a bit about the game. Burnout Paradise is the seventh entry in the Burnout series and was developed by Criterion Games, a company that's known for their other Burnout games, as well as other racing games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) and Need for Speed: Rivals, to name a couple. Having been at the forefront of the Burnout series ever since its inception means that Burnout Paradise was likely to end up a great game, and it sure was. The game starts with an introductory video that gives you a sneak peek at what to expect from it. If anything, it feels like more of a touring guide, as it's accompanied by an alluring female voice that explains what Paradise City has to offer and briefly mentions the many landmarks in the game. The video is immediately followed by your getting your Driver License, thus letting you officially start the game! But wait... what's that? Oh, I know exactly why @Monokuma is laughing... Take a look at this! I was given an expired Driver License! I call @Monokuma shenanigans! What use is it now when it's expired? ;-; Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! Make sure you don't get pulled over by cops. Now that would be quite the "unfortunate" sight. *upupu* What if I told you... you can't get busted by cops in this game? Besides, I don't need a Driver License to drive through the streets of Paradise City, especially with these awesome driving skillz! That moment when you get wrecked. What? Impossible! What good is a racing game without the thrill of avoiding getting busted by cops? They can still take you down, though... but cops are only featured in Online Cops & Robbers anyway. This game mode pits Cops against Robbers in a battle to nab as much gold as possible. You start on either side of the map and have to race to the center in order to claim the gold before your opponent does, and then take it back your hideout while avoiding a takedown by your opponent. This game mode was added as DLC that features the following trophies - all of which are really easy and quick and can be done within a few matches: Interesting... But what's this about "parties" being held every so often in Paradise City? Are these rumors true? OwO Oh, they sure are! But these aren't the kinds of parties you're thinking of. Indeed, Burnout Paradise has a DLC called "Party Pack"! This is akin to a competition between 2 to 8 local players in a point-based, "pass the controller" game mode that pits everyone against each other to determine the best of the best! Of course, "pass the controller" means you can do it on your own, which is what I did. The trophies for that DLC are once again very straight-forward. They're all very quick too, taking about an hour at most: Well, that blows. ;-; What else does Paradise City have to offer? As far as online trophies go, the rest of them are miscellaneous ones and involve doing various tasks, all of which can be completed with just 2 people: Timed Challenges: These are online co-op challenges in which up to 8 players work together to achieve a multitude of timed tasks, ranging from the easiest things like jumping over your partner to the hardest ones like doing a Barrel Roll through the Grey Hoop in the Airfield. Freeburn Challenges: Same as Timed Challenges, but these ones aren't timed, and some must be done using Paradise Bikes. Island Challenges: Exclusive to the Big Surf Island DLC, these challenges take place in that location and aren't timed either. Stunt Run, Marked Man, and Road Rage: Three other game modes in Burnout Paradise that have been added via a DLC called "Cagney Update". Stunt Run requires you to perform various stunts and rack up points in the process, Marked Man needs you to get to a certain destination while evading your pursuers, and Road Rage tasks you with taking down as many rivals as possible before the time is up or your car is wrecked. That said, for these trophies... you only need to start these game modes. Some other trophies like jumping over another player, using the flashing lights of the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Freeburn Challenge or Timed Challenge, completing any Timed Challenge driving the Hawker Mech having used all 3 boost types, and completing any Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike. I'm done with all the 2-player trophies. Many thanks to my great friend @Honor_Hand for the help with those! Yes, he's playing both sides of the coin, in case that wasn't obvious. So even though he plans (alongside @Monokuma) what side games to throw at me in a bid to prevent me from making up for lost time, he's going to help me and do some of these games with me! But @Monokuma doesn't seem to mind it as long as I'm getting distracted by these games. It doesn't matter who you do them with because the end result is still the same: more lost time for you! *upupupupu* That being said, I'm not done with all the online trophies yet, as there are a couple of trophies that require 8 players, which entail the following: Meet up with 7 other players inside the Wildcats' Baseball Stadium in an online game. Ride 10 miles on a bike in an 8 player online game @Honor_Hand and I are going to do those soon, and then we'll be done with the online trophies for the NA version of Burnout Paradise! That's pretty much what I did in Paradise City this week. I'm going to leave my thoughts on the actual game for when I'll play the single player portion. There are many great things to say about this game, so stay tuned for that! But one last thing I can say about the online in Burnout Paradise is that it runs great and, despite some initial confusion, is easy to navigate. You do the latter by using Easy Drive, a menu-based interface that has been a staple of EA's racing games for over a decade now. Once you invite your friend(s) to your session, it's pretty easy to choose one of the aforementioned game modes and go for whatever trophies you need. I look forward to seeing just how exciting of a racing game Burnout Pardise really is! OwO Despair-A-Ton 4 - Part 1: And here we go! It's time to get serious once again! This was supposed to be my surprise announcement, but @cr1s ruined it last week! But you know what, I'm going to do it anyway! And now... It's time for another Danganronpa marathon! Let us all brace ourselves for another fresh round of Despair, as @cr1s continues to fight his way through all of the Danganronpa stacks! This marks a turning point in the Despair-A-Ton series because from this point on, the easy parts are over! It's time for LANGUAGE BARRIERS to make their introduction! Be it Japanese or Korean, these are bound to crank Despair up to 999! *upupu* In case it wasn't obvious, this is the fourth installment in the Despair-A-Ton series. It consists of the following games played back-to-back and ENTIRELY in Japanese: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK) Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (HK) Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (HK Vita) Will @cr1s be so overwhelmed with Despair that he'll call it quits, or will he fight his way through all the Japanese stacks and face an even more daunting language barrier? Stay tuned to our show to find out! Thank you for this Despairful Announcement, @Monokuma! Let's see where I'm at... #424 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK) 獲得所有獎盃 獲得除白金之外的所有獎盃 [I have no idea what this means] [Same here. Don't ask me to translate any of that!] 6th October 2019 • Platinum in 3 days, 14 hours Difficulty: 3/10 Despair: 999/10 Huh? What's gotten into you, @Monokuma? O_O @cr1s has committed a blatant and severe violation of one of our Seasonal Face-Off rules! I'm talking about this one! @cr1s has skipped all of the text - which counts as unique since it's in Japanese - while doing this stack, which is something he can't deny, as I have all kinds of proof to show! This is simply unacceptable! Unbearable, I tell you! As a result of that, I hereby declare this Seasonal Face-Off- WHAT? Don't think you can talk your way out of this one! Oh yes, I can and I will. Your usage of the word "unique" is too vague here. I know what you were trying to imply, but as you haven't elaborated that, the rule as it currently is allows me to safely skip the text in this case, even if it's in Japanese. If you really wanted me to read the Japanese text, then you should've just removed the word "unique", because I can argue all day long that it's not unique. U.. pu... I mean, great idea! I'm going to go ahead and- Not so fast! Don't think you can just change that rule because I could just revert it to how it was. After all, there isn't a rule that prohibits me from changing the rules, right? And don't think you can just add such a rule because I'll just erase it before you're done writing it. U... pu... pu... Therefore, there was no violation of this rule, and this Seasonal Face-Off is still ongoing! Now that's one hell of a defeat for a bear who's known to use underhanded tactics to try to get what he wants. Haha... hahahaha... Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! You've heard him, everyone... OUR SEASONAL FACE-OFF IS STILL ON! Right, so let's get back into it! I think everyone knows what Danganronpa is... and even if you don't, just pretend you do. Believe me, it's for your own sake. But here's a short summary on the first two games anyway (since they're very similar to each other): Hey, let the people who haven't played Danganronpa yet find out for themselves! Whoops. The Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc platinum is divided into two major steps, and what I'll do is go through each one, talk about how I dealt with it, and mention some noteworthy things whenever applicable. I'll also be doing this for the rest of the stacks. Here we go! 1) Story Mode: Story Mode in Danganronpa, as stated above, consists of going through a ton of dialogue while doing a lot of investigation and surviving Class Trials. This is pretty much the easiest step towards the platinum, which was made relatively painless thanks a couple of excellent resources I found online. Here's how I went through this step: For Daily Life and Deadly Life, I used the following guide: - True, it's in English, but since I'm plowing through these stacks, I really just needed to know what was the fastest way to do that (which this guide provided), meaning just the necessary interactions. In other words, who to talk to, what to interact with, and where to go next. The game also helps in that: 1) it displays a red exclamation mark on the next areas you need to go to whenever you check the map, and 2) it doesn't allow you to leave an area until you've done everything that needs to be done there. For Free Time, I initially used the PSNProfiles trophy guide for the necessary answer choices for each character. That meant I had to translate those answers from English to Japanese and then pick the closest answer (since translators aren't perfect when it comes to phrases). But then I remembered that it doesn't matter if you pick the wrong answer because the game doesn't proceed until you pick the correct one, and you don't get penalized if you don't pick the correct one from the get-go. 😅 For Class Trials, I followed this excellent guide that has the answers to all of the questions in each Class Trial: and It was very easy to follow with a clear and concise walkthrough. The only issue I had was not finding a certain answer because I forgot for a minute that you can turn an argument into a Truth Bullet, so that right there was my bad. 😅 The answers for the Hangman's Gambits and Closing Arguments were similarly very easy to follow, with the author including image answers for the latter (which were thankfully still up, as I know that some old images can be deleted for inactivity). Perfect guide with no issues whatsoever. "Upupu" in actual Japanese... 😱 2) School Mode: School Mode in Danganronpa involves a light-hearted approach to the game. Basically, @Monokuma tasks you with building various pieces of junk for him using the game's characters in return for spending time with your classmates and seeing their ending - the latter of which you can only do if you have every character's Report Card filled in, successfully complete all of @Monokuma's tasks in a playthrough, and get the maximum of 10 hearts for each character. Of course there'd be a catch to it... but yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it. Don't you call those "pieces of junk"! They make for great decoration! And "light-hearted"? Everyone knows that School Mode is the most Despairful part of the game. *upupu* Oh, I know it's the most Despairful part... especially when all the text is in Japanese. Thankfully, there isn't much you really need to do in terms of translation. Prior experience helped tremendously when it came to tackling this mode. Here's how it went: My first playthrough consisted of finishing the remaining Report Cards, so once again, the answer choices didn't matter here as the game only proceeds if you pick the correct one. You can't complete most of @Monokuma's tasks as the game's characters are nowhere near strong enough to gather enough material needed for all that junk. My second playthrough was where the fun started. You must successfully complete each of @Monokuma's tasks. Failing even once means that you can't see any character's ending because @Monokuma is such an unforgiving bear. I gotta hand it to him, though: he does occasionally give you items that level up you characters' stats. Maybe he's not that unforgiving after all... or maybe he still is. Your characters are stronger here (as there is New Game +, which only transfers your character's stats), but still not to the point of comfortably finishing every task. This meant that a fair bit of planning was sometimes necessary in order to ensure I'd complete a certain task. In other words, reloading an earlier save and hoping that run yields me more material, or switching certain characters' shifts. It was a close one with the very last task, but I managed to pass it after a few reloads. In the meantime, you can't just be a lazy bum and rest during the day! You must spend a lot of time with each classmate for all of them hearts! They're important, you know? Because at the end of the day semester, your Ultimate Goal is to have... their undergarment! Yep, that's classic Danganronpa right there. To do that, you take them out and go on a date, which will fill their heart bar by 0, 0.5, or 1 according to where you take them to and what answer choice you pick. The difference between these answer choices and the ones for Report Cards is that you must choose the best one from the get-go here, as the game doesn't let you retry. At the end of the semester, you can then talk to the character(s) whose heart bar you filled entirely and pick one final answer choice (similar to the Report Card ones). You can get a total of 5 endings per School Mode playthrough, so a total of 3 playthroughs are needed for all the endings. Once again, this excellent guide helped with the answer choices: The third and fourth playthroughs get gradually easier as you level up your characters even more. You'll most likely get to the point where you'll only need to assign 2 characters for cleaning duties and the rest to focus on the different materials, which also helps. You should have all endings done by the end of your fourth playthrough, unless you messed up somewhere. As far as translating goes, I only needed to translate a few items. I used this, which has the Japanese translation of every item in School Mode: Otherwise, I compared the Japanese characters between the screen that tells you what items you're supposed to build and the one where you can build the items in order to know exactly what to build for each task. I guess you can say... LOVE! LOVE! 3) Clean Up: There was barely anything to do after all the above in terms of trophy clean up. The only trophy I still needed to get was actually a trophy I left specifically for the platinum screenshot. It was the trophy for buying all Gallery Items. And let me tell you, there's a certain image in there that's just perfect for a platinum screenshot. I'm sure @Monokuma will love this one! Are you ready? And that's how I went through the HK stack of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc with Japanese text. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair has a very similar trophy list with only a few minor changes/additions, so I won't really have much else to say next time. Before we end this section, I'd like to give a big shout-out and thank you to the people who contributed to the aforementioned guides, which were a huge help! Of course, there just had to be guides for the Japanese versions! ;-; Plans For Next Week: Upupu... Guess what? Another game brought to @cr1s by MonoLicia! What is it, you may wonder? It shall be revealed next week! Seriously, it's right there on my profile already... Despair-A-Ton 4 continues with the second game in the marathon: Goodbye Despair! Seriously, that's the most misleading subtitle for a Danganronpa title ever! Screw that, I'll use the Japanese title - Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Acade- oh, wait... ;-; What's that? More Paradise City? More FeliKuma shenanigans? Count me in! That moment when @Monokuma hijacks a section and you can't do anything about it. ;-; Oh, come on... If anything, I deserve more screen time than this! This script sucks big time! Outro: Well, @Monokuma's petty complaint marks the end of this episode. Thank you for tuning in, and we'll see you next week for a brand new episode of Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test, where the glass is clean and the bear is angry. Hey, my complaints are always valid! This is unfair! I demand the script to be reviewed-
  3. #424 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK Vita) Danganronpa: Another Platinum! I decided to play this one entirely in Japanese (text included) in preparation for the Japanese Danganronpa 1/2 Reload stack... yes, I'm going for all the stacks in the Danganronpa series - no exceptions! 10 down, 8 to go... This one wasn't that bad thanks to a couple of excellent resources I found on the web and what I remember from playing it before. As I had played Trigger Happy Havoc twice beforehand, I pretty much just plowed through this stack and got it done within a few days. On to SDR2 as my fourth Danganronpa marathon continues!
  4. Here are mine so far:
  5. 完成第2章 完成第2章 [Finished Chapter 2] Here. We. Go. Again. It's time for yet another Danganronpa marathon! This one consists of the HK stacks of the first three games being played in Japanese (text included) for Maximum Despair because a certain bear demands it. Damn you, @Monokuma!
  6. Season 2: Episode 4 - "Sneakin' 'N' Peekin'" Weekly Update #32 (September 23-29) Disclaimer: Apologies for the slight delays with our episodes. Feel free to direct any complaints about that to @Monokuma by emailing him on [email protected], or in person by becoming an Ultimate Guest on our show! Intro: Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the one and only Despairful Show, featuring your hosts @cr1s and @Monokuma! Thank you all for joining us as I continue my first Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton with the second and final game in the marathon, Gal*Gun 2! Oh yes, we have yet another juicy episode for you all tonight! Are these becoming a staple of our show now or what? I certainly wouldn't mind that as long as it doesn't replace Despair. And from what can tell, Despair is alive and stronger than ever. *upupu* Is it? We'll have to see about that. I know that @Monokuma is upping the ante when it comes to his Despairful Shenanigans, but will it be enough to finally defeat me? As our third Seasonal Face-Off is under way, so is my plan to gain an upper hand against him by thwarting his Despairful Blows. I love it when you get overconfident like that. It'll only make your demise more Despairful. We'll find out about that soon enough. Let's see what this episode has in store for us, shall we? Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 3 Plans For Next Week Outro Wait, don't tell me... is *he* here this week? How about we find out together? It's time for some Ultimate Chats! Ultimate Chats: I see @jemmie has joined us as our first Ultima- Now, now... I'm sure you wouldn't do that. Right? RIGHT? Let's see... did any of the rules prohibit sharing tips? They don't. Therefore, any and all tips are allowed, and that's the end of it. "Any and all tips", you say? Fine... but they'd better be in Monocoins! I refuse to accept any other currency! Well... I guess we could use those kinds of tips too. Indeed! Donate to Upupu Productions if you want to keep your favorite show on the air, and get a MonoPlushie as thanks! This is a lifetime offer made possible thanks to our exclusive MonoFactory! Hey, you could even donate countless times if you want to raise your own MonoArmy! *upupupupu* Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy it if you ever play it! Yes, yes! Everyone must get a taste of that Despairful Grind! How about we blame "technical difficulties" instead? What? Nooooo- Oooh, I see someone found out about that little trick! Well done, @jemmie! As a reward, you get 999 Lucky Shots for the MonoMono Machine! I would've given you Monocoins, but as you can see, we're not doing so well over here. Not at all... Okay, how about you explain to our viewers what these Mono- terms mean? Namely Monocoins and MonoMono Machine, as I'm sure some people are wondering what the hell you're talking about. Sure thing! You see, Monocoins can be obtained by fulfilling many requirements and can then be used on the MonoMono Machine, from which you can get- Like hell I will! Play Danganronpa and find out for yourself! Aww, just when you were getting to the good part. ;-; Thank you for stopping by again, @jemmie! And I see @Sora9427 has joined us again for another chat! Thank you once again, and don't worry about the late reply! That said, I think @Monokuma will disagree with the use of the word "podcast" in this context. "Podcast"? Hell no! How would everyone see my adorable ursine self if we were to do podcasts? A TV show is certainly the best option, not to mention that it's the best way to spread Despair. *upupu* What if aliens were actually Monokumas in disguise? *upupu* Whoa, such a plot twist would unleash an unprecedented amount of Despair across the universe! Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with that! Of course you do. You wouldn't have been here otherwise. And yes, @Sora9427 - I'm also glad that the sci-fi theme didn't work out because I couldn't have done much with it in retrospect. The Danganronpa theme is certainly much more flexible in that respect. :3 Oooh, I can't wait for you to meet my cute little cubs. :3 They're so cute it makes me want to- No, NO! Not here, @Monokuma! 😅 Indeed! Let's all give @OhDearGodRun another round of applause, as he certainly deserves it! If you're wondering how he got on board, it was quite simple: I offered him 999 Monocoins to complete his present collection in exchange for making all of these Despairful Banners - an offer he couldn't refuse. *upupu* That was back when we still had large supplies of Monocoins, though... which we don't anymore. Indeed. Wuzzat? Are you both afraid of witnessing all the Despair the outside world has to offer? *upupu* Thank you, and I hope it'll help! As for whether I'm enjoying Gal*Gun 2... we'll find out right after this commercial break. Just kidding. We wouldn't do that to our esteemed viewers. Right, @Monokuma? ... Oh, I know you're secretly hoping for commercials to be implemented, as you once said. Huh? When did I... ever mention... commercials? Let's see... Back in Season 1, you said this: I'll have you know that I wasn't serious when I said that, but I wouldn't believe you if you ever said that. I know how much Despair would ensue from including commercials in our show, and that's something the Bear of Despair can't overlook. I'm totally against... Desp- I mean... commercials... .upupU Yeah, right. I can see through your act, you know... Commercials? Not under my watch. And now, it's time for another Progress Update! Dammit! Why does this keep happening to me? ;-; Progress Update: Overview: And so begins Gal*Gun 2, another game that features sneaking, peeking, kissing, and stomping! Whoa, kissing and stomping? OwO Oh, I guess I didn't mention those, but they were in Double Peace as well. It's not like they were important or anything. What do you mean, not important? They're a crucial part of the game! Well, I'm going to mention them here, okay? Without further do, let's delve into Gal*Gun 2! Weekly Progress: Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 3: Gal*Gun 2.... Why did they make it like that? ;-; Upupu, I see our third Seasonal Face-Off is off to a Despairful Start for @cr1s already! I'm curious to know what's wrong with the game, though. How about you start with explaining what it's about and how different it is from Double Peace? Right, okay... Gal*Gun 2 is the fifth overall entry and second main one (I assume so since it has a "2" in there) in the Gal*Gun series. It takes place in the same academy as Double Peace, and has most of the same areas but with slightly reworked layouts. The story is quite different from Double Peace. Here's a short summary, courtesy of the Gal*Gun Wiki: Yeah, it's not really engaging... and neither was Double Peace's. I feel like Gal*Gun is one of those series where the story is there just for the hell of it. Yay, I guess? We both know Gal*Gun is all about the gameplay. *upupu* Oh, I know you've had your fair share of Gal*Greatness, @Monokuma. Speaking of gameplay, it's very similar to Double Peace's. That "hair dryer" (called Demon Sweeper in the game) mentioned above is actually your weapon in the game. Much like Double Peace, your objective here is the same: prevent all girls in each stage from falling in love with you. You do that with the Demon Sweeper, by either shooting at them or "sweeping" their clothes. ;3 Girls possessed by demonic forms will also frequently appear. Unlike Double Peace, however, you cannot subdue these girls without killing their demonic forms first. The game's missions are divided into three types: Shoot: Just like in Double Peace, you progress through a stage while subduing all girls and eradicating all demons. However, in Gal*Gun 2, you shoot your way to the next position instead of having the game take you through the stage. By removing the "rail" element, Gal*Gun 2 is unfortunately made less enjoyable to play, and it's honestly my biggest issue with the game. Some people might not see it a big deal, but that's part of what made Double Peace enjoyable to me. On the other hand, you get to control the camera and turn it 360° every time you switch positions, as girls are bound to come from all directions. Does this compensate for the absence of "rail" parts? I think having both would be pretty neat. As in, the game takes you through each stage, and you can turn the camera 360° every time you stop. Regardless, these missions are back and comprise the majority of the game. Search: This type of mission is a new addition to Gal*Gun 2 and has you searching for certain items that are scattered throughout an area. It's basically very similar to a hidden object game, as the item can be hidden behind, on top of, under, or inside something. You have a total of 5 minutes to find a certain number of these items. Girls will often come at you while you search for those items, and you must subdue them before you can continue your search. You have to complete many of these missions in order to unlock an upgrade part for your Pheromone Goggles, which is required for a trophy. They can be fun at first but become repetitive rather quickly. Defend: This type of mission is a new addition to Gal*Gun 2 and has you defending some girls from demonic forms. Once again, you use your Demon Sweeper here and can either sweep or shoot those demons. Each girl or couple of girls has/have an HP bar above her/them, and you can move between each area as demonic forms appear in it. Once you successfully complete this type of mission, you will get those girls' phone number. Doing so is required for a trophy, and you will have to play a lot of these missions in order to obtain all girls' phone numbers. These missions can also be fun at first but become repetitive rather quickly as well. I appreciate that it's trying to do something different, but I just can't get into it. It's not like I wanted to... Great news for me! It means that it'll take you longer than you had expected to get the platinum. *upupu* Speaking of the platinum, how are the trophies like? The game has many miscellaneous trophies that you will get while playing, but here are the main ones you have to aim for (and my current progress on them): Complete all 6 endings (3/6): Unlike in Double Peace, dialogue choices don't affect which ending you get. Instead, you will have to complete missions in a certain order, which is determined by the ending you're going for. The order is quite strict and doing anything wrong can you lock you out of it, as has happened to me due to the stickied trophy guide on not being very clear on what exactly you have to do and in which order. In order to get a certain girl's ending, you will have to fully increase her affection by giving her the snacks she likes, then complete her side missions, Doki-Doki, and boss battle (if applicable). Get every girl's phone number: All the girls from Double Peace make their return in Gal*Gun 2, so there are quite a bunch of them. As previously stated, each Defend mission only takes a few minutes and yields you up to 5 girls' phone numbers, so this grind isn't that bad, especially compared to Double Peace's. You will also obtain a few phone numbers by completing all of the endings. As of the time of this episode, I've obtained most of these, so I'm not far off. Out of the above two grinds, getting all endings is definitely the most frustrating one. To elaborate more on them, 4 of the 6 endings involve a couple of girls, and you can get them in 2 playthroughs if you get the first girl's first ending followed by the second girl's second ending during one playthrough, and the second girl's first ending followed by the first girl's second ending during the other playthrough. It might sound confusing (and it certainly was for me in the beginning), but after missing one of these endings and doing some experimenting, I came up with the following step-by-step mini-guide for these 4 endings. To note that "1" and "2" represent the girls and "A" and "B" represent their endings, and you can't get both of a certain girl's ending in the same playthrough: How about no? Such a convoluted ending system that's bound to inject some Despair into whoever experiences it! *upupu* What about the miscellaneous trophies? Care to elaborate on some of them? Sure! Actually, some trophies from Double Peace make a return here! Such as this one: Elite Pheromone Sniper Get 50 ecstacy shots in a row. It was 30 ecstasy shots in a row in Double Peace, but it's 50 ecstasy in a row in Gal*Gun 2! They sure have made it harder, right? Wrong. The trophy description is incorrect in that you actually just have to get a total of 50 ecstasy shots, meaning that you'll get this trophy naturally and very early on while playing the game. Unless you decide to miss every ecstasy shot, that is. Why the Hell would anyone do such a thing, though? That'd entirely miss the point of Gal*Gun! And who the Hell writes "ecstasy" with a "c"? I knew something was off with this trophy. There are also a couple of trophies for having 50 conversations with the two main girls: Chiru and Nanako. Don't be misled, though, as there are only like 5 or so unique conversations per girl, so you're going to hear the same ones over and over again. But it's no big deal as you can just mute your TV during these parts. I would've said "you can skip them", but you actually can't. A couple of trophies involve fully upgrading your Demon Sweeper and Pheromone Goggles. You get upgrade parts by completing various main and side missions and then talking to Chiru every time you receive one of them. While there is New Game +, these upgrade parts don't carry over, so if you happened to get one when she's not available or forgot to talk to her after receiving a part, you will permanently lose it and will have to do everything again on a New Game. I didn't have any issue here though and got both trophies on my second playthrough. Last, but not least, there's a set of trophies that @Monokuma is sure to love. You will have to invite a non-main girl to your house once you give her enough snacks and go for the following trophies in one fell swoop: "Take a good look from below"? I think I'm going to take a good look at that "hidden" HDD of yours. OwO Hey, wait a minu- Seriously, what's the deal with snacks in this game? I'm sure this girl would love to be in Gal*Gun 2: Oh, definitely. Apart from all of these, there are many other miscellaneous trophies that you'll get naturally and, as such, aren't worth mentioning. And that's my experience with the game and its trophies so far. As far as what's left, I only have the following trophies, so a couple more playthroughs and I'll finally be done with this game: Upupu, 10 days have passed since the beginning of our third Seasonal Face-Off and you still haven't finished your first game. Do you really expect to win at this rate? Oh, we'll see about that. Who knows, maybe I'll significantly pick up the pace and start completing games left and right. And that's it for this Weekly Progress, everyone. Tune in next week for the final part of my first Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton! Plans For Next Week: The peeking comes to an end with Gal*Gun 2 (EU)! I've had enough of that for a lifetime and it's time to move on to other things, such as... Kissing, maybe? OwO Despair! Oh, yes... Another round of Despair is being forecast. "What kind of Despair do you think that is? Find out next week, right here on another episode of our show!" is what @Monokuma would say, but I'm just going to ruin his surprise and announce right now that Despair-A-Ton 4 will start next week! That's right, everyone... Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK) is my next Danganronpa stack, and I'm sure @Monokuma can't wait to see such a Despairful Marathon start. Wait a minute, I was supposed to announce it next week! Way to ruin my surprise. ;-; Although I'm sure everyone spotted it on your profile, so I guess I wouldn't have had my surprise announcement either way. >_> I'm also going to play... Burnout Paradise (NA PS4)? This game isn't part of the list! What the hell is it doing here? o.o Upupu, that shall be explained next week. Last, but not least... Remember when I said I'd go back to Grand Kingdom? That hasn't happened this week. 😅 With one day to go before the servers shut down, will I go back to it, or will I just shrug it off again since none of the trophies are supposed to be affected by the server shutdown? Find out next week, right here on another episode of our show! Oh, if only that platinum would become unobtainable... I'm sure @cr1s would become overwhelmed with Despair. Outro: And with that, we've reached the end of this episode. Thank you very much for tuning in, and we'll see you on Sunday for another episode! See you next time, everyone! Buh-bye! :3
  7. Season 2: Episode 3 - "PEEK-A-BOO!!!!!" Weekly Update #31 (September 16-22) Intro: It's time for another episode! Thank you all for joining us on Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test, as our plotting adventures are far from over! According to our ratings, these are some of our most-viewed episodes in a while. I wonder why... Fan service is sure to make people come back for more! OwO I feel like you'll be the saddest one to see them go, @Monokuma. Oh no, you got that wrong. Despair is my main source of entertainment, and everything else is just a bonus! Of course. You are the Ultimate Despair, after all! As you might have guessed, we have another juicy episode for you all today. These just never get old... Without further do, let's check out this episode's breakdown! Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 2 Plans For Next Week Outro Oooh, the Gal*Gun marathon continues! Indeed it does. But first, let's have an Ultimate Chat with two returning Ultimate Guests: @jemmie and @Honor_Hand! Ultimate Chats: First up is @jemmie! Thank you for joining us! Why, thank you! It sure sounds like a lot of fun, so I can't wait to get started! Yes, yes! I guess no one knows about it, but the more you wish @cr1s good luck, the more bad luck he'll get! Hold on, hold on! This is unacceptable! Giving tips is out of the question! Yes, yes! I guess no one knows about it, but the more tips you give me, the more that'll piss @Monokuma off. Actually... everyone knows that. Keep those tips coming, everyone! Thank you once again for interacting with us and sharing your experience with LOVE MAX!!!!!, @jemmie! And now, let's welcome @Honor_Hand! Oooh, let's see what @Honor_Hand has to say now! I'm sure my Ultimate Advisor won't disappoint me. Learning either of these languages alone would take years, so it's going to be impossible to do so in mere weeks. But that doesn't matter as long as I platinum those stacks. Who cares about these languages anyway? Defeating @Monokuma is of the utmost importance here. I can't wait to see the look on your face as you beg for mercy while going through these stacks, @cr1s. *upupu* Okay... But if he knows how much I love them, he wouldn't have put the other VNs besides Danganronpa in there. As I said, I'm going to stay on my guard, because something feels off about this list. Could it be that... it's a trap? What do you mean, a trap? I'm forced to abide by the rules too, you know? It wouldn't be fair play otherwise! I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to that. *upupu* WHAT?! @Honor_Hand, not you too! I thought you were on my side! ;-; That does it... I hereby strip you of the Ultimate Advisor title because you sure as hell don't deserve it after this! I've never seen an advisor turn against his boss this early on! This is, like, completely unbearable! Yes, you've heard it right, everyone else: the Ultimate Advisor title is now up for grabs! Stay loyal to me and I promise you'll be handsomely rewarded. *upupu* Excellent, excellent! Keep that up and @Monokuma may very well go haywire, thus making me automatically win this face-off! Would you look at @cr1s, thinking he can just outsmart me like that? Well, guess what? I made sure to tune myself up during that long hiatus! No amount of Hope will ever break me again! I may've gone haywire once, but I'm telling you right now that it won't happen again! Well... at least I tried. Thank you for the tips as well, @Honor_Hand! Much appreciated! And I'll let you know if I ever feel like speeding up the grind. x3 Thanks for the offer! \^w^/ It sure is! Slow and steady. :9 Thank you for the feedback and for stopping by yet again, @Honor_Hand! See you soon! \^o^/ "See you soon"? More like "see you never, ever again"! Now, now, @Monokuma... he's still our Ultimate Guest, you know? That's no way to treat an Ultimate Guest, right? *sigh* I guess you're right. ;-; And now, it's time for last week's Progress Update! Progress Update: Overview: The Peek-A-Ton has reached a turning point as the first game in my Gal*Gun marathon, Double Peace, is done! Did I enjoy the game after all? How were the "grind" and the rest of the trophies? Would I recommend this game? Is @Monokuma's body still ready for this? Let's find out! Of course my body is still ready for this! Unlike you lowly humans, I can never run out of steam, you know? I wouldn't mind it if you were to keep these marathons going forever. *upupu* I would've done that if it weren't for a certain bear who's making me play Danganronpa. Damn you, Monomi! Even when you're gone, you still continue to torment me. ;-; Weekly Progress: Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 2: #422 - Gal*Gun Double Peace (EU) True Gal*Gun Master Unlock All Trophies 21st September 2019 • Platinum in 1 week, 2 days Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Despair: 666/10 I guess you can say this platinum trophy is quite... Ahhh, Double Peace... A short game with a grindy platinum. I thought getting all endings would be the grind, but if anything, it was completing each girl's profile! Completing each girl's profile? Care to elaborate on that? OwO Oh, I know how much you're eager to find out more, @Monokuma. Remember how I said last time that there are 72 girls (besides our main characters) in Double Peace's academy? Well, you have to complete every single of their profile for the following trophy: Data Gatherer Complete Profiles for Every Girl Now, the trophy is misleading in that you don't have to fully complete their entire profiles for the platinum. Here's how it works: Each girl has three ranks you can get on her profile: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. What rank you get depends on how much of her profile you complete. In order to fully complete a girl's profile, you must do all of the following: Get her measurements (Breasts, Waist, and Height) and find her Student ID: You do the former by zooming in on each part when you encounter the girl, and her Student ID is a collectible that is located in a certain stage, which you must pick up by shooting at it for it to count as found. Doki-Doki her in her alternative outfits (Gym and Swimsuit): Each girl can be found wearing her alternative outfits in different stages. The girls are usually found wearing their alternative outfits more than once in a certain stage, which is good because it means you can do it through Stage Select and avoid having to load a save and do it that way, since the stage ends and the game saves your progress when you die in Stage Select, whereas it's not the case if you load a save. Get her ending in the Unseen Destiny route: This one is time-consuming as it involves having to play the game quite a bit. To get a girl's ending, you must first raise her affection and get her to fall in love with you, which you can only do by hitting her weak point for an Ecstasy Shot and/or getting a Doki-Doki on her as much as necessary until she reaches 5/5 hearts. But that's not all! Once that's done, the game will ask you if you want to proceed to her ending, in which you must defeat her in a boss fight that's similar to the main characters' ones. Doing all of the above nets you a Gold rank on a profile. However, you only need to get a Silver rank on each profile for the trophy, which means that you only need to do two of the three above-mentioned requirements. As you may have deduced, the first two are the least time-consuming ones, especially since you can use Stage Select to make things faster. As there are 72 profiles to complete, though, it's still quite the grind. When you're done with all of that, you must then visit the Student Roster from the Main Menu, which will give you something like this: What a grind! Interesting. :9 Any other trophies you went for? Another trophy worth mentioning is this one: Gal*God Achieve Godlike Rank Yes, I've indeed achieved Gal*Godhood! Something that @Monokuma will never be able to do. What does this trophy entail? I'm pretty much going to quote myself and add a couple of lines (in green): I ended up getting it on my Unseen Destiny True Ending playthrough, while going for the Ghost Girl. I initially wasn't actively trying for it, but when I felt halfway through the game like I could get it by the end of that playthrough, I made sure to do my best in every stage from then on. I'm kind of surprised I got it right there, as most people say they got it on the Sisters' Route and declare it the easiest route for this trophy. I finished my Unseen Destiny True Ending playthrough with the following statistics (to note that the trophy popped as soon as I reached my 1,000,000th MP): Gal*Godhood may or may not make all girls instantly fall in love with you. Try it at your own risk. What do you mean, I can't do this? I'm more than capable of reaping all them sows! I see what you did there, @Monokuma. Beary funny. Apart from that, I also had to unlock all images in the Gallery for the following trophy: Pretty Pictures Obtain All Images in the Gallery Most of the images are unlocked by the time you finish all the other trophies, but the rest of them are ones you don't get naturally while going for the other trophies, so you'll have to go for them separately: Ekoro Bad Ending: Acquired by having less than 50% affection with Ekoro by the end of her route. Kurona Bad Ending: Acquired by having less than 50% affection with Kurona by the end of her route. Unseen Destiny Bad Ending: This one is the trickiest image/ending to get. In order to reach the Bad Ending for the Unseen Destiny route, you must go through the entire game without having any girl reach full affection. This means that you must go through each stage very slowly, avoid any Ecstasy Shot and Doki-Doki (to make things easier), and check each girl's affection after each stage to make sure you're still okay. If any girl reaches 5/5 hearts at any time, you're locked out of this ending and must reload an earlier save and try again. The lack of information on the best stage order to take meant I had to experiment and find it out myself, and after many save reloads, I finally came up with the following order (to note that these are the stages where you can choose where to go): Episode 3-1: 1st Year Classrooms Episode 3-2: Gym Entrance Episode 4-1: 2nd Year Classrooms Episode 4-2: Dressing Room Episode 5-1: 3rd Year Classrooms Episode 5-2: Dressing Room 2 Episode 6-1: 3F Hallway Episode 6-2: I didn't write it down and forgot. 😅 That's pretty much it when it comes to the most noteworthy trophies among the remaining ones. I also went for the three remaining True Endings and two remaining "Perfects" on boss fights, but I already talked about those last week. When all was said and peeked at, I was met with the following screen in the Gallery, thus ending my first encounter with Gal*Gun Double Peace: And that is why Double Peace >> Double War. I see this game has 3 stacks. Good, good! I'm sure we won't see the last of it. *upupu* Let's wrap things up with your closing thoughts on the game, shall we? If my memory serves me right, this is the second rail shooter I've played (the first being Dead Space: Extraction) and, all in all, I enjoyed my time with it. It's not a stellar game by any means, but it's different enough from most games out there and a decent change of pace. Rail shooters can make for fun rides when done well and this game, while simplistic in nature, gets the job done. Playing the Vita version meant having inferior - but still decent - graphics, occasional frame rate issues, and some input lag, but it still felt nice to play on the Vita. The story wasn't anything to write home about, but you can bet the gameplay makes up for it. ;3 The soundtrack might make you go crazy with the same 2 or 3 tracks repeating over and over again, so I'd advise against playing this game for a long time at once. It's a game that takes you 3 hours to beat but 30 hours to platinum due to some grindy requirements, but it wasn't too bad after all. I can see why the NA stack is an Ultra Rare platinum, and it'll be another one to add to the collection sometime next year. That's it for our Weekly Pro- Not so fast! I've just stumbled upon this and thought I'd share it with our viewers. *upupu* Wait, what? How did you find my hidden HDD, @Monokuma? O_O Well, I guess it's not "hidden" anymore... Upupu, someone thought I'd never find his hidden HDD. But I guess that someone doesn't know that I'm good at hide-and-seek. Let's see what other Gal*Gun screenshots you have here... :9 How about we go to the next section instead? 😅 Plans For Next Week: Peeking.. peeking everywhere! I'm going to be playing Gal*Gun 2 (EU), as my third Seasonal Face-Off against @Monokuma begins, with the first game being that one! It's said to be easier and less time-consuming than Double Peace, and going by the platinum rarity, it looks like this will indeed be the case. That's not fair! Despair-A-Ton 4 should've been the opener for our third Seasonal Face-Off! ;-; But that's not all, as I should go back to Grand Kingdom and get a couple of trophies (at the very least this one) before the servers shut down on October 1. I won't be playing this game now besides that, though. I already have a lot on my plate thanks to a certain bear, after all. Oooh, a distraction already? *upupu* I might also have the time to start my next game after Gal*Gun 2. What could it be, I wonder? Oh, I know what it's going to be, but neither of us will say what it is. I know how much Despair that would inflict on you as you get more and more eager to find out, dear viewers! *upupupupu* What @Monokuma doesn't know is that the answer is actually right there on my profile. Outro: That's about all we have for you today. Thank you very much for tuning in, and we'll see you on Sunday for a new episode! Thank you for watching another episode of our Despairful Show! See you soon!
  8. Season 2: Episode 2.5 - "Summer of Hope / Fall of Despair" Intro: Hello everyone, and welcome to a special episode of the show! Quite shocking to see an episode that's not a Weekly Update, isn't it? Well, it's a special occasion, after all! The start of the Fall season - or what it really stands for, the third installment in the Seasonal Face-Off series - is now upon us! It's high time for our Seasonal Face-Off series to make a comeback, don't you all think? Of course it is. Our viewers have been asking for it ever since Season 2 started! They are begging for more Despair, and I'll happily oblige- wait a minute... Huh? What's wrong, @Monokuma? That title... I see the hidden meaning behind "Fall of Despair". Don't you even think Despair will fall! Despair shall prevail, now and forever! *upupu* Oh, I see a certain slowpoke finally figured it out. Why are you blaming me, though? It is a Fall of Despair. You're the one who chose to do the third installment now, right? I gotta say, Fall is indeed the perfect season for Despair. Oh, not just Fall... All seasons are! You think you can play tricks on me, huh? Let's see what happens... We'll see what you have in store for me in a bit. But first, let's check out a breakdown of this episode! Intro Ultimate Chats Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge Outro Ultimate Chats: Oooh, Ultimate Chats? Who do we have this time? Why, it's @CypherNova139! Let's welcome him and see what he has to say! Welcome back, Ultimate Babysitter! You really like handing out those Ultimate titles, don't you @Monokuma? I sure do! I admit, it's a lot of fun giving each person an Ultimate title based on what they do best. And let me tell you, @CypherNova139 is the best at babysitting. See the below quote and you'll know why exactly I think that! Just make sure you don't step on those LEGO. @CypherNova139 must surely be enjoying his babysitting adventures. What? Everyone knows what a newsletter is! Except you, I guess. Have you been living under a rock all that time? Go easy on him, @Monokuma. If anything, I bet he's doing that just to get a reaction out of you. All the more reason for me *not* to go easy on him! Whoa, I didn't know you babysit games as well. It's not that surprising to me. If you think about it, some games are like those children that need constant care. Try to leave them alone for a few minutes and they'll kick you for it! Those evil, impudent bastards! Says the bear who shares the exact same character traits. You mean Monomi, right? I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's okay, we both know they still count as "read" even if the text doesn't show up. THAT'S IT! How didn't I think of that! Huh? What's the matter, @Monokuma? O_O I was looking for a similar title to "Desbear" that doesn't undermine the word "Despair", and "Bear of Despair" perfectly fits the bill! @CypherNova139, I hereby bestow upon you- sorry, "Ultimate Advisor" is already taken. You're too late for that one. Wait, are you for real? "Bear of Despair" isn't hard to come up with. @Monokuma can be such a derpy bear sometimes. Wow, you clearly sucked at this game if you had to buy DLC cars to make it easier for you. *upupu* Okay. ;-; Upupu. How do you like that, @cr1s? Yours wasn't even a review anyway! It was more like "a mishmash of thoughts"! I see I'm still rusty when it comes to my Boosting Shenanigans. No worries, I'm bound to succeed eventually. *upupu* Dual Screen? HDMI? Oooh, I see another one of @Monokuma's weak points has been revealed! Great job, @CypherNova139! Not so fast! I'm adding all these terms to my database. I can't afford to go haywire right now! Aww, and here I was hoping we could achieve exactly that. ;-; My, my... what do we have here? Could it be that you're succumbing to Despair already? *upupu intensifies* Oh, my. What a plot twist! One that's sure to send waves of Despair across the world! *upupu intensifies exponentially* How is it called "ignoring me" when every episode features the Bear of Despair? And I see @CypherNova139 is very receptive to Despair. Good, good. What are you talking about? My bear puns are particularly bearable! It's already too late for that. I know you'll come back for the next episode. Tune in once, become addicted for life! Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! I see @Monokuma is having tons of fun with this, as usual. Thank you for stopping by, @CypherNova139! And now, for a special announcement from @Monokuma. See you soon, @CypherNova139! Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge: Despair Entertainment is back and better than ever! It's time for another installment in our traditional series in which @cr1s and I fight for victory in an all-out war between Hope and Despair! Oh, I know you're all gonna love this! *upupu* Presenting... SEASONAL FACE-OFF 3: @Monokuma'S REVENGE!!!!! Would you look at this all-caps title featuring that huge tag and those 5 exclamation marks? This goes to show that we're serious and committed to Despair Entertainment! I'm not gonna use all-caps or 5 exclamation marks in my own sentences, though. I don't have the patience to type all those exclamation marks, and all-caps makes my eyes burn with Hope! These are only reserved for event titles! Anyway, let's get down to the important stuff, shall we? I know, I know... You're all confused right now. It's been so long since the previous installment that you all forgot about it. Fear not, because the Bear of Despair is here to refresh your memories! Let's start with a short description of the event. Seasonal Face-Offs are a series of long, epic battles of attrition between @cr1s and I. In these face-offs, I choose a list of games, of which @cr1s must platinum a set minimum in order for the face-off to be won. I really hate to say this, but @cr1s won the first two battles against me! >_> Here's a brief summary of these two events: Seasonal Face-Off 1 (June 21, 2018 - September 20, 2018) Seasonal Face-Off 2 (September 21, 2018 - December 20, 2018) @cr1s might've won the first two face-offs, but I'm going to use this expression you humans like to say against him: "Third time's the charm." Indeed it will be. You just wait, @cr1s! What do you mean, you're all still confused? You don't know what the above stats mean? Don't worry, as it's time for me to explain the rules anyway! Rules: The face-off started on September 21, 2019 and will end on December 20, 2019. Yes, it's already under way and @cr1s hasn't even started his first game! I always love it when I get a head start. *upupu* As mentioned in my brief description, I choose a list of games, of which @cr1s will have to complete a set minimum by December 20, 2019. As you may have noticed from the previous installments, 60% was the set minimum, and I'm going to keep it for the entire series. We *are* in Despair's Peak Academy, so we must follow its grading system! *upupu* Failure to complete the set minimum of games will result in one of the harshest punishments ever conceived! What's that, you may ask? Why, it's simple but highly effective: A FAILING GRADE! We all know every Ultimate Student avoids those like the plague, as it brings with it some of the worst Despair you can ever imagine! *upupu* Any game @cr1s plays that isn't part of the list will obviously not count. Too bad, because I know @cr1s will have to play a couple of those for various reasons. *upupu* All Danganronpa games that are listed *must* be played and completed by December 20, 2019. Yes, everyone! Danganronpa is back! A series that is filled to the brim with Despair is the perfect one to be featured in any face-off, I can tell you that! *upupu* All unique text in all Visual Novels in this list must be read - yes, all of them! Don't think you can just skip your way to those platinums, as I will not tolerate that! *upupu* Last, but not least, @cr1s had better not modify the list or hijack this face-off in any way, as that would result in an even harsher punishment for him, and I'm sure he'd want to avoid that. *upupu* And that's it for the rules, everyone! Let's check out the list of games now, sorted by alphabetical order (almost)! List: Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (EU PS3) Catherine (EU PS3) Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK) Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (HK) Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (HK Vita) Danganronpa 1/2 Reload (JP) Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (JP Vita) Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (EU) Gal*Gun 2 (EU) Muramasa Rebirth: Complete Collection Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Persona 4 Golden (EU) Persona 4: Dancing All Night (EU) Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk Root Double: Before Crime / After Days Sleeping Dogs (AS PS4) Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Yakuza 5 Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Indeed! We're going to have not 1, but 2 Danganronpa marathons during this face-off! This is going to be such an intense display of Despair Entertainment, I can feel it in my fur! *upupuquake* And now, let's see what @cr1s has to say about our face-off now that everything is revealed! Oh, I'm sure he's quite shocked right now. Well, well, well... I see @Monokuma really went all out in this face-off in a bid to get his revenge against me... or did he? I can see at first glance that it's a list made exclusively of Japanese games. It looks be to a healthy mix of Visual Novels, fighting games, and a few other genres, with a bigger emphasis on the first two. We also have a few Ultra Rare platinums in there! Let's inspect this list a little more and see what it has to offer: First of all, I see there are 5 Danganronpa games. That's almost half the minimal number of games already. And these are the Hong Kong and Japanese versions, so they will feature the language barrier that @Monokuma loves so much. As @Monokuma said, there's no escape from those, so I'm going to have to complete them all if I want to avoid that failing grade. Needless to say, how well I fare in those marathons is going to be crucial when it comes to winning this face-off... but I'm also looking forward to proving to @Monokuma that a measly language barrier won't prevent me from getting more Danganronpa stacks done. But that's not all when it comes to VNs. We also have Persona 4 Golden (EU), Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, and Root Double: Before Crime / After Days. That makes it 9 VNs in this list, almost half the entire list of games. I think @Monokuma was so eager to include those many Danganronpa games that he didn't really think of balancing this list a little more. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as I love Visual Novels and am always down for one. P4G is a game I've wanted to play and have been putting off for a long time, so will I finally start it this time? I got the two Psychedelica games last year when they were on sale, as part of an effort to play more otome VNs (I just hope they're not like Amnesia: Memories ). We also have Root Double: Before Crime / After Days, which I found out about a little while ago. I had no prior knowledge of this VN, and I gotta admit, that intriguing premise instantly shot it up to the top of my VN backlog. I'm really looking forward to this one, so I'm glad @Monokuma is including it! That's about all we have when it comes to VNs. The second most-featured genre are fighting games, which I have a sort of love/hate relationship with. Why is that? Because I love playing them, but hate having to learn them and usually end up spamming moves on my way to the platinum. It still worked for the more challenging games like Guilty Gear: Sign and Revelator, but it's obviously not gonna work for every single fighting platinum out there, so I'll eventually have to step up my game. The fighting games featured here don't seem too bad, except maybe for Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! (EU PS3). In case you're wondering, yes, this is the game that started the 5-exclamation mark craze. I've heard that Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax (EU) and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late are doable ones, so they hopefully won't be that bad even for an average fighter like me. x3 Besides those, we have many other games that belong to different genres. One of the first games that grabbed my attention is Sleeping Dogs (AS PS4). Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite open-world games: great story, unique setting, fun combat, a lot of side content to go for... what's not to like about it? This is my last stack in the series, and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with it! Another game, or rather set of games, that caught my interest is Yakuza 5 and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. I really have to go back to the Yakuza series as it's been a long time since I've played a game in that series, and @Monokuma including them in my face-off only encourages me to do so, even if Yakuza 5 is a time-consuming platinum. I've heard great things about Catherine (EU PS3), and it's known to be a difficult platinum. This is surely one of the more challenging platinums on the list. @Monokuma thinks I'm most likely gonna skip it because of that, but who knows, I might just surprise him. Muramasa Rebirth: Complete Collection is another challenging platinum and looks like a fun Vita game, so I'm definitely interested in playing it. Just the platinum is enough for the purposes of this face-off, but knowing me, I'd most likely go for all the DLC trophies right then and there anyway. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines... now this kind of game is one I'm entirely unfamiliar with, so this would be new and uncharted territory to me, especially as it looks to be a difficult platinum, according to the trophy guide here. Persona 4: Dancing All Night (EU) is a rhythm game that goes hand-in-hand with P4G. It seems to be a very easy platinum but is recommended to be played after P4G, so I wouldn't play it unless I platinum P4G first. And finally, there's also Gal*Gun 2 (EU). I left this game for last because I think you're all aware that it's part of my ongoing Gal*Gun marathon. But yeah, this is going to be the first game I play in this face-off, and it starts... tomorrow! @Monokuma might've gotten a bit of a head start, but I'll make sure to catch up for the lost time! All in all, it seems like a list of great games with some challenging platinums... but if this is how @Monokuma plans to get his revenge, I'd say it's a bit lacking in Despair. Still though, I'm not gonna let my guard down, because I know all about @Monokuma and his shenanigans. "Lacking in Despair"? How can you say that with all those Danganronpa games? Those alone are more Despairful than the rest of the games combined! But laugh all you want, and we'll see who will have the last laugh! Outro: Well, that's it for this special episode of our show. This post might be used as a way to regularly track the event outside of Weekly Updates. Who shall prevail in yet another epic battle between @Monokuma and @cr1s? Will @cr1s secure his third consecutive victory against @Monokuma, or will he experience a crushing defeat? Stay tuned to our show to find out! And in case you're wondering, this episode does not replace our Weekly Update for this week, as that episode will still air shortly! Thank you for tuning in, and we'll see you again very soon!
  9. Data Gatherer Complete Profiles for Every Girl Almost there! Several Bad Endings left to get and then I can start Gal*Gun 2.
  10. Gal*God Achieve Godlike Rank Girl of Your Dreams View the True Love Route's True Ending All Options Considered View All of the True Endings Gal*Godhood achieved! I finished my Unseen Destiny playthrough with about 1,050,000 MP, just slightly above the required amount of MP (1,000,000) for the Gal*God trophy. :3 I still have to complete most of the girls' profiles and get several more images for the gallery for the platinum. Back to the grind! 😋
  11. Season 2: Episode 2 - "Road to Gal*Godhood: Volume 1" Weekly Update #30 (September 9-15) Intro: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test, featuring another weekly dose of Despair with your usual hosts @cr1s, aka Ultimate Hope, and @Monokuma, aka Ultimate Despair! Man, I can't wait to get down to business, as we have another juicy episode for you all here today! Just so you all know, I was obviously the one who gave @cr1s his "Ultimate Hope" title. But let me tell you something, he sure as hell doesn't deserve it! I only did it because he's my only arch-nemesis and I had to give this title to someone, so don't think he's going to start beating me left and right! In fact, his first defeat shall occur when I'll break his Seasonal Face-Off win streak later this year! *upupu* Is that the true reason, @Monokuma? Or perhaps you actually see how much potential I have to put a stop to your plans and actions once and for all? If I don't deserve it now, I definitely will once I secure The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Defeat in the History of @Monokuma! How dare you make fun of my beloved event's title like that? ;-; Just you wait, for I will crush your spirit with my Despairful Shenanigans! Bring it on, @Monokuma! The epic battle between Hope and Despair rages on as we get closer and closer to Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge, which is due to start next week! Indeed, Fall is almost upon us, and that can only mean one thing: another opportunity for @Monokuma to set his Despairful Plans in motion. Stay tuned for @Monokuma's official announcement of the event next week, followed by its start shortly afterwards, right here on Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test! Oh, you bet it's time for my revenge! This has been a long time in the making, and the stage is almost set! *upupu* And now, let's check out a breakdown of today's episode: Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Weekly Progress Volume Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 1 Plans For Next Week Outro Oooh, "Peek-A-Ton"? And what exactly are we peeking at? Oh, you'll see. We all know it's something you're gonna be sweating a lot to. But first, let's have some Ultimate Chats with our Ultimate Guests for this episode: @Honor_Hand and @Sora9427! Ultimate Chats: Let's all welcome @Honor_Hand first! Oooh, my favorite test subject Ultimate Guest is here! I'll let you know that the episodic format was actually my idea. I'm sure you're wondering what's up with that, and I'll be glad to explain. Have you ever experienced that agonizing wait between each episode when you watch an airing show? Or are you maybe one of those people who wait until said show is over before binge-watching it? It doesn't matter anyway, because in our case, both ways lead to Despair, and that's exactly what I wanted to achieve here! The former for obvious reasons, and the latter because this season of the show is set to last for ages! *upupu* Wait a minute... "ages"? Have you forgotten something? You're a bear, right? You're going to have to hibernate eventually, right? RIGHT? I mean, isn't that the true cause for our long hiatus? What are you talking about? Of course it wasn't. You're the one who implied it was Monomi's fault, remember? That's only because I wanted her gone. Yes, she was really starting to get on my nerves with her LOVE! LOVE!, A-wa-wa!, Tee hee hee, and EEEEEK. Scratch that, her entire existence was aggravating! She didn't deserve to be called Ultimate Hope either! That was the only way to make her go and take her title! Two benefits with one punishment... I couldn't pass up such a golden opportunity. My, my... what a sudden and shocking revelation we have here! It's bound to fill all of our viewers with Despair! *upupu intensifies* And to answer your hibernation question: nice try, wise guy. I'm well aware of my ursine functions, you know? I did my damnedest to turn my hibernation function off, and let me tell you, that wasn't easy at all. It went against my wishes because doing so also meant that I wouldn't be able to even doze off anymore. ;-; But even I have to make concessions occasionally, and if it means having this season go on forever, so be it. That's worth 999x more than any bearnap, after all! Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! @Monokuma having a taste of his own medicine is a sight worth seeing, that's for sure. I know, right? Who would've thought @cr1s would use such a word? Well said, @Honor_Hand! That's what we both live for, after all. *upupu* For all I know, @Honor_Hand might've become @Monokuma's advisor. That GIF applies to other games too. Unfortunately for you, Ripley can't just come to your aid. That's something you're going to overcome on your own. And thank you for being such a loyal viewer of our show! Tune in to Despair, cave in to Despair... that's our motto! *upupu* That's a great summary of the time I had with Senran Kagura right there. That marathon in the series was particularly nice because I had one main game followed by a spin-off, then another main game. It's always nice to "spice things up", if you know what I mean. True that. I can tell you that there are actually 999 "thatssssssssss- screw that, I sure as hell won't type it 999 times! I don't have enough space for all that "s" in the first place! You know, that's a great idea! It's time for a well-deserved drink. That moment when @Monokuma eats and drinks something and you can't have any of it. ;-; Also, I can't help but wonder whether that's wine or blood. Of course you can't. That's a perk only the Ultimate Despair gets to have! And what kind of question is that? That's clearly wine! I'm not a vampire, you know? You know, that just gave me an idea. From this moment, every platinum @cr1s gets will have a Despair Score underneath the two other scores! It'll be a combination of them, which I'll give based on @cr1s' experience with the game! Oh, this is gonna be so much fun. *upupu* I see. I haven't played that game (or most of the older titles in the series for that matter 😅), but it sounds like you enjoyed those. x3 Oh, okay. I actually didn't notice a flamenco track in the game. 😅 What the hell indeed. Do you really want @Monokuma to know- Oooh, I see @Honor_Hand has language barriers to overcome too! This is gonna be a lot more fun now. *upupupupu* Oh, boy. What is @Monokuma planning for you now, I wonder? I guess not, but I'm sure you'll have your TV soon enough. Let me know how the original Gal*Gun goes! I see it's available on the JP PlayStation Store and there's a guide for it on, but I don't see the trophy list on PSNP (it doesn't come up under "Gal Gun", at least), and it doesn't seem to count as part of the Gal*Gun series over here. But yeah, I might get it sometime since it's available digitally. You know how it is with imports over here. >_> Indeed, HD plot needs a UHD TV. xx3 Thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm sure that's music to @Monokuma's ears. Laugh all you want, you two. You'll see just how despairful language barriers can really be soon enough. *upupu* And you're right, that title needs exactly 5 exclamation marks. Not more, not less! You mean like this? The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of Mankind!!!!! On second thought, it does look better. But it doesn't matter anyway, because all the exclamation marks in the world wouldn't be enough to accentuate the amount of Despair that event has to offer! *upupupupu* Thanks! Shh, don't- Oooh, that's another great idea! @Honor_Hand, I hereby bestow upon you the title of "Ultimate Advisor". You've truly earned it after all these ideas. I look forward to all the Despairful Advice you'll have to offer! What have you done, @Honor_Hand? ;-; Not just to me, but to yourself as well. Could it be that you actually enjoy it? See, @cr1s? That's what happens eventually. There's no other way but to cave in to Despair. Resistance is futile and will only make things worse for you in the long-term. *upupu* Ha, not even in your dreams! Thank you for tuning in and stopping by again, @Honor_Hand! See you around! \^w^/ See you, @Honor_Hand! :3 And now, let's welcome a new Ultimate Guest: @Sora9427! He stopped by to give us some feedback on our show, so let's see what he has to say! Oooh, I see he's from Italy. That's just further proof that our show is seen in every corner of the planet! I'm pretty sure aliens in outer space are tuning in to our show as well! No matter who and where you are, Despair will find you eventually! Thank you so much for the feedback! Fun fact that maybe no one knows yet: my checklist was originally supposed to have a sci-fi theme, but that didn't work out well, so I quickly dropped that idea. I started looking for another theme, and my love for Danganronpa and the shenanigans @Monokuma and co. are known to pull meant that this would be the perfect theme for my rebranded checklist. I know you've yet to play Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, but once you do, I'm sure you'll find my checklist's title very similar to a certain something in there. That's how I came up with the title for my checklist. :3 The whole rebranding was sort of a risky move because I didn't know how well it'd fare, but thanks to @OhDearGodRun's lively banners and the positive feedback I've received from many people, I know it was the right one. It's certainly something I've enjoyed doing over time, and I hope to be able to continue doing that for as long as I can. =D As for how many trophies I have... well, that's the result of having a lot of free time on my hands with barely anything interesting to do IRL outside of work and not many other activities/hobbies to partake in. Likewise! Thank you for stopping by! ^o^ @Monokuma thanks you too! Our Ultimate Guests are the best! Indeed they are. :3 Thank you both for another fun and lively Ultimate Chat today. It's time to check out the progress update for this past week! Progress Update: Overview: You know what they say: "when one marathon ends, another one starts." And that's indeed what happened this past week. Going from Rip-A-Ton to Peek-A-Ton, these marathons are sure to keep the plot coming a ton. Let's check out what games were played this week! I gotta admit, while all that plot is great and all, it can be overwhelming at times. I couldn't help but take a break from its sheer volume, so I decide to take on a lot of stealth missions for a change: Feeling refreshed, I prepare my body as I decide to embark on a double peace adventure. Objective? Become a Gal*God. And now, let's go into details... including the smallest ones! Weekly Progress: Volume: #421 - Volume (HK Vita) The Platinum Arrow Gain all trophies in Volume 10th September 2019 • Platinum in 18 hours, 40 minutes Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Despair: 404/10 Volume is an indie top-down stealth puzzler developed by Mike Bithell - who is also known for making Thomas Was Alone - in which you play as a thief in a story that features a modern take on the Robin Hood legend. Most of it is told through character dialogue and texts that you can collect while playing the game, although there are a couple of cutscenes as well. I won't go into the story's details, but I'll say that I liked and enjoyed what they did with it. It's made even better thanks to the funny and appropriate humor, as well as the great voice acting. I gotta admit, I like the British accent most of the time. It can be suitable for narrating or voicing a character, and that's definitely the case for this game. The game is said to be inspired by the Metal Gear Solid series, although I can't draw any comparisons as I haven't played any game in that series. You go on a set of 100 missions of generally increasing difficulty and varying length. Your objective is to collect a bunch of gems scattered around each level in order to unlock the exit to the next level, all while evading enemies with the help of the environment and different gadgets. This is a pure stealth game, meaning that there's no way to kill your enemies. The only way to complete each level is to distract and/or avoid them; you can, however, stun them with two useful gadgets called "Blackjack" and "Folly" that appear in some of the later levels. While you can get spotted, you will only have a limited amount of time to escape your pursuer(s) before they kill you, and these sections of the game are made more intense by an orchestral soundtrack that stresses this sense of urgency. There are many enemies in the game: Pawns, who are the normal enemies you'll see the most and are specialized in short-range combat; Archers, who have a long range of vision, but are very slow to fire; Rogues, who have a short 360-degree range; Knight, who have a large range of vision and come charging at you once they spot you; Automated Turrets; and Guard Dogs, who can't kill you themselves but can alert nearby guards once they spot you. Along the many gadgets, you have the two aforementioned gadgets that stun enemies, one gadget that attracts enemies' attention to it, a couple of others that make a sound wherever you throw them, one that allows you to become invisible, one that allows you to wear an enemy disguise, and one that allows you to project a hologram in a specific direction. All of these gadgets last for a little while and have a short cooldown period, both of which depend on the gadget itself. You can also use the environment to do various things, like distract the enemy by flushing a toilet, and hiding in a locker or floorboard. Many levels also feature an alarm that enemies only activate once they spot and then lose you. This can be useful because it can bring all or most of the enemies to that area and allow you to sneak past them with relative ease. You can, however, disable these alarms if you wish. All in all, the gameplay is gratifying despite its simplicity. It's a lot of fun, and the enemy A.I. is both predictable and exploitable, making for more of an easy game. The game can be made even easier by turning on checkpoints at all times, which makes collecting gems and getting through many sections a lot simpler. The gameplay is complemented by a unique art style, interesting level design, and varied environments, making for a memorable experience all in all... and a short one as well, because each level only lasts from 1 to 3 minutes at most, so you can complete the game within several hours (since you will most likely have to retry many sections as you adapt to the game and learn the enemy's patterns). It's quite easy to fool the enemies in this game. The platinum trophy is very easy and straightforward. The majority of the time is spent going through all 100 levels while making sure to collect every text for the collectible-related trophies. Speaking of which, the HK Vita version has some levels that seem to be messed up in that no matter how much you try, you can't seem to be able to read one or many texts in said levels. However, these still count as being read for the collectible trophies, so it's all good. Depending on how you played the game, you might have a few trophies left to clean up by the time you're done with the game, such as using a few gadgets, hiding in 50 lockers, and using a customized character (which is only available when you beat the game) - but those should only take about 30 minutes to finish. This is my final stack of the game, as I've now completed all 4 stacks it has to offer. All in all, this is an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable stealth game that is made better by its simplicity and charm. Highly recommended to fans of stealth and/or indie games who don't mind the top-down perspective. Even if you're not good at stealth games, I don't believe you'd have any real trouble with this game. Gal*Gun Peek-A-Ton 1 - Part 1: Here we go! My body is prepared! :9 And so begins my Gal*Gun marathon! As previously mentioned, it consists of the following games played back-to-back: Gal*Gun: Double Peace (EU) Gal*Gun 2 (EU) You might be wondering- Wait, where's the JP-only Gal*Gun and Gal*Gunvolt Burst? What kind of half-assed marathon is this? I was getting to that... First of all, a marathon doesn't need have all of the games in a certain series. I did say "two or more games", not "all the available, as-yet-unplayed games". Now, as for why these two games didn't make it into this marathon, the two main reasons for those are: I don't have them yet and didn't feel like getting them right now, I didn't want to make this marathon any longer, since Seasonal Face-Off 3: @Monokuma's Revenge is due to start very soon, and I wanted to try to finish on time. I wouldn't want to give you an advantage by playing games that can't even make it to the list of games for that event, after all! If only there were a rule that said "you must go through all the available, as-yet-unplayed games in a series"... ;-; Too bad that's never gonna happen. Back to my marathon, the first game is Gal*Gun: Double Peace (EU). Let's talk about my thoughts on the game and progress with the trophies so far. :3 "You naughty, naughty boy." Gal*Gun Double Peace is a bishoujo game- Hold on a minute! What's "bishoujo" even supposed to mean? Will you stop interrupting me? I was gonna get to that! >_> According to Wikipedia, a bishoujo game is "a type of Japanese video game centered on interactions with attractive girls". And that's definitely what the Gal*Gun series is about. Double Peace takes place in a fictional Japanese academy, and there's a total of 72 girls in the game that are divided between First Year, Second Year, Third Year, and Teachers. Do you really interact with all these girls? :9 Yup. It's all part of the story. And since I've mentioned that, let's talk about it a bit. Half the game is actually a choice-based Visual Novel, which means that there are many branching routes for you to choose from. The premise is quite simple: a derpy cupid angel (pictured in the GIF above) is taking her "cupid exam" in which she needs to hit a certain student with a love arrow, and her designated target is you, the protagonist. On the other hand, a demon angel also has her sights set on you. Derpy Cupid Angel notices that, goes "oh noes!", and accidentally increases the dose of the arrow as she rushes to hit you with her love arrow first. The dose is so increased that it makes every single girl in the academy fall in love with you and run after you in a bid to claim you as her partner. Nope. Are you saying there are 72 routes in the game? O_O Hold your bears there, @Monokuma. Of course they wouldn't make a route for each girl in the academy. There are actually 8 (True) Endings and many Bad Endings in the game, thus making for far less routes. Each route is based on a certain character (read: love interest) in the game. These characters include the aforementioned Derpy Cupid Angel and Demon Angel, two sisters who happen to be the protagonist's childhood friends (), a lead guitarist/vocalist for a band called LOVEHEARTS who also runs the Academy Store, and one or two other characters that I haven't encountered yet. In order to get a True Ending, you must raise the respective girl's affection by selecting the right choices whenever they come up and doing very well in her minigames. That's the basic story right there. I see. And what's the other half of the game? Right, let's talk about the gameplay. Double Peace is a rail shooter, meaning that you have no control over the camera as it takes you through each level, leaving you to control the cursor with and shoot with . Your objective in each level is simple enough: prevent each girl from confessing her love to you, as that will decrease your HP. You do that by shooting them with pheromone shots, which are given to you by Derpy Cupid Angel at the very beginning of the game. This will give them euphoria and subdue them in the process. Occasionally, you can also enter Doki-Doki Mode on a certain girl, which is a minigame that requires you to touch or rub the girl in her preferred area(s) until she "explodes", thus subduing herself as well as every other girl who has spawned in your area. As you might imagine, it can be useful indeed. I've personally learned to use it if there are several girls in the area you're in, or if a girl is about to hit you. You can get a maximum of 3 uses for it (which replenish as you shoot girls), but only 1 use at a time is enough, since only a single girl is required to "explode" for the others to follow suit too. That's pretty much how each level goes. The game is divided into chapters, with most of them having 2 episodes (the rest only 1), and each episode featuring one or two stages, depending on if there's a boss battle or not. Most routes have 2 boss battles: ("Demon Veggie" or "Demon Balloon" - depending on the route) and (corresponding love interest). These aren't hard as they're quite short and have predictable patterns most of the time. Someone knows each girl's weak point very well. ;3 That sounds like a lot of fun for sure. :9 I've noticed there's a PS4 and Vita version. Which one are you playing? As with almost anything, if a certain trophy list is shared between Vita and PS4, I'll go for the Vita version. The only exceptions are if there are severe technical issues (e.g. Lumo) or a trophy happens to be glitched on the Vita version. Those are extremely rare cases, though. Unfortunately, the Vita version of Double Peace has a few technical issues. It suffers from rather random frame rate drops throughout the game, has long loading times to the point where it can take up to a minute for the game to load a level, and worse graphics. Those are some of the potential perks of playing the Vita version of a game, and I'll still overlook them as long as they're not way too severe. Vita is love, Vita is life. How's the trophy list for this game, and what have you done so far? The trophy list for this game is fairly varied. So far, I've done the following: 5/8 (True) Endings 6/6 "Perfect" Scores in minigames: For those reason, I messed up quite a bit in those and even a lot in one of them, yet still got the "Perfect" scores. I'm starting to think that the only not to get a "Perfect" score on any of these is not to do anything during the entirety of the minigame. 6/8 "Perfect" Scores in boss fights: Those are quite easy once you upgrade your damage to the maximum. Basically, each episode and boss fight is scored according to 3 criteria: Time, Damage, and Accuracy. In order to get a "Perfect" score in a boss fight, you must get 5/5 stars in each of those categories. Any less and you'll have to restart the entire episode before you can try again, since you can't just save before the boss fight. 12/12 Miscellaneous Trophies: These involve doing simple tasks for the most part that range from viewing your ending to making 50 girls experience "Double Peace", which is the sign each girl does when she experiences euphoria in Doki-Doki Mode. My favorite trophy out of these has to be "Pilferer of Panties" for stealing all panties in a certain level. x3 0/2 Collectible Trophies: These require you to complete the image gallery and the profile of every single girl in the academy. The former has you picking a lot of different choices in all the routes, while the latter needs you to fill out different requirements related to each girl. Reach Gal*Godhood: The hardest trophy in the game requires you to reach 1,000,000 Mote Points by the end of a single playthrough. Out of the 5 playthroughs I did so far, here were my end results: First playthrough: ~700,000 MP. Second playthrough: ~750,000 MP. Third playthrough: ~780,000 MP. Fourth playthrough: ~800,000 MP. Fifth playthrough: ~850,000 MP. As you can see, I'm slowly improving on that trophy. The third route is generally regarded as the best one for this trophy, so I'm going to go for it when I'm done with everything else. I've discovered the following tips that make the game a lot easier: Basically, you have to finish each level without missing a single euphoria shot or losing your combo otherwise by taking damage, except maybe once at the beginning/end of a level. Quick Bonuses don't seem to matter as much as actually maintaining your combo. Play on Expert difficulty, as the only difference is the amount of damage you take, and given how you must avoid taking any damage, this wouldn't make things harder and would give you an extra 20,000 MP at the end of the game. Zooming in with the right trigger allows you to avoid taking damage from girls that shout at you from far away at least 90% of the time. This really makes things easier and more manageable. Leave Doki-Doki Mode for when there are several girls in your area or one of them is about to hit you, and only use it once every time. And that's pretty much what I have to say regarding my Gal*Gun marathon so far. Plans For Next Week: My plans for next week are fairly obvious: Finish Gal*Gun Double Peace by doing all the remaining tasks: This is scheduled to take me a few more days as I finish the remaining endings and trophies associated with them, as well as fill out every girl's profile. Start Gal*Gun 2 immediately afterwards: I've heard the second game has an easier and less-time consuming platinum, so that one shouldn't take as much time. Outro: Well, that's it for this episode of our show. Tune in next week as we bring you yet another juicy episode while Despair inches ever closer. See you all next Sunday! ^o^ I can't wait for my special announcement! =D Until next time... have a Despairful Week, everyone! *upupupupu*
  12. Battle With the Bae: Maya Receive a "Perfect!" Score VS Maya Keep those baes coming! 😋
  13. Just a heads up to anyone who wants to play the HK Vita stack of Volume: This version of the game has some levels that seem to be messed up in that no matter how much you try, you can't seem to be able to read one or many texts in said levels. This may lead you to assume that it would affect the collectible trophies. However, I can confirm that it's not the case. You're safe to continue if that happens, and the collectible trophies will still pop when they should, provided you don't miss any text. I'd recommend just spamming the action button a few times on top of each text's location and then moving on, even if the text itself doesn't show up. I just thought I'd post this here, as when I first played this version, I couldn't even make the very first text show up and so, assuming it might prevent me from obtaining the collectible trophies, I stopped playing it and only came back to it after confirmation from @CypherNova139 that that specific text only shows up if you stand on the bottom right corner. But yeah, there's absolutely nothing to worry about as I did a couple of tests and texts do indeed count as being read even if they don't show up on your screen.
  14. Season 2: Episode 1 - "Rippin' Dem Clothes" Weekly Update #29 (September 2-8) Disclaimer: Our apologies for the looong post. We've decided against using spoilers from now on as long as they don't properly work. =( Intro: Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode in this brand new season of Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test! We are indeed back for another season full of Hope, Despair, and everything in-between, featuring your hosts @cr1s and @Monokuma, as well as a variety of guests! The previous episode served as a recap and overview of things to come, but this is where our second season really kicks off! And boy, do we have a juicy episode for you all today. Isn't that right, @Monokuma? Whoa, calm your tits, @Monokuma! We haven't even gotten to that yet. And wait, you're sweating normally this time. What's the deal with you? That episode title, though... :9 And I'm telling you, I can't control how I sweat! It's not like I have a MonoSwitch I can flick that can change the direction of the sweat's flow, you know? But hey, if you want me to calm my tits- Wait, no! NO! NOT THAT AGAIN! Anything but that! Forget I said that! Dx But if the title alone made you do that, I'm kind of worried to see what the rest of the episode will make you do. 😅 Back to our episode, we have quite a few things to talk about besides the usual trophy updates. As you may and will have noticed, the format has been slightly refined in an attempt to make it feel more like a show. From now on, each episode will have the following: Episode Number & Title: Each episode is now numbered and comes with its own title! Weekly Updates: Their number will always be a positive integer (i.e. 1, 2, etc.), and their title will always be based on the main game(s) that is/are played during said week. Special Episodes: Their number will always be a rational number (i.e. 1.5, 2.5, etc.), and their title will always be based on the main theme for said episode. Oooh, are we having math lessons now? More Despair for the Mind, I see. *upupu* Breakdown: A list of all the sections we will talk about in each episode. This list isn't fixed and varies according to each episode. That said, the "Intro" and "Outro" sections will be featured in each and every episode, since it applies to all of them. And let's just say that some sections will cause you to... break down. *upupu* Moreover, new sections will be added - some to all episodes, and others exclusive to Weekly Updates - and some existing ones have been named! Intro: The introduction of each episode. How couldn't we have an introduction and- Outro: The outroduction of each episode. Wait, "outroduction" really is a word? Ultimate Chats: Whenever applicable, we will chat with our esteemed guests who take the time to stop by and interact with us. The more guests join us, the more test subjects I gain! *upupu* Weekly Progress: Exclusive to Weekly Updates, this sub-section details trophy-related updates for the week - platinums, milestones, etc. - aka the main sub-section of the "Progress Update" section. In other words, you get to see the main source of Despair! This is the result of all the Despairful Shenanigans I unleash on @cr1s! *upupu* Other: You might notice some other sections here and there... These are mostly some beary important sections that will be hosted by none other than @Monokuma. Indeed! And this episode will feature the inaugural section of this kind. Make sure you stay tuned for these! *upupupupu* With all that being said, let's check out the breakdown of today's episode! Intro Ultimate Chats Progress Update Overview Senran Kagura Rip-A-Ton 2 Weekly Progress Plans For Next Week Ultimate Despair Extravaganza: No Holds Barred Outro Oooh, I certainly can't wait for *that* and *that*. *upupu* Ultimate Despair Extravaganza: No Holds Barred? My, oh my... I can tell @Monokuma is going all out with his Despairful Antics in this season. I mean, here we are with our first proper episode, and I see a section with such a name already. Who knows what @Monokuma is planning in that ursine mind of his? Welp, we'll find out about that later on. But first, let's have some Ultimate Chats with our Ultimate Guests for this episode: @CypherNova139 and @Honor_Hand! Ultimate Chats: Before we start, I wonder what it takes to be an "Ultimate Guest". For the record, all Ultimate titles are bestowed upon by @Monokuma. I have no authority to do such a thing. I'm sure you know what you're doing and not handing out these Ultimate titles like candy. Right, @Monokuma? Of course I know what I'm doing! Did you forget who I am? Besides, I like candy, so I'd never hand it out to anyone! Same goes for honey and pancakes, which are actually my two favorite foods. Don't you dare touch any of those, or I'll bring my Exisals down on you! Whoa, okay... Keep those to yourself for all I care. To answer your question about Ultimate Guests, any person who interacts with us in a meaningful way gets to be called an Ultimate Guest! Due to "technical difficulties", the list of Ultimate Guests was reset from the previous season, so @CypherNova139 and @Honor_Hand are our only Ultimate Guests so far! I see. Let's welcome our first Ultimate Guest, @CypherNova139! Oh, I forgot to say... if you subscribe to our newsletter, you can receive each episode by mail! Instant delivery, no spam or junk! Oh, so that's why you said that, @CypherNova139. I'm not surprised that @Monokuma came up with something like that. He's always looking for the most efficient ways to spread all that Despair, after all! *upupu* Hmm... why do I have the feeling you had something to do with that, @Monokuma? Hey, I had nothing to do with this! I just found it funny, that's all! It's not like I convinced that kid to mess up your boosting sessions. Suuure... But yeah, that was a strict rule to our boosting sessions. Balancing boosting and babysitting is a talent in itself, and one that @CypherNova139 may or may not have. One thing's for sure: thousands of missiles were fired, tons of XP were gained, and - despite @Monokuma's futile attempts - that grind was successfully completed. Thank you again for helping us with that, @CypherNova139! And thank you for stopping by! Let's all welcome @Honor_Hand now! Oooh, my partner-in-Despair is here! What about me? I'm part of the show too! ;-; Serves you right, @Monokuma. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, @Honor_Hand! I hope you'll continue to enjoy our my show! Wait a minute... Are you thinking of kicking me out of the show? You know you can't do that, right? Not at all. But yeah, Monomi's demise... I'll never forgive myself for dropping that drink and bag of popcorn. We rarely get any over here to begin with. ;-; Serves you right, @cr1s. *upupu* I can ask that same question for you. Are you sure @Monokuma's on your side? True that... But in the end, we both defeated @Monokuma in yet another failed attempt to make us give in to Despair! Don't you worry, my dear @cr1s... for I have countless more shenanigans up my fur! *upupu* I wholeheartedly agree. That moment when you get the H.A.W.X. platinum and still haven't gotten used to the controls. 😅 What? How lame. It's so easy I could do it while wearing an eyepatch and smoking a cigar! Like this: Ahem... I'll just pretend I didn't see that. 😅 See, @cr1s? No matter how much you try, you shall succumb to Despair eventually! There's no escape from your fate! Ahhhhh-hahahahaha! We'll see about that, @Monokuma. But yeah, this game... Thank you for stopping by, @Honor_Hand! See you around! \^o^/ Try to stop by often during this season too! Well, it was certainly nice chatting with our Ultimate Guests. Let's check out what trophies were obtained this week! Progress Update: Overview: This week was quite special, as my second Senran Kagura marathon - or as I like to call it, Rip-A-Ton - continued and came to a close! Oh, yes... Hacking, slashing, cooking, racing, you never know- wait, what? Racing? How the hell did that get here? Upupu, did someone perhaps mess up a certain marathon of his? Nice try, smartass. But you know damn well that doesn't count. Remember this rule? Have I turned into Monomi now? Because all I do is keep getting had. ;-; Upu- oh, wait. I wouldn't want to do that... *gulp* Anyway, you might all be wondering just what the hell I'm talking about. Let's check out what games were played this week! First, I got to meet all kinds of lovely chefs. They all cooked some succulent food for me and even told me "Bon Appétit!" before each meal. :9 While getting stuffed with all that delicious food, I was asked to go undercover by @Monokuma on a certain mission. Unbeknownst to me, it was a failed attempt by him to bust me, although escaping his ambush wasn't easy. "I should train myself harder to better cope with these situations.", I tell myself as my passion for mastering the Path of the Shinobi burst into flames once again. And now, for the juicy details! Senran Kagura Rip-A-Ton 2: This week marked the end of my second Senran Kagura marathon! These games, albeit repetitive in nature and very similar in gameplay (for the most part), are quite fun to play. I had my first marathon in the series back in September 2018. It consisted of Estival Versus and Peach Beach Splash, which were perfect to play during the summer. x3 Here I am, back with another Senran Kagura marathon that is filled to the brim with the series' trademark ripping action. Oh yes, there's always a lot of ripping to be had in Senran Kagura! :9 Hence the title for this marathon series. The second marathon consisted of the following games: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (19/08/2019 - 27/08/2019) Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! (EU/NA) (29/08/2019 - 05/09/2019) Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (EU/NA) (05/09/2019 - 08/09/2019) #417: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Thank You for Playing!! Obtained all trophies. Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 2.5/10 Here's where the Senran Kagura series made its debut on PlayStation (Vita). This game introduces us to what became the series' trademark, wacky hack-and-slash gameplay that most future titles in the series employed. Basically, each mission takes place in a familiar locale and pits you against waves of enemies, as well as a possible boss at the end, and you're graded based on your performance in each mission. Your objective is clearly to defeat them, but the game can very occasionally throw some other (random) objectives at you. Speaking of random, one mission has you destroying 3 rocks in order to proceed to the next objective. Other games in the series have more of these kinds of objectives compared to this one. The combat relies on fast-paced combos and crazy finishing moves. This kind of crazy: But that's not all there is to it. Senran Kagura also features a varied and likeable all-girl, all-busty (or not ) cast that spans 4 academies (5 girls in each), each girl having her own distinct personality. The story is there and while there isn't that much to it, it's decent if you take the time to follow it. It's made even better by the frequently humorous interactions between the characters. It isn't that great and there's a lot of filler content in the story, but some story arcs are worth following. ^^ Besides the main story, there are some other modes as well. One that's common to all games is the Dressing Room, in which you can buy some accessories for your girls and get to change some of their appearance. All games in the series are censored on PlayStation, though - so no, you don't get to see that, that, or that. Most of the games also have some kinds of side missions, which are slightly different than the main story's ones, mostly in their objectives. Almost all of the games have online multiplayer as well, but it's barely active. The entire series has easy platinums, with no difficulty-related or online multiplayer trophies. Shinovi Versus requires you to finish the main story and play each girl's missions, do a bunch of miscellaneous trophies, and check out the Dressing Room and in-game store. As you can play on the easiest difficulty, it's really easy and you'll barely have any trouble with the game. It's only a little time-consuming because of all the missions there are, especially if you don't skip the story. That said, one of the Dressing Rooms trophies admittedly gave me a little bit of trouble. 😅 All in all, a good game to play that's fun while it lasts and rarely overstays its welcome. #419: Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! (EU/NA) Thank You for Cooking!! Obtained all trophies of the Hanzo x Crimson Squad pack. Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Difficulty: 3.5/10 Did you ever wish you could play a Senran Kagura cooking rhythm game? I don't think anyone did, but it's here anyway. The only difference in this game is the gameplay: instead of the traditional hack and slash, we get to play a rhythm game in the series because spin-off! This one was alright. The ripping action and main story are still there, at least. Instead of hacking and slashing, you get to do some mashing and bashing, as two specific girls face off in a culinary battle of epic proportions every time. Okay, it's not exactly epic, but it's close enough, I guess? You're always graded based on your performance, as you gather as many "Perfect", "Great", and "Fine" notes in a bid to avoid entering the Culinary Arts Hall of Shame... or you can just get "Bad" notes and watch your girl get entirely stripped of her clothes. Do great, though, and you can watch a Special at the very end of the song. I won't say what these exactly involve, but you'll be sure to enjoy them. :9 The platinum was fairly easy, and that's coming from someone who's bad/average at rhythm games. Once again, you can play on the easiest difficulty, so there's that. It's the standard Senran Kagura fare: finish each girl's missions, do a bunch of miscellaneous trophies, and check out the Dressing Room. The hardest trophy was "Finally!!", for reaching Ninja Level 15. In other words, I had to perfect a song on Normal difficulty. It wasn't that bad, though. It pretty much went like this at first: But I got it after a dozen tries or so (since I had to adjust to the song). Here was the song in question and how you have to perfect it: That's actually one of my two favorite songs in the game, the other one being: There was a third song I really liked too, but I can't remember its name off the top of my head right now. 😅 The other songs are quite average and pale in comparison, unfortunately. All in all, an okay game. It's a good concept for a Senran Kagura game, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. #420: Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (EU/NA) Path of the Shinobi Obtained all trophies. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Perhaps my favorite game in the series, Burst Re:Newal does things a little different. It's actually a little rough around the edges compared to Shinovi/Estival Versus, but it has some features that weren't present in previous games. One of them is a visual system that lets you know when and where each enemy will strike. When the enemy glows yellow, you can block his attack at any moment while he's performing it; however, when they glow purple, you can only block it before they come into contact with you, meaning you have to parry them like this: In addition to that, you can now level up your characters outside missions by collecting Secret Growth Remedies. The best farming spot for these is the first mission of the fourth chapter of the first academy, which means that you can go through the rest of the game with completely OP characters that decimate everything in their path if you grind and level them up beforehand (which doesn't take much time). And last, but not least: you get to fight a giant dragon! That was pretty cool and unexpected, but it's nice to see another kind of boss fight for a change. x3 Trophy-wise, Burst Re:Newal is once again another easy Senran Kagura platinum, especially since levelling up your characters using the SGR way makes the rest of the game an absolute breeze. I don't think I need to detail what the trophies involve because I'm sure you know that by now. Overall, that was a great game to play, and I had a lot of fun with it in spite of its few shortcomings. This is also technically the first game in the series remade, so definitely the best entry point to the series. And that covers my second Senran Kagura Rip-A-Ton! As I have a few more Senran Kagura stacks I can play, there will definitely be a third installment in the Rip-A-Ton series sometime next year! Here's where I currently stand with the Senran Kagura series: U... pu... pu... I see @Monokuma can't handle all that plot. Let's check out our Weekly Progress now! Weekly Progress: As you all know, this week saw a lot of... plotting. But that's not all that happened during the past week. We still have one game/platinum to talk about. And that is: #418: Need for Speed: Undercover Platinum Trophy Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 4/10 Difficulty: 5/10 This game... You know, I don't feel like writing a review for this game, so I'll just copy/paste @Honor_Hand's. Now, wait a minute! That's completely out of the question! Write your own review, you lazy bum! Okay, fine... I'll just quote some parts that I agree or disagree with and write the rest. Are we good? That's much better. I wouldn't want anyone to accuse us of plagiarism! So, let's get this out of the way: Undercover is easily, and by far, the worst NFS game and one of the worst racing games I've ever played. I don't know what happened during the development process, but it needed not extra development time, but a complete makeover. That's how bad it is. Even @Honor_Hand agrees: This doesn't even feel like "Need for Speed". I feel like I'm driving at half the speed I see on my screen, and the driving, handling, and drifting themselves feel wonky and iffy most of the time. Apart from that, the game also makes use of live-action cutscenes, which sounds cool, but the acting is so laughable and the camera work is so amateurish that I wish I could've skipped them... but of course, they don't let you do that. I agree with that. I actually liked the soundtrack. It has some bands that I never expected to see in a racing game, and the selection of tracks and genres is good. I'm not sure what @Honor_Hand exactly means by "the genres were completely mismatched", but I'm pretty sure most racing games have this kind of soundtrack. Yeah... no. The game was so aggravating that I had to buy the Boss Car DLC bundle in order to have some of the best cars in the game, which then led to most of the game being a breeze. Wow, you clearly sucked at this game if you had to buy DLC cars to make it easier for you. *upupu* Laugh all you want, I don't care. I didn't want to spend any more time on this game than necessary, and if buying DLC cars meant I could save some unnecessary frustration and time, so be it. And even @Honor_Hand agrees that the game was frustrating: Indeed. That vehicle for me was the Dodge Viper. It felt somewhat good driving it, and it's one of the very few things I liked about this game. Every event became very easy to dominate with it. Hell, I even dominated the Tri-City Run on my first try with it. Yeah, it's that good. It's one of the best cars in the game, after all... Dominating every event is pretty much what you'll be doing when going for the single player trophies. And as for the online multiplayer trophies: It wasn't that bad and went fairly quickly, as I did the 2-player trophies with none other than @Honor_Hand. \^o^/ @CypherNova139 helped us with the 8-player trophies and saved us the headache of looking for 6 more people. Thank you for the help once again, you guys! Upupu, that was quite the spectatular display of Despair right there. We have one more thing to talk about as far as weekly progress goes, don't we, @cr1s? Indeed! I got a new Level Milestone this week! If you remember from our previous episode, @Monokuma was clearly looking forward to seeing and even had an idea what it would be. Let's get right to it then! The new Level Milestone is... Level 69: Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! (EU/NA) - "Thank You for Cooking!!" - 05/09/2019 It's the Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! (EU/NA) platinum! And no, much like my previous Level Milestone, I didn't plan this one either. The stars just happened to align for such an appropriate milestone. It was quite obvious you'd end up with this trophy. Why, I even calculated it well in advance and predicted you'd get the Bon Appétit! platinum. :9 And that's it for our weekly progress! Most of it was covered in the Senran Kagura Rip-A-Ton 2 section, but we all know something like that needed its own separate section. ;3 Plans For Next Week: Ooh, next week is gonna be good! Let's what we have planned for it: Volume (HK Vita): I was originally going to play this one before my second Senran Kagura Rip-A-Ton, but an issue with the game prevented me from being able to pick up the collectible on the first level. No matter how many times I tried, my character just wouldn't pick up that text. However, @CypherNova139 kindly tried it out for me and told me what I needed to know: it's indeed possible to pick it up, but you have to be standing at a very precise location because the developers messed up this level for some reason. Thankfully, it seems like the rest of the game plays a lot smoothlier, so I've decided I'm going to play it next. This is my final Volume stack, and as it's one of my favorite indie games, I can't wait to get to it! Not to mention that it'd be a nice game to play in-between Senran Kagura and... Gal*Gun Marathon 1: Indeed, it's time to start another marathon! I haven't played any Gal*Gun game before, but have become interested in the series because... reasons. I've recently bought both games, so I've decided it's high time for a Gal*Gun Marathon. This marathon will specifically feature the following games: Gal*Gun: Double Peace (EU) Gal*Gun 2 (EU) A Gal*Gun marathon, huh? I certainly can't wait for it. That's it for next week! And now, for a special announcement from @Monokuma! Oooh, this is gonna be great! Ultimate Despair Extravaganza: No Holds Barred: At long last! It's time to finally unveil the very best in Despair Entertainment! Yes, even better than the December 2018 - January 2019 Despair-A-Ton! If you thought that was excellent, wait until you hear this! *upupu intensifies* Presenting... The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of Mankind! Or "Ultimate Despair Extravaganza: No Holds Barred" because that title was so long and @cr1s wouldn't let me use it as this event's official title! And I'm sure some of you will sicken me and shorten it to "Ultimate Despair Extravaganza"! The "No Holds Barred" part is very important too because there's no limit to the amount of Despair this event has in store! *upupu* So, what is this event exactly? I'm sure some of you have figured it out already, but it all boils down to one word: "Danganronpa". This event was made possible thanks to Danganronpa, after all! *upupu* Let's get down into the juicy details now! Simply put... @cr1s has to platinum every single Danganronpa stack out there. Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. No exceptions! Even the dreadful Japanese and Korean ones! Oh boy, I can't wait for those! *upupu intensifies a lot more* Allow me to explain how this event is shaped. First of all, there's a total of 18 Danganronpa stacks out there. This is a stage-based event, with each stage featuring a single Danganronpa stack. And you all know how a stage can have a boss fight at the very end, right? Well, it depends on the game, but each stage features none other than the Ultimate Despair, @Monokuma as its boss! Who else did you think it was gonna be? There's no one else who deserves that title, after all! *upupu* You might be wondering: "So does each subsequent stage increase in difficulty?" Well, yes and no. No because the Danganronpa games are more or less the same across all versions, and yes because non-English stacks are more difficult than their English counterparts due to the different languages! I allowed @cr1s to choose the stages as he sees fit, and we'll get to that in a bit. Now, as you may be aware, @cr1s has already made a lot of progress in this event. In fact, he has already finished 9 out of the 18 Danganronpa stacks, including 3 out of the 4 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ones, aka the most Despairful game in the series! Quite impressive, if I do say so myself. But don't get complacent, for the road ahead is much more difficult due to two words: "language barrier". Yes, everyone! The language barrier is what will finally make @cr1s give in to Despair! Oh boy, I can't wait to see his eventual demise. *upupu intensifies exponentially* Without further ado, let's check out each stage and @cr1s' progress in this event! Keep in mind that the marathons have been decided by @cr1s. I don't care how he goes through them all, as long as he completes them all! Despair-A-Ton 1 Stage 1 - Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (EU/NA) Stage 2 - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (EU/NA) Stage 3 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (EU/NA Vita) Stage 4 - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (EU) Despair-A-Ton 2 Stage 5 - Danganronpa 1/2 Reload (EU/NA) Stage 6 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (EU/NA PS4) Stage 7 - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (NA) Despair-A-Ton 3 Stage 8 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (HK PS4) Stage 9 - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (HK) Despair-A-Ton 4 Stage 10 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (HK) Stage 11 - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (HK) Stage 12 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (HK Vita) Despair-A-Ton 5 Stage 13 - Danganronpa 1/2 Reload (JP) Stage 14 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (JP Vita) Despair-A-Ton 6 Stage 15 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (JP PS4) Stage 16 - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (JP) Despair-A-Ton 7 Stage 17 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (KR Vita) Stage 18 - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (KR PS4) @cr1s' current progress: Would you look at all that Despair? It's not called "Ultimate Despair Extravaganza" for nothing, after all! As you may have noticed, @cr1s has pretty much done all the English-language stacks in the first half of this event, but I wonder how he'll get through the second half. Will he try to search for a walkthrough in each respective language, or will he play each game alongside its English-language counterpart? Either way is bound to bring tons of Despair to the table! *upupu intensifies x999* As for the timetable for this event, @cr1s has vowed to complete the remaining stacks by 2020. He told me that he originally wanted to space them out, but decided to do a Despair-A-Ton every 2-3 months. If he insists to bring forward his eventual demise that much, then hey, fine by me! I'm sure you're all itching to know when the next Despair-A-Ton will take place. All I can say is: soon, very soon... :3 Stay tuned for this event as we bring you @cr1s' latest Despairful Adventures, only on "Despair Checklist: @cr1s' Test"! Outro: And that's it for @Monokuma's special announcement! Stay tuned as I defeat him over and over and over again! I certainly can't wait for that. That's it for this episode, everyone! Thank you for tuning in, and we'll see you all on Sunday for another Weekly Update! We'll see about that. What an episode that was! Time for another daily dose of my two favorite foods! :9