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  1. Ah, okay. It's weird, though, because I also encountered this problem a couple of times in the past and closing the app fixed it both times.
  2. If this is what I think it is, then closing the PS Messages app through the Recent Apps menu on your phone and then re-opening it should solve the problem.
  3. Grid Autosport I've stopped counting Reach a total Online level of 250, all disciplines combined. Oh yeah, I've definitely stopped counting the number of hours I put into this. But I did look at my save afterwards and it took me exactly 1,500 online races to get it done. It would've been a bit less had I not screwed up here and there (I'll just blame @Ditto for this ). Well, onto the next MP grind now. Man, that second PS3 sure is paying off.
  4. Can you please update the trophy lists for Energy Cycle and Energy Balance? The following should just be tagged as Vita: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6456-energy-cycle https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6334-energy-cycle https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6469-energy-balance https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6352-energy-balance The following should just be tagged as PS4: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6455-energy-cycle https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6287-energy-cycle https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6223-energy-balance https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6444-energy-balance PS: It seems like some developers think they should tag trophy lists according to what PlayStation platforms their games are available on, not what platform each trophy list is for.
  5. The EU web store recently got this upgrade. It looks better and runs a bit faster now. The one thing I don't like is that you can't sort the games in your wishlist by price/date added/etc. anymore. They only show up in alphabetical order now. Hopefully this gets fixed.
  6. Valor Grand Cross Achieve weekly online honor rank #4 After 4 days of solid boosting, @DamagingRob and I made it to the Top 1% of last week's players in Killzone 2 (and I beat him by 57 XP ). Shoutout to him for being such a dedicated and reliable boosting partner. We overkilled it with how much XP we got compared to what we needed, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Now to finish off the remaining medals. With how the servers are these days, I just hope it won't take that much time to get them.
  7. I don't see how this can be awkward when it almost feels like moving the right analog stick around. Do yourself a favor and follow OP's tip. It makes this trophy 10x easier since you don't have to invert the controls in your mind...
  8. As @Dr_Mayus said, that's not a straight because the ace is ranked both high and low. The ace can only be ranked high (AKQJ10) or low (5432A) for it to count.
  9. I'll share some tips based on my experience with the game below: General Tips: So much for a multi-story, fully automated factory being "essential", as the guide on .org claims. It's not. You can beat all missions that don't give you a preset factory with a basic one-story factory that consists of the following: A few Soup Machines (I'd usually build 5 of those) 3 Soup Rockets 3 Charlie & Charles A few Shot Towers (to be replaced by Missile Towers as soon as you unlock them - don't bother using Laser Towers as enemies tend to move a lot and Laser Towers only fire either horizontally or vertically) 2-3 Arthurs (whenever you unlock them) in case some of those enemies manage to get inside your factory. Using the above setup (which might need to be slightly altered if necessary, but only slightly), the only thing you'd have to worry about is having a lot of ingredients available around you so that you can make enough soup to beat your rival in a timely manner. The sweet spot for your factory is usually very close to your starting point; however, that isn't the case sometimes, and you'll have to explore for a bit in order to find that sweet spot. In that case, I'd suggest spending the entire first day exploring the map until you find a very good spot. When you're done, restart the mission and immediately go there and start setting up your factory. Your primary task would just be to gather ingredients and put them in the Soup Machines, while your secondary task(s) would be to help kill enemies and repair structures as necessary. Using this strategy, I was able to beat each mission within a week at most (4-5 days most of the time). Don't pay attention to what news broadcasts say that much, except during the mission on Planet Ryoho (more on that in a bit). Yes, you'll need to make 50 cans of yummy soup for one of the Astro Pins, but if you're just looking to beat the campaign then shipping yummy soup won't be necessary for almost all missions, not to mention that: 1) the ingredient mentioned in the news broadcast might not even be anywhere near your factory's position, so you'd wasting time in that case, and 2) rival companies will barely ship any yummy soup. Just spam basic soup and you'll be fine. In case you end up shipping bad soup (which only happened a few times to me), then just make a mental note of what that ingredient is and avoid shipping soup that contains it. A surefire way to maintain 100% market share until the end of the current day (which might come in handy during a few of the later levels, where rival companies can ship more soup than usual) is to leave 1 or 2 cans of soup aside when you reach 100% market share and only ship them if the rival company ships some soup. Keep in mind that once Break Time occurs, any soup you ship won't reach its destination in time, so make sure you ship any necessary soup before that. That said, the rocket upgrade that makes shipping soup 20% faster that you gain later on in the campaign will give you a bit more leeway when it comes to that. Watch out for your office's HP. If it gets destroyed, it's game over and you'll have to restart the mission from the beginning, not from your current day. If you feel like it's gonna get destroyed and you can't repair it in time, immediately quit the mission and continue it, which will put you back to the start of your current day. Mission-Specific Tips: I only had a bit of trouble with a couple of missions, so I'll only list tips for those. Planet Ryoho: This is the mission where you have a preset multi-story factory. Start by gathering some matter and removing some of the Soup Machines in order to build other ones in which you'll put ingredients that you can actually easily find. Make as much basic soup as you can (you can find a lot of the ingredients southwest of the factory's position) and try to gain the upper hand as soon as possible. Also, deploy 4-5 Arthurs where your Power Generator is as soon as you have enough gold for them, as that's the only spot where enemies will appear, so you can just let them take care of the enemies. Make sure you occasionally check in and see if your Power Generator needs repairing, though. You wouldn't want to lose it... Anyway, the news broadcast will eventually show up and mention the flower as a yummy ingredient. Flowers will have grown on the spikes that are around your factory by that time, so you should switch your focus to making yummy soup from then on. The rival company will produce yummy soup from that point as well, which is why it's absolutely essential to make them too. Leave 1 or 2 cans of yummy soup aside if possible whenever you reach 100% market share so that you can ship them right before Break Time occurs, just in case the rival company tries to be sneaky. Planet Shasango: This is the mission with falling meteors. There's a safe place southeast of your initial position with a lot of ingredients. You'll know when you get there because you'll see one of those big-ass Mammoths. Here's a screenshot of the spot for visual reference. (Side Note: The final mission must've been one of the easiest as Mr. Chopsticks sent a grand total of FIVE cans of soup. ) Astro Pin Grinding Tips: Here's a general tip for grinding any and all pins after the campaign is done. If you quit right after make some progress towards whatever pin(s) you're working on, that progress will be saved. As such, you can replay any campaign level, gather a good amount of resources and/or go to a certain spot (e.g. next to a nest) for a certain pin, then wait for the current day to end and the game to save. This will allow you to farm any time-consuming pin you might need (50 nests, 500 robots, etc.) faster by performing the specific action and then quitting and resuming the mission over and over again. 50 cans of yummy soup: I farmed those on Planet Tyrall. The guide on here states that only the "8% market share" yummy soup counts, so make sure you focus on those (which are denoted by the blue news broadcasts). I ended up getting Bisausage as the yummy ingredient, but you might end up getting the Tomaty. Either way, there's plenty of both around. Once the news broadcast appears, mass-produce as many of those as you can during the same day and ship them as soon as the next day starts, then quit and continue the mission and you can ship those same cans again. Rinse and repeat until you're done. (Note: You must wait for the Soup Rocket to return to your factory for it to count!) 50 nests / 50 kills with Arthurs or Jacks / 200 melee kills / 200 shotgun kills / 200 sword kills / 100 Tomaties: You can grind all of these at the same spot, which is the Tomaty nest southeast of your starting position on Planet Tyrall. I can confirm that this one does count for the 50 nests. (Note: Enemies that are sent by rival companies don't count for the kills - or so it seemed anyway.) 500 meters of corridors: This pin will likely mislead you into thinking that building Corridors (the longest ones) will allow you to get it quicker. That's not the case. Progress towards this pin is measured by how many corridors you place, not by their length, meaning you'll have to place a total of 500 corridors to get this pin, regardless of their length. As such, only focus on placing Narrow Corridors due to their low cost. 300 Soup Machines: Just building Soup Machines isn't enough. You'll also have to fill them with 2 ingredients, so keep that in mind when going for this pin! 300 Soup Rockets: Unlike the previous pin, merely building Soup Rockets is enough, so you can just mass-produce them.
  10. Just wondering, when did you enable the "Easykill" cheat when you originally did this run?
  11. This list of cheats is for the EU version, right? Hmm, I thought the rest of the cheats only unlocked bonus content. These cheats should be correct as they appear on multiple websites, but I'll have to redownload the game anyway to check something else. Edit: Actually, you know what? Can you make that video showing exactly what you did to get all the trophies that quickly? I'm just curious about something.
  12. I'm so glad it's the second game they're remastering and not the first one. High Speed Robot Action on the PS4? Count me in!
  13. Firefly Complete the Firefly journey. And that's the TLoU MP done. One less straggler MP to worry about. Huge shoutout to @DamagingRob (under his alter ego ) and @CypherNova139 for their additional help with the DLC trophies!
  14. I finished watching Uchuu Senkan Yamato (the original series, that is) last week. I loved it for the most part and am definitely looking forward to watching the remake (which I've heard is even better), but I'm gonna watch Captain Harlock next. Yes, I'm a sucker for space operas.
  15. Starwhal Too Easy Obtain 32 Platinum medals And that's all challenges in all stacks of Starwhal done. Now for some 20-odd hours of grinding to get the remaining trophies and have all 3 stacks completed. Time to crank up some music.