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  1. You can definitely do that as it's a good way to get a bit of extra money and it doesn't void the trophy (only actually buying something from a Dollar Bill machine does).
  2. I already know that. You can't take screenshots in this game, though. Try it for yourself.
  3. Mafia III No Loose Ends Killed all of the Racket Bosses
  4. Mafia III Let the Good Times Roll Obtained All Mafia III Trophies My first platinum/100% of 2018. Hopefully that's an accurate description of the coming year.
  5. None other than this masterpiece.
  6. Many (if not most) of these games recently got a permanent (and significant) price drop, and this promotion on top of that definitely made me wanna grab some games. Danganronpa 1/2 Reload, Ultra Despair Girls, Gravity Rush 2, and Prey for me (so far). Edit: Whoa, hold on a minute. I guess these price drops weren't permanent after all, as these games are now back to their original prices. It's weird though, because these price drops didn't have that blue "yadda yadda valid from X to Y yadda yadda" thing. Well then, I'm definitely glad I got these games back then!
  7. The "What's New" feed is known to be glitchy at times. Sometimes you'll even only have a few of the trophies (not) showing up, so it's not just all or none. I don't think there's anything you can do about it.
  8. Yes, it's damage DEALT, not taken. Someone needs to double check what stat actually got them to unlock the trophy before writing a guide...
  9. Ah, okay. It's weird, though, because I also encountered this problem a couple of times in the past and closing the app fixed it both times.
  10. If this is what I think it is, then closing the PS Messages app through the Recent Apps menu on your phone and then re-opening it should solve the problem.
  11. Grid Autosport I've stopped counting Reach a total Online level of 250, all disciplines combined. Oh yeah, I've definitely stopped counting the number of hours I put into this. But I did look at my save afterwards and it took me exactly 1,500 online races to get it done. It would've been a bit less had I not screwed up here and there (I'll just blame @Ditto for this ). Well, onto the next MP grind now. Man, that second PS3 sure is paying off.
  12. Can you please update the trophy lists for Energy Cycle and Energy Balance? The following should just be tagged as Vita: The following should just be tagged as PS4: PS: It seems like some developers think they should tag trophy lists according to what PlayStation platforms their games are available on, not what platform each trophy list is for.
  13. The EU web store recently got this upgrade. It looks better and runs a bit faster now. The one thing I don't like is that you can't sort the games in your wishlist by price/date added/etc. anymore. They only show up in alphabetical order now. Hopefully this gets fixed.
  14. Valor Grand Cross Achieve weekly online honor rank #4 After 4 days of solid boosting, @DamagingRob and I made it to the Top 1% of last week's players in Killzone 2 (and I beat him by 57 XP ). Shoutout to him for being such a dedicated and reliable boosting partner. We overkilled it with how much XP we got compared to what we needed, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Now to finish off the remaining medals. With how the servers are these days, I just hope it won't take that much time to get them.
  15. I don't see how this can be awkward when it almost feels like moving the right analog stick around. Do yourself a favor and follow OP's tip. It makes this trophy 10x easier since you don't have to invert the controls in your mind...