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  1. I don't understand what the first games has to do with Legion. It's a completely different game with a completely different trophy list. Legion has an PS5 update, the orginal doesn't. Thought you were talking about Legion but apparently that's the forum for the original Watch Dogs, didn't see that.
  2. Can't really say anything yet regarding trophies on the PS5, if they share the same list or get a new one. But your game can be upgraded to the PS5 version.
  3. November: Resident Evil VII Medievil
  4. Would be a great addition to this site without a too difficult implementation.
  5. Got the Extras Edition used and the code was apparently never used, but it's not valid anymore, even though it gets recognized by the store. Wrote the Playstation support if they could maybe still redeem the code and now I am hoping for the best.
  6. Rocket League and Gravity Rush Remastered have a lot of notifications.
  7. Only in rare cases where there is a different trophy list for the digital and physical version will it be not possible. Usually they are the same so it doesn't matter if you play through PS Now or a PS3.
  8. Can't say yet if it is possible as Sony didn't announce anything in that regard. But if I would have to guess you will probably be able to transfer your save file.
  9. Lost Dimension for the PS3 and Vita. It's a tactical RPG which has a great mechanic where you have to figure out who among your party the traitor is. The traitor is randomized so every run will be different.
  10. Great list except for the Lifeless trophy. Playing the game for 100h when it's so short is ridiculous.
  11. I would rather play the game normally than doing something so boring even if it is faster.
  12. That's the wrong game, they are talking here about the normal Plants vs Zombies not Garden Warfare.
  13. Gravity Rush shouldn't be too difficult to finish.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport takes a lot of time thanks to the multiplayer. To make it even worse you have to win 91 of those 322 races.
  15. Don't forget that the games must support it that the second player can earn trophies too. I hope that it will become standard with the PS5.