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  1. Very impressive trophy collection bro, keep it up!

    1. Miticogialdo


      Thanks bro 😄 I'm trying to do my best!

  2. I will stop playing Ps3 when Ps5 will be released. Since it will be (hopefully) backwards compatible, I will then be able to play everything on one console without wasting money on a cramped system like Ps4 😁
  3. I actually got many shards during my playthrough. When I started hunting for them I followed a map, but not so strictly and I didn't mark anything. I missed 4 in the end, but in 15 minutes I got my trophy. I was not very scared because you can press L3 in game to check the surrounding area. So even if you miss some you don't have to start over, you can quickly scan the area as you walk. In particular if you grind the railway you can scan large portions of the map in no time.
  4. It's not a placebo. It is the key for beating him without effort Do this: - Unequip any upgraded action commands (Thunder Roll, Ice slide, fireglide etc.) - Turn off all your abilities except Cure Boost, Thunder Boost, Attack Haste, Magic Haste, Reload Boost, Second Chance, Once More, Scan, Leaf Bracer The battle drastically changed, he was much less aggressive and never used some of his worst attacks. At least this is what happened to me on easy difficulty. I felt so relieved
  5. It happened the same to me. Everything so difficult even on easy and I thought WTF?! How can I even think to do this on hard? But after a while, as you get used to play, you'll know when to block and when to attack; and your attacks will probably be: Smash Attack: High +🆙 and Super Attacks (Move Right Joystick up down left or right). Believe me, I was freaked out too, but in the end I was really surprised to realise that it is much easier than it seems in the beginning; after you spent some time understanding how to move, the game will change.
  6. I took part at some boosting session lately and there were even more than 16 people involved, so it is still definitely possible and not particularly hard.
  7. Another clue that PS5 will be backward compatible 🙊 I don't think I'll replay RoF because I found it quite boring, but I appreciate the originality and the spirit of creating something different 😃
  8. Double xp again!!
  9. I found the best customization to be all ultimate attack boosts, all defense boosts, and the item that won't allow others to break your guard. Played as Vegeta SSJ3 the vast majority of fights in the game because he has a strong and quick ultimate attack.
  10. I played yesterday evening and I got no bonus 😪
  11. I'm getting double xp right now 😁
  12. I think you have to keep at least your Critical Final Episode save file to be able to fight mysterious figure on Beginner or either clear it again on beginner.
  13. My point was to know if I could do coop trophies easily without communication. But it seems that it's far better to plan things with a selected partner.
  14. I have an EU account and while trying to access psstore by ps app on my phone they result being on sale. It seems I can't redeem anything