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  1. Yh, you can keep referring to the guide editor estimate and ignore the thread if you don't trust it. Threads usually focus on a specific topic, only a fraction or an aspect of a game, while I'm interested in 1 thread gathering other users experience related to overall platinum difficulty. When I read the threads on this site I hardly ever find that kind of complete info, it is much simpler with a dedicated thread. We don't care for random votes, we can elaborate our own vote by reading the posts, which are the most important thing. At least this is my experience in 10 years of trophy hunting.
  2. I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet, and is the main reason why I usually don't refer to this site apart from looking at profiles. Creating 2 sticky threads per game, one for difficulty and one for estimated time to platinum, is a must. The poll system is great and people can post their own experience below, which is very uselful to read before starting a game. Guide writer's estimate can stay there and be an extra. To people who don't like the feature, just skip it, that's all.
  3. Has anyone tested the glitch with psPlus collection digital copy on Ps5?
  4. Giant Kirin: Yesterday I found him very quick in a tempered investigation, but I died I went on with other 30 investigations but no luck, so I stopped. This morning I backed up the save file and I found him again in one of the first tempered investigations, beating him this time with the help of another guy 😁 Giant Nergigante: more or less the same as Kirin, meaning that I used all my investigations (66 tries) the first round with no luck. But when I backed up my save and started over I found him quickly in a tempered investigation. As I noticed with Vaal Hazak and Kushala, tempered investigations grant a higher chance, despite being risky because of difficulty. I thought it would take more time, but hey, still Black Diablos out there 😬 Edit: Black Diablos done, mini is considerably more common than giant. But I haven't got the trophy because, in the end, Bazelgeuse is needed. And he stubbornly refuses to give me the giant crown, even with the event 😩 Edit 2: Got both crown trophies 151 hours + 10 hours crown sniping with save backup. But I still have a lot of trophies to do before platinum, and I'm still HR 85. Good luck to anyone going for crowns, quite some patience is needed, measure everything and don't fight if it's not the right size.
  5. Not even Bazelgeuse?? There should be an exact list in the trophy guide for base game monsters needed for the trophy. Does anyone have a complete and exact list? Anyway I just got a mini Nergigante joining a random investigation with only 2 prizes, 1 silver and 1 gold. And it was past 10 minutes running, so near the end of the fight.
  6. I think GT5 is on another universe, not even comparable to the others.
  7. You should get the trophy as soon as you start a new online match. Online is still populated enough to get all the trophies without any problems as of now.
  8. 138 hours and I "only" miss Giant Crown Bazelgeuse and Kirin, and both crowns for Nergigante and Black Diablos. I don't even want to think what a nightmare would have been without the events. I got lucky with mini Kirin since I joined an SOS investigation at the end of the fight and it popped 😻 I think Nergi and Balck Diablos will take a really long time, I'll use the save backup method with investigations.
  9. Omg I forgot!!! Thanks for reminding me 😰
  10. I'm 80 hours into the game and I don't have Iceborne. I got a few crowns randomly joining missions, both crowns for Teostra, mini for Kushala Daora and giant for Vaal Hazak. I want to start hunting crowns for Elder Dragons first, i started yesterday using tempered investigations measuring the size and I got Kushala giant and Vaal Hazak mini after no more than 5 to 7 tries each. I just fought them the 2 times I thought thay were the right size, and they were. Unfortunately Lunastra today turned out to be more difficult to measure, I thought it was mini for sure, but no crown
  11. Okay I think I managed to set it properly, the stick is very sensitive and you have to be very precise in positioning it correctly. It can happen that the car crashes while surpassing other drivers but overall I can say it works. It can help a little bit changing car's oil after long sessions, as well as revising the engine, it adds some speed.
  12. Method 2: Indy 500 Dream Car Championship (1,000,000 XP / 4 hours) This method doesn't work for me. Other racers are faster than me and I finish in 9th position or worse. My Red Bull car seems to have a similar speed to the one in the video, but I end up loosing. So I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong or simply the method does not work anymore. Does anybody have a clue?
  13. My favourites: - White Knight Chronicles 2: just true love - Fallout 3: huge, addictive and great soundtrack - Mirror's edge: that red color is simply awesome - Bioshock Infinite: a work of art, intriguing storyline - Singularity: distinctive atmosphere, simple, evocative 😁
  14. Servers are totally dead. I boosted for 15 hours having a random joining just once. I have to say this helped greatly.
  15. 1 vs 1 is ok for everything except 3 emblems: - Harmony - Spotted - Special Delivery These will require at least a 2 vs 1.