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  1. I think i read a post on neogaf that the Xbox x using the same checkerboard technology for some games, not too sure about that. Even if the Xbox x is going to run *everything* on native 4K, what good is it if it's still 30fps? better be 1080p 60fps or hell they can even 1440p and 60fps, but they have to ruin it with the ''4K'' stuff.
  2. Please let it happen, i already got Persona 3 on the PS3 but i will buy it again! Also, Persona 2 and Persona 1 [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]
  3. Lame E3, bold claims, Sony with the ''exclusive'' content on Destiny 2 and Microsoft with the 22 ''not really exclusives because only 7 of them not timed'' and the ''power of 4k'' but can't even run games in 60fps, no new ip exclusives from both of them, Gow looked really good tho, really love it. i guess Sony keep the really (really) good stuff for PSX. Ubisoft won for me! and Nintendo.
  4. Correction* there are some games on the pro that runs on 4K native and 60fps, or 4K native and 30fps. My take on this? many misleading and stupid stuff on both conferences (Sony and Microsoft) Sony with the ''exclusive'' content on Destiny 2 and Microsoft with the 22 ''not really exclusives because only 7 of them not timed''. What's hilarious is that people blame Sony for 30fps Destiny on Xbox x but the new Assassin's Creed and even Crackdown 3 are going to run on 30fps on the Xbox x. For your answer? yes, the Xbox x can do 1080p 60fps, but just like the pro and the others, developers will not care about the fps and only care about how shiny the title.
  5. Gate_Guard, feel free to add me have a ps4, ps3 and ps vita.
  6. Welcome
  7. PLEASE i really want to play it.
  8. Nice start, good luck
  9. Final Fantasy VII
  10. The Last of Us
  11. #80 - Tales from the Borderlands I had so much fun with this game! it was amazing from start to finish, best TT game imo.
  12. If your avatar (L) and my avatar (Konata) had a baby, the result would be... 🙃

    Tomoko Kuroki! LOL! How have you been, Mr. Gate Guard? ^-^


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      That is horrifying...


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      I'm good :D thanks for that!