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  1. #119 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order "A New Hope" Earn all trophies A good Star Wars game!!! What planet am I living on??? Haha but seriously, this is a very solid - albeit not perfect - Star Wars game in the vein of Dark Souls (yes, it actually is similar), Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Metroidvania. Does it rise above to become greater than the games that inspired it? Not necessarily, but that's not to say it's not a great game. There's a lot to love here. If you're a fan of Star Wars in any capacity, you'll absolutely enjoy the characters, story, worlds and lore implications that abound. Especially with Mandalorian on Disney+ at the moment, it seems that Star Wars is finally getting some very good stories, which is great to see. The combat is a little bit imprecise at times, but it's still a heck of a lot of fun to mow down stormtroopers and creatures with the authentic-sounding and authentic-feeling lightsaber. Traversal and exploration is clearly inspired by recent blockbusters like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, but that's not a bad thing; it's a blast to use your abilities to explore these worlds that Respawn has created. Speaking of, the world design here is excellent. Though not quite as interconnected as, say, the original Dark Souls, the maps/planets are expansive and exciting to explore, with myriad shortcuts throughout. The tombs that serve as this game's 'Zelda dungeons' are also very well-designed; often based upon a relatively simple mechanic, but one that is explored in interesting ways. Characters are also very well-done here, with the villain and some of your companions (BD-1 is a cutie!) as highlights. Some of the mo-cap is a bit creepy (Cere's eyes are huge, what the heck?), but characters generally show emotion well. Cal is a decent protagonist too, but don't necessarily expect him to be a new fan-favourite; he's cool, but doesn't really stand out. I didn't have too many issues with the game, but there were still some aspects that I didn't like as much. Though Fallen Order isn't an ugly game - it looks stunning at times on my OLED HDR TV (lol) - any textures beyond the close-to-mid range were pretty muddy. This was especially evident on a later forest planet, where expansive vistas ended up being quite disappointing. Lighting was also a bit strange in parts; I won't say it was bad, but it made things look washed out more than I would have liked. I did play around with my brightness/contrast/tone HDR settings a bit which helped, but still not perfect. There were also some issues with pop-in, load times and enemies appearing out of nowhere (as if they just took ages to load). Again, not a game-breaker, but occurred much more often on the forest planet. I was also a bit disappointed with the abrupt ending; for such a great story throughout the game, I was a bit let down by how quickly things ended. There are absolutely some awesome boss fights and scenes near the ending of the game, I just felt it could have done a bit more. But eh, maybe that's just me. I highly recommend playing on 'Jedi Grand Master' (the game's 'very hard') difficulty here too. Though I had a few issues early on when learning the controls, it absolutely is the most rewarding way to play. Sure you might feel 'more like a Jedi' being able to just slaughter things on easy, but - being a huge fan of Soulsborne myself - I had a blast with this difficulty. I took maybe 5-6 attempts at most on some bosses, but it still felt rewarding to overcome them; and I actually had to learn mechanics instead of just spamming. Up to you, but I'd highly recommend it. There aren't any missable trophies either, so if you want to turn the difficulty down later to go for collectibles, etc. that's fine too. There's not really anything too hard here trophy-wise either; you might have to do a bit (or a lot) of backtracking, but there's some interesting lore tied to some of the collectibles so it's worth it. I also enjoyed just destroying everything with my maxed-out end-game kit haha. Overall I had a lot of fun with Fallen Order. It's not perfect, and I still feel that games like Bloodborne have it beat in several ways, but it's on par with some of the best single-player games of recent years. Combining solid combat, excellently-crafted worlds and a solid story/characters with the Star Wars universe is certainly a win in my books. Certainly worth a play, just not quite my game of the year Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3-4/10 (depending on difficulty)
  2. #118 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) "Tier 1" Unlock all Trophies After playing every single COD from MW to BO3, I've skipped the entries from the last few years. I was definitely fatigued, and they didn't really appeal to me. This 'remake' (of sorts) of the OG Modern Warfare - the game that started it all way back in 2007 - is a thrilling experience in terms of both the Campaign and Multiplayer. I've always really enjoyed the COD campaigns. They might not always 'make sense', but there's just something inherently enjoyable about the outlandish craziness they bring to the table. This is absolutely a step-up in the story-telling department, as COD tells their best story in years. The characters are all great, mo-cap is amazing (those cutscenes are next level), sound design is breathtaking, and the environments, weapons and effects also look amazing. The story itself is a bit less bombastic than, say, MW3, but that's not to say it's any less impactful. There are a few missions here that are among my favourites in the franchise (Clean House in particular is incredible) for sure. The gunplay feels a bit different / improved, but is still definitely COD; impactful and solid. The campaign is absolutely worth a play through; but be prepared for some confronting moments. No I don't think it's as crazy as the media would make you think it is, but - much like Spec Ops: The Line - you won't just be mindlessly killing stuff during this campaign. MP wise, I'm having an absolute blast. The team has been pretty good with balance patches so far, and they are constantly (again, so far) adding new maps and modes. It's just fun to play; both alone and with mates. Is it revolutionary? Not necessarily, but I'm having a great time at the moment. Maybe that's primarily because it's been a few years since I last played a COD game; probably too early to say for sure. I haven't played much co-op yet - just had a bad experience with matchmaking and teammates dying and leaving - but I'm keen to get into it with a group of mates. Trophies are run-of-the-mill here, and very straight forward. There are a few fun 'challenges' in each mission that encourage you to play a certain way (companion block!), but nothing too crazy. Just don't expect to get all of them done on your Veteran run... speaking of, Veteran really isn't too bad here. It's been notorious in past games (rip Ferris wheel in OG MW) for being a grenade spam-fest, but I didn't really run into many issues. There are a few harder bits - mainly in the more open levels, such as the last - but no insane 'brick walls'. ALSO, I highly encourage you to play on Realistic, at least once. Turn subtitles off, etc (if you can), and just revel in how immersive some of these levels can be. You've got no HUD (including weapon names, ammo counters, etc.), but it's honestly no harder than Veteran by itself. Seriously, give it a go! I had a blast with the new COD:MW. Seeing returning characters like Cpt. Price - and numerous callbacks to the original game (WE ARE LEAVING!!) - made for a great time. I'd recommend this to any shooter fan; especially if you've enjoyed COD in the past but been turned off by recent entries. This is a great return to form for the franchise, and though it's not as crazy and inventive as something like Death Stranding, there's something to be said for some good old-fashioned FPS action. Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  3. Yup, solid line-up right there!! Can't believe people still complain about getting games like these I mean... I already have Nioh (and loved it), but would certainly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it. As long as you know what to expect haha
  4. #117 - Borderlands 3 "Ultimate Vault Hunter" Unlock all Borderlands 3 Trophies. I'll keep this one short and sweet - Borderlands 3 is a heck of a lot of fun, but it's probably not for everyone. If you've played / enjoyed any past games in the series, you'll feel right at home here. Apart from a few minor tweaks (sliding, mantling, visuals, etc.), this is more of the same; for better, and for worse. The gunplay is solid and incredibly fun; especially when you start getting all sorts of crazy weapon combinations. I've only played 2 characters so far - Fl4k and Moze - and they are both a blast, with a ton of variety within their skill trees. The trademark humour is still here too; even if it sometimes misses the mark. Overall, it's ultimately very similar to Borderlands 2. That said, I found myself a bit disappointed with the game. It was fun, sure, but the story, characters, and locations felt a bit 'meh' overall. There were some excellent missions / bosses sprinkled in there, but there were also some real duds. Side missions were either funny and interesting, or just plain boring or frustrating (like some certain VR ones...). Some of the new characters were interesting, but none of them were fleshed out enough to make me really care about them. Of course there were many returning heroes - no spoilers - but the new ones were a mixed bags. The 'baddies' - the Calypso twins - were also just 'meh'. They were frustrating more often than not... especially when compared to the absolutely amazing villain of BL2 in Handsome Jack. I also encountered numerous bugs and glitches; from audio issues, to menu issues/jumping, and the UI is poorly optimised. Trophies were all pretty straight forward; the completion % will continue to go up and up as more people have a chance to play more. I played basically entirely solo - taking my time and enjoying the experience, though you can certainly rush through with friends if you want. Some later rounds in the 'circles of slaughter' were a bit tough, but if you've got experience with shooters (or a mate or two to play with), you'll have no troubles at all. Overall, while I had a lot of fun with BL3 - and will continue to play with mates for the foreseeable future - I find myself slightly let down when comparing this game to its predecessor. There are numerous improvements, sure, but there are also a few areas when it falls short of the mark. With Iceborne (loving it!) and Shadowkeep (D2's new expansion) out soon, I can't see myself spending an insane amount of time with Borderlands 3... but if you love Borderlands, you'll have a great time Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10 (solo)
  5. #116 - Detroit: Become Human "DETROIT MASTER" Collected all trophies! It's hard to review / comment on this game without spoiling anything, so I'll do my best Detroit is the latest in David Cage and Quantic Dream's "interactive story" saga (for want of a better word), and - in my opinion - is the best of the bunch. I loved Heavy Rain, enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls (thought not as much), but Detroit was incredible. Why, you ask? The production value on display here is top notch. From graphics (lighting, weather effects, environments), to facial capture, voice work and music, story and character development... I'm hard-pressed to think of anything about this game that wasn't super polished or well-designed. Gameplay is a similar fare to past games - generally comprised of exploration, and QTE's for action sequences - but it's all mixed together in such a away that it (nearly) always felt appropriate for the scene. You play as 3 different android characters across the game, with very different stores; presenting both up-front and more personal aspects of the android-human situation. Even the menu screen is an android None of this would matter if you (the player) didn't care about the characters / story, and oh boy; you're in for a treat. Important 'partners' to the major characters are introduced early, and they all go a long way to helping them - Connor, Markus and Kara - develop across the story. I really, REALLY don't want to spoil anything, but I think it's safe to say that there are several emotional scenes here that stand among the best in the medium. Some of the (over 50?!) endings are a real sucker-punch, while others are beautiful and inspiring. Choices you make along the stories - and the interactions you have - actually do have quite a large impact on the story as well. Repeat playthroughs are a bit of a pain due to the relatively uniform opening missions, but there are absolutely some early missions that have a variety of different outcomes. Later missions though.... that's a whole different story. It is truly incredible just how many ways the story can branch, and how so few people will even manage to see many of them! Not all is perfect here though; some scenes are a bit disjointed and the story sometimes feels a bit rushed / forced (such as how quickly Marcus rises in his organisation - not really a spoiler btw). Some choices also seem to have relatively little impact; but again, considering just how many ways the later missions can play out, this isn't really that much of an issue later on. However, the fact that any of your 3 main characters can die in multiple different ways throughout adds some extra tension, which was great. DON'T restart / reload if something that you didn't intend happens though... seriously, trust me The 'flowchart' system is also fantastic for the most part; showing you how many other options there are, and presenting an option for replay to get 100% and unlock things in the main menu. Re: trophies, there are some frustrating ones for sure (magazines and another one I won't spoil) that require quite a few chapters to be played back-to-back if you missed any, but otherwise they're all pretty much based on choices you make. They are all secret from the start too, and for a very good reason. More than many other games, this is absolutely a game to play through blind - at least once - without re-doing / re-trying to change decisions!!! There are a few late-game decisions I made which I regretted, and my endings were bittersweet because of that, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. In a game built this much around character and story, you're doing yourself a disservice by revealing everything to yourself. As I said, a majority of the trophies are easy enough to get anyway! Overall, do I think Detroit will change people's opinions about this style of game? Honestly? Yeah, I do. There is so much to love here, that I truly believe that this is a game for basically anyone (as long as they're not too young, of course; there are lots of mature themes!). Like the very best story-driven games, Detroit really makes you feel something, and reflect on your own life and choices. There are numerous gut-wrenching decisions that have to be made here, and it's all wrapped up in such a well-developed and interesting world. Very, very highly recommended. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10 (some difficult QTE's if you're not familiar, but the game can also be played on an 'easy' setting, so there's that :P)
  6. #115 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered "Just another day at the office" Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Modern Warfare is one of the classics; no disputing it. Coming out in (perhaps the greatest year for gaming of all time) 2007 - alongside the likes of Bioshock, Uncharted, Super Mario Galaxy, Portal, the Orange Box, Halo 3 and more!! - this was a watershed year for many franchises. This was the game that kick-started the juggernaut which is COD as we know it today; and say what you want about what the series has become since then (full disclosure: I haven't played many of the recent entries at all), this is COD at its best. Apart from MW2 (and perhaps Black Ops), MW is universally considered to be one of - if not the - best in the series. Also disclosure: I replayed this game for the Campaign, NOT the Multiplayer. Since this game came out when I was growing up, the memories I got from playing this game (in all its HD glory) were amazing. From remarkable fruit-killing skills and switching to your pistol, to running the cargo ship solo in under 15 seconds, to "Hey Suzi", Gaz, Price... there's so much classic stuff here. The Remastered version runs great; I had basically no issues with performance at all. Music and sound are excellent, and the gunplay is rock-solid. I did find myself missing many of the new additions to the formula (such as sliding, diving, more interesting weapons, etc.) but this was an absolute blast to play through again. There are still some rough bits (how many thousands of guys did they need to send after us at that Chernobyl Ferris wheel???), but this is a rollicking good time. How hard's the platinum? Well, honestly, it depends on how good you are at FPS games in general. If you've played one (or many) CODs like I have - including Veteran runs in all of them - you'll know what to expect here. Grenade spam, getting insta'd as soon as you peak out of cover... and also, how you can feel like a god if you play smart, and use cover and weapons well. The main 'hard' bits include: 'Hunted' with the chopper (until you learn the pathing), Ferris wheel with ya boi (just hide in a metal shack 4head), the final mission (screw that missile silo room), and - of course - 'Mile High Club' (good luck! Practice makes perfect). The common theme among most of these is - of course - the timer; being forced to rush requires you to play smart. I had a blast playing through the game again though, so despite some difficult bits, I still had fun Overall, I would honestly recommend MW (the campaign, at least) to anyone who calls themselves a gamer. Being able to experience one of the classic gaming experiences in all its Remastered glory is too good of an opportunity to pass up; whether you've played it before or not. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 5/10
  7. #114 - Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove "Shovel Justice" Earn all other Trophies. Another day, another platinum haha. In all seriousness though, Shovel Knight is a great game. I've never played the MegaMan games of old, but from what I've heard, the style / set-up here is very similar. You've got a world map, and 8 'boss knight' levels (like 'boss man' levels in MegaMan), as well as some treasure levels and roaming dudes. There's a good mix of abilities here, and the pure 'shovel combat' is very tight; as is the platforming in general. Though some moves are relatively easily abused (down attack on some enemies, phase locket basically anywhere, chaos orbs to kill some bosses in 5 seconds or less), in general there aren't many obvious issues here. There were some levels with annoying RNG elements (screw those flying guns), but honestly the team did a great job. The art style was great, and the chiptune soundtrack was very fitting; some 'dance' tracks in particular were well done. The sense of humour / some characters here are awesome too, especially a certain giant fish... The story concept, while serviceable, was quite simple; I get that's kinda the point with these games, and the boss characters were done well, but I still just felt kinda 'meh' at the end of the story. Compare this to something like Iconoclasts, or Hollow Knight (I realise there are a heap of other variables at play here too, but this is personal opinion about what I prefer in this style of game). Level designs were also varied and interesting, and I appreciated the regular introduction of new concepts. There's also a pretty dope cameo by a certain Greek dude Trophy and difficulty-wise... this could be very variable depending on your experience. An initial playthrough isn't too bad; with generous checkpoints, little damage taken, and the ability to easily get and upgrade everything. NG+ with no deaths is another matter. I personally didn't have too much of an issue after practicing each level for a bit, and it's very helpful that you can simply return to map when you die (progress doesn't save!), but you will have to run through the level again. There are a few others (all / no relics, coins, etc.), but these were pretty straight forward. Probably the most difficult aspect - for me at least - was the time trial. 1hr 30mins doesn't sound too bad, but it quickly adds up when you consider there are 12 total 'levels', and you'll want to do at least a bit of health / mana levelling between that. QUICK TIPS for Time Trial run: Do it last (you'll be most comfortable with the game), and be sure it's on NG (NG+ doesn't count) Recommended upgrades: Phase locket (definitely), Propellor Dagger (speed-running last few stages) +/- Flare Wand (personal preference, but helps to deal with pesky mobile enemies at a distance) & Chaos Sphere (trivialises some bosses and the battle Royale) Easy bosses (with no upgrades): King (pogo), Spectre (hit and wait), Mole (pogo) 'Chaos sphere' spam bosses: Treasure, Polar Practice bosses: Tinker ('mobile gear' one-shots 1st phase, can stay pogo on head indefinitely when practiced), Propellor (practice timings), Final (git gud at platforming and dodging) @#$%@#$% bosses: Plague Knight (screw this guy!!!!!! Spam phase locket haha) You'll need AT LEAST 15-20 minutes for the final 2 levels. The 2nd last (ascent) has a battle Royale against all 8 'knight bosses' which takes up time purely because... well, it does. The final boss / level can be completed in 5-ish minutes, but you'll save yourself a massive headache if you can save time earlier. After every (or every few) levels, backup to the cloud! There's literally an option in the main menu for this, so be sure to use it. If you screw up at a bad place / time, or think you're too slow, return to title (NOT map), re-download save from cloud, and try again Don't give up; you can definitely do it! On my first 'time trial' attempt, I finished 3 minutes over On my 2nd try, I finished in 1:29:42 hahaha (18 seconds left!). To be fair, I was kind meme-ing around for some gems, etc... but you could easily shave 5-10 mins off that. Alternatively, play through with just your starting equipment and you could probably hit an hour. Overall, I had a lot of fun here. Shovel Knight is a solid 2D platformer, with what I'm sure will be beautiful nostalgia for many. I wouldn't say it's my favourite of this style (I prefer a bit more character development, story, etc. personally), but this is definitely worth a play Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 4.5/10
  8. #113 - Minit "LEGEND" UNLOCK ALL OTHER TROPHIES Okay, so I definitely will keep this one brief... if you're looking for a fun distraction & an easy plat, this game is a decent experience. It's effectively a rogue-lite; with 1 minute per life (hence the name), as you gradually obtain new items and unlock new areas. The characters are quirky, the style / music is interesting, and there are some cool moments for sure... but that's about it. There's just not much substance here. 'Puzzles' are very simple, combat is a bit finicky (hit detection on NG+ triggered me a bit), and the game is over so quickly that you'll be left kinda feeling like, well, 'meh'. I do realise that not every game is meant to be an expansive masterpiece, and I did enjoy my 4ish hours here, but I could have passed on it easily, too. Oh, and did I mention this is a SUPER easy platinum? NG+ might seem a bit tricky initially, but you can actually skip a good chunk (basically all) of the last 1/3 of the game by running straight to the toilet... lol. Honestly, I'm surprised this even got a platinum haha. Game rating: 6/10 (not bad, just meh) Plat difficulty: 1.5/10
  9. #112 - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales "Living Legend" Get all trophies Do you like (or love) The Witcher 3? Did you enjoy Gwent, but found it to come predictable / simple by the end of the game? Well, Thronebreaker will definitely scratch that itch for you! Personally, I'm a massive fan of this series, so this was a no-brainer purchase for me. I thought the style looked interesting, and was keen to see how the story-telling, characters and world-building carried over from the main Witcher series... and wow, was this an amazing ride. There's a lot to love here, so I'll keep it brief. This game has amazing characters, world design, voice-acting, music, gameplay... all things the Witcher games are known for in general. The choice-consequence system is (in my opinion) excellently done here; with there rarely being a 'right or wrong' choice; as the game so readily reminds you, you often have to choose between 'one evil in favour of another'. Are you willing to give up that amazing card in the face of a decision that you suspect will drive them to leave your service? You may not realise the outcomes of your choices until much later, but some can have quite far-reaching consequences. Gameplay is split in 3 main parts: exploration (admittedly rather simple, but there are multiple gorgeous locations to explore), story/choices (voice-acting, background sound-design, and characterisation excellent) and combat/Gwent. Gwent, though recognisable from the main game of Witcher 3, is also expanded upon in many ways (NB: I haven't played the FTP Gwent card game yet, but I imagine many of this stuff is present there too). There are only 2 rows instead of 3 - which I initially thought simplified it too much - but I was dead wrong. From an incredible variety of units, trinkets (single-use items) and trophies (multi-use tools), to a leader ability, many different other effects, and some gorgeous card-art... I was very, very impressed. Some of the puzzles are very, very creative; and even some of the main battles (such as the main fight at the end of Chapter 4) make fun and clever use of the system. Though I found some nigh-unbeatable combos by the end of the game, the journey of learning new cards and abilities was very enjoyable. I know I said I'd be brief... but I have to talk a bit about the world, story, characters etc too (haha). Despite being largely relegated to simple sprites, the voice-acting and subtleties in motion and facial expression do an amazing job of selling this game world. I don't want to spoil anything, but the story is also very well-told, and ties in with other games in the series. The fact that I thought and felt so strongly about how various characters would react when making some big decisions just goes to show how well-developed the characters are. I honestly felt like a Queen in some ways; forced to make tough decisions... do I act for the good of my Kingdom? The North as a whole? Based on how my troops or advisors will act? Do I want to gain a new ally or is my honour more important? Brilliantly done. I had very few issues with the game, but one glaring one does need to be addressed. I played on 'bone breaker' (the hardest of 3 difficulties) as I enjoy a challenge in this style of game; and I got it. Some later battles required careful planning to outmanoeuvre my opponents. HOWEVER, I soon realised there was a very frustrating issue with this. In most (though strangely, not all) battles against Nilfgaardian or Scoitael opponents, the game would stutter/freeze intermittently for about 20-30s before each turn the AI made. This severely broke the flow of combat and gameplay, and was just... well, annoying. I 'googled' this issue, and found that it was an issue with the AI needing to think before making a move on higher difficulties; and as soon as I turned down the difficulty, the problem lessened (on the 2nd difficulty) and disappeared completely (on the lowest). This seriously sucks; and honestly, I fail to see how this is anything other than poor optimisation. I get that Gwent can get complicated, but the PS4 Pro is a very powerful console, and there's honestly no excuse for this to be happening; especially this long after release. This became such an issue that by the end of the game, I had to turn down the difficulty. Not because I needed to 'git gud', but purely because of how frustrating it was to wait that long before each and every turn... making one mistake and having to start the whole battle again - while frustrated - turned what was potentially a 5-minute battle into multiple 15-minute attempts. I also experienced numerous (probably about 8) game crashes on my first (30hr) play through. Neither of these issues are completely game-breaking or anything, but they certainly tarnished my experience somewhat. Trophies are generally straight-forward and nigh unmissable (as long as you explore everywhere); especially since you can skip battles completely if you play on easy! However, the 'collect all weapons' is certainly missable on your 1st playthrough; depending on some choices you make. This was quite annoying; especially since the 2 I missed were because I chose to make an 'honourable' decision... This made me feel punished; and not in a 'affecting gameplay' way (since neither was particularly game-changing) either... that said, you can easily get through the main path of the game in 2-3 hours by following the main path / skipping cutscenes / playing on easy and skipping all battles, so it's not that big of an issue. In summary, Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales is an excellent game. No 'for a card / strategy game' or any such nonsense; this stands alone as an utterly enthralling adventure. A must-play for any Witcher-fan, and very highly recommended for basically anyone. I highly recommend a blind playthrough here too; sure you could min-max everything (ensuring you get every single card, etc.), but a major part of this game is the story and choices, and you're doing yourself a disservice if you spoil it all for yourself You'll almost certainly regret some of your choices, but that's the whole point... Game rating: 9/10 (unfortunate technical issues keep it back from 10) Plat difficulty: 1-4/10 (you can ultimately skip everything if you want, though it can be a challenge if you play on Hard!)
  10. Just finished another 'walk-em-up' in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. And......... meh. World was pretty, story seemed somewhat interesting, but my overall impression is largely one of indifference. Voice acting wasn't very good, gameplay / interaction was minimal (though seeming interesting at first), and the overall story and ending was just, well, okay. There were some interesting ideas, but nothing ever really made me 'feel' anything... apart from maybe how brutal some of the murders were.


    I have nothing against this genre per sè - I've been feeling more chill recently, so figured I would give some of them a go - but I'm very much of a mixed opinion. I LOVED Edith Finch, really enjoyed Firewatch (mainly the atmosphere), and these others were just a bit 'meh'.


    Good thing I'll (probably) be picking up Rage 2 tomorrow for some more 'gameplay' haha :D

    1. Conker


      if you haven't, i say you should try Kona, interesting story and the atmosphere is really good and if its your thing it has a plat too ;) 

  11. #111 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture "This Pattern is Mine" You got them all. You got them all Finally... my trigger finger is hurting. This wasn't necessarily a 'bad game' - then again, it's not really much of a game (in the traditional sense) at all - but I can honestly say that the frustrations and shortcomings probably outweighed the positives. Having recently played 'Edith Finch', I was a bit disappointed with this. It's much less focused, movement is a chore, and the story - though intriguing - is a bit of a mixed bag IMO. Probably easiest to split this into pros and cons... Pros: Gorgeous environmental design and atmosphere Excellent voice acting Beautiful soundtrack Story (at times) Cons: Extremely tedious walking / movement. I know you can hold down R2 to go faster (hence my sore trigger finger), but when you're trying to explore every inch of the map, this quickly became very frustrating. It's not the pace of the game that's the issue - I enjoy taking my time and exploring - but when I need to walk for 5 minutes to get back to the main path after exploring the outskirts, I sorely wanted a way to move faster. This is much more of an issue here than in a game like Edith Finch (with more contained and focused environments), and my interest regularly waned throughout. There is also very little reward for exploration for the most part. Framerate, screen-tearing and re-used assets. I swear, if I have to go in one more identical house.... Collectibles / trophies (generally) suck. When a trophy says 'wait for...' or 'play with...', I don't expect to wait for 3-5 minutes... at least give me some feedback that I'm doing the right thing? I missed basically all of these on my first playthrough because I thought there was something I was doing wrong. Another trophy LITERALLY tells you to do nothing for 5 minutes... rip me. 'Reading' books requires you to look at them; how do I know I've looked at it? There's no stat tracking, and no way to tell if you missed anything. Yes, I realise you can follow a guide, but considering I missed maybe 10 things on my first (in depth) playthrough, having to collect EVERYTHING again was simply a chore. The story started interesting enough; and kept my interest throughout; for the most part. I liked learning about the individual characters and their fates; and discovering how the disparate stories all intertwine across time was intriguing. The ending though? Hmmmmm.... I understand what they were going for here, but it just didn't do it for me. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like you can justify sacrificing the entire world to satisfy your scientific curiosity and cure your loneliness.... IN MY OPINION, I didn't find many of the main characters particularly likeable. Kate and Stephen were self-centred, selfish idiots (imo), and many of the supporting characters were just as annoying (Wendy being nosy, Jeremy being kind but weak-willed, and Lizzie being unfaithful). Sure, I get that part of the point is how broken human lives and relationships are, and how the light 'rapture' fits into that (no more detail here; spoilers!!!), but apart from maybe Rachel and Frank, I wasn't a bit fan. More? Probably... IMO, this is an example of why people don't like 'Walking Simulator' games... there is a (somewhat) interesting story, some beautiful environments, and a pretty great soundtrack / voice acting work, but overall I can't help but be left feeling like I didn't really do anything. The only interaction you have is to interact with radios, balls of light and maybe doors/gates by pressing a single button, and the rest of your time is spent simply... well, walking around. Again I GET what the game is going for, and I don't think this is the most egregious example of this type of game, but it's by no means the best either. Compare this to something like 'Edith Finch'. The story is more focused, there is variety in gameplay and interaction (with some incredibly creative levels), there are emotional and dark stories, and the whole game can be completed in 2-3 hours; pretty much perfect for this style of game in my opinion. No, it wasn't perfect either, but I feel that Edith is an example of this style done right. Do I still think many people will enjoy this? For sure. Did I enjoy the relaxing exploration of 1980's England? Sure, at times. But that doesn't mean I would recommend this game to many people. There are better options out there, but feel free to give it a go if you enjoy this style of game. Game rating: 5.5/10 Plat difficulty: 1/10 (easy, just tedious as heck)
  12. Just played it (currently free on PS+), and 'best walking simulator' doesn't even do this game justice. This is one of those experiences where I can honestly recommend everyone play it. It might seem unassuming at first, but this is an incredibly creative and affecting game. Sure, it's short and there's minimal interaction, but this is one of my favourite gaming experiences in recent memory. Seriously, 10/10.
  13. WOW... I'd heard 'What Remains of Edith Finch' was good, but I was absolutely blown away. The creativity on display here is mind boggling; all wrapped up in a dark and affecting storyline with gorgeous and harrowing music and sound design. I cannot recommend this enough - especially since it's now free! 10/10

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Looks pretty straight forward, will def. give it a round tomorrow night.

    2. FluffyAssassin64


      Yup, very easy trophies too

    3. SinisterPledge


      I really enjoyed it as well. Visuals were nice, and the story hooked me from beginning to end.

  14. #110 - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon "Party like it's 2024" Win all trophies in Spyro 3 The final game in this remastered collection, and perhaps the least impressive / memorable in my opinion. I generally enjoy this style of collect-athon games, but this didn't really do it for me. I appreciated the changes they made to the formula here - such as new characters - but ultimately I found myself swaying regularly between enjoyment and frustration. Apart from maybe 1 or 2, the mini-games here were awful in my opinion. They all had one of a few problems: poor controls, stupid AI, boring, or plain frustrating. Some particular stand-outs (in a bad way, that is) include a boxing fight with a yeti, and the skateboard race mini game (NB: the tricks ones were pretty fun, but I hated the controls for the race w/ tricks aspect). In fact, I just gave up completely on the final skill point & the racing mission in the 'super bonus round' - not because I need to 'git gud', but because I genuinely did not want to put myself through it. Otherwise, level design is pretty standard for the series; with a good mixture of platforming, combat, and some puzzles and change-ups. The new characters also added some welcome variety... until they were shoe-horned into some pretty bad 'side missions': the above-mentioned yeti boxing, a 'protect fireflies' challenge with the kangaroo (that 2nd twin does whatever the heck he wants), a side-scroller with the kangaroo... then there's the horrible aiming reticle for the penguin/monkey, and some (imo) badly-designed flight controls for the penguin, and I found myself triggered more often than not. Was anything outright broken or unplayable? No, but I didn't enjoy any of these diversions, and that's an issue for me. I know, I know... I'm making comments on this game based on a nearly 20 year old game I am very impressed with the Remaster here (in terms of cutscenes, music, graphics, etc.), but I honestly just feel that several mechanics got in the way of my enjoyment. Spyro himself controls as well as ever (honestly, I would have preferred to have more variety with just him rather than these other characters), and is simple - though satisfying - to play as. Trophies here are a cakewalk; maybe 1 or 2 require a bit of practice, but a majority simply require you to complete an easy task in each level. Anyone who's played a platformer before - or even just the other games in this collection! - should have no trouble. Overall, though I do feel this to be the weakest entry in the 3-pack, I do think I'd still recommend this Collection for most people. The games are all generally good, I just personally didn't appreciate some of the later changes to the formula. Give it a go; just don't expect to have a perfect or frustration-free experience. Game rating: 6/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10 PS: If you're triggered by this and think I'm wrong, that's fine! This is just my opinion
  15. Keen to play Edith Finch (heard good things from mates), but I can definitely see how people are upset about this... I remember when the free games used to be awesome PLUS some fun Indie games. This is a bit sad considering how much the service costs & how much they've taken away