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  1. Just finished Wolfenstein II on 'I am Death Incarnate' difficulty for the nearly-plat. Such an incredible game - story, combat, characters, music - but that Mein Leben trophy seems borderline impossible haha. Such a shame that I can't platinum this gem, despite enjoying every other aspect the game has to offer.


    Game rating: 9/10

    Plat difficulty: 1000000000/10

    1. grimydawg


      You actually play games because of the quality!?  The nerve!

    2. bezdomnekoty


      ML is EZ if you train hard :D such a great game had shit sales damn :\ GJ on IADI

  2. #83 - Undertale "Don't You Have Anything Better to Do?" Collect all other Undertale trophies. Wow. Just, wow. I'd heard this game was brilliant, but I wasn't prepared for just how this game made me feel. Sure, at surface level it's just a (very) simple RPG... but Undertale is SO much more than that. Wonderfully-designed characters, brilliant dialogue, hidden secrets, many (seriously, heaps) of different endings, an emotional music and journey, cute dogs... I don't want to say too much here for risk of spoilers (avoid them at all costs!!), but this game is definitely worth a playthrough. A few quick points you should be aware of before playing: Run a BLIND first playthrough. Seriously, you'll have questions, but DON'T look up any spoilers / answers. The game is so much more rewarding if you just go with what feels... right The platinum trophy is extremely easy (nothing missable, no collectibles, etc.) with no challenge... but be aware of a certain money-hoarding dog DEFINITELY play through this game more than once. Play through once (as I mentioned above) and you'll have the platinum... but it's well worth your time to play Undertale for at least a second time. Again, no spoilers here... but it's a super-rewarding experience So, in summary, Undertale is certainly not a perfect game... but in my eyes, it comes darn close to a masterpiece. I haven't felt this much from a game in months. Just, play it! Game rating: 9.5/10 Plat difficulty: 1/10
  3. #82 - Wolfenstein: The New Order "Wolfenstein master" Collect all trophies With Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus coming out recently (and getting amazing reviews), I figured it was finally time to get around to the 1st entry in the series. I'd been meaning to play it for a while, but I'm glad I finally picked it up. There are quite a few shortcomings in this game, but it was super fun nonetheless; and not even as difficult as I expected! First off, this game was a blast to play. BJ is just a cool, solid bloke, and while a bit one-note (part of his character design I guess), he has enough interesting interactions with other characters & flashbacks / self-talk that I still found him to be a great protagonist. Other characters were also generally really interesting and varied, and I found myself invested - at least mildly - in all their stories (despite being rather simple). Gunplay - while not the most solid out there - was very fun, and continually developed throughout the story with dual-wielding and fun alternative modes. Enemies weren't the most interesting, nor did they have the best AI, but they did have some different designs which was cool. Stealth was decent, and collectibles felt worthwhile for the most part; some letters and recordings in particular were pretty sobering. Mission design was a mixed bag; some were really cool in idea but poor in execution, while others felt uninspired but ended up being pretty fun. Same with the 'bosses'; wasn't too impressed (even the final boss, while a cool spectacle, was pretty dumb). The perk system was a mostly fun addition; I love having in-game things to chase (lending itself to usage of a large variety of tactics and ideas), but some of these were either out-of-place, too easy or just pointless. Music was excellent, however, and really added to the badass feeling of the game. Wolfenstein was also pretty easy trophy-wise, with the only 'difficult' part playing on Uber difficulty. However, I could count on one hand the number of encounters that I genuinely had trouble with; most others can be stealthed with ease, or simply avoided if you know what you're doing. Simply, git gud if you're having problems If I had to summarise my thoughts about this game, I would say that it's good... but not great. I think of 'Dishonored' - one of my favourite games from last-gen - and how it was so much more memorable, despite being released in 2012. I know it's not really fair to compare games in completely different genres, but that's the feeling I got playing this game. It's not bad at all, but it was just kind of 'meh'. Here's hoping the sequel blows me away! Game rating: 6.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  4. #81 - The Witness "Platinum" Get every trophy. Now this was an intriguing game! In parts brutally difficult, in others parts (most parts, actually) incredibly creative and fun, The Witness was a very, very cool experience. The central premise of the game is solving puzzles, and boy did it do them well! There is enough variety in the ideas that the game was never boring for me in the ~20 hours I spent with it. Instead, from start to finish, I was pulled in by the gorgeous environment, intriguing audio logs / videos and clever environmental puzzles. In fact, I would say that this is one of the most interesting puzzle games that I've played in a long time. Sure, the puzzles are 'just' based on drawing lines on a grid, but some of them are in environments very reminiscent of Portal (always a positive thing in my books). I won't spoil anything here (in terms of puzzles, etc.), but know that there are several 'Eureka' moments in this game that blow the experience wide open. There are some difficult puzzles here for sure - some end game ones require either very specific positions or a combination of all the 'learned' techniques - but the immense satisfaction of finally solving them far outweighs the frustration. That said, I did have to look at a guide on a select (very) few occasions, but these were only because I'd been trying for over an hour (and eventually found that I was missing some crucial aspect, haha). Otherwise, the 'Challenge' trophy is a good, well, challenge. The RNG and timed elements feel somewhat out-of-place, but it was satisfying to finish it after ~5 attempts. Here's a video for some tips! Very highly recommended for anyone who's a fan of puzzle games! Not the greatest ever, but well worth a playthrough! Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (with guide), 6.5/10 (without guide)
  5. #80 - Assassin's Creed Origins "Earn Them All!" Earn every trophy. I'm so glad to play another good AC game again! The AC series was one of the first I got in to back in the Xbox360 days, and I loved the early entries. However, the quality dropped off noticeably since then, with only Black Flag (one of my favourites in the series) to break the streak of 'poor' titles. Origins is a sprawling, rewarding, fun open-world game with great variety... but is unfortunately hamstrung with a few new and returning problems. I think this is clearly one of the top AC games in the series (Brotherhood, II and Black Flag my other highlights), and is definitely worth a play, but here's a brief summary of some main points. Good: Bayek was cool; not as suave as Ezio, but not as lame as Connor haha Beautiful world and locations; pyramids, oases, cities, clashing of culture, etc. all combined to make an absolutely gorgeous game Details (such as sandstorms, animations, sound effects, hallucinations) combined with the graphics to produce an amazing world Fun, new weapons and combat style; lots of skills to develop the systems too. Much better than many other AC games to date! ‘Eagle vision’ (literally) with Senu was great; I'm going to miss being able to explore the beautiful open world in a game like this from up high whenever I want Some ‘main’ assassination missions were fantastic; Memphis and the Faiyum in particular stood out to me for their emotional weight and intrigue. Tombs (particularly pyramids) were mysterious and exciting; one of my favourite parts Some interesting and varied side missions; not as good as Witcher 3, but some come close Hard difficulty felt like a good challenge; never too hard (being able to stealth through many engagements), but challenging enough that you could die when surrounded if you weren't careful Fun diversions (horse-racing, gladiator fights, etc.) Bad: Messy and rushed story; particularly final act (pacing all over the place, cutscenes break things up, poor boss design, lack of explanation) Poorly-developed characters and motivations. Some of the main bad guys are barely introduced before they are killed with their own cutscene… this loses emphasis when I barely even know who they are As the game went on, missions / forts / animal lairs, etc. began to feel repetitive Similarly, weapons / fighting got repetitive and boring by the end with no new moves / weapon types added after I'd got certain skills in early-to-mid game Upgrade system too simple; got all upgrades very quickly without much ‘hunting’ Easy to max out everything early (level 40 2/3 of the way through the game while exploring everything as I went)... though to be fair I do explore a LOT in games like this (90 hours for completion with everything haha) Modern-day components are boring and next-to-pointless. Good final reveal, but I badly miss the days of Desmond and co (not so much for Desmond himself as for the mystery and intrigue behind events in the AC: Brotherhood days) It might look like I'm bagging on the game, but it's only because there are some small things that prevent this beautiful game from being 'amazing'. I'd absolutely recommend a playthrough for basically anyone; but don't expect the story to blow you away. Definitely worth it Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10 (nearly impossible to miss unless you screw up the 'trinket' trophy... otherwise, feel free to play on easy)
  6. #79 - Lara Croft GO "A true adventurer" Collect all trophies I don't have much to say about this game to be honest. I picked it up for super cheap (like $2), and I finished it quite quickly. It's a clever little puzzle game with a really cool style, but it's also very short and the controls can be frustrating (primarily because the grid is based on 'diagonal' directions, so sometimes you'll press right on the analogue stick and it will go in a slightly different direction... leading to a quick death!). However, I never had much of an issue with it because the checkpoints were so generous and the reload times were so short. Some of the later levels in particular were quite clever and required quite a few attempts. Beyond that, there's not much to say. I reckon it's worth a play, but no worries if you miss out on this one. Game rating: 6/10 (just meh) Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  7. #78 - Destiny 2 "Traveller's Chosen" Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2. I wasn't sure whether - after my 1520 hours in Destiny 1 - I would end up buying the sequel... you know, burnout and such. However, for the most part, I'm glad I did. While I don't think that D2 is the highest point in the series to date (that, for me, was 'The Taken King' expansion in D1), there is a lot of stuff to love here. Good stuff about D2 include: Greatly improved story at both a macro and micro level; story-telling was much more interesting and integrated, and I cared much more for the characters Gunplay still as satisfying and rewarding as ever. Destiny's gunplay remains some of the best in FPS history imo Music and sound effects are incredible, some of the best game music I've heard (up there with Zelda and Dark Souls) Graphics, while not Horizon: Zero Dawn level, were greatly improved over D1, and many environments looked incredible. A particular late-game mission was an extremely cool example of sci-fi done right Humour and character interaction generally was very well done; some falls flat, but some planet-specific characters (Failsafe and Asher Mir in particular) were great There are a lot more 'things to do'; at least while levelling up. 10ish Adventures on each planet, Flashpoints, Lost Sectors, etc. give a lot of things to do beyond the main missions Raid - as is always the case - is a lot of fun and requires great team co-ordination. Pretty much will always be the highlight of Destiny for me personally Simple quality-of-life changes to do with rewards and loot mean that you can feel rewarded for doing pretty much anything Negatives: Lack of lore. This is actually huge for me. They said they were going to 'take the lore out of the Grimoire and bring it into the game'... and while there certainly is more info in the game than in D1, I DESPERATELY miss having hours and hours of interesting stories to read. The history of certain characters, background information on Raids, the stories like the 'Books of Sorrow' from Taken King... all gone. Sure, some armour sets and weapons (Raid, Trials, exotics) have cool and interesting information, it doesn't even come close to the huge selection from D1. A step in the wrong direction in my opinion Greatly reduced RPG elements (levelling up, grinding for rolls, 'grimoire updates', etc.). The reason I loved D1 so much is that it combined elements of FPS and RPG games in such a way that the gameplay kept me engaged from moment-to-moment, while the grind for better gear, etc. gave me a reason to keep playing. It feels like there are so many simplifications in D2 that drastically reduced the significance of the end-game for me. As it currently stands, I honestly feel like I don't really want to play most of the time; I have no reason - beyond fun - to complete the Raid and Trials again. You might say, "but isn't fun the whole point of a game?"... well, yeah, sure, but there are literally dozens of other games I can play that I would also find fun, and if there's no grind to keep me around, there's no reason for me to play 'religiously' like I used to in D1. PVP has much less variety and 4v4 - in my opinion - is not particularly enjoyable. There are literally 2 guns everyone uses (MIDA and Uriel's Gift) which are just so good that there's hardly any point using anything else (besides a few strong sidearms or other 'hidden gems'), which makes even the quickplay playlist a sweat-fest. It doesn't help that nearly every game I play solo pits me against a full fire team who teams-shots me so strongly that it's impossible to do anything. I don't mind having a 4v4 playlist (like 3v3 from D1), but I SEVERELY miss having a fun 6v6 playlist where you can just muck around :'( Relatively small gripe, but an ability to replay missions, or choose a strike, or crucible mode based on what you want to play would be very helpful. You can go a long time without getting your favourite strike or mode, and it feels lazy and frustrating a lot of the time. I've probably missed a few things, but I feel like these points summarise how I feel about the game overall. After 120 hours, I have had an extremely fun ride to this point, with all characters at 305 light, 7 wins in Trials, multiple Raid completions, Platinum achieved, etc. It's truly a great game, and is much better than D1 at launch, but I do feel like the end-game lets this game down, and turns it in to something that I don't think is a great direction for the franchise. Mixed feelings, but I definitely don't regret playing the game. Oh, and the Platinum is pretty straight forward Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10 (some good co-ordination with a group is all that's required)
  8. #77 - Until Dawn "A Symphony of Horror Trophies" You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn It must be said; this was a great game. I'd wanted to play for quite a while, and getting it for free a few months back was a bargain (but at 50GB, it took a long time to download on my 8Mbps Australian internet!). I knew sort of what to expect from this game, but I certainly didn't think it would grip and move me the way it did. First up, the characters were extremely well designed. It's a testament to the developers that there are some characters you can absolutely detest, and others you can absolutely love. I won't spoil anything here, but I will say that there are certain characters you'll want to die, and others whom you'll be devastated if they get brutally murdered. The interactions and situations you find yourself in always feel dramatic and tense, particularly because - on the first at least - you have no idea if / when a character is a mere QTE away from death. This absolutely worked to keep me hooked, and meant that I was never 'relaxed' playing this game. The facial capture and animation was stunning, and voice-work and motion-capture were brilliant; I felt like these were real people (apart from a few goofy animations; particularly from Chris, haha). I can't think of a game in recent times where I've felt as much as I have for these characters in terms of attachment. The environments were also impeccably designed; from a dark and dreary winter lodge, to the terrifying mines and the unexpectedly creepy woods, I was always on the edge of my seat. Use of lighting, camera angles, jump scares, a beautiful and haunting score, and excellent sound design all meant that I felt like I was truly there. To that end, I DO recommend playing by yourself, in the dark, at night and with headphones. I know some people might think it's 'too scary', but honestly, you're missing out on so much by not letting the atmosphere of this game really take over and envelop you. It's truly great stuff. Now, with regards to the gameplay... my feelings are mostly very positive here too. Sure, the actual interaction consists of QTE's (requiring quite quick thinking, by the way), moving the right / left stick, and making conversation / decision choices... but again, because the production values were so high, I still felt incredibly invested in the experience. Some late-game segments that require you to hold the controller as still as possible were definite highlights; I was terrified! Haha. The choices themselves were also surprisingly impactful; some almost frustratingly-so. I made a decision that I thought would have no consequences, but later found out that if I had said something different, I could have saved a character. 2 characters died on my first playthrough; and 1 of those felt a bit unfair (though the other was completely my fault, haha). I really felt for what the characters were going through, and this only added to the experience. The system of collectibles in this game was also very well done in my opinion. Rather than 'random' things strewed around, there were several types: 'Totems' which reveal something about the future - these were an amazing addition in my opinion; they help reveal situations you want to avoid, and the best decisions to make. One of these, for example, showed a certain character patting a big, white wolf. That meant that I was much less afraid to approach the creature at some point in the future, whereas otherwise I would have been a lot more wary. One of the best collectible systems I've seen in a game, in my opinion Clues and historical information - This was also very well-done, with strategically-placed information around the game world that actually had relevance to that area (similar to how games like Bioshock work); a great example of environmental storytelling. This was made even more impressive by the fact that characters - in conversations - actually make comments based on what you did / didn't find (i.e. they will offer more / less information about what happened to them based on how much you explored). This might seem small, but went a long way to helping me feel like part of the experience. I won't spoil anything about the story (it's great, by the way), but know that every decision you make has some impact - however small - at a point in the future. This was clear when I replayed the game on my quest to achieve the other trophies; again, I won't spoil, because they give away some key plot points. The various reveals were handled very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story for the most part. This is a game worth playing 3 times in my opinion (1x completely blind, 2x for the trophies as required)... although note that you can start the no / all death playthroughs from about half-way through, so it's not quite that long. HOWEVER: also note that if you use episode select to 'start' from a certain point, you CANNOT use episode selection again to change anything before you finish the whole game. So, for example, if you start from Episode 5 to correct a decision you made there (a death, for example), you need to play RIGHT UP TO THE END OF THE GAME for it to count. It's annoying, but will hopefully save you from wasting a chunk of your life. Also note that collectibles don't work this way; jump around episodes at your leisure. I've been very positive up to this point, and that's because this is an incredible game. It's very cinematic for sure, and I know some people will complain that "it's not a real game"... but seriously, give this one a go. There are some inconsistencies (characters either over or under-reacting to an event that was likely scripted for a different decision at an earlier point, dialogue that either doesn't make sense or goes against what was said previously, etc.), though some of this comes down to simply what the developers were going for; a 'knock off' horror movie that actually manages to out-do them in many regards. P.S. The deaths in this game are brutal, haha. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10 (time-consuming, but easy as long as you have good reaction speed)
  9. #76 - Ratchet & Clank 2 "He Went Commando" Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies Another day another platinum for me this week... that's 4 in 4 days if I'm not mistaken Another amazing game that I hadn't gotten around to platinuming... despite loving the game and having the 'opportunity'. It's been an awesome week of nostalgia this past week, and this game was no different. Like I mentioned in my 'Crack in Time' post, the Ratchet & Clank series is one of my all-time favourites. I love the characters, the humour, the crazy weapons, the worlds, the fun challenges, etc. and R&C 2 is another excellent example of the formula done right. There are heaps of new additions here (glider, hover bike and space combat, just to name a few) and they all - for the most part - are very fun and challenging additions. The arena battles here were also very enjoyable. Honestly, there's not much bad to say about this game. The story is actually quite well-told throughout as well (with a very funny 'boss' of the bad guys), which makes the experience even better. If I had to say anything, it would be that the bosses (particularly the fights against a huge robot with turrets & the final boss) are a bit of a joke. Either stupidly easy or just plain long and boring, they don't really hit the mark for me. Otherwise, honestly, R&C2 is also up there with the very best in the series. All of that said, if you've never tried the R&C games before, there are better places to start; the new PS4 'remaster' of the original is excellent, and if you've got a PS3, 'A Crack in Time' is a masterpiece. This game feels a bit outdated in parts, but honestly, I didn't care after I got back into it. There's so much to love here. If you've been on the fence, give the series a crack. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed! Briefly, platinum-wise, this game is about on par with the others in the series. There are a few odd challenges here and there that provide a bit of a challenge, but nothing that isn't achievable with a bit of practice and a few attempts. Enjoyment rating: 8.5/10 (even today, this game holds up extremely well in my eyes; despite being a bit clunky in parts) Plat difficulty: 3/10
  10. #75 - God of War: Ghost of Sparta "The Ghost with the Most" Collect all of the trophies Would you believe that this was the first Playstation game I ever played? Because it was, haha. 5 years and 1 month ago I last played this game, and it took me 5 years to get back around to getting the platinum Now, this is by no means a bad game; it is a God of War game, after all! The action, set pieces, fun combat, brutal deaths and animations, and epic bosses and music are all there. That said, I do feel that this is probably the weakest in the series for me personally. I haven't actually got around to playing GoWIII yet (it's on my to-do list, trust me), but 1, 2 and Chains of Olympus all had something special that I feel like this game lacked. The emotional ideas with Kratos' brother were there for sure, but the locations and areas fell relatively flat when compared to those other gems. Still very fun to play through (8 hours-ish on my first playthrough on hard, 3.5hrs today for my final playthrough for cleanup trophies). I don't have much else to say about this game. If you love God of War as a series, you'll still enjoy this adventure, but most likely less so than Kratos' other adventures. It is a PSP title originally, so I guess I can't expect too much... but I wouldn't really recommend this to many people unless they were super die-hard fans of the series. That said, there is still some fun to be had here. Enjoyment rating: 6.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10 (hard mode isn't really that bad once you learn it, but you'll die a few times)
  11. #74 - Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time "The Lombax Triumphant" Collect all trophies in the game. Well, well, well... here's an absolute gem of a game that I can't believe I never got the platinum for initially! According to this site, it's been nearly 5 years since I last played this game (2012 was my last save file!), and I'm glad I spent the time to replay this marvellous adventure for the platinum. First off, let me just say that I'm a huge fan of this series. I grew up with the games on PS2, and have some wonderful memories of playing with my friends and family when I was younger. That said, I think 'A Crack in Time' still holds up, years later, as one of the best in the series. I could go on for a long time about how wonderful this game is... and I will Characters (as always) are awesome World, creature and weapon design is creative and fun Space combat sections fit perfectly into the series; one of the best additions in series history imo Exploration and puzzle design is up there with the best in gaming; some of those Clank puzzles are up there with Portal in terms of ingenuity A gripping and emotional story that still manages to hit ever beat... despite being predictable Graphics still gorgeous, even by today's standards (though a bit fuzzy in comparison to last year's incredible remake!) That said, there were a few small negatives... the 'combat arena' is one of the weakest in the series imo (R&C 3 still sits as the high point for me personally), and some of the weapons, bosses and enemies get repetitive after a while. But there are small gripes when compared with the tremendous achievements of the rest of the game. If you're an R&C fan, enjoy crazy and chaotic platforms, and/or are looking for a very enjoyable and very-appropriately challenging experience, you absolutely can't go wrong with this game. I'll rate this based on what it was at the time when I played it initially... but the score, honestly, wouldn't change much even by today's standards. It's that good! Trophy-wise, it's all very doable... some of the final gold bolts on The Great Clock are a challenge (I spent a good 30 minutes on one of the 'special' time-challenge rooms in the white area), but otherwise you'll be fine. Enjoyment rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10 (Hard mode really isn't that hard... just abuse 'strafe', haha)
  12. #73 - Borderlands 2 "Borderland Defender Round Two" Unlocked all BorderlandsTM 2 trophies Well, now this has been an extremely long platinum journey! I must have played through the main story at least 5 times since my first playthrough on the Xbox 360 I re-bought the Handsome Collection to replay this incredibly enjoyable and satisfying adventure with a mate, and I must say, it certainly didn't disappoint. Even though it's been nearly 2 years from first play to the platinum, I've loved (nearly) every minute. I'll keep this one brief; there's a lot to love about B2. The gunplay is tight, humour is up there with the best (imo) in gaming, environments are interesting and varied, music is lovely, characters are loveable... there's really not much to say that's negative about this game. If there was anything, it's that playing solo it can be pretty slow at points. The vehicles, and many of the environments and encounters, are certainly geared to more people. Especially in UVH mode, it just becomes not fun very quickly when you die so quickly and encounters are so long. In summary, if you love solid FPS mechanics like Destiny, solid RPG elements, and loot-collecting like Diablo then Borderlands 2 is a masterful example of the genre. The platinum is a bit of a grind in this one (100% taking even longer), but if you've got a few buddies, you'll have an absolute blast with this game. Enjoyment rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (more long than hard)
  13. #72 - Nioh "You Are Nioh" Obtained all trophies. Honestly? I don't even know where to start when talking about this game. It was incredible in so many ways, but it also had a few shortcomings that kept it from greatness in my books. I think the best way for me to break down my thoughts is to split into what I loved (or at least really liked) and didn't like. The good stuff: Japanese setting, atmosphere and 'feel': I'm not generally the biggest fan of 'all things Japanese'; I've never been that into Anime, for example (I find it cheesy). However, I found that Nioh represented the Japanese culture in a way that intrigued, delighted and excited me. One key example of this is the 'spirit cutscenes' in the game. They're not very fancy or very long, but went a long way to developing the sense of culture. The music, characters, 'weirdness', etc. also contributed to the feel in a big way. Oh, and the voices themselves were AMAZING; loved it The combat system, weapons, feel of combat: I'll discuss my negatives with this stuff a bit later, but for now I'll say that the combat was extremely enjoyable and satisfying, even 100 hours in. There is a good variety of weapons, and the skills keep them feeling fresh as you get stronger and stronger. The mix of magic, ninja skills and 'normal' combat skills went a long way to making every fight an enjoyable one. Hit detection was generally good, and I rarely died because of something that felt like it was 'the game's fault'. Most of all, it was just fun! The Stamina (Ki) system, while not entirely 'new', was well-implemented with some clever skills in there too. There were also Spirits, items, etc. which added even more depth The level design for (most of) the main missions: Nioh had some extremely clever and well-designed levels, with some short-cuts that weren't even just doors, ladders, and lifts! (looking at you, Souls Series :P). The sense of scale was certainly there, with great backing music, atmospheric sounds, sense of verticality, secrets adding even more for me. A level based on the docks near the start, and the final 'Japanese' level were highlights for me personally. Bosses were often appropriate too Characters and story-telling: Personally, I loved it. The characters all felt real and conflicted, and I enjoyed the character and story beats; even if they were sometimes quite quick and lacked some exposition. Learning (later) how significant some of the events were in 'real life' Japanese history only made this even cooler in my books Gear and upgrade system: Nioh did an excellent job of combining the combat of Souls-style games with an addictive loot system more reminiscent of Diablo or Borderlands. This is one of the few aspects where I felt that Nioh is 'better' than the Souls games. Hey, maybe I'm just addicted to collecting random stuff The challenge: With my build, at least, I never felt over-powered. I think Nioh is generally a bit easier than Souls (outside of maybe the first few zones if you've got no experience with this style of games), but there were a few mid-to-late-game bosses that gave me a challenge, for sure! A little bit uneven in terms of difficulty, but I've seen much worse, haha The not-so-good: Repetition of levels and areas: Many of the side-missions were absolutely enjoyable, but I started to tire of how many times I had to run through the exact same (or very similar) locations. They did a decent job of changing them up (different weather, starting at a different point, etc.), but there are only so many times you can open the exact same shortcut before you start to feel the repetition setting in... Lack of enemy variety: Not so much of an issue early on, but by the middle of the game, I started to realise just how few enemy types there were in this game. You can only fight so many of the exact same Yokai with an axe before it starts to get repetitive. Don't get me wrong; the combat remained fun! I was just disappointed in the lack of variety; especially when comparing to a game like Dark Souls 3 where every single new area has a new enemy type (okay, apart from the Asylum Demon rip-offs :P) Some uninspired level design in the mid-game: Compared to some of the early missions (a certain terracotta-warrior-themed level springs to mind), some of the mid-game missions were extremely boring; contained some ugly-looking fog, and some boring environments. Most of the main missions had cool style and ideas, so this is a mild complaint; but I definitely felt it (especially compared to the grandeur of every single new area in Souls, for example) Lack of any context for many / all of the bosses: This is a relatively minor one, but most times when I got to a boss, there had been absolutely no build-up at all as to who (or what) I would be fighting. It just felt like, "oh look, I guess I'm fighting a vampire lady now", "I guess there are giant toads now?", or "oh cool, there's the 12th Onryoki I've had to kill". Contrast this to a character like Pontiff Sulyvahn from DSIII; where the lore had been building up to a fight with the terrifying ruler of the Boreal Valley for several levels (if you know to read the lore in the item descriptions, of course!). Some like Umi-Bozu or Shima Sakon were excellent; just felt a bit uneven. Missing the sense of 'epicness' that I get from Souls: hard to objectively describe, but it didn't quite reach that feeling you get from a Souls game. The combat itself was certainly up to par; I think the atmosphere itself (maybe precipitated partly by continually returning to the map) felt a bit disjointed, though. Some levels had incredible atmosphere, while others felt messy and all over the place. That said, the levels that worked, worked very well! I think that about does it, haha. It might not look like it by the relative size of the 'good' and 'bad' sections, but I absolutely loved my time with Nioh. It was a little bit uneven, sure, but this is the first game of this type by Team Ninja, and I'm certain that the next one (if there is one!) will build upon these foundations to produce something special. Think of how Dark Souls was a huge improvement over Demon's Souls, or how amazing Bloodborne was! I'd recommend this game to anyone who is even remotely a fan of this style of game, and am very-much looking forward to the next one. I guess I'll just have to deal with Witcher-Geralt instead of totally-not-just-Irish-Geralt while I wait The platinum itself was relatively straight forward; do everything, collect everything, and upgrade what you can! If you experiment with all the weapon types, magic, ninja skills, etc. you'll be fine for a majority of the game. A few double-boss end-game side missions are tough, but by this point you should have a good handle on how the game plays. With a bit of perseverance, you'll be fine. Like Souls, it's relatively easy to 'farm' for Amrita and/or gold as required too, so there's nothing really missable. Just do the Twilight missions as they appear, or you could be waiting a week for the last one to show up! Enjoyment rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3.5/10
  14. #71 - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back "The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot!" Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies. And here it is, platinum #2 of the remastered Crash trilogy! Very similar to the first game (sometimes almost disappointingly-so), Crash 2 was still a very good game, but I can't say I enjoyed it as much as the original. The island-spanning, 'world-traversing' map of the original is gone in favour of the more standard warp doors... and this is both a blessing and a curse. It certainly allows for more variety in levels (even though, like I said, many of the levels here share many similar traits to the original game), although the charm of the 1st is - for me - depleted quite a bit. Cortex, N. Brio and Coco are still loveable characters here, and the music, sound, and gameplay is very similar (despite the addition of a new 'slide' and 'slam' move). Overall, I would say this game felt easier (in terms of time trials, etc.) than the 1st one. There was no 'The High Road' here to force me to spend nearly 2 hours learning its intricacies, and many of the time trials were easily completable in very few attempts (several I completed in my 1st or 2nd try). Sure, some of the more creative levels do require a bit of innovation, but again; nothing out of the ordinary or crazy here. In summary, still enjoyable, but not as much as the 1st game for me. Regardless, it's a good change of pace between Dark Souls III (recent platinum) and Nioh (coming up next), haha. Enjoyment rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3.5/10 (a bit higher if you're new to 3D-platformers)
  15. #70 - Dark Souls III "The Dark Soul" Acquire all trophies. What can I say about the Souls series that hasn't already been said? DSIII follows the tradition, and is nothing short of a masterpiece. I originally played this gem on release last year, but waited for the DLC release to play NG+, and it was just as amazing the 2nd time through. 180 hours later, and the platinum is mine! (though I didn't play it quickly, it's possible to obtain it much quicker than that). As the conclusion to the DS trilogy, this game isn't perfect; but as a long-time fan of the series, I was certainly not disappointed. The huge variety of weapons, spells, pyromancies, miracles, etc. mean that you are free to play how you want, and I would argue it's impossible to get bored; especially with some of the outrageously fun weapon arts. Bosses in this game are, in my opinion, the best collection (overall) in the series. Some of the later game bosses are some of my favourites from the whole series, and the final DLC bosses are both in my top bosses of all time. The feeling of grandeur and epic scale in this game is incredible, and you're missing out if you don't give it a go! Yes, the game can be difficult in parts. If you're a scrub (haha), you can summon phantoms to help you whenever you want; but I highly recommend that you don't. The feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally beat the boss after 20 tries is like nothing else in gaming. Please, at least give it a go Standard trophy-stuff here from From Software; search everywhere, try everything, and play through the game a few times. Nothing is overly 'hard' (as I said above), but it does take commitment. Believe me though, it's worth it. The Dark Souls series is one of my favourite gaming experiences of all time, and I beg you to give the series a chance if you haven't already! Enjoyment rating: 9.5/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (solo), 2/10 (if you're a scrub who abuses summons :P), 6/10 (DLC bosses, haha)