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  1. #107 - Hyper Light Drifter "Platinum" Get every trophy Hyper Light Drifter was fun, but - in many ways - fell short of greatness in my opinion. The aesthetic and style is really cool, as are many of the music tracks, and I liked the cute characters and sprites. Combat is solid and has a nice weight to it, and the world is generally fun to explore... for the first time at least. You also definitely get a sense of mastery throughout, allowing you to feel very powerful by the time you come to repeat playthroughs. I had quite a few issues with this game, however: - The lore and story is INCREDIBLY barebones. I appreciate the minimalism in games like this (little explanations throughout, leaving you to discover for yourself), but I was very, very underwhelmed by the ending. I 'got' what was happening broadly throughout, but I felt no emotional connection to the main character (or anyone else, really), meaning the ending meant very little to me. NB: I read a lore post on reddit after getting the plat, and it's actually quite interesting; dealing with some cool themes. Too bad it's all hid behind translating monoliths, steam cards with descriptions (which I couldn't see) and a hefty dose of interpretation. I appreciated the little 'storyboards' in the game, but I was still not particularly excited by it when playing. - Costumes / outfits aren't explained AT ALL in terms of their utility. I always play these games first without a guide, and I had no idea that the outfits provided stat bonuses; and that you could have 3 active at once, no less! I thought it was purely a palate swap (which is fine, imo) but I only realised by NG+ that I had been missing out on quite a few buffs. A simple HUD indicator or subtle indications would have been lovely. - Numerous bugs, glitches and crashes. This was a particular issue with the moving blocks in the North, but I would often clip though the wall or the blocks themselves. I also had numerous times where the game would either freeze (particularly after collecting a module) or give a PS error; probably up to 10 times total. Not game-breaking, but frequently immersion-breaking - Collectibles are a bit of a mess. I HATE games that do their collectibles like this. I had fun initially collecting the yellow gear-bits during my playthrough, but when I finished and used a guide to find the remaining (some are super well hidden), I discovered that there is literally no way to check where your missing items are (even something like a zone counter would have been helpful). I ended up searching for 8 HOURS for my FINAL Gearbit, only to discover that it was a box in the South region (S16) that I KNOW for certain I had collected at some point... but considering that any collectibles reset if you die before entering a new room / auto-saving, I wasted so much time looking for this final one. I know this is partly my fault, but still; extremely frustrating!! My advice - WHEN GOING FOR COLLECTIBLES, GO 1 BY 1 IN ORDER WITH A GUIDE, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALMOST CERTAIN YOU'VE ALREADY GOT THAT ONE!!! Hopefully this will save you a massive headache, haha. - Bosses were a super mixed bag: E is laughably easy, N is a cluster-flip of lights that can either be super quick or super frustrating, W is simple when you stop trying for dodge I-frames, and S is a spammy scrublord. The final boss is kinda meh too. None were particularly memorable, and I can't say any of them were very fun either. My opinion though! - Chain dash: cool idea, a bit inconsistent. Once you get the timing down, you're fine; however, I've heard of many people who struggled to get the timing on the 1st chain - even after completing the game. Even I would find that when starting 'cold' (e.g. playing on the weekend after not playing for a day or two), I would take a few minutes to get my timing down again. I get why they made it like this (so you could dash without losing control and falling off edges), but it just never really felt amazing Here's my tips for a few of the 'harder' trophies: - 800 consecutive dashes: there are a lot of tips out there for this one, but my best advice is to do it while doing something else; listening to music, watching Youtube, etc. Sure, you can use a 240bpm metronome if you like, but I found that distracting myself from laser-focus on 'not making a mistake' actually helped. I also found it easier to focus my eyes more in the centre of the screen rather than following speedy-boi around the room so I didn't get a headache. This is a grind though, and you'll need to practice and be persistent to get this one. Definitely doable with a PS4 controller (I did mine) too. Pick a direction (clockwise or counter), and go Also give your thumb / brain a break if you need to! I tended to have a few goes every time I teleported back to the home town. - NG+: git gud............... nah but seriously, this should be fine. You keep all your sword / dash upgrades from NG (DEFINITELY make sure you have everything unlocked), but lose everything else - and your health is set at 2. I personally recommend investing a few Gearbits into some select upgrades (shotgun ammo, health upgrade or 2, bomb) to make your life easier, but you could honestly just follow the main path and be fine. Take care of anything that does 2 damage with 1 hit (laser birdies, rocket launcher dudes, plant beasts) early, and abuse the shotgun With your experience from NG, you should be more than capable of doing this; no worries. I had a few issues with the N boss (birdy) until I played more carefully, then I was fine. - NO deaths: seriously not too bad at this point (likely your 3rd playthrough). My only deaths were to the bird boss (once) and the final boss (once) because I got careless and reckless, but if you take it slow and steady you can knock this out in an hour or two. You can also backup your saves on a USB if you want, haha. - Hoarde mode: S took a few tries, but did N / E / W 1st try. What can I say? I'm a beast. The final challenge though... which a mess. It's completely randomised with all enemies (or so it seems), and if you get 2 chain gun dudes & a rocket dude + plant beast or 2, on a later wave, you're pretty much screwed (due to terrible cover, poor visibility, and unpredictability of spawns). Keep at it and you'll get there eventually, or just wait for an easy run haha. - Collectibles: GUIDE haha Helpful links: - Gearbits guide (again, follow IN ORDER if searching, even if you're 'sure' you got one): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665910741 - NG+ / No deaths: This is an excellent guide for which modules to get (saving a LOT of time, and avoiding risky enemies and one-hit-kill blocks), in what order, and ultimately what upgrades you 'need'. Of course you don't need to go this fast (in fact, I'd highly recommend getting basically all of the 'easy' Gearbits along the way - you'll have more than enough quite quickly). I'd recommend the following upgrades, however: Triple dash (basically a must), shotgun ammo (also invaluable), sword deflect (very useful, if not necessary). The charged sword, 1/2 bombs and 1/2 health packs can also make some tougher battles much quicker and easier. Good luck! Well, that's a lot of words for me to say that this game - while fun - certainly wasn't perfect, or even great for that matter (in MY OPINION). Once I'd learnt the basics of combat (and how powerful certain abilities like the shotgun, chain dash and bombs were), I also didn't find the game particularly difficult. Perhaps my views have been tainted because of my frustrating grind for my last collectible, but I honestly don't think I'll remember much of this game now that I'm finished... it's just left a kind of 'meh' feeling with me. For comparison's sake, I've played (and loved) other 'similar' games to this - iconoclasts, dead cells, owlboy, Axiom Verge - and thought they were much stronger titles. They had similar aesthetic, but a either a much deeper / more interesting story or more impactful upgrades and progression. Owl boy is perhaps one of my favourite Indie games ever (it too had flaws, but I have incredible memories from the experience), and others like Hollow Knight are some of my favourite games of all time. I love Indie games normally, I just don't think this one is up there with the best of them. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (just tedious af)
  2. #106 - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 "Platinum Agent" Unlock every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Being a veteran of ~2000 hours in the Destiny series (across 1 and 2, don't @ me), but feeling burnt out (I wonder why?) and looking for another looter shooter, I figured that I would give The Division a crack. I'd heard great things about the series and it's evolution since the early days of Div 1, and I was pleasantly surprised with this sequel at launch. Especially considering the disaster of Anthem, and the relatively poor launch of most looter shooters, I was quite impressed with the launch of Div 2. Was it perfect? No, but it was a heck of a lot of fun First, the good. Beautiful open world, HEAPS of loot (dozens from some missions and farming the DZ in an hour or two), fun abilities and gunplay, addictive gameplay loop, fun solo and with friends, solid progression system, enjoyable (mostly) DZ, pretty solid matchmaking... there's a lot to love here. Now, the not so good. Dot points will be easier here. Also before you get triggered, I know this is a newly-released open world always-online game so I can expect some glitches, but when Destiny runs butter-smooth for the most part, they're harder to excuse imo: Visual glitches, visual glitches everywhere. I've heard about the PS Pro having more issues (what I played on), but I had issues most - if not all - play sessions. Horrendous pop-in, enemies randomly teleporting, tripping down/up stairs, and even the whole geometry of the game breaking (primarily if I accidentally walk near a door I'm 'not supposed to enter' in the DZ). Surprisingly, I didn't see much about this last issue online, but it made the game literally unplayable. It's hard to describe clearly, but I was under/inside the backgrounds, and I ran into invisible walls everywhere, couldn't exit, couldn't access menus, etc... haha. Only in DZ though strangely Audio bugs and glitches, also everywhere. From gun sounds not playing, to sounding like wet noodles, to music playing loudly/softly and then stopping suddenly, this was noticeably probably every 30 mins or so (or at least once a mission). Happened solo and in group. Pretty awful story and characters. After a promising opening, I was shocked by how poorly the story was told, and how characters were developed. New people came out of nowhere with little to know introduction, and then you're meant to care about them? Then it's another random person who disappears again quickly. The cutscenes were cool but extremely short, and left me disappointment. Again, I know you can say "this is a looter shooter, the story doesn't even matter!" and you're right - the focus here is very much on the looting and shooting. Again though, at least in something like Destiny it feels like you're achieving something or something cool is happening. Probably the worst offender was a late-game stronghold where - after some of the worst 'military desertion' dialogue I've heard - THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!!! ... and then, "good job agent, but there's still more to do".... umm, WUT? Did you not just see what almost happened? haha As an extension of the above, lore seemed interesting at first, but it all kind of just leads... nowhere. It's cool to get a bit of backstory, but it comes across as very basic. Again, perhaps I was spoiled with Destiny's INCREDIBLE lore, but I was a bit let down here. There were a few other bits and pieces that I had mixed opinions about; stats and numbers being seemingly inconsistent (damage numbers on weapons changing?!), inventory management being a bit messy (though certainly serviceable), and mod system and crafting (why make it next to useless?)... but ultimately they are minor issues that I know will be fixed. And when I say that, I don't mean like a "ANthEM wIlL BE fiXEd sOmeDAy" thing, I mean like a, "I'm still having an absolute blast, but I'm looking forward to when they fix these things" kinda deal. Obviously there are other issues like balancing stuff, PVP connectivity/abuse, set bonuses being next to useless, exotic weapons being underwhelming... but again, I also know this will be fixed soon. Now, my review might give the impression that I didn't like the game, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I had an absolute blast here - both solo and with friends - and I think this may be the best looter shooter launch I've seen yet. I would honestly recommend this higher than most other games in the genre at the moment (or at least, to tide you over until Borderlands 3 comes out later this year!). Trophies are pretty easy too (though some will require grinding, and others will have you working with a buddy or two). Also, despite my 'usual' advice to play a game blind without a guide for the first play through, I honestly don't think it would have changed my experience her much at all; so go right ahead! td;dr: Very fun looter shooter (solo or with mates), addictive gameplay, quite a few bugs/glitches (but nothing that 'ruins' the experience), worth the price imo Also Raid coming soon! Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  3. #105 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sekiro "All trophies have been unlocked." I'm very proud to say that I've been with the Souls Series (and spiritual successors like BB and this game) since the very beginning - that's right, I started with Demon's Souls Ever since then, From Software's games have easily become some of my all-time favourites, and Sekiro is very much a worthy successor to the 'Soulsborne-iro' (haha) series. If I had to describe how Sekiro takes From's formula in a new direction in one word, it would be "streamlined". Gone are the RPG-like stats, complicated progression systems and weapon types in favour of a much more focused experience. In my personal opinion, I prefer having more ways to make my character my own; but that didn't stop Sekiro from being a heck of a blast to play. The changes to traversal, stealth and combat in general are all incredibly well-done here; even if I did take a while to adjust to the new parry system (I can't tell you how many times I got hit by attacks because I tried to I-frame dodge through them, haha). Once the combat clicked, though, I could hardly put the game down. Sekiro has one of those rare systems where even killing the most basic of enemies is satisfying. The slow drip-feed of new skills, abilities, and prosthetic arm upgrades kept it feeling fresh too. As always, boss design here is varied, interesting and often surprising. I especially loved how each new boss encouraged (if not, forced) you to learn and 'git gud' at a different play style from what Souls-vets will be used to (the deflecting and more aggressive play style in particular). There are a few great boss moments that I won't spoil here, but I can 100% guarantee you that you'll be taken by surprise, haha. That is, as long as you go in blind... which I ABSOLUTELY recommend. Since there aren't weapons, abilities, spells, etc. that can easily be missed, there is no reason to spoil this game for yourself by using guides on your first play through! This is a pet-peeve of mine, but the game is so incredibly fun when the sense of discovery is at the forefront. Environments are gorgeous (particularly a certain late-game area) and - though many of the From tropes (poison swamps...) - are still here, the grappling hook makes navigating them feel very new and exciting. Characters and side-quests/NPC interactions are as cryptic and strange as always, though I personally felt that many of them lacked the impact found in previous games (thinking of memorable experiences with something like Lautrec or Eileen). Not to say they are bad, just short and with relatively little impact on anything in the game world apart from opening up a few new vendors and items. Now for the big question... HoW hARd IS tHe gAme?! Well, to be honest, that completely depends on how quickly you can get used to the combat system. Once you master deflects, posture bar management, and counters to 'perilous attacks' (mikiri in particular), many of the game's bosses can be a breeze. On my first playthrough though, I died more times than I card to admit even to early-game bosses as I struggled to adapt. By the end-game I considered myself quite good, but some late game bosses tested my abilities and even encouraged me to change my playstyle in new and interesting ways. On NG+ and ++ I was absolutely destroying bosses; and not just because I was 'over levelled', but because I had mastered the combat system. In my view, that's the mark of a near-perfect system. Something else I wanted to touch on was how I'd compare Sekiro to Nioh - another very similar style of game that came out recently (also set in Japan). Though they are completely different in many ways, the number of similarities lends itself to comparison. While I far-and-away preferred the combat in Sekiro, Nioh - for me - was much more memorable overall. It seemed to have more 'heart', and - despite it's shortcomings - is a game that I feel I will remember more fondly in the future. Sekiro continues the Soulsborne trend of a 'lonely' world with crazy characters, manic bosses, and deep and interesting lore, but Nioh just had something that I feel Sekiro is missing... and I can't quite put my finger on it They're both excellent games though, don't get me wrong! I also still think Bloodborne has both games beat in its atmosphere and setting (and trick weapons!!), but that's just, like, my opinion man. So... should you play Sekiro? Absolutely! If you're not averse to some early-game frustration as you grapple with the new mechanics (particular as a Souls-player) and a few niggles, I reckon anyone could have an absolute blast with this game. It's may not be my favourite in the Souls Series (sitting around the middle), but Sekiro is a stellar progression on the Souls-formula, and I can't way to see where From goes from here; both with DLC (HYPE!), and with their formula in the future. Oh, and trophies are pretty standard. You can save AFTER the very last boss and before 'interacting' with a certain character (backup on a USB) to get all endings if you want, but again, I would NOT recommend spoiling yourself on the first playthrough. But hey, each to their own Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (honestly not that bad)
  4. Finally got 100% completion in RDR2! An absolutely incredible game, with astounding detail, characters, story, world-building... the list goes on. There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best games ever made.


    I have no desire whatsoever to play MP (or go for the 70 gold medals) so I'll leave it there haha. Especially with Division 2 and Sekiro coming out in the near future :P

    1. Squirlruler



    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! I agree. Singleplayer is amazing.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  5. Hollow Knight is an incredible game! After 50 hours I've done everything except the pantheons (no desire to beat my head against the wall for another 20 odd hours), and I absolutely loved it. One of the best 2D games I've ever played, and gave me epic Dark Souls feels. Highly recommended :D

    1. Durandal


      I love the game too. It was such a pleasure to explore this odd world. But the gameplay is also superb just very demanding. Same as you I have no desire to finish the pantheons, at least for the moment. And I still have to finish the arena and beat the final two bosses. I also am really curious about the next game from Team Cherry.

    2. PvtVoid


      I haven't played it yet! But I should soon :D 

  6. #104 - Marvel's Spider-Man "Be Greater" Collect all Trophies I'll be honest, I've never been the biggest fan of Spider-Man compared to many other heroes. I get that he's meant to be super strong and pretty much OP, but I've always just found him kind of 'lame'. That all changed with this excellent PS4 imagining of the character. Pete is still full of lame jokes, but I very much enjoyed this adventure. The big star here for me was the traversal around the city. The web-swinging was simple enough to get a hang of it quickly, but it never got boring in the 30-40hours I spent in the game. Just felt awesome and made you feel like Spider-Man (Dunkey reference haha). There was a lot else to love too. The main story and characters were all done very, very well, and I felt genuine emotions for many of them throughout the game. The ending - backed up by the incredible mo-cap and voices - was particularly excellent. The 'spectacle' of many missions - as expected - was also great, with many epic scenes and missions. The game is also gorgeous, with incredible lighting and detail throughout. Combat was much more interesting than I initially thought, with many ways to mix and match the gadgets and moves to keep things looking cool and feeling fresh. The added mobility and 'weighty' feel made it even better. I do have a few quibbles with the combat though; primarily with the (many) times that an enemy got stuck in the geometry, and the sometimes spotty hit detection. Overall a lot of fun, I just feel like there is some room for improvement. I have a similar view when it comes to boss battles. Some later fights look incredible and have some really cool moments, but ultimately just come down to dodging/running, waiting for a moment to stun the boss (throwing an item, webbing them) and hitting them a few times. The last boss fight, however, was pretty awesome I few other elements I really enjoyed were the music and sound effects (suitably epic, and super-hero-like), the suit unlocks (great variety in form and function) and the JJJ radio segments (hilarious ). It's not all fun-and-games though; there were a few weaker elements in this game. Though most of the campaign missions were interesting for different reasons, there were a few that changed the pacing abruptly, with some slow & somewhat boring segments. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed them from a story perspective (mostly) - they were just kinda, well, meh. I have a similar feel with the side missions. Many of the 'extra' content (side missions, as well as other 'map filler') were fun initially, but quickly got repetitive. Even the 'villain-specific/introducing' ones felt like a bit of a let-down; especially when compared to the masterful missions in the Batman: Arkham series (in my opinion). I did enjoy many of the 'research station' ones though; they had enough variety to keep them interesting, and also played into the absurdity of the situation, which I enjoyed. The very lean 'minigame' offering was interesting early on, but again quickly got repetitive. Not 'bad' so to speak, just not as exciting as most of the rest of the game. The only other 'major' gripe I had with the game was - in my opinion - the weak stealth mechanics. Enemies were stupid, the segments could easily be cheesed (you can chain together the 'web takedown'/triangle move from distance on single targets to do the 'stealth challenges' in like 20 seconds), and there weren't enough stealth-specific abilities to keep it interesting. Overall it was serviceable, but compared to (again) the excellence that is the predator-segments in the B:A series, it felt a bit lacking here. Briefly; this is an extremely easy game to get the Platinum in. I played on 'Spectacular' difficulty (the hardest of the 3) and enemies hit hard, but it's still not a 'hard' game. Considering that you can get all the trophies when playing on 'easy', it's not an issue for the trophies. What did I think overall? Marvel's Spider-Man is an excellent game. It's funny, has heart, tells a great story, looks and plays well, and traversal in particular is a highlight. It's not perfect - by any means - but the potential for an excellent series is here. If Insomniac can grow and develop on their ideas like Rocksteady did from Asylum --> City, I'm excited for what's to come. Definitely worth a play, and a must-buy if you own a PS4. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10 P.S. I'm yet to play the DLC's (got them for cheap recently), and I'm excited to play them too. Just having a bit of a break
  7. #103 - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! "Ripto's Remorse" Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage The 2nd game in the Remastered trilogy was better than the 1st in many ways, but also still just a 'good' game. There are many improvements - more variety in levels, more moves, much better hub worlds, more interesting characters - but many of the levels were still just decent. Not saying that it was bad by any means; I loved playing this game, and all the changes from the 1st. However, the frustrating mini-games and overall very similar structure keep it from greatness in modern terms imo. Also there was a crap-ton of swimming, and while serviceable, I found it frustrating quite quickly. Spyro 2 is probably a bit harder than Spyro 1 too; some mid-game areas and challenges in particular. That's not saying much though.... especially once you get the super-flame power for getting all the main collectibles, everything else you haven't yet completed to that point is a breeze to finish up. Overall, another good game in a good series, with some obvious improvements. Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  8. #102 - Darksiders (Warmastered Edition) "BFA" Unlocked EVERYTHING! Loving being on holidays so I finally get to play some of my backlog! I'd always been intrigued by the Darksiders series since it came out (about 8 years ago now, I believe), but - for some reason or other - never got around to playing it. I'm glad I finally did though; the world, story and characters were more interesting than I expected. Otherwise, despite the Remastered Edition looking pretty and running well, the gameplay itself does start to show its age somewhat. While remaining fun with new moves and items throughout, the combat overall felt a bit clunky; having the dodge + block + some running / special moves on the same button was frustrating more often than not. Some of the key items / pieces of gear were fun, but generally they were either underpowered or under-utilised. Some areas were also uninspired. That said, I did very much enjoy this game overall! There were some really cool set-piece moments and cutscenes, and I loved the voice acting and music. Sometimes it was a bit too epic for its own good (do I really need a heavy orchestral piece when fighting a single fish???), but generally I was very impressed. Dungeons and bosses were also actually pretty good here too; the Zelda vibe definitely revealed itself here (as did using the key items from that dungeon for that boss). Similarly, the rest of the game felt very God of War-like; types of weapons, moves, health/'magic' collectibles, 'rage' meter, etc. Not to say that's a bad thing - it's done really well here - but I've played those games to death and, again, the gameplay isn't necessarily the most solid when played these days. Trophy-wise, there's nothing too crazy here. A first play through on 'Apocalyptic' is definitely possible; there were only one or two early-mid game fights where I required a few attempts. Once you get some certain powers and items though (Affliction OP), you'll have much less issue. Alternatively, you can play through on an easier difficulty, and make use of the 'abyssal armour' (super strong armour from the late game) which will make your 2nd playthrough much easier; some of the enemies can hit hard! The few missable trophies are all quite straight forward, but I'd recommend having a look beforehand and being sure to make a save before those segments. Spoilers aren't really an issue when it comes to these segments (and I'm very keen to avoid spoilers generally), but playing through a big chunk of the game again could be frustrating if you miss them. Finally, there are a few final grinds trophies; involving the weapon levelling (depending how you play) and a certain horse-riding marathon. Nothing a few baby-spider-killing, horse-rider-murdering, and rubber-band-controllering won't fix Overall, a good game with a really cool premise, but nothing particularly impressive when played today. Am I glad I played it? Sure. Will I play the others in the series? Most certainly. Just don't expect a modern masterpiece, and you'll have fun here. Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  9. #101 - Spyro the Dragon "Gnasty's Demise" Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies Not much to say about this one; it was good, simple, relaxing fun! I played some Spyro as a kid (not as much as Crash, Ratchet & Clank, etc.), and - as is standard for remasters - looks like I remember it... of course it has had a tremendous overhaul and looks much better now, but that's rose-tinted glasses I guess Nothing specific to talk about here. It was fun albeit straight forward, with decent controls / platforming (but with frustrations compared to other games in the genre), some light humour, colourful worlds, and some puzzles. Not a bad game by any stretch, but nothing particularly memorable either. I enjoyed my time with the 1st game in the Reignited Spyro trilogy and I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest... but think I'll need to play something else in between haha. This is a super easy plat too - one of the easiest in my recent memory - with about 7.5hrs in total playing at my own pace for the plat. Some of the flying sections can be a bit finicky trying to balance the awkward camera with the lack of precision, and one particular level had some platforming that required a bit more finesse than normal, but otherwise everything is super easy. Not a bad thing after some of my recent plats though... If you're looking for a change of pace in your gaming life, Spyro is worth a look (based purely on the 1st game in the trilogy). Sure, there might be better options out there, but the Nostalgia that comes with this is worth the price of admission in my book Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10
  10. 100TH PLATINUM!!! WOOOOOO :D AC Odyssey wasn't perfect, but I love that it's my 100th... what a journey it's been! Time to play some smaller Indies for a bit, me thinks. Here's to the next 100!!!

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      Congrats, mate :yay:


      This is the one milestone a gamer always remembers, nicely done with a cool game :)

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      Cheers friends, appreciate it! Feels amazing

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      Well done! 💯

      Amazing milestone 🏆

  11. #100 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey "Epic Cycle" Earn every trophy. I've done it! The big 100 Super excited to reach this milestone, and boy, what an 'odyssey' it was (I know right, good start haha). The road to this 100th plat was long, with sweat and tears, but I've enjoyed (nearly) every step of the way. I was going to 'go for' Witcher 3 for my 100, but I was having too much fun with Odyssey to stop. And every time I told myself to stop and go back... I just couldn't. All said, AC: Odyssey is a more-than-worthy candidate for my 100th platinum trophy, and I can hardly think of a better game to show just how far games have come in the last 10 years. Anyway, enough about that... how was Assassin's Creed: Odyssey? Well... was it the best game ever? No. Was it even the best AC game? Hmmm, probably not. HOWEVER!!! That does not mean that this isn't a game worth playing. To the contrary, I would recommend this game to nearly anyway. A few of the key highlights: Stunningly-realised interpretation of Ancient Greece. A majority of my 135hr playtime was spent simply exploring the cities, expanses, and gorgeous views and islands that the game had to offer. Seriously, this game is gorgeous in parts. Some of the major cities are absolutely stunning. Kassandra was an awesome protagonist. Can't really compare to playing as Alexios, but she is one of my favourite protagonists from recent years. The choices you can make with her don't all have huge impact, but being able to play her the way you want is a big plus. Loved her! There were also a lot of other great characters from Greek history (won't spoil them here), who were a joy to interact with. They feel like family to me now... I'm going to miss them Some of the side-missions were incredible. Seriously, easily Witcher 3 level; and some even better in my opinion. Seriously, there were some missions that absolutely had me regretting my decisions... but I couldn't bear to take it back. THE ISLANDS! I loved the self-contained stories here, and many of the game's best moments were out at sea. Definitely don't neglect these; even though the story doesn't take you there that often The fights against 'special' enemies were awesome. No spoilers here, but these were absolute highlights. As always, I loved learning about history through the in-game 'historical info' marks; again, don't miss this option on the map if you can! Music and sound was great as always. Also, SEA SHANTIES These are big plus-points, but that doesn't make the game perfect. Mission structure (generally) was very repetitive and rarely varied from standard fare. The overall story - while okay - never really took off or reached the level of past games in my opinion. 'Question marks' turned out to be basically 4 things: a new town/city, an enemy camp (there must be 100's), an animal den or a tomb (all of which were nearly identical in structure in layout). The re-use of assets also cropped up numerous times, with enemy camps, underwater sections, and the aforementioned tombs the main culprits. Ship combat, while fun as ever initially, got boring quickly as I made use of the relatively shallow mechanics over time. Normal combat, gear and upgrade systems were similarly 'meh'; very similar to Origins and fun initially, but there are few combos, and the small selection of weapons got old quickly. That said, the savage finishers were always a joy Make no mistake; you can easily avoid many of the above issues by simply not engaging in every single question mark like me haha. I did start avoiding 'another camp' near the end though; you're not missing out on much at all if you skip them. I was comfortably 'max' (lvl 50) by mid-point in the story by simply exploring, so most won't have an issue. I also played on Hard, which was tough but fair. Some enemies have insane health and can kill you in two hits (also, rip fire specifically), but certainly doable if you're up for a bit of challenge. I will highlight again though: the game can get super tedious if you play for too long... I had a 2 week break after feeling burned out at about the 70 hour mark, and when I came back, fell in love all over again. A bit of IMO now... In my opinion, AC games - while still absolutely being a blast to play - have lost some of their soul. I didn't really 'assassinate' that many people... and those that did barely (if ever) had cutscenes. Remember the 'requiescat in pace' scenes from the Ezio days? Same. Remember the thousands of question marks scattered everywhere? Me neither I feel like these games are currently too big for their own good at this point; I would either love a more condensed world with similar gameplay, or keep the expansiveness (which I love to explore) but add more variety in things to do. I wasn't going to stop playing this when I was having so much fun, but I'm seriously considering if these games a good investment of my time moving forwards. In summary, there's a lot of stuff to love here. Stories, characters, a gorgeous world, fun and satisfying gameplay... you're certainly getting a lot of quality content with Odyssey. However, the repetitive nature of the game, and some relatively shallow systems failed to captivate across the entirety of such a big game. In retrospect, I might recommend just playing the missions (including the many, excellent side missions) and ignoring a great majority of the question marks. You might miss out on some 'interesting loot', but nothing that will matter in the long run haha. You should also still get many of the trophies too, haha. So.... after all that, what do I think of AC: Odyssey? I very much enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, and frustrated me at times, but I'm glad that I played it. Memories of the characters, stories and world will stick with me for years to come - and isn't that what many of us play single-player games for? Regardless, I will always remember this as the game that gave me my 100th platinum... and for that, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Game rating; 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10
  12. Just obtained my 99th Platinum: Owlboy (beautiful experience, by the way). Time to (finally) finish Witcher 3 for my 100th :D 

  13. #99 - Owlboy "The Owlboy" Get all the game trophies Owlboy was another beautiful Indie game that was an absolute pleasure to play. Though short, many moments from this game will stick with me for a long time. Is it perfect? No, but this game made me feel for the characters and world in a way few other games can... and for that, I have nothing but praise for Owlboy. The controls / combat is quite straightforward, with a bit of variety added later as you get more companions added to your team. Similarly, exploration of the environments was relatively simple; use an ability to break through an area you couldn't before, move through a 'hidden wall', etc. Overall, nothing particularly new or noteworthy, but flying around the world never got old. I did enjoy the variety of environments, and how the boss fights all played out quite differently (though they were all relatively straightforward). The final boss in particular was quite well-done. Side missions were also fun (albeit simple) for the most part; with the exception of a certain cannon minigame that was more frustrating that anything else... All of that said, it's the characters and the world that truly make this game shine. Though the main character can't speak, it's the simple animations that show how he's feeling that really drive home how awfully he's treated throughout the game (the way he cowers when abused is particularly moving). Your companions, and the other characters you meet (Buccanery and her penguin friends in particular) are all well-written, and the dialogue does a great job of bringing the characters to life. Story-wise, I was regularly shocked by the twists and turns that happened throughout Owlboy. This was evident in the 'bombastic' set piece moments, as well as in the small, heartfelt ones. One particular moment with your mentor - Asio - nearly brought me to tears. The overall story remains a mystery throughout, and even at the end, much is still left open to interpretation. However, piecing together all the 'journals' and holograms (from a final hidden area) does give a lot more information about what's going on. Maybe not everyone will like the overall story as much as me, but I reckon it's great Graphics-wise, this game is absolutely gorgeous. The change in ambience from day to night does an amazing job of making you feel like part of the world, and the fact that the music changes with it too is a bonus. Character and enemy design is also well-done; particularly the main characters and bosses. Again, it's the little details in animations that make these characters come to life. There are a few rough edges here and there, but overall I loved the design. Music was an absolute masterclass; with a mix of 'old style' and more 'modern-sounding' tunes, I was regularly blown away but the emotion that resonated through it. Rarely is there a game that makes me wait at the menu screen (or in different areas) purely to listen to the music (Child of Light is another that made me feel a similar way)! Trophy-wise, you'll have no trouble at all. Nothing is missable (aside from, perhaps, one trophy right at the beginning of the game that will take mere minutes on another save slot), so my advice is to steer clear of spoilers and enjoy the experience! I had an absolute blast with this game. Again, it's not perfect, but this game is more than the sum of its parts; rare is the Indie title (or game in general) that makes me feel like Owlboy did. Absolutely worth a play. Game Rating: 9/10 Plat Difficulty: 2/10 (all easy apart from that stupid cannon minigame :P)
  14. #98 - Nex Machina "Nex Incarnate" Complete all trophies Damn, Housemarque knows how to make a game! I simply couldn't put this game down; that's how much fun I had with it. From start to finish, the gameplay remained addictive and satisfying... such an incredible achievement in today's gaming landscape. Though it seems simple at first (move, shoot, dash, ability are the only 4 'moves'), the sublime depth in Nex Machina reveals itself as you play through the levels again, and again, and again. The sense of mastery in Nex Machina is unparalleled. I thought my first run-through on Experienced was hard (bosses took ages)... but then I managed to beat the whole thing with only 1 death. Veteran seemed insurmountable at first, but then I beat all the bosses (except The Architect, haha) without a single hit, and only died 3 times. I constantly felt like I was improving, and I kept discovering new and exciting ways to use the abilities. Though the rocket and smart bomb were probably the 'best', the laser and power shot were my favourites Enemy variety was great throughout, and the variety in level design meant that I never got bored. The music was also suitably upbeat (boss 4 and 6 had particularly dope soundtracks), and sound effects were well-done. A few quick tips on each boss for your Veteran run: World 1: omegalul World 2: the laser melts this guy World 3: be sure to dodge during his 'dashing' phase, and the rest is ez World 4: actually super easy. Bring a rocket launcher to make it even easier World 5: actually not that bad with a bit of practice. I used the smart bomb & had all my abilities, so it was quite straight forward. Take out his top left and top right 'cannons' in the 1st and 2nd phases (the order is up to you, but I took the left one out first in phase 1, and the right one out first in phase 2), and abuse the I-frames from triple dodge and smart bomb on the cannons to make the 1st 2 phases quite easy. Phase 3 is a bit of a crapshoot... use similar tactics to create a 'path' for yourself, and use the very top left corner of the screen if you need to (the skulls can't hit you there). Practice this fella a few times and you'll be fine World 6: honestly also very easy. Just focus on timing your dodges, and bring a rocket launcher to make the fight super quick. For the 2nd phase (with the hexagon around you), try to do exactly the same thing. When you see the hexagon get bigger briefly (on the 6th ring), either double dash or time your dash so you can avoid the closing shape & cross the ring. Final phase is easy too; just stand far enough back, use your dodges to clear a path, and rocket him to death Secret Boss: good luck... I got absolutely demolished Otherwise, my two big tips are: patience, and practice, practice, practice! I played through the levels a few times each until I was comfortable with enemy spawns, etc., and then had next to no issues during my 'actual' runs. Don't get cocky either! haha. So... how would I rate the difficulty overall? It's tricky, because I personally consider myself to be quite good at these games (also got platinums for Velocity 2X and Furi, for example), so when I got used to how the game worked I honestly didn't find it very hard. Challenging? For sure, but very doable with practice. The other trophies aren't too difficult either. To me, Nex Machina is a near-perfect gaming experience. Is it as 'memorable' as Bioshock, TLoU, or The Witcher III? Maybe not, but it's an incredibly fun time. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but in my eyes Nex Machina stands tall with the best in this genre. Game rating: 9.5/10 Plat difficulty: 5/10
  15. #97 - Rise of the Tomb Raider "Platinum" You unlocked every trophy in the game The Tomb Raider games have a special place in my heart. Ever since I was a kid in the 90's, I used to sit with my Dad as he played the original games on the PC. As such, whenever I play a game with 'Tomb Raider' in the game, it's something a bit special. This game was another solid entry in the series, with a lot of really cool moments. The story here was pretty good, with nothing out of the ordinary for this style of game. In my mind, the Uncharted games still do a better job of story-telling in general. However, the 1st game in this reboot series (Tomb Raider) had a better story in my opinion. That said, it's not bad at all; there are some great, emotional cutscenes and characters are well-done here. Just nothing crazy special. Set-piece moments are here in spades though, and they're excellent. The best moments, in my mind, are those that aren't overly complicated, but look really awesome; and that's definitely the case here, from start to finish. Combat is also generally solid, with a few minor issues with hit detection and over-powered options (looking at you, poison arrows :P). However, there was a good mix of combat options that were unlocked as the story progressed, so I always felt that I had several different ways to play. On a personal level, I did NOT like how suppressors - once unlocked - were automatically applied to all weapons of that type. Sure, it's 'purely an upgrade' (with no damage decrease, etc.), but I didn't like how the pistols or rifles, looked or sounded... I want some 'weight' behind my shots, you know? Minor quibble, but something I noticed for sure. Otherwise, exploration is a blast - with a variety of fun collectibles - and tombs are back and better than ever. The variety of locations, and different puzzle-solving techniques, kept tombs feeling fresh and interesting to explore. They are still quite short, but they were a fun addition. Missions in general also had good variety, with some combat-heavy, some puzzle-heavy, some platforming-heavy, and some in between. Again, there were some really good (and some not so good) ones, but overall I was quite impressed. Sound and music here was also pretty good, as were the voices (for the most part, at least). Never really had a complaint, but also nothing overly memorable. Graphics were also quite impressive; I played on the PS4 pro (but don't have a 4K TV), and the 'Enriched Visuals' option was particularly good. 'Improved Framerate' was butter-smooth in parts, but also struggled a bit in the more 'explosive' segments of the game. A quite note on DLC. It's... a bit of a mixed bag. I really appreciate how they implemented a variety of different modes, with their own gameplay loops and play styles, but some worked better than others. For example, I really enjoyed the 'Croft Manor - Blood Ties' DLC. This was short and pretty simple gameplay-wise, but the story that unfolded gave much-needed backstory to the Croft family, with some very well-voice-acted collectibles throughout. The atmosphere here was great, and I had nothing but praise for this one. The 'Baba Yaga' DLC - while relatively short for a story-related DLC - was also good fun. The missions in the Vale were fun and interesting, and I liked how different this mission felt to the rest of the game. The rewards for completing it also looked cool, and were fun to use. Similarly, the 'Cold Darkness' DLC presented a stealth-horror element with 'zombies', puzzle-solving, and collectibles with a very different feel. Though a bit tedious after playing for a while, I really enjoyed this twist on the formula. The same can't be said for the 'Endurance' DLC. I get what they were going for - with a randomly-generated, survival-style mode - but it's just too tedious and frustrating for me. You can go for 15 minutes without finding a single crypt (needed for a trophy, for example), and I quickly tired of the repetitive environments and enemies. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I don't enjoy 'rogue-likes' in general, but I reckon you can give this a miss. I also didn't really the like the 'Croft Manor - Lara's Nightmare' DLC. It was frustrating (combat isn't meant to be that close-ranged in this game, in my opinion), too short, and not particularly fun. It's a few quick and easy trophies, but I would never play this again. Finally, the trophies... not really too bad on this front. 'Survivor' difficulty really isn't too hard; I'd definitely recommend it for your first playthrough if you're going for the platinum. There are a few harder segments, but nothing that poison arrows won't fix Everything else is pretty straight-forward, with chapter replays, and the ability to search for collectibles whenever you want. Time trials here were actually implemented quite well, in my opinion. You'll earn 'cards' throughout your game (also bought through an in-game store for credits), which are used as modifiers when replaying levels; they can either make things harder (for a bigger score multiplier), easier, or just more fun or interesting. Combined with the collectible element (wisps, lanterns, etc.) in each score-attack level, I actually had more fun than I expected when going for the big scores. However, one gripe I have is how strong the 'poison arrows' are in combination with the other huge multiplier cards (leading to an easy 350% bonus in most levels). They made the scores super easy to achieve; when considering that you get nearly 4x whatever you get within the level, I'd often reached the threshold within the first few minutes of the combat-heavy levels. However, you can still absolutely do whatever you like (in terms of load outs, etc.) and you shouldn't have much trouble achieving gold in each level. I had some fun with random / crazy load outs in some levels, and still got the scores pretty easy Overall, I had a lot of fun with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Is it one of the best games I've ever played? No. Is it still a great game? Absolutely. While there was nothing particularly memorable or 'fresh' about this game, it had a lot of really good elements that came together to make this absolutely worthwhile playing. I reckon most people would have fun playing through this experience at least once; whether you're an experienced Tomb Raider, or just beginning your journey Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (some time trials are a pain, but practice makes perfect!)