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  1. #115 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered "Just another day at the office" Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Modern Warfare is one of the classics; no disputing it. Coming out in (perhaps the greatest year for gaming of all time) 2007 - alongside the likes of Bioshock, Uncharted, Super Mario Galaxy, Portal, the Orange Box, Halo 3 and more!! - this was a watershed year for many franchises. This was the game that kick-started the juggernaut which is COD as we know it today; and say what you want about what the series has become since then (full disclosure: I haven't played many of the recent entries at all), this is COD at its best. Apart from MW2 (and perhaps Black Ops), MW is universally considered to be one of - if not the - best in the series. Also disclosure: I replayed this game for the Campaign, NOT the Multiplayer. Since this game came out when I was growing up, the memories I got from playing this game (in all its HD glory) were amazing. From remarkable fruit-killing skills and switching to your pistol, to running the cargo ship solo in under 15 seconds, to "Hey Suzi", Gaz, Price... there's so much classic stuff here. The Remastered version runs great; I had basically no issues with performance at all. Music and sound are excellent, and the gunplay is rock-solid. I did find myself missing many of the new additions to the formula (such as sliding, diving, more interesting weapons, etc.) but this was an absolute blast to play through again. There are still some rough bits (how many thousands of guys did they need to send after us at that Chernobyl Ferris wheel???), but this is a rollicking good time. How hard's the platinum? Well, honestly, it depends on how good you are at FPS games in general. If you've played one (or many) CODs like I have - including Veteran runs in all of them - you'll know what to expect here. Grenade spam, getting insta'd as soon as you peak out of cover... and also, how you can feel like a god if you play smart, and use cover and weapons well. The main 'hard' bits include: 'Hunted' with the chopper (until you learn the pathing), Ferris wheel with ya boi (just hide in a metal shack 4head), the final mission (screw that missile silo room), and - of course - 'Mile High Club' (good luck! Practice makes perfect). The common theme among most of these is - of course - the timer; being forced to rush requires you to play smart. I had a blast playing through the game again though, so despite some difficult bits, I still had fun Overall, I would honestly recommend MW (the campaign, at least) to anyone who calls themselves a gamer. Being able to experience one of the classic gaming experiences in all its Remastered glory is too good of an opportunity to pass up; whether you've played it before or not. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 5/10
  2. #114 - Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove "Shovel Justice" Earn all other Trophies. Another day, another platinum haha. In all seriousness though, Shovel Knight is a great game. I've never played the MegaMan games of old, but from what I've heard, the style / set-up here is very similar. You've got a world map, and 8 'boss knight' levels (like 'boss man' levels in MegaMan), as well as some treasure levels and roaming dudes. There's a good mix of abilities here, and the pure 'shovel combat' is very tight; as is the platforming in general. Though some moves are relatively easily abused (down attack on some enemies, phase locket basically anywhere, chaos orbs to kill some bosses in 5 seconds or less), in general there aren't many obvious issues here. There were some levels with annoying RNG elements (screw those flying guns), but honestly the team did a great job. The art style was great, and the chiptune soundtrack was very fitting; some 'dance' tracks in particular were well done. The sense of humour / some characters here are awesome too, especially a certain giant fish... The story concept, while serviceable, was quite simple; I get that's kinda the point with these games, and the boss characters were done well, but I still just felt kinda 'meh' at the end of the story. Compare this to something like Iconoclasts, or Hollow Knight (I realise there are a heap of other variables at play here too, but this is personal opinion about what I prefer in this style of game). Level designs were also varied and interesting, and I appreciated the regular introduction of new concepts. There's also a pretty dope cameo by a certain Greek dude Trophy and difficulty-wise... this could be very variable depending on your experience. An initial playthrough isn't too bad; with generous checkpoints, little damage taken, and the ability to easily get and upgrade everything. NG+ with no deaths is another matter. I personally didn't have too much of an issue after practicing each level for a bit, and it's very helpful that you can simply return to map when you die (progress doesn't save!), but you will have to run through the level again. There are a few others (all / no relics, coins, etc.), but these were pretty straight forward. Probably the most difficult aspect - for me at least - was the time trial. 1hr 30mins doesn't sound too bad, but it quickly adds up when you consider there are 12 total 'levels', and you'll want to do at least a bit of health / mana levelling between that. QUICK TIPS for Time Trial run: Do it last (you'll be most comfortable with the game), and be sure it's on NG (NG+ doesn't count) Recommended upgrades: Phase locket (definitely), Propellor Dagger (speed-running last few stages) +/- Flare Wand (personal preference, but helps to deal with pesky mobile enemies at a distance) & Chaos Sphere (trivialises some bosses and the battle Royale) Easy bosses (with no upgrades): King (pogo), Spectre (hit and wait), Mole (pogo) 'Chaos sphere' spam bosses: Treasure, Polar Practice bosses: Tinker ('mobile gear' one-shots 1st phase, can stay pogo on head indefinitely when practiced), Propellor (practice timings), Final (git gud at platforming and dodging) @#$%@#$% bosses: Plague Knight (screw this guy!!!!!! Spam phase locket haha) You'll need AT LEAST 15-20 minutes for the final 2 levels. The 2nd last (ascent) has a battle Royale against all 8 'knight bosses' which takes up time purely because... well, it does. The final boss / level can be completed in 5-ish minutes, but you'll save yourself a massive headache if you can save time earlier. After every (or every few) levels, backup to the cloud! There's literally an option in the main menu for this, so be sure to use it. If you screw up at a bad place / time, or think you're too slow, return to title (NOT map), re-download save from cloud, and try again Don't give up; you can definitely do it! On my first 'time trial' attempt, I finished 3 minutes over On my 2nd try, I finished in 1:29:42 hahaha (18 seconds left!). To be fair, I was kind meme-ing around for some gems, etc... but you could easily shave 5-10 mins off that. Alternatively, play through with just your starting equipment and you could probably hit an hour. Overall, I had a lot of fun here. Shovel Knight is a solid 2D platformer, with what I'm sure will be beautiful nostalgia for many. I wouldn't say it's my favourite of this style (I prefer a bit more character development, story, etc. personally), but this is definitely worth a play Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 4.5/10
  3. #113 - Minit "LEGEND" UNLOCK ALL OTHER TROPHIES Okay, so I definitely will keep this one brief... if you're looking for a fun distraction & an easy plat, this game is a decent experience. It's effectively a rogue-lite; with 1 minute per life (hence the name), as you gradually obtain new items and unlock new areas. The characters are quirky, the style / music is interesting, and there are some cool moments for sure... but that's about it. There's just not much substance here. 'Puzzles' are very simple, combat is a bit finicky (hit detection on NG+ triggered me a bit), and the game is over so quickly that you'll be left kinda feeling like, well, 'meh'. I do realise that not every game is meant to be an expansive masterpiece, and I did enjoy my 4ish hours here, but I could have passed on it easily, too. Oh, and did I mention this is a SUPER easy platinum? NG+ might seem a bit tricky initially, but you can actually skip a good chunk (basically all) of the last 1/3 of the game by running straight to the toilet... lol. Honestly, I'm surprised this even got a platinum haha. Game rating: 6/10 (not bad, just meh) Plat difficulty: 1.5/10
  4. #112 - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales "Living Legend" Get all trophies Do you like (or love) The Witcher 3? Did you enjoy Gwent, but found it to come predictable / simple by the end of the game? Well, Thronebreaker will definitely scratch that itch for you! Personally, I'm a massive fan of this series, so this was a no-brainer purchase for me. I thought the style looked interesting, and was keen to see how the story-telling, characters and world-building carried over from the main Witcher series... and wow, was this an amazing ride. There's a lot to love here, so I'll keep it brief. This game has amazing characters, world design, voice-acting, music, gameplay... all things the Witcher games are known for in general. The choice-consequence system is (in my opinion) excellently done here; with there rarely being a 'right or wrong' choice; as the game so readily reminds you, you often have to choose between 'one evil in favour of another'. Are you willing to give up that amazing card in the face of a decision that you suspect will drive them to leave your service? You may not realise the outcomes of your choices until much later, but some can have quite far-reaching consequences. Gameplay is split in 3 main parts: exploration (admittedly rather simple, but there are multiple gorgeous locations to explore), story/choices (voice-acting, background sound-design, and characterisation excellent) and combat/Gwent. Gwent, though recognisable from the main game of Witcher 3, is also expanded upon in many ways (NB: I haven't played the FTP Gwent card game yet, but I imagine many of this stuff is present there too). There are only 2 rows instead of 3 - which I initially thought simplified it too much - but I was dead wrong. From an incredible variety of units, trinkets (single-use items) and trophies (multi-use tools), to a leader ability, many different other effects, and some gorgeous card-art... I was very, very impressed. Some of the puzzles are very, very creative; and even some of the main battles (such as the main fight at the end of Chapter 4) make fun and clever use of the system. Though I found some nigh-unbeatable combos by the end of the game, the journey of learning new cards and abilities was very enjoyable. I know I said I'd be brief... but I have to talk a bit about the world, story, characters etc too (haha). Despite being largely relegated to simple sprites, the voice-acting and subtleties in motion and facial expression do an amazing job of selling this game world. I don't want to spoil anything, but the story is also very well-told, and ties in with other games in the series. The fact that I thought and felt so strongly about how various characters would react when making some big decisions just goes to show how well-developed the characters are. I honestly felt like a Queen in some ways; forced to make tough decisions... do I act for the good of my Kingdom? The North as a whole? Based on how my troops or advisors will act? Do I want to gain a new ally or is my honour more important? Brilliantly done. I had very few issues with the game, but one glaring one does need to be addressed. I played on 'bone breaker' (the hardest of 3 difficulties) as I enjoy a challenge in this style of game; and I got it. Some later battles required careful planning to outmanoeuvre my opponents. HOWEVER, I soon realised there was a very frustrating issue with this. In most (though strangely, not all) battles against Nilfgaardian or Scoitael opponents, the game would stutter/freeze intermittently for about 20-30s before each turn the AI made. This severely broke the flow of combat and gameplay, and was just... well, annoying. I 'googled' this issue, and found that it was an issue with the AI needing to think before making a move on higher difficulties; and as soon as I turned down the difficulty, the problem lessened (on the 2nd difficulty) and disappeared completely (on the lowest). This seriously sucks; and honestly, I fail to see how this is anything other than poor optimisation. I get that Gwent can get complicated, but the PS4 Pro is a very powerful console, and there's honestly no excuse for this to be happening; especially this long after release. This became such an issue that by the end of the game, I had to turn down the difficulty. Not because I needed to 'git gud', but purely because of how frustrating it was to wait that long before each and every turn... making one mistake and having to start the whole battle again - while frustrated - turned what was potentially a 5-minute battle into multiple 15-minute attempts. I also experienced numerous (probably about 8) game crashes on my first (30hr) play through. Neither of these issues are completely game-breaking or anything, but they certainly tarnished my experience somewhat. Trophies are generally straight-forward and nigh unmissable (as long as you explore everywhere); especially since you can skip battles completely if you play on easy! However, the 'collect all weapons' is certainly missable on your 1st playthrough; depending on some choices you make. This was quite annoying; especially since the 2 I missed were because I chose to make an 'honourable' decision... This made me feel punished; and not in a 'affecting gameplay' way (since neither was particularly game-changing) either... that said, you can easily get through the main path of the game in 2-3 hours by following the main path / skipping cutscenes / playing on easy and skipping all battles, so it's not that big of an issue. In summary, Thronebreaker: Witcher Tales is an excellent game. No 'for a card / strategy game' or any such nonsense; this stands alone as an utterly enthralling adventure. A must-play for any Witcher-fan, and very highly recommended for basically anyone. I highly recommend a blind playthrough here too; sure you could min-max everything (ensuring you get every single card, etc.), but a major part of this game is the story and choices, and you're doing yourself a disservice if you spoil it all for yourself You'll almost certainly regret some of your choices, but that's the whole point... Game rating: 9/10 (unfortunate technical issues keep it back from 10) Plat difficulty: 1-4/10 (you can ultimately skip everything if you want, though it can be a challenge if you play on Hard!)
  5. Just finished another 'walk-em-up' in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. And......... meh. World was pretty, story seemed somewhat interesting, but my overall impression is largely one of indifference. Voice acting wasn't very good, gameplay / interaction was minimal (though seeming interesting at first), and the overall story and ending was just, well, okay. There were some interesting ideas, but nothing ever really made me 'feel' anything... apart from maybe how brutal some of the murders were.


    I have nothing against this genre per sè - I've been feeling more chill recently, so figured I would give some of them a go - but I'm very much of a mixed opinion. I LOVED Edith Finch, really enjoyed Firewatch (mainly the atmosphere), and these others were just a bit 'meh'.


    Good thing I'll (probably) be picking up Rage 2 tomorrow for some more 'gameplay' haha :D

    1. Conker


      if you haven't, i say you should try Kona, interesting story and the atmosphere is really good and if its your thing it has a plat too ;) 

  6. #111 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture "This Pattern is Mine" You got them all. You got them all Finally... my trigger finger is hurting. This wasn't necessarily a 'bad game' - then again, it's not really much of a game (in the traditional sense) at all - but I can honestly say that the frustrations and shortcomings probably outweighed the positives. Having recently played 'Edith Finch', I was a bit disappointed with this. It's much less focused, movement is a chore, and the story - though intriguing - is a bit of a mixed bag IMO. Probably easiest to split this into pros and cons... Pros: Gorgeous environmental design and atmosphere Excellent voice acting Beautiful soundtrack Story (at times) Cons: Extremely tedious walking / movement. I know you can hold down R2 to go faster (hence my sore trigger finger), but when you're trying to explore every inch of the map, this quickly became very frustrating. It's not the pace of the game that's the issue - I enjoy taking my time and exploring - but when I need to walk for 5 minutes to get back to the main path after exploring the outskirts, I sorely wanted a way to move faster. This is much more of an issue here than in a game like Edith Finch (with more contained and focused environments), and my interest regularly waned throughout. There is also very little reward for exploration for the most part. Framerate, screen-tearing and re-used assets. I swear, if I have to go in one more identical house.... Collectibles / trophies (generally) suck. When a trophy says 'wait for...' or 'play with...', I don't expect to wait for 3-5 minutes... at least give me some feedback that I'm doing the right thing? I missed basically all of these on my first playthrough because I thought there was something I was doing wrong. Another trophy LITERALLY tells you to do nothing for 5 minutes... rip me. 'Reading' books requires you to look at them; how do I know I've looked at it? There's no stat tracking, and no way to tell if you missed anything. Yes, I realise you can follow a guide, but considering I missed maybe 10 things on my first (in depth) playthrough, having to collect EVERYTHING again was simply a chore. The story started interesting enough; and kept my interest throughout; for the most part. I liked learning about the individual characters and their fates; and discovering how the disparate stories all intertwine across time was intriguing. The ending though? Hmmmmm.... I understand what they were going for here, but it just didn't do it for me. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like you can justify sacrificing the entire world to satisfy your scientific curiosity and cure your loneliness.... IN MY OPINION, I didn't find many of the main characters particularly likeable. Kate and Stephen were self-centred, selfish idiots (imo), and many of the supporting characters were just as annoying (Wendy being nosy, Jeremy being kind but weak-willed, and Lizzie being unfaithful). Sure, I get that part of the point is how broken human lives and relationships are, and how the light 'rapture' fits into that (no more detail here; spoilers!!!), but apart from maybe Rachel and Frank, I wasn't a bit fan. More? Probably... IMO, this is an example of why people don't like 'Walking Simulator' games... there is a (somewhat) interesting story, some beautiful environments, and a pretty great soundtrack / voice acting work, but overall I can't help but be left feeling like I didn't really do anything. The only interaction you have is to interact with radios, balls of light and maybe doors/gates by pressing a single button, and the rest of your time is spent simply... well, walking around. Again I GET what the game is going for, and I don't think this is the most egregious example of this type of game, but it's by no means the best either. Compare this to something like 'Edith Finch'. The story is more focused, there is variety in gameplay and interaction (with some incredibly creative levels), there are emotional and dark stories, and the whole game can be completed in 2-3 hours; pretty much perfect for this style of game in my opinion. No, it wasn't perfect either, but I feel that Edith is an example of this style done right. Do I still think many people will enjoy this? For sure. Did I enjoy the relaxing exploration of 1980's England? Sure, at times. But that doesn't mean I would recommend this game to many people. There are better options out there, but feel free to give it a go if you enjoy this style of game. Game rating: 5.5/10 Plat difficulty: 1/10 (easy, just tedious as heck)
  7. Just played it (currently free on PS+), and 'best walking simulator' doesn't even do this game justice. This is one of those experiences where I can honestly recommend everyone play it. It might seem unassuming at first, but this is an incredibly creative and affecting game. Sure, it's short and there's minimal interaction, but this is one of my favourite gaming experiences in recent memory. Seriously, 10/10.
  8. WOW... I'd heard 'What Remains of Edith Finch' was good, but I was absolutely blown away. The creativity on display here is mind boggling; all wrapped up in a dark and affecting storyline with gorgeous and harrowing music and sound design. I cannot recommend this enough - especially since it's now free! 10/10

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Looks pretty straight forward, will def. give it a round tomorrow night.

    2. FluffyAssassin64


      Yup, very easy trophies too

    3. SinisterPledge


      I really enjoyed it as well. Visuals were nice, and the story hooked me from beginning to end.

  9. #110 - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon "Party like it's 2024" Win all trophies in Spyro 3 The final game in this remastered collection, and perhaps the least impressive / memorable in my opinion. I generally enjoy this style of collect-athon games, but this didn't really do it for me. I appreciated the changes they made to the formula here - such as new characters - but ultimately I found myself swaying regularly between enjoyment and frustration. Apart from maybe 1 or 2, the mini-games here were awful in my opinion. They all had one of a few problems: poor controls, stupid AI, boring, or plain frustrating. Some particular stand-outs (in a bad way, that is) include a boxing fight with a yeti, and the skateboard race mini game (NB: the tricks ones were pretty fun, but I hated the controls for the race w/ tricks aspect). In fact, I just gave up completely on the final skill point & the racing mission in the 'super bonus round' - not because I need to 'git gud', but because I genuinely did not want to put myself through it. Otherwise, level design is pretty standard for the series; with a good mixture of platforming, combat, and some puzzles and change-ups. The new characters also added some welcome variety... until they were shoe-horned into some pretty bad 'side missions': the above-mentioned yeti boxing, a 'protect fireflies' challenge with the kangaroo (that 2nd twin does whatever the heck he wants), a side-scroller with the kangaroo... then there's the horrible aiming reticle for the penguin/monkey, and some (imo) badly-designed flight controls for the penguin, and I found myself triggered more often than not. Was anything outright broken or unplayable? No, but I didn't enjoy any of these diversions, and that's an issue for me. I know, I know... I'm making comments on this game based on a nearly 20 year old game I am very impressed with the Remaster here (in terms of cutscenes, music, graphics, etc.), but I honestly just feel that several mechanics got in the way of my enjoyment. Spyro himself controls as well as ever (honestly, I would have preferred to have more variety with just him rather than these other characters), and is simple - though satisfying - to play as. Trophies here are a cakewalk; maybe 1 or 2 require a bit of practice, but a majority simply require you to complete an easy task in each level. Anyone who's played a platformer before - or even just the other games in this collection! - should have no trouble. Overall, though I do feel this to be the weakest entry in the 3-pack, I do think I'd still recommend this Collection for most people. The games are all generally good, I just personally didn't appreciate some of the later changes to the formula. Give it a go; just don't expect to have a perfect or frustration-free experience. Game rating: 6/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10 PS: If you're triggered by this and think I'm wrong, that's fine! This is just my opinion
  10. Keen to play Edith Finch (heard good things from mates), but I can definitely see how people are upset about this... I remember when the free games used to be awesome PLUS some fun Indie games. This is a bit sad considering how much the service costs & how much they've taken away
  11. #109 - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor "Master of Mordor" One has walked in Mordor. Here we go, another Batman: Arkham clo... wait. This game is actually super fun! I was very, VERY pleasantly surprised with this game! I've put it off for a long time (meh, I thought), but this is actually one of the most fun games I've played in a while. There are a few retread concepts for sure. Towers that reveal zones? Check. Almost identical combat to Batman: Arkham series (even down to the button mapping of 'combo moves')? Check. However, do not write this game off; it brings a lot to the table! Here are a few things I loved: The Nemesis system. I'd heard a lot about this much-touted gameplay mechanic, and I was actually still surprised at how much I liked it. The drip-feed of new ideas and ways to interact throughout kept it interesting, and I grew surprisingly attached to the orcs I brought from nothing to be Warchiefs... before I betrayed them and blew their head into pieces Seriously, this system is enough to pick up the game, imo. Characters, lore and story. I'm a sucker for Lord of the Rings, and I actually really enjoyed what they brought to the table here. The voice-acting was also surprisingly good (some of those artefact voice-overs were excellent), and the characters were actually interesting and well-acted. The villains were suitably menacing, and both of the main character story-arcs were nice. I did have some issues though... the boss fights against the 'big bad guys' were quite disappointing (a slightly longer combat sequence, a 'what just happened' stealth boss, and a QTE dude), and the story ended abruptly, but the journey was well worth it imo The orcs in general. Much like the baddies in Batman: Arkham, I enjoyed simply being in the same world as these guys. They had funny anecdotes, commented on my escapades, and were just cool. The battle-cries as they run into battle were epic, and I lived the chant for a new Warchief when they entered the fray. In general, bad guys that you still somehow love. Combat. While - again - similar to other games, there was enough here that was unique and interesting that I still had fun. Later-game OP abilities were a blast to use, and I truly felt powerful as both Ranger and Wraith. Sound cues for things like head explosions and executions were amazing too. General sword-striking was a bit 'meh', but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Trophies were pretty easy, and my favourites were those that involved making fun use of the Nemesis system. This system was so interesting in my eyes that I didn't mind the 'grind' (not that bad, honestly) to get some of these to pop. The 'outcast mission' design was baffling (why so many, and so strange to activate?) but otherwise no complaints here. Sure, mission design could use some work, and there were some rough aspects here and there, but this is honestly a game I'd recommend to nearly anyone. You can pick it up for super cheap now anyway, so why not? I'll definitely be picking up Shadow of War now; I'm excited to see where this series goes. Thank goodness they've fixed the microtransaction grind haha. Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  12. #108 - Dishonored: Death of the Outsider "Truest Self" Earn all trophies If I could sum up this game briefly, it would be "the weakest entry in the Dishonored series, but still fun to play". Not much more to say really, haha. All the mechanics you know and (mostly) love from the core games, with a different protagonist, some new powers and abilities, and a new - pretty decent - story. Level design was pretty good overall: with 2 new (and clever) missions, 2 good but somewhat short, and 1 that was pulled basically straight out of Dishonored 2. The new stuff was pretty fun, but the lack of variety showed itself quite early (to me, at least). Billie is a cool protagonist, but I found myself missing the more fun stories of the past 2; with more interesting characters and scenarios. Dishonored 2 was just better in basically every way. The story, locations, level design (Clockwork mansion and time-travel-mansion in particular), variety in abilities, impactful choices, etc. have all stuck with me much more than anything in this game will. Though that wasn't a perfect game either, it was a damn good one! Death of the Outsider was solid - and I realise it's a shorter experience more akin to a (very) long DLC - but I can't ever see myself coming back to it again. Some of the 'negative' stuff is still here too; spotty swordplay and hit detection, inconsistent stealth AI etc. - but I still very much enjoyed another adventure in Arkane's world. Trophies are pretty straight-forward too; I missed a few on my first (blind) play through, but they're all easy to get later. The 'original game +' mode (this campaign with 3 of Emily's powers from D2) was VERY quick and easy - I finished the whole game in 1 hour! I enjoyed playing on Hard for my 1st 2 playthroughs (I find it more enjoyable when there's at least some challenge), but easy for this 3rd one was the way to go. Overall, if you enjoy this series, DotO is worth a play if you can get it for a reasonable price. Dishonored 2 is greatly superior, and even the remaster of 1 is excellent, so I absolutely wouldn't recommend this as an entry point, but it's a decent continuation of this story. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  13. #107 - Hyper Light Drifter "Platinum" Get every trophy Hyper Light Drifter was fun, but - in many ways - fell short of greatness in my opinion. The aesthetic and style is really cool, as are many of the music tracks, and I liked the cute characters and sprites. Combat is solid and has a nice weight to it, and the world is generally fun to explore... for the first time at least. You also definitely get a sense of mastery throughout, allowing you to feel very powerful by the time you come to repeat playthroughs. I had quite a few issues with this game, however: - The lore and story is INCREDIBLY barebones. I appreciate the minimalism in games like this (little explanations throughout, leaving you to discover for yourself), but I was very, very underwhelmed by the ending. I 'got' what was happening broadly throughout, but I felt no emotional connection to the main character (or anyone else, really), meaning the ending meant very little to me. NB: I read a lore post on reddit after getting the plat, and it's actually quite interesting; dealing with some cool themes. Too bad it's all hid behind translating monoliths, steam cards with descriptions (which I couldn't see) and a hefty dose of interpretation. I appreciated the little 'storyboards' in the game, but I was still not particularly excited by it when playing. - Costumes / outfits aren't explained AT ALL in terms of their utility. I always play these games first without a guide, and I had no idea that the outfits provided stat bonuses; and that you could have 3 active at once, no less! I thought it was purely a palate swap (which is fine, imo) but I only realised by NG+ that I had been missing out on quite a few buffs. A simple HUD indicator or subtle indications would have been lovely. - Numerous bugs, glitches and crashes. This was a particular issue with the moving blocks in the North, but I would often clip though the wall or the blocks themselves. I also had numerous times where the game would either freeze (particularly after collecting a module) or give a PS error; probably up to 10 times total. Not game-breaking, but frequently immersion-breaking - Collectibles are a bit of a mess. I HATE games that do their collectibles like this. I had fun initially collecting the yellow gear-bits during my playthrough, but when I finished and used a guide to find the remaining (some are super well hidden), I discovered that there is literally no way to check where your missing items are (even something like a zone counter would have been helpful). I ended up searching for 8 HOURS for my FINAL Gearbit, only to discover that it was a box in the South region (S16) that I KNOW for certain I had collected at some point... but considering that any collectibles reset if you die before entering a new room / auto-saving, I wasted so much time looking for this final one. I know this is partly my fault, but still; extremely frustrating!! My advice - WHEN GOING FOR COLLECTIBLES, GO 1 BY 1 IN ORDER WITH A GUIDE, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALMOST CERTAIN YOU'VE ALREADY GOT THAT ONE!!! Hopefully this will save you a massive headache, haha. - Bosses were a super mixed bag: E is laughably easy, N is a cluster-flip of lights that can either be super quick or super frustrating, W is simple when you stop trying for dodge I-frames, and S is a spammy scrublord. The final boss is kinda meh too. None were particularly memorable, and I can't say any of them were very fun either. My opinion though! - Chain dash: cool idea, a bit inconsistent. Once you get the timing down, you're fine; however, I've heard of many people who struggled to get the timing on the 1st chain - even after completing the game. Even I would find that when starting 'cold' (e.g. playing on the weekend after not playing for a day or two), I would take a few minutes to get my timing down again. I get why they made it like this (so you could dash without losing control and falling off edges), but it just never really felt amazing Here's my tips for a few of the 'harder' trophies: - 800 consecutive dashes: there are a lot of tips out there for this one, but my best advice is to do it while doing something else; listening to music, watching Youtube, etc. Sure, you can use a 240bpm metronome if you like, but I found that distracting myself from laser-focus on 'not making a mistake' actually helped. I also found it easier to focus my eyes more in the centre of the screen rather than following speedy-boi around the room so I didn't get a headache. This is a grind though, and you'll need to practice and be persistent to get this one. Definitely doable with a PS4 controller (I did mine) too. Pick a direction (clockwise or counter), and go Also give your thumb / brain a break if you need to! I tended to have a few goes every time I teleported back to the home town. - NG+: git gud............... nah but seriously, this should be fine. You keep all your sword / dash upgrades from NG (DEFINITELY make sure you have everything unlocked), but lose everything else - and your health is set at 2. I personally recommend investing a few Gearbits into some select upgrades (shotgun ammo, health upgrade or 2, bomb) to make your life easier, but you could honestly just follow the main path and be fine. Take care of anything that does 2 damage with 1 hit (laser birdies, rocket launcher dudes, plant beasts) early, and abuse the shotgun With your experience from NG, you should be more than capable of doing this; no worries. I had a few issues with the N boss (birdy) until I played more carefully, then I was fine. - NO deaths: seriously not too bad at this point (likely your 3rd playthrough). My only deaths were to the bird boss (once) and the final boss (once) because I got careless and reckless, but if you take it slow and steady you can knock this out in an hour or two. You can also backup your saves on a USB if you want, haha. - Hoarde mode: S took a few tries, but did N / E / W 1st try. What can I say? I'm a beast. The final challenge though... which a mess. It's completely randomised with all enemies (or so it seems), and if you get 2 chain gun dudes & a rocket dude + plant beast or 2, on a later wave, you're pretty much screwed (due to terrible cover, poor visibility, and unpredictability of spawns). Keep at it and you'll get there eventually, or just wait for an easy run haha. - Collectibles: GUIDE haha Helpful links: - Gearbits guide (again, follow IN ORDER if searching, even if you're 'sure' you got one): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665910741 - NG+ / No deaths: This is an excellent guide for which modules to get (saving a LOT of time, and avoiding risky enemies and one-hit-kill blocks), in what order, and ultimately what upgrades you 'need'. Of course you don't need to go this fast (in fact, I'd highly recommend getting basically all of the 'easy' Gearbits along the way - you'll have more than enough quite quickly). I'd recommend the following upgrades, however: Triple dash (basically a must), shotgun ammo (also invaluable), sword deflect (very useful, if not necessary). The charged sword, 1/2 bombs and 1/2 health packs can also make some tougher battles much quicker and easier. Good luck! Well, that's a lot of words for me to say that this game - while fun - certainly wasn't perfect, or even great for that matter (in MY OPINION). Once I'd learnt the basics of combat (and how powerful certain abilities like the shotgun, chain dash and bombs were), I also didn't find the game particularly difficult. Perhaps my views have been tainted because of my frustrating grind for my last collectible, but I honestly don't think I'll remember much of this game now that I'm finished... it's just left a kind of 'meh' feeling with me. For comparison's sake, I've played (and loved) other 'similar' games to this - iconoclasts, dead cells, owlboy, Axiom Verge - and thought they were much stronger titles. They had similar aesthetic, but a either a much deeper / more interesting story or more impactful upgrades and progression. Owl boy is perhaps one of my favourite Indie games ever (it too had flaws, but I have incredible memories from the experience), and others like Hollow Knight are some of my favourite games of all time. I love Indie games normally, I just don't think this one is up there with the best of them. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (just tedious af)
  14. #106 - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 "Platinum Agent" Unlock every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Being a veteran of ~2000 hours in the Destiny series (across 1 and 2, don't @ me), but feeling burnt out (I wonder why?) and looking for another looter shooter, I figured that I would give The Division a crack. I'd heard great things about the series and it's evolution since the early days of Div 1, and I was pleasantly surprised with this sequel at launch. Especially considering the disaster of Anthem, and the relatively poor launch of most looter shooters, I was quite impressed with the launch of Div 2. Was it perfect? No, but it was a heck of a lot of fun First, the good. Beautiful open world, HEAPS of loot (dozens from some missions and farming the DZ in an hour or two), fun abilities and gunplay, addictive gameplay loop, fun solo and with friends, solid progression system, enjoyable (mostly) DZ, pretty solid matchmaking... there's a lot to love here. Now, the not so good. Dot points will be easier here. Also before you get triggered, I know this is a newly-released open world always-online game so I can expect some glitches, but when Destiny runs butter-smooth for the most part, they're harder to excuse imo: Visual glitches, visual glitches everywhere. I've heard about the PS Pro having more issues (what I played on), but I had issues most - if not all - play sessions. Horrendous pop-in, enemies randomly teleporting, tripping down/up stairs, and even the whole geometry of the game breaking (primarily if I accidentally walk near a door I'm 'not supposed to enter' in the DZ). Surprisingly, I didn't see much about this last issue online, but it made the game literally unplayable. It's hard to describe clearly, but I was under/inside the backgrounds, and I ran into invisible walls everywhere, couldn't exit, couldn't access menus, etc... haha. Only in DZ though strangely Audio bugs and glitches, also everywhere. From gun sounds not playing, to sounding like wet noodles, to music playing loudly/softly and then stopping suddenly, this was noticeably probably every 30 mins or so (or at least once a mission). Happened solo and in group. Pretty awful story and characters. After a promising opening, I was shocked by how poorly the story was told, and how characters were developed. New people came out of nowhere with little to know introduction, and then you're meant to care about them? Then it's another random person who disappears again quickly. The cutscenes were cool but extremely short, and left me disappointment. Again, I know you can say "this is a looter shooter, the story doesn't even matter!" and you're right - the focus here is very much on the looting and shooting. Again though, at least in something like Destiny it feels like you're achieving something or something cool is happening. Probably the worst offender was a late-game stronghold where - after some of the worst 'military desertion' dialogue I've heard - THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!!! ... and then, "good job agent, but there's still more to do".... umm, WUT? Did you not just see what almost happened? haha As an extension of the above, lore seemed interesting at first, but it all kind of just leads... nowhere. It's cool to get a bit of backstory, but it comes across as very basic. Again, perhaps I was spoiled with Destiny's INCREDIBLE lore, but I was a bit let down here. There were a few other bits and pieces that I had mixed opinions about; stats and numbers being seemingly inconsistent (damage numbers on weapons changing?!), inventory management being a bit messy (though certainly serviceable), and mod system and crafting (why make it next to useless?)... but ultimately they are minor issues that I know will be fixed. And when I say that, I don't mean like a "ANthEM wIlL BE fiXEd sOmeDAy" thing, I mean like a, "I'm still having an absolute blast, but I'm looking forward to when they fix these things" kinda deal. Obviously there are other issues like balancing stuff, PVP connectivity/abuse, set bonuses being next to useless, exotic weapons being underwhelming... but again, I also know this will be fixed soon. Now, my review might give the impression that I didn't like the game, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I had an absolute blast here - both solo and with friends - and I think this may be the best looter shooter launch I've seen yet. I would honestly recommend this higher than most other games in the genre at the moment (or at least, to tide you over until Borderlands 3 comes out later this year!). Trophies are pretty easy too (though some will require grinding, and others will have you working with a buddy or two). Also, despite my 'usual' advice to play a game blind without a guide for the first play through, I honestly don't think it would have changed my experience her much at all; so go right ahead! td;dr: Very fun looter shooter (solo or with mates), addictive gameplay, quite a few bugs/glitches (but nothing that 'ruins' the experience), worth the price imo Also Raid coming soon! Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 2.5/10
  15. #105 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sekiro "All trophies have been unlocked." I'm very proud to say that I've been with the Souls Series (and spiritual successors like BB and this game) since the very beginning - that's right, I started with Demon's Souls Ever since then, From Software's games have easily become some of my all-time favourites, and Sekiro is very much a worthy successor to the 'Soulsborne-iro' (haha) series. If I had to describe how Sekiro takes From's formula in a new direction in one word, it would be "streamlined". Gone are the RPG-like stats, complicated progression systems and weapon types in favour of a much more focused experience. In my personal opinion, I prefer having more ways to make my character my own; but that didn't stop Sekiro from being a heck of a blast to play. The changes to traversal, stealth and combat in general are all incredibly well-done here; even if I did take a while to adjust to the new parry system (I can't tell you how many times I got hit by attacks because I tried to I-frame dodge through them, haha). Once the combat clicked, though, I could hardly put the game down. Sekiro has one of those rare systems where even killing the most basic of enemies is satisfying. The slow drip-feed of new skills, abilities, and prosthetic arm upgrades kept it feeling fresh too. As always, boss design here is varied, interesting and often surprising. I especially loved how each new boss encouraged (if not, forced) you to learn and 'git gud' at a different play style from what Souls-vets will be used to (the deflecting and more aggressive play style in particular). There are a few great boss moments that I won't spoil here, but I can 100% guarantee you that you'll be taken by surprise, haha. That is, as long as you go in blind... which I ABSOLUTELY recommend. Since there aren't weapons, abilities, spells, etc. that can easily be missed, there is no reason to spoil this game for yourself by using guides on your first play through! This is a pet-peeve of mine, but the game is so incredibly fun when the sense of discovery is at the forefront. Environments are gorgeous (particularly a certain late-game area) and - though many of the From tropes (poison swamps...) - are still here, the grappling hook makes navigating them feel very new and exciting. Characters and side-quests/NPC interactions are as cryptic and strange as always, though I personally felt that many of them lacked the impact found in previous games (thinking of memorable experiences with something like Lautrec or Eileen). Not to say they are bad, just short and with relatively little impact on anything in the game world apart from opening up a few new vendors and items. Now for the big question... HoW hARd IS tHe gAme?! Well, to be honest, that completely depends on how quickly you can get used to the combat system. Once you master deflects, posture bar management, and counters to 'perilous attacks' (mikiri in particular), many of the game's bosses can be a breeze. On my first playthrough though, I died more times than I card to admit even to early-game bosses as I struggled to adapt. By the end-game I considered myself quite good, but some late game bosses tested my abilities and even encouraged me to change my playstyle in new and interesting ways. On NG+ and ++ I was absolutely destroying bosses; and not just because I was 'over levelled', but because I had mastered the combat system. In my view, that's the mark of a near-perfect system. Something else I wanted to touch on was how I'd compare Sekiro to Nioh - another very similar style of game that came out recently (also set in Japan). Though they are completely different in many ways, the number of similarities lends itself to comparison. While I far-and-away preferred the combat in Sekiro, Nioh - for me - was much more memorable overall. It seemed to have more 'heart', and - despite it's shortcomings - is a game that I feel I will remember more fondly in the future. Sekiro continues the Soulsborne trend of a 'lonely' world with crazy characters, manic bosses, and deep and interesting lore, but Nioh just had something that I feel Sekiro is missing... and I can't quite put my finger on it They're both excellent games though, don't get me wrong! I also still think Bloodborne has both games beat in its atmosphere and setting (and trick weapons!!), but that's just, like, my opinion man. So... should you play Sekiro? Absolutely! If you're not averse to some early-game frustration as you grapple with the new mechanics (particular as a Souls-player) and a few niggles, I reckon anyone could have an absolute blast with this game. It's may not be my favourite in the Souls Series (sitting around the middle), but Sekiro is a stellar progression on the Souls-formula, and I can't way to see where From goes from here; both with DLC (HYPE!), and with their formula in the future. Oh, and trophies are pretty standard. You can save AFTER the very last boss and before 'interacting' with a certain character (backup on a USB) to get all endings if you want, but again, I would NOT recommend spoiling yourself on the first playthrough. But hey, each to their own Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 4/10 (honestly not that bad)