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  1. #132 - Celeste "Heartbeat" Unlock every trophy Celeste had been on my 'need to play' list for quite a while before I finally got around to playing it; simply because it was never on sale! What I got didn't disappoint; Celeste is a beautiful game filled with poignant moments, beautiful music, and stellar platforming that puts most other 2D 'sidescrollers' to shame. While not quite in 'top-tier' status with games like Hollow Knight for me personally, Celeste is well worth your time. I really don't want to say too much at risk of spoiling the experience, but you're in for an emotional, challenging and rewarding journey here. Take your time, put on some headphones, and DON'T use assist mode for your 1st playthrough if at all possible (unless you're really not a fan of platforms and mainly want to enjoy the story). Aside from the characters, story, music and beautiful art, the real standout here is the very high-quality gameplay. Celeste is only very rarely frustrating; and often that's because I wasn't good enough at the mechanics yet, as opposed to overly-floaty jump physics or dodgy hit detection. Seriously top-notch stuff. If you aim to play without assist mode, prepare yourself for a brutally-hard experience. Some of the 'B-sides' (unlockable remixed versions of the game's main levels) took me several hours and 100's of attempts to complete. I was able to complete everything the game had to offer - aside from the C-sides - in about 30 hours. Admittedly at that point I was exhausted and decided to turn on assist mode for the C-sides to get it done, but it could have easily been another 5-10 hours for those. I consider myself a pretty skilled/experienced platforming gamer too, so be warned! (hahahah) Assist mode itself allows you to turn on invincibility, infinite dashes, and other modifiers that make the game a breeze. Again, I STRONGLY recommend you don't soil the experience for yourself by doing this; at least for your first run. It's really a shame that the platinum trophy is so easy with this tbh 😥 Not much else to say. If you're at all a fan of 2D platformers or Indie games of a high quality and calibre, Celeste is absolutely worth a play! Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 6-7/10 (no assist mode), 1/10 (assist mode)
  2. #131 - Hitman GO: Definitive Edition "Agent 47" Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Sure, this may be basically a mobile game... but that doesn't mean it's not a great puzzle experience! The Hitman series is renowned for its interesting stealth gameplay and mechanics, and - for the most part - is integrated well here. There's enough variety in enemy types and in ways to interact with the map to keep it feeling fresh throughout. By no means is this my new favourite game or anything, but I had fun with my 5-6hrs with it. I wouldn't say there's anything obviously 'bad' about the game; just that it's not earth-shattering or particularly 'dope', you know? Some later levels can be a bit tricky, and took a few attempts. The 'challenges' for each level (no kills, few moves, etc.) are what add this challenge, and they're required for the platinum. That said, if you're ever stuck, you can simply Google/Youtube the solution without voiding the 'perfect assassin' trophy (i.e. no need to use the in-game hints). All things considered, this is a very quick and easy platinum... but expect to be stumped for a while if you don't use a guide haha. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 1/10 (using guide), 3/10 (no guide)
  3. #130 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider "Chalice of Torment" Earn all Trophies Got this one in before AC: Valhalla and the PS5, haha! Tomb Raider is a series that has been with me since I was a kid... my Dad used to play them with us on the PS1 and the PC back in the day. While not the strongest entry in the 'reboot series', Shadow is a great experience, and well worth a play for fans of the modern action-adventure genre (see: Uncharted). The setting of Shadow is dope - always loved South American history and myths - and it's integrated into the story well. Some environments (a certain mid-game 'hub' in particular) are very well-designed, and are fun to explore. Graphics look amazing in parts, and merely 'okay' in others, but it's certainly not an ugly game! The story has a few plot holes imho, but it's pretty par-for-the-course as far as these games go haha. Combat is good, but not great; melee hit detection is spotty at best, and the physics of enemies getting shot with certain guns is plain weird. Music is fitting, but not particularly memorable; sound and voice for many characters being about the same. The highlight for me was the 'tomb raiding' aspects (shocker, I know!). Main-game tombs aren't too difficult, but have interesting settings and are well-designed environmentally. DLC tombs, with 1 or 2 exceptions, are all amazing and well worth it. Puzzles aren't too complicated, but are still satisfying; and the environments, again, are great. Some story missions have 'tomb-like' aspects, and I loved these ones in particular. Trophies are all pretty chill; only annoying one requires you to play through on the 'very hard' difficulty setting. I say 'annoying' because there are no checkpoints except for campfires, so going for tricky platforming sections and exploring for collectibles would be quite frustrating if you picked this for a 1st play through. I chose to play on 'hard' for my 1st / 100% run, and then did my 2nd 8ish hr run on 'deadly obsession' (which actually wasn't that bad with all the upgrades, etc.). Not much else to say... if you've played and enjoyed the other recent Tomb Raider titles, I can say that you'll very likely enjoy this one too. Action-adventure fans will have a blast too. It's certainly no Uncharted 4 (in terms of production value, scale, and overall quality), but it's no slouch either. Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  4. #129 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered "Is That All You Got?" Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Just realised that - despite the whole lockdown thing - this is the first platinum I've earned since March... crazy stuff haha. Anyway, you know what CoD MW2 is! I don't have to explain it to you. If you were playing games in 2009, you've already had the opportunity to experience this amazing - but short - action adventure movie... uh, I mean game! Though some (many) may lament the lack of the MP inclusion in this release, the campaign is - I believe - universally seen as one of the best in CoD history. It's got some incredibly controversial moments, and some that came as a shock to gamers everywhere. Shooting is solid, through somewhat dated by today's standards, and the storyline, sound design and music are as dope as ever. This is still certainly a CoD game, with all its inherent engine-specific issues, but I do think the visual upgrade they've achieved here is quite impressive. I played on my 4K HDR TV, and some levels in particular look great. It's no Flight Simulator, but I was pleasantly surprised! Trophies are fine if you've ever played a CoD game before. I remember MW2 Veteran being brutally hard back in the day, and it seems they've toned it down a bit here. That said, the tried-and-true strategy of taking it 'slow and steady' on Vet still works a treat. You can also skip several sections entirely by sprinting through to the next checkpoint haha. No other trophies gave me any trouble. If you haven't already, download this for free this month on PS+ (it's free in EU/AU at least, not sure about NA) and have a blast. It's not earth-shattering by today's standards, but especially if you grew up playing these early CoD games with mates, you'll enjoy this Remaster. If only they'd included the Spec Ops missions too... Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  5. #128 - A Plague Tale: Innocence "Innocence" Earn all "A Plague Tale: Innocence" trophies I've had my eye on this one for a while (ever since it came out, really) and it was a solid - albeit imperfect - experience. Probably the main aspects that would pique your interest would be the setting (mid-14th Century France during the plague) or the story (one of hope, loss and growth). Other components of the game are pretty good too, but nothing to write home about. I'm glad I played it, but it may not be for everyone... keep reading to find out why As I already mentioned, the setting and story of Plague Tale are probably the main selling points of the game. Though not entirely unique (some similarities to Dishonored or AC), Black Plague-era France is largely unexplored in media, so I enjoyed the new ideas it brought to the table. The environments have great variety too, and the setting allows for some sinister people groups (like the Inquisition, or alchemists) to emerge. Most of all though, the game succeeds to make you terrified of swarms of rats. Much like Days Gone (a game I played recently), it's rare that 'classic' game enemies actually become terrifying unless they're explored in a different way. Plague Tale manages to make the pack/swarms an interesting part of the game throughout (as Hordes did for Zombies in Days Gone) and they absolutely add to the experience. The game's overall story was also largely a success. Though the familiar 'family caring for each other in the Apocalypse' aspect has definitely been done before, various sequences (no spoilers) through the game go a long way to developing individuals and relationships. If you enjoyed the character interactions between Joel and Ellie in TLoU or the brothers in 'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' you're on the right track. Other aspects I quite liked were the environments and art design (with some beautiful vistas), the simple but emotive soundtrack, and the game's use of fire and light in combat, exploration and puzzles. Unfortunately, that's about as far as my universal praise goes. You might care about the characters, but the models are pretty ugly (the two main characters aren't bad, but the rest are pretty meh... probably why most of the guards wear helmets). ALSO, I recommend that you turn off chromatic aberration in the options... I get they were going for a 'cinematic' look, but the game looked blurry and kinda ugly until I turned it off. Makes a big difference! Voice work can be pretty hit and miss; the brother-sister duo are certainly a hit, but even the supporting characters can feel a bit stilted. Stealth combat (including how rats are utilised) can be interesting, but also doesn't have much depth and gets same-y very quickly. Boss battles - of which there are thankfully few - felt pretty out of place (apart from one of the late-game ones). Puzzles tended to be annoying more than anything (requiring a lot of busy-work despite a simple solution). The story overall had a pretty good flow, but tonal shifts could be jarring and a bit 'strange'. In particular, some story threads are picked up early and dropped off in the mid-to-late game, while others seem to emerge out of nowhere to take over. The ending itself was also a bit abrupt for my liking. Trophies are super easy too, which is nice. Play the game however you want (though, as always, I recommend no spoilers if you can help it), and you can clean up any collectibles via chapter select later. One small tip, though, is to ensure that you prioritise upgrading your sling / equipment (rather than certain expensive 'powerful' items). You do find a heap of the 'rarer' materials in the end-game if you look around, but I suppose these trophies are technically missable if you really don't explore. Then again, why bother playing a game like this unless you explore the environments?? haha Anyway, that's about it. Plague Tale: Innocence has more than a few missteps, but there is still something to love in amongst it all. At about 12-15 hours, this is a somewhat unique story-driven experience that I believe is worth a play if you're interested in the setting or story in particular. Maybe it's not for everyone, but I for one am still glad I went on this journey. Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 1/10
  6. #127 - Darksiders III "BFA" Unlock Everything Darksiders III is the Dark Souls of Darksiders... no seriously Whereas previous games in the series have taken their cues more from games like Zelda (with dungeons, etc.), this is a bonafide Souls 'clone'. As a person who loves this style of game (Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Nioh, etc) I actually surprisingly liked this game more than I thought I would at the start. There are a few glaring issues that hold it back from greatness, but honestly this game is a heck of a lot of fun, and well worth a play for Darksiders and Souls fans alike. To be honest, the game didn't make a great first impression. It felt choppy, unresponsive and the protagonist - at least at the start - seemed to be pretty one-note and 'meh'. Load times were rubbish, it felt nothing like previous games in the series (camera angle and play style in particular), and I considered putting it down... that is, until I continued playing and realised how good this game could be. World building is phenomenal; think Dark Souls 1 - with its interconnectedness, ingenious shortcuts, and poison swamps (rip) - and you're on the money. Honestly, in parts, the area design is up with the best in the genre. It also fit the bill of what the previous game in the series (Darksiders II) missed; the intermingling of heaven/hell with a 'mystical' earth. I thought they did an excellent job of fitting the areas together, and providing new and interesting ways to explore. Furthermore, the combat is an absolute blast. Fury's whip is a great baseline, and the new archetypes are a lot of fun to play with (the visual changes to Fury are a nice touch too). I wasn't sick of the combat by the end of the game, even with the 'lack' of combos, etc. Though dodging (especially when surrounded) can be a bit iffy, and being stunned by every single enemy attack (even the little spider bois) can be frustrating, I had a great time overall. Combined with new methods of traversal, this made exploring the well-crafted world a lot more fun than it could have been. Continuing with the 'stuff I liked' tradition, the overarching story & bosses here were - in my eyes - much better than Darksiders II. The game generally leaves you to your own devices to find the next boss (an aspect I grew to like over time, after initially disliking), but each 'Deadly Sin' was an excellent reflection of their area and theme. Some surprised me, some felt a bit contrived, but overall I loved the design and voice work on the bosses. They had distinct personality, and seeing the way they tempted Fury was always fun Boss battles themselves were also largely solid, with a few 'meh' ones thrown in there. A few suffered from the 'cool in theory, not so fun in practice', or 'hey, this is literally what I did in Souls' ideas... Ornstein and Smough in a derelict ship anyone?!?! Now the bad... performance was a major issue throughout, only worsening in the late game. Visual bugs/glitches and severe frame-rate drops really impacted the gameplay. In a game like this, you need it to be rock-solid, or deaths can feel cheap and unfair. A few bosses caused this issue every single time, and when they can one-hit you, it's a big feels-bad. Character interaction and animation also felt like a bit of a step back from previous games in the series. Or maybe more that I expected more improvement after 6 years, compared to the actually-pretty-good Darksiders II. Platforming was also a bit iffy in parts, meaning that I couldn't always control Fury's movement to the degree I wanted. Trophies here were basically fine, with a few outliers (as seems to be the norm these days). There are a few missables; one involving keeping a character alive in a boss fight, and another 2 relating to a 'side quest' that needs to be completed in a certain way. I would recommend checking at least the 'concept' of these ones before you play, since they are mid-to-late game decisions that could necessitate a whole new playthrough. That said, you can complete all other trophies in a single playthrough if you want. Apocalyptic difficulty is about what I expected from a Souls-like game... which is to say it's tough but fair until you work out the best ways to approach situations. A few one-hit boss moves can feel a little bit cheap though. There are also a few 'grindy' ones that will likely require about an hour (or more) of killing trash mobs, but nothing too arduous. Upgrading your weapon augments can be a 'missable' in a single playthrough too if you're like me and spread your resources too thinly.... overall though, a decent trophy list. By way of recap, Darksiders III is a game that initially had me concerned, before blossoming and growing into a great game in its own right. It takes (more than) a few cues from Dark Souls and similar games, but the world design, story, characters and combat kept me coming back. Though I don't know if I'd say it's a 'better' game than Darksiders I or II, I can say that I probably had just as much if not more fun. I know the game wasn't great at launch (i.e. even worse in some areas), but the experience you get now is a very good one. Just be prepared to deal with somewhat poor performance, and a bit of jankiness, and you'll be fine haha. Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10 (NB: can play harder difficulty on NG+ if you want, makes it potentially easier)
  7. #126 - Guacamelee! 2 "Guacamastery" Obtain every trophy in the game It's been a busy few months for me with platinums (university has just started back for the year now), and I'm glad I spent time on Guacamelee! 2. Though it didn't add much to the formula from the first game, it's still a super fun, stylish and often hilarious Mexican-inspired romp with combat that remains largely entertaining throughout. Though by no means the best in the genre, this is still a fun Metroidvania that is a quite easy platinum to boot! I won't spend too much time 'reviewing' here... if you played the first Guacamelee! you know what to expect. This is a Metroidvania, complete with shortcuts, powers, combat and platforming in equal measure. There is a good variety of locations, and the abilities you get are interesting; though many were retreads/repeats of the original, which made them less exciting. Chicken combat/platforming has been expanded upon here too, which was a nice surprise. That said, some late-game platforming sections (particularly in the optional 'side-dungeons') feel a bit 'off' with the floaty chicken controls. Let's just say that the mechanics aren't quite as tight/precise as something like Hollow Knight. That said, combat and exploration itself was fun and interesting, and enemy variety was nice too. I'll admit to getting a bit tired of it by the end of my Hard mode playthrough, but that may be because I'd played the original only a couple of years ago. The overall story was a bit disappointing... whereas the first game had a more personal quest, this game often feels just like 'go here because I told you to', rather than because it might make sense to do so; to the player at least. The villains have some personality which is nice, but the main villain never really develops beyond a 'meh'; especially when compared with the decidedly evil Calaca from the first game haha. Humour is also done quite well overall; there's lots of 4th-wall breaking, and memes that keep you on your toes. Not the funniest game I've ever played, but Guacamelee! 2 certainly doesn't take itself too seriously, which is honestly quite refreshing with all the 'serious' games nowadays. Trophies are mainly pretty easy, basically requiring you to explore everywhere and unlock all the skills. Some of the late-game 'chicken side-dungeons', as already mentioned, can be a bit frustrating due to the less-than-perfect controls, but it wasn't too frustrating. Hard mode can be played from the start with a code, but I'd recommend a normal playthrough first, followed by a ~5hr follow-up hard run. It's a lot more fun when things don't kill you in 1-2 hits & you can actually kill stuff without getting sick of the combat. Some of the platforming sections (particularly involving wind) can also be a lot more frustrating in Hard; if I were you, I'd enjoy the game on normal first Overall, I had a good time here. Guacamelee! 2 is a solid - albeit safe - sequel to a very fun Metroidvania from 2013 (!!). The story is a bit of a let-down, the combat can get repetitive, and some late-game platforming is frustrating for the wrong reasons, but it's a blast to play for sure. If you can get it for cheap give it a go, but don't expect a masterpiece. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  8. #125 - Days Gone "One Percenter" Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone To tell you the truth, I had more fun with Days Gone than I expected. It's far from a perfect game, but I would argue that this is the case of a game where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I'll be sure to touch on both the good & the bad in my short 'review', so you can see if it's right for you too! The good stuff: Visuals overall were great; with gritty and beautiful environments in particular. Think a similar setting to the stellar 'Firewatch' mixed with The Last of Us (not the last comparison to TLoU here) and you're not too far off the mark. Looked stunning on my 4K TV with HDR Also visually, the main characters (Deacon + side leaders, friends) looked very good too. As the characters moved further from 'main' status, their appearance 'rating' drops a bit, but the main guys look awesome Music is haunting and beautiful, with a terrifying turn for the horde fights Overall, combat is fun with good variety in weapons and extra items. Again, think TLoU (but on a larger scale) and you're pretty close. Maybe not for everyone, but I liked it (same for the crafting system) Hordes were perhaps the highlight of the game for me. Particularly early on, they are terrifying and fun to fight, requiring strategy and a LOT of ammo. Later on they become a bit of a joke (with all the explosives and heavy duty weaponry available), but they're still a blast Voicework was at a very high standard; especially with the main characters. Deacon and the major people you interact with (no spoilers) are all believable and make the story much more engaging NB: Except inconsistencies with Deacon yelling / muttering about EVERYTHING. Not too bad, but got a bit over the top for me... Weapons sound amazing, especially late-game snipers & shotguns Bike was fun to ride / traverse environments with; nothing ground-breaking or complicated, but definitely solid The not-so-good stuff: Repetition in mission design; especially side missions There are some standout campaign missions, but others are literally just ‘go here and talk to this guy’ and you're done... Here's a sample bounty hunter mission... Questgiver: you know this guy? Me: nope. Deacon: yeah. Them: kill him, Deacon: yeah he was a dick anyway…. seriously, that's basically all the story you get. Most of the game that is off-the-beaten-path is pretty boring to be honest. Especially when compared to other open world side quests in the last few years. Enemy AI (humans in particular) is very poor. They often run into walls, ignore you OR shoot you from ages away. Quite bad Loading screens between gameplay & short cutscenes crop up constantly. It can happen up to 10 times in a mission; which takes you out of the action, even if only for a few seconds. You might not care about this as much, but it really bothered me after a while Frame-rate drops & texture pop-in; especially in late-game. Not too bad, but noticeable Skills were predominantly ‘make this suck less’ (reload, accuracy, etc.) rather than adding interesting new ways to play. Made levelling up less exciting The overall story was decent… nothing amazing though. There were some intriguing parts near the start, but most of the rest feels a bit like filler until the end missions (apart from a few interesting ones throughout). Not bad though Trophies: Very easy overall, just do / unlock everything Can play on easy if you want, though I personally played on Hard and would recommend it for a better experience. It makes you actually scared of hordes, rather than just being able to tank everything... Don't look up anything; just have fun! Ezpz Overall, I still just really enjoyed my time with Days Gone. The feeling of being in the world was often enough for me to overlook the game's faults and flaws. It's not as polished as it could be, but it's still an impressive 1st entry in (hopefully) a new series for the Playstation. I, for one, would be keen to see more. Honestly, I would still recommend the game highly, despite my rating / the negatives. Grab it for cheap if you can, and have fun Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10
  9. #124 - Pyre "Herald of the Scribes" Earn all other trophies available in Pyre. I've played - and very much enjoyed - all of Supergiant Games' previous entries, and Pyre stands up there as a solid entry, while not quite reaching their heights. In particular, Transistor (the team's previous work) appealed to me more personally. That's not to say that Pyre isn't a great experience on its own though; the team's sense of style, artistic design, and voice and sound work remains rock-solid. I've got a few minor gripes, but it's still a lot of fun. Again, there's a lot to love with Pyre. The lore is surprisingly deep, and gave me (someone who absolutely loves reading in-game lore) a lot to savour and enjoy. Characters are all likeable (despite maybe a certain aristocratic tree), and the gameplay loop fits very well into the way you become attached to them. Even the villains are great! The set-up of the game is simple enough; follow the stars in a point-and-click adventure, while undertaking mini-soccer/football/netball (better comparisons???) battles along the way. Sounds simple, right? Well yeah, it kinda is, but the way the game develops over time kept me well and truly engrossed in what was going on. As expected in this style of game, there are ways to upgrade and augment your characters with various abilities, and team compositions further play into the game's variety. I've got to touch on the art style and design again though, because it truly is breathtaking. From environments, to character design, to something as 'simple' as the book in which you read the game's lore, Pyre is dripping with a unique and gorgeous look. I seriously can't commend them enough. Sounds all positive, right? Well yeah, I loved most things about Pyre for sure. There were a few issues I personally had, though. The 'overworld' (point-and-click) elements were fun, but very simple, and lacking in depth and variety. I also gradually grew tired of the 'main' game element of mini-soccer. Sure it was fun and engaging at first, but once certain strategies start to become clearly more viable, it's not as interesting imo. There are ways to modify it (from simple difficulty, to various 'modifiers'), but I felt that many of these just made the game more frustrating rather than more fun. I enjoyed the difficulty overall playing on 'medium', but the gameplay itself wasn't as engaging as something like Transistor (SG's previous entry). I had some issues with performance too; nowhere near as bad as Darksiders II which I also played recently (rip), but relatively-constant slowdown in a game like this isn't very good haha. By way of trophies, there are a few 'missable' ones depending on how you play, which characters you keep around, etc. My main tips would be to make sure you use every character at least a few times, use practice rites to go for some harder/more grind-intensive ones, and otherwise play at a difficulty that you find enjoyable, while still somewhat challenging. Considering you can earn a majority of the trophies on 'easy', most of this isn't too bad. However, there are some trickier ones involving the aforementioned 'gameplay modifiers' that require you to play on at least 'medium' so keep that in mind. Also, the few trophies to be earned in 'versus' mode really aren't that bad. The master-difficulty ones are a bit more tough, but if you use your knowledge of the game, and give yourself as many advantages (and your enemies, as many disadvantages) as possible, you'll be fine. Middling difficulty at best. Overall, I had a very good time with Pyre. The game's style, characters, lore and 'feel' kept me coming back for more. The gameplay loop (both aspects) were enjoyable enough, though a bit simple for my tastes. If you liked Supergiant's previous work, you'll fit right in again here. If not, you'll still have fun... but I might be more inclined to recommend Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales to you instead Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  10. #123 - Darksiders II "BFA" Unlock Everything 'Darksiders' is one of those series where you get the great along with the not-so-great, the awesome along with the frustrating. Darksiders II certainly fits that bill, being a good and enjoyable game overall, despite being hampered by (more than a) few missteps. Inspired by many greats that came before (like Zelda, DMC, AC...), this game is a jack of several trades, master of not-really-any. Okay, enough of the weird comparisons, what were the pros and cons? On the plus side, the world-building and overall setting in Darksiders II is great. From the beginning to the end, characters and locations are interesting, and the idea of the 4 Horseman (3 men and 1 woman?!) of the Apocalypse is an awesome idea for a game series. Death is a great protagonist (mostly), with a menacing but still light-hearted voice and approach to situations. He embodies his namesake well, but I do have to say that his overall motivations (and the overarching story as a whole) comes up short. Even compared to the first game - which felt like it had real personal stakes - the plot seems to be moved forward by this nebulous idea of 'saving my brother'... even though Death himself doesn't even really know what that looks like. In fact, there weren't really any interesting quests here at all; compared with the aforementioned games upon which DII is based, this is a bit of a shame. Other characters are pretty good for the most part, but many remain nothing more than simple merchants; obscure dialogue aside. Enough about that, how does the game play? Again, mostly good, with a few issues. The core of the combat is satisfying and overall feels great; with a decent variety of weapons and abilities available. Tearing apart enemies with scythes feels and sounds as I hoped/expected, and enemy & encounter variety is solid for the most part. By NG+ I was getting a bit tired of it though; more an issue for plat-hunters than anything else, but it does lack depth beyond a few 'other' skills learnt in the early-mid game. I did have some other issues too. The camera felt a bit 'janky', especially when locked on to targets. I honestly have no idea what half the enemies in the game are called, because the camera (when locked on), obscures their name Not really a major issue overall, but nowhere near as tight as modern third-person action games. Bosses were... okay. Aside from a few standout late-game bosses, most were just bigger versions of the standard 'tough' enemies, with a small gimmick thrown in. I get this is part of the 'flavour' of this style of game, but fighting the same boss (reskinned) several times over the course of a playthrough simply isn't that fun. There's some of my more general thoughts. Now for some specifics of what I loved and hated (yes, hated). Awesome stuff (rapid-fire!): World and environments (including art style) Lore and characters Voice acting (all fits quite well) Music/OST (my goodness this is epic!) Dungeons!!! (many are very well-designed) BIG issues: Crashes... I encountered at least 20 (yes, 20) during my ~40hrs across both playthroughs + DLC's. I can deal with a few in games of this length (though prefer none), but this was ridiculous. It got to the point where I avoided using any abilities altogether in certain fights to avoid it. Definitely a major bummer Sound/audio issues... another big one. At least once per play session, I'd encounter a de-sync of sound that required a game restart (close from PS menu) to fix. It seemed to happen when there were a lot of effects / destruction on the screen. The problem is, some parts of the game have a lot going on, and it's hard to avoid it I had a few other minor gripes like inconsistencies in wall running, strange hotboxes and progression, but none of these were big issues. I generally liked things like the loot system too; despite them being done much better in more recent games. OH, and the DLC's were a lot of fun too. They all had some fun bits and some annoying bits (like the main game I guess), but they added some new cool stuff - including level-scaling loot! - that made them worthwhile. They're free, so why not. Trophy-wise... again, a bit of a mixed bag. Many are quite simply earned through story progression, but a select few are a bit more annoying. I only missed a few of each collectible item on my first playthrough (NB: do NOT start NG+ until you've finished all side-quests), but I had no idea which ones, so had to follow a start-to-finish guide to make sure I hadn't missed any obvious ones. Sure, you could just use a guide from the start, but where's the fun in that Darksiders II also requires NG+ to get to lvl 30 + unlock the remainder of the game's wave-based mode. Unless you're a chad, you'll need to run 'Deathfinitive' (very hard) on your NG+ too. The main game itself isn't too bad; I personally played on 'Apocalyptic', the game's 'hard mode', and only had to retry a handful of encounters a few times. The Crucible (wave-based mode) is just a pain that takes ages. You can turn the game down to 'easy' after earning all the difficulty-based trophy, but 100 rounds can only go so quickly... Bleh, that'll do. Was Darksiders II fun to play? Yeah, for sure. Would I recommend it? Ehhhh... it depends. There are many better 3rd-person action games available that have higher highs - and fewer lows - than this one. 2018's God of War, for example, is a tour-de-force that I recommend everyone play. If you like the series, you'll still enjoy your time here, but action-game of the decade... this is not. Game rating: 7/10 Plat difficulty: 3.5/10
  11. #122 - Star Wars Battlefront II "Platinum Trophy" Obtain all trophiesˆ My mate got me the game for Christmas last year so I could play it with our group of friends, and I'm generally quite glad that he did! This game is much better than it was at launch (though that doesn't excuse the egregious micro-transactions/loot boxes that almost single-handedly started the 'micro-transaction revolution'), and I've had quite a fun time playing it. I'll split my discussion/review thingy into 3 parts; campaign, general MP play, and trophy stuff. CAMPAIGN. Very average, bordering on bad. Especially with the good/great Star Wars: Fallen Order recently, the shortcomings of this campaign are ever more apparent. Unlikeable and bland characters? Check. Boring missions with a ridiculous number of brain-dead (yet somehow crazy accurate) AI? Check. A story that promises one thing and delivers something completely different and jarring to say the least? Check, check. A story mode that somehow manages to make playing as Luke Skywalker boring and even frustrating is a bit of a fail for me. That's not to say there aren't some good moments/missions here; some later ones are actually quite cool in terms of spectacle if nothing else. If it wasn't for the trophies though, I would have given this one a big skip. GENERAL MULTI-PLAYER. This is a lot of fun, and absolutely the main draw of the title. Think Battlefield in the Star Wars universe and you're not too far off track. The progression system is rewarding, the class variety is great, heroes are all (apart from a bit of janky-ness with lightsaber hit detection) fun to play, and the spectacle of playing some classic maps in the Star Wars universe is a big plus. Maps like Hoth look absolutely stunning too; even though some sections of some maps can be a bit on the 'meh' side, and repetition does start to set in eventually. Smaller modes are a bit hit and miss, however; with games like Blast (TDM) and smaller objective-modes often devolving into a snowball where people keep leaving... though maybe that's more a matchmaking issue than a game one (?). Starfighter assault is super 'arcade' but still fun; I'll get more into the (somewhat silly) trophy grind later. Oh, and the relatively recent addition of co-op makes for a fun way to try new stuff and level things up - especially during the rather-frequent 3x XP events at the moment! Overall, I'd say that if you've got mates to play it with, this is a very fun MP experience at the moment. I'd still say it's good fun playing solo too, but the appeal will rub off quicker for sure. TROPHIES. Yeah, this is absolutely a mixed bag haha. Campaign stuff is fine (finish story, do some easy objectives), but after that it's a bit of a slog. Fortunately, co-op works for a majority of the trophies (kills with hero, class-specific ones, levelling up overall, etc.), so it definitely makes quite a few of them easier. Most MP ones are simply 'play and win every mode', which is quite good to be honest; lets you try everything without encouraging/forcing you to play modes you don't enjoy as much. The only real trophies I have an issue with are the ones that place a severely disproportionate emphasis on Starfighter Assault. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the mode for a while, but screwing over your team to go exclusively for hero ships as the assault class - only to get the final blow stolen at the last second - is nothing but frustrating. The other 2 classes aren't quite as bad, but time investment required in this (relatively unpopulated) mode is definitely a bit of slog. The platinum rarity of 3.82% (PSNP) or 0.3% (!!! on PSN) is likely more a reflection of people getting the game at/near launch and then stopping, rather than a reflection of the true difficulty currently (especially with the addition of co-op). Not a hard trophy list really, more of a time-sink; there's nothing quite like some of the frustrating ones from Dice's first Battlefront game. So yeah, in summary: poor campaign, very fun MP, and somewhat frustrating trophies Really though, I did still have a lot of fun with Battlefront II, and would generally recommend it if you're looking for a fun MP game - especially with friends. Trophies are much easier than at launch, and the campaign - while below average - is quick enough that it's not too big of an issue. Star Wars fans in particular will find a lot to love here, but Fallen Order is the better recent Star Wars game imo. Game rating: 7.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  12. #121 - Goat Simulator "All The Goat!" Unlock all the Goat Trophies! This may be one of the most average games I've played in a long time Picked it up with PS+ on a whim, and got basically what I expected... a bit of a laugh mixed with a healthy dose of frustration. There's certainly some random, chaotic fun to be had - some missions are very absurd, in a good way - but for every moment of fun there was an equal and opposite annoyance. One moment you're hanging onto a hang-glider with your tongue, and the next you're trying for 30 seconds to get onto a boat out of the water because the controls, and graphics & physics engines, don't hold up. Perhaps the best example of this idea is the jet-pack. It's ridiculous how far and fast you can fly (leading to some laughs), but then I realised it took away a lot of my other movement options and often put my on the complete other side of the map from what I wanted. Again, I know this is part of the 'charm' of the game, but that doesn't make it enjoyable in my opinion. Overall, I had less and less fun the more I played Goat Simulator. The first 1-2 hours was crazy and enjoyable as I figured out the mechanics and some ridiculous things you could do, but then the tedium and frustration started to set in. With such a short game, that's a problem in my view. There is a heap of DLC available, but I'm not spending $9 AUD each for something that could just as easily frustrate as excite. The saving grace for trophy hunters (you and me both) is that everything is super easy. Basically it's just a matter of doing a few ridiculous tasks, and a bit of collecting, and you've got the plat. The one exception to this is the truly awful 'Flappy Goat' mini-game trophy. I didn't think it looked too bad at first, but it took me probably 45 minutes to finally get it. I guess you could say it's hard... but I'd argue it's more just frustrating and tedious; especially when it takes as long as 1/4 of the game in its entirety, alone. Honestly, I don't know if I can really recommend Goat Simulator, even though it's free. Sure, it's good for a bit of a laugh (solo or with friends) or for an easy platinum, but I simply didn't particularly enjoy my time with it. That's about all I have to say. Game rating: 5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  13. #120 - Control "Director of the FBC" Unlock all other trophies. I know I always say this, but I will keep this one brief (or at least, I'll try haha). Control is absolutely one of the gems of 2019, and I'm stoked that I finally got around to playing it these holidays. It misses the mark in a few areas, but I had such a blast with this game that it's easy to recommend to nearly anyone. I won't spoil anything in my short review though; this is one of those games that deserves to be experienced yourself! First, the good. Honestly? Nearly everything. The atmosphere and style on display here is some of the best I've seen in years; it's distinctive while also just looking cool as heck. The characters / voice actors are (nearly all) excellent - including those who only appear in videos - and the environmental and area design is also solid. Lore and story kept me intrigued throughout, and there were some super cool campaign moments that had me shook. Combat was consistently fun, with an emphasis on power usage and movement & satisfying gunplay; new abilities were drip-fed at an appropriate rate too, imo. Music and sound were also spot-on. Perhaps my favourite part of the game though was the environmental destructibility. Though by no means a 1-to-1 recreation of real-world physics, the interaction you have with the environments made it feel alive. I'll be hard-pressed to go back to another shooter/action game without it. Not all is perfect in Control though. I played on a PS4 Pro and performance - at times - took a bit of a hit. Admittedly the main issues only arose after leaving a menu while in combat (frame stuttering for a few seconds) or with extreme numbers of particles on the screen, but it was still noticeable. I had a few other graphical issues too; including over-saturated lighting (seriously, you can't see anything in some areas haha) and some character faces/expressions looking stilted and kind of ugly (though this is largely offset by some excellent characters and voice acting from most of the cast). Though somewhat expected given where the game takes place, environments do start to look a bit same-y after a while too (though, again, the level design is excellent). I was also a bit disappointed with several of the 'big' bosses, but there's only a few All of that said, I had an amazing time with Control. It's weird, wacky, interesting and fun; with some fantastic atmosphere and environmental destructibility to boot. Trophies are super easy (basically just do all the missions, level up everything, and explore) too, so really; you've got no excuse not to jump in. Again, this is comfortably one of the best games of 2019 in my opinion, and well worth your time. Game rating: 9/10 Plat difficulty: 2/10
  14. #119 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order "A New Hope" Earn all trophies A good Star Wars game!!! What planet am I living on??? Haha but seriously, this is a very solid - albeit not perfect - Star Wars game in the vein of Dark Souls (yes, it actually is similar), Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Metroidvania. Does it rise above to become greater than the games that inspired it? Not necessarily, but that's not to say it's not a great game. There's a lot to love here. If you're a fan of Star Wars in any capacity, you'll absolutely enjoy the characters, story, worlds and lore implications that abound. Especially with Mandalorian on Disney+ at the moment, it seems that Star Wars is finally getting some very good stories, which is great to see. The combat is a little bit imprecise at times, but it's still a heck of a lot of fun to mow down stormtroopers and creatures with the authentic-sounding and authentic-feeling lightsaber. Traversal and exploration is clearly inspired by recent blockbusters like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, but that's not a bad thing; it's a blast to use your abilities to explore these worlds that Respawn has created. Speaking of, the world design here is excellent. Though not quite as interconnected as, say, the original Dark Souls, the maps/planets are expansive and exciting to explore, with myriad shortcuts throughout. The tombs that serve as this game's 'Zelda dungeons' are also very well-designed; often based upon a relatively simple mechanic, but one that is explored in interesting ways. Characters are also very well-done here, with the villain and some of your companions (BD-1 is a cutie!) as highlights. Some of the mo-cap is a bit creepy (Cere's eyes are huge, what the heck?), but characters generally show emotion well. Cal is a decent protagonist too, but don't necessarily expect him to be a new fan-favourite; he's cool, but doesn't really stand out. I didn't have too many issues with the game, but there were still some aspects that I didn't like as much. Though Fallen Order isn't an ugly game - it looks stunning at times on my OLED HDR TV (lol) - any textures beyond the close-to-mid range were pretty muddy. This was especially evident on a later forest planet, where expansive vistas ended up being quite disappointing. Lighting was also a bit strange in parts; I won't say it was bad, but it made things look washed out more than I would have liked. I did play around with my brightness/contrast/tone HDR settings a bit which helped, but still not perfect. There were also some issues with pop-in, load times and enemies appearing out of nowhere (as if they just took ages to load). Again, not a game-breaker, but occurred much more often on the forest planet. I was also a bit disappointed with the abrupt ending; for such a great story throughout the game, I was a bit let down by how quickly things ended. There are absolutely some awesome boss fights and scenes near the ending of the game, I just felt it could have done a bit more. But eh, maybe that's just me. I highly recommend playing on 'Jedi Grand Master' (the game's 'very hard') difficulty here too. Though I had a few issues early on when learning the controls, it absolutely is the most rewarding way to play. Sure you might feel 'more like a Jedi' being able to just slaughter things on easy, but - being a huge fan of Soulsborne myself - I had a blast with this difficulty. I took maybe 5-6 attempts at most on some bosses, but it still felt rewarding to overcome them; and I actually had to learn mechanics instead of just spamming. Up to you, but I'd highly recommend it. There aren't any missable trophies either, so if you want to turn the difficulty down later to go for collectibles, etc. that's fine too. There's not really anything too hard here trophy-wise either; you might have to do a bit (or a lot) of backtracking, but there's some interesting lore tied to some of the collectibles so it's worth it. I also enjoyed just destroying everything with my maxed-out end-game kit haha. Overall I had a lot of fun with Fallen Order. It's not perfect, and I still feel that games like Bloodborne have it beat in several ways, but it's on par with some of the best single-player games of recent years. Combining solid combat, excellently-crafted worlds and a solid story/characters with the Star Wars universe is certainly a win in my books. Certainly worth a play, just not quite my game of the year Game rating: 8/10 Plat difficulty: 3-4/10 (depending on difficulty)
  15. #118 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) "Tier 1" Unlock all Trophies After playing every single COD from MW to BO3, I've skipped the entries from the last few years. I was definitely fatigued, and they didn't really appeal to me. This 'remake' (of sorts) of the OG Modern Warfare - the game that started it all way back in 2007 - is a thrilling experience in terms of both the Campaign and Multiplayer. I've always really enjoyed the COD campaigns. They might not always 'make sense', but there's just something inherently enjoyable about the outlandish craziness they bring to the table. This is absolutely a step-up in the story-telling department, as COD tells their best story in years. The characters are all great, mo-cap is amazing (those cutscenes are next level), sound design is breathtaking, and the environments, weapons and effects also look amazing. The story itself is a bit less bombastic than, say, MW3, but that's not to say it's any less impactful. There are a few missions here that are among my favourites in the franchise (Clean House in particular is incredible) for sure. The gunplay feels a bit different / improved, but is still definitely COD; impactful and solid. The campaign is absolutely worth a play through; but be prepared for some confronting moments. No I don't think it's as crazy as the media would make you think it is, but - much like Spec Ops: The Line - you won't just be mindlessly killing stuff during this campaign. MP wise, I'm having an absolute blast. The team has been pretty good with balance patches so far, and they are constantly (again, so far) adding new maps and modes. It's just fun to play; both alone and with mates. Is it revolutionary? Not necessarily, but I'm having a great time at the moment. Maybe that's primarily because it's been a few years since I last played a COD game; probably too early to say for sure. I haven't played much co-op yet - just had a bad experience with matchmaking and teammates dying and leaving - but I'm keen to get into it with a group of mates. Trophies are run-of-the-mill here, and very straight forward. There are a few fun 'challenges' in each mission that encourage you to play a certain way (companion block!), but nothing too crazy. Just don't expect to get all of them done on your Veteran run... speaking of, Veteran really isn't too bad here. It's been notorious in past games (rip Ferris wheel in OG MW) for being a grenade spam-fest, but I didn't really run into many issues. There are a few harder bits - mainly in the more open levels, such as the last - but no insane 'brick walls'. ALSO, I highly encourage you to play on Realistic, at least once. Turn subtitles off, etc (if you can), and just revel in how immersive some of these levels can be. You've got no HUD (including weapon names, ammo counters, etc.), but it's honestly no harder than Veteran by itself. Seriously, give it a go! I had a blast with the new COD:MW. Seeing returning characters like Cpt. Price - and numerous callbacks to the original game (WE ARE LEAVING!!) - made for a great time. I'd recommend this to any shooter fan; especially if you've enjoyed COD in the past but been turned off by recent entries. This is a great return to form for the franchise, and though it's not as crazy and inventive as something like Death Stranding, there's something to be said for some good old-fashioned FPS action. Game rating: 8.5/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10