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  1. I would say maybe buy custom deliveries mats and craft those. After that discard. Inshagardian restoration might be the answer too.
  2. 0 is quite new game and really well made. Story for me was the best in Yakuza 0. 1 is their first attempt to remake, which is not bad. Kiwami 2 looks really good and is well made. Remaster of third part looks the worst from all of the games. Story is good, not to long. Still I would also advise to play Yakuza games in order, storywise. It rewards you in main and side stories.
  3. Yes, it does for all optional missions. I've got mini silver rathalos and both mini and large gold rathian from those missions.
  4. From today until 5.1.20 there is a special New Year event to hunt down on arena nightshade paolumu. Size 455. Beware it hits hard. Can even 1hko with a swing. Name of event Lulaby Paolumu 2*.
  5. Of course it does. It might be just harder to get specific missions for each monster.
  6. Mine was in front of Dathomir temple, but i know that there is also in the cave of Oggdo boss on Bogono. They spawn randomly of course.
  7. Platinum popped. Jetpack bounty hunter is so glitched....
  8. Okay, I have been trying to spawn bounty hunters for 1 hour and I can say that they SPAWN! Tho, I almost lost my faith for them to spawn.
  9. "On rare occasions Bounty Hunters would stop hunting Cal, we've now re-enabled their trackers, so be careful." It will be out 11.12. Yay. I hope it will fix glitch, which makes game unable to platinum.
  10. In Bridges - Porters menu (when you press options button - it's 2nd from bottom in menu), you can check all stats needed to platinum game. Open your own profile card (it will be top) and then swap cards. You can check there your Legends of Legends rating for each category, number of building created (sign, ladders, etc...) and maxed (like bridges, postbox, ziplanes). There is also statistic, which says how many items where created by chiral printer (XX/72). And many, many more useless stats
  11. Yes, just play Hitman 2. You will have whole content there. Trophies dont transfer from 1st to 2nd. If you will be eager to get more trophies, you can play hitman 1 later as you will know well maps from Hitman 1. Still you need to install 1st hitman to get hidden download link to legacy missions in Hitman 2.
  12. Go to Hokage room, where Tsunade resides. On the left in that room is a ninja guy, talk to him. He will give you possibility to replay missions.
  13. If you are interested more in the game you should read articles about creating late bloomer weapons, which have the best possible stats in the game.
  14. It does work in vanilla. Instead of farming bosses for runes as I said when you get merchant for the first time just leave the village and go for a random mission/hunt after that use option to go back to you village and runes should change. Do it until you have what you need.
  15. You need to check a merchant after every mission you complete. As you progress in the story, a rarity of runes changes. For other runes just go for hunt and go back, runes in the shop should change at that point. Around map 23 you should be done with trophy.