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  1. I was just speaking for myself obviously, it's not a major thing for me either way.
  2. I'd rather they have them than not, as it encourages you to really get the most out of the games (provided the dev actually bothers to create a decent set of achievements). But honestly it isn't stopping me enjoying Nintendo games either way, it's never a deal breaker tbh.
  3. Seems like his complaint is that the girls portrayed are underage, not that the content is sexual in nature.
  4. Kinda saw Sony's point with Omega Labyrinth, but this seems a bit unnecessary. Like everyone's said, everyone knows what they are getting with these games, and this - relatively speaking - is pretty tame stuff. TBH, I think it's more because these are niche titles - there are more messed up things like gore and actual full on nudity even in Sony's first party titles, this just seems gratuitous on their part.
  5. Heh, just beat me to it, was just at 8 as you posted!
  6. Hang about, how can it be better in an "objective" sense? Any assessment of quality is purely up to the person and their perspective.
  7. Separate steelbook version would have been nice, the Tales games have been pretty good with their collector's editions tat (best steelbook I have is definitely the Xillia 2 case), but otherwise, can't really justify that amount for an old ass game, not worth it at all IMO. Though, tbh, I wasn't the biggest fan of Vesperia the first time round, so that might be shaping my view here, but I did like it enough to want to pick this up down the line at some point.
  8. Personally didn't care for ROTR, but I loved the first game. The setting looks pretty cool in this game though, but I'm guessing the scores are reflective probably of a bit of burnout on the formula this series uses. The writing is hardly top tier either (for games anyway), and pretty much every reviewer who gave this a mixed review complained about the familiarity of what they were given and lack of surprises. TBH, that shouldn't really bother people who were big fans of the second game, but it's pretty much killed my interest in getting this (for now).
  9. Got the GC version, and yeah it was a pain setting up the GBAs but it was a fun game. I wonder if this will have couch co-op... If it does, I might pick it up again, if not, will give it a pass. This game is really dull to play single player btw (IMO) so I'd steer clear if you want to play solo.
  10. I was kinda thrown off by the "courtroom thriller" thing, I was expecting something like Phoenix Wright (heh). It's basically Yakuza with an investigation mechanic - IDC, I love everything these guys put out! Nice to have a different take on the formula, I really never get tired of playing these games!
  11. Great walkthrough dude, been trying to get through most of it on my own, but your video is making this as painless as possible!
  12. Just a heads up there appears to be a glitch in the game which stops you from starting couch co-op sessions. A quick look online seems to show this has been a problem for a while, hasn't been patched (and probs never will be), and that it appears to specifically only be for the EU versions of the game (AFAIK). So yeah, be wary if you wanted to play this game couch co-op like I did, because it seems to be totally borked. 😩
  13. I played SC2 to death, probs my favourite FG of all time. 4 and 5 sucked ass, but for some reason I'm actually really looking forward to this. I'm kinda 50/50 on the mechanics they introduced (IMO best part of SC is the fundamentals, extra mechanics just bogs it down), but what I've seen so far has a nice flow to it, and I really like the character design and roster so far (minus GROH - probs the worst design in the series). Here's hoping they don't shit this one up too!
  14. Way too soon, 2020 is the earliest for next gen IMO. Interesting find, though.
  15. Oh god yes. I love games set in feudal/ancient Japan and I love this series even more. Would love to finally get my hands on these games, had actually considered importing these games and playing with a guide, but I held off as the series started to get really popular over here. C'mon Sega!