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  1. Nintendo has the right idea - make a video about what you have coming up, cut out all the fluff, and just tell us what we want to know. No need for these conferences to get cringey and self-congratulatory speeches from industry execs, while trying their hardest to bullshit us in front of press/fanboys that'll cheer even when the worst shite comes on stage and screen. It's an outdated event, at least from a consumer POV. What was suggested in OP's post, however, is a definite step backwards... yikes. I hope they have enough sense not to do that.
  2. It's pretty short, I had to keep an eye out for a few missables, but with easy difficulty and the wealth of information out there it's not really a tough ask. I remember having to reload a few times because some of the time cutoffs are a bit annoying, but you have plenty of time to do everything (I'd even say TOO much time), the only difficulty in this game is getting used to some of the more obtuse mechanics, as well as getting to the point where the ticking clock doesn't really mean anything.
  3. This looks amazing - I'll withhold judgment till I have it in my hands but I've quite enjoyed what I've seen so far. Maybe they were getting burnt out from making action games - fair enough. If this works out well then I can see them sticking to this format and keeping the action stuff to side games like Judgment. It looks a lot of fun, and I like the idea of being able to level a party of characters in a bigger, new environment, but with all the other Yakuza shit still there. I understand perfectly well why people are cynical about this, but they seem to be putting in genuine effort and passion into making something "new" here, and after 9 (!!!) action games in Kamurocho can you really blame them for wanting to take the series in another direction?
  4. Trailer was interesting, but if this whole game is Midgar seems like they've been showing maybe a little *too* much. Loved what I've seen again in this trailer and my hype continues, but everytime Sephiroth shows up in these trailers I kinda cringe a little - he had little to do with that section of the game in the original and I'm kinda nervous they're going to shoehorn him back in to parts he doesn't belong to have a more "recognisable" villain in part 1. Still have high hopes for this though.
  5. Doesn't really work like that tbh, it depends on how you play the game, but from a PC perspective, I'd generally recommend Seasons (Absolutely necessary IMO, game feels so empty without seasons), Cats & Dogs, and a slight recommendation for Get to Work. Other than that, depends on your playstyle and how you build your households (for example, don't play as families? Parenthood would be pretty redundant then.) I can 100% recommend looking at LGR's videos on youtube: He's a bit snarky, but gives a great to the point summary and review of every single pack that's been released, and he's who I check first when stuff comes out.
  6. At this point it's just PR babble and there's not much to extract from what they're saying, and I don't think 'survival horror' is much of any kind of guarantee from Capcom in the grand scheme of things, but going by the rumours and that trailer they seem to be hinting towards that kind of 4v1 format. That being said, we'll all know for sure by the time TGS rolls around, so I'll wait till then to either get more pissed or be pleasantly surprised. Despite Capcom's hot streak, I'm still betting on this being something stupid to milk the brand.
  7. If this is attempting to ape L4D and have an actual campaign - awesome. If this is some shitty attempt ala Umbrella Corps to jump on a bandwagon to milk RE fans inbetween major releases then they can go suck it. Really, really hoping this isn't some shitty 4v1 DBD clone... they can't be that dumb... again...
  8. Basically full RRP with next to useless boosters/cosmetic add ons. Madness IMO. Better off buying physical, though I'm sure some will bite as soon as they see "Ultimate".
  9. My response seemed completely reasonable and I dealt specifically with what you said. I don't know why you keep repeating the privilege thing like a mantra because it's unrelated to what I said - the owner is free to do what he likes, just as well as people are free to not agree to not agree with these changes and go elsewhere. B1rvine was giving his take and I was giving mine, this forum is specifically for feedback and that is exactly what's happening here. If anything your response came across as a little bit condescending.
  10. That's a loose reading of what was discussed. I'm saying it would be unwise to make this change without significant updates to how this site tracks and deals with these things, as well as the effect it would have on the more "casual" community that uses this site's services. At absolutely no point has anyone suggested Sly isn't free to do what he likes, just that it probably wouldn't be taken well if not done properly, and that it would take a lot more work to do well. Both of these things are probably not in the owner's best interests. Sure, but it was more an example of just how arbitrary and silly a thing that can mess up a profile. Sometimes it's just completely out of our hands, and I think if this rule change went ahead it would promoting standards that are probably a bit too exacting. Thousands of hours of grinding can be undone in an instant, MP lobbies can be hacked, etc. We can't predict these things, and I don't think we should have or expect the kind of oversight needed to make sure hundreds of thousands of users are hiding their games for the "right" reasons. It really just sounds too complex, and will only make the average user less likely to enjoy using this site.
  11. My only response to that is if you do this overnight I sincerely doubt you'll get the intended effect. There needs to be many, many updates to how cheated games/gamers are logged/flagged before this becomes plausible, as well as offering some kind of alternative to people who don't really want to have FIFA 10 on their account because their nephew loaded it up while they weren't around. It's just an over the top response to a simple problem (the names), and when you're using language like "I do firmly believe leaderboards should be a privilege, and not an automatic right" you're kinda veering into the realm of perhaps taking this a bit too seriously. Unless both Sony and this site change a lot of things, then there isn't really any good reason to penalise people for hiding trophies, considering how imperfect the system is anyway. What you're suggesting would only make sense if Sony had the same quality control for trophies, as well as a complete overhaul of this site, neither of which looks likely.
  12. Spreadsheet is cumbersome to create and manage (for me) and doesn't match the presentation and ease of use for this site, something I've paid for specifically for this functionality, and hiding games from my PS4 list obviously doesn't do anything for me, as I play games I have no interest in getting all the trophies in (fighting/sports games) pretty regularly. That also doesn't work for PS3/vita obviously, which I use just as much. If there was a backlog feature to this site then I would perhaps consider it, but it's obviously a bigger undertaking than what you're suggesting to do with the leaderboards now, and tbh something I can't see being done at all considering the rate of updates on this site. If I could have my backlog, and the games I've completed, separate from the games I've tried over the years, and maintain a separate list, then sure why not, I wouldn't even be having this conversation. Unfortunately that probably isn't ever going to happen. I don't disagree with the spirit of what you're saying, it would probably give the leaderboards some more legitimacy, but if you are blacklisting such a commonly used feature that is used for a lot of reasons besides avoiding being caught cheating, then you're going to undermine the popularity of the site big time. Going for the nuclear option would require a lot more maintenance and oversight of specific games for the cheater removal team if you want to make this completely legit. I'm not sure there is a proper understanding of how much more work going for this option would require if people would need manual acceptance to hide trophies to be on the leaderboard, this is just going to lead into a huge clusterfuck if there isn't a system beforehand for Sly to automatically whitelist specific games and trophies, instead of the case by case system we have now. I have no interest in climbing the ranks with games I have no interest in finishing, I know I'd shoot up by quite a bit if I just had my full list on there, but it would be pointless for me tbh because I have/had no intention of completing them. Everyone knows that being off the leaderboards is more or less a sign that you are a cheater by association, and it's gonna piss off a lot of people and make them go elsewhere if the minority is appeased at the expense of the majority who don't want to pursue "perfection" and just want to do things by their own terms. Again, I can see people (for good reason) agreeing with your suggestion, but IMO it's a case of being "wrong for the right reasons" as well as completely ignoring the practical aspect of what you're suggesting. It won't work given the reality of how this site is maintained and updated, and it'll push traffic to competitors aren't as elitist (don't want to use this word but can't think of an alternative) in how they treat the membership of this site. edit: aware that my grammar/wording is shit but I'm too tired to clean this up, my bad
  13. This is a pretty shitty way of dunking on people who don't want to be anal with what they play. As you can see on my profile I've hidden loads of trophies, sometimes I even unhide them and 100% them if I change my mind later on. Such is life. However, I use this site as a backlog manager (I hide my trophies when I have no intention of going back to them) but I also enjoy seeing my name going up the ranks for the games I DO end up finishing. I'm not ever gonna get anywhere near the top, but that's fine, I enjoy what I do, how I do it. What you're suggesting is incredibly elitist and also encouraging people to have some unhealthy gaming habits if they did hide those games because they have some kind of compulsion - and that is unfortunately a scary amount of people on this site. Like MMDE said a simple name check is all that's necessary here and the cheaters get found out sooner or later. I, and probably a load of other people, would leave this site if something so ridiculous was done because let's be honest, there is little consistency in trophies even from Sony themselves and there is little regulation in quality, consistency and fairness from the actual company in question here, and this suggestion does more to shit on people who don't want to play in a certain way (your way by the looks of it) than undermine the cheaters on the site. Hiding games is something Sony themselves allows. Your "exceptions" also appear to be completely arbitrary (20 trophies?), and hiding games penalises your ranking, not the other way round. Your suggestion is getting traction here (mostly from people who do bother with 100% profiles) but putting this into practice would seriously undermine this site, and would reduce the legitimacy of this site, not increase it.
  14. I do enjoy when this thread somehow gets necro'd for no reason so people can say the same three things over and over. Long may it last!
  15. A youtube video? OK then... anyway list is here