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  1. Gonna have to buck the trend here and say this: go play Yakuza 0 next.
  2. I got the original game on PC way back when, I'm a huge fan of these old point & click adventure games. Took me a good month to get through, half because this game is so damn obtuse with its puzzles, and half because I was a dumb ass kid. I would spend days making absolutely no progress in this tbh. There is a logic to the puzzles, but because these games aren't really long, they are padded with walls which stretch any kind of sense to the limit. I wouldn't follow a guide all the way through for a game like this, but some of the solutions are bordering on bullshit, so there's absolutely no shame in looking up the solution (especially in year three). As an aside, if you want the plat for this game a guide is also a prerequisite, there's so many things that I didn't even know about despite finishing this game 3 or 4 times before. Great game though, peak of the genre IMHO.
  3. This actually looks really sweet. Thanks for sharing, definitely going to keep my eye out for this one. Kinda reminds me of Witch and The Hundred Knight (something I really need to finish lmao), I'm glad they are trying something new with their new title after Setsuna.
  4. Just for me? 😍 Thanks man!
  5. This is top-grade shitposting, excellent work OP
  6. For me it's a 1 dude, this was a great game. It's a slow, long burn, but that's exactly what I wanted from it. If you want constant instant gratification then yea, this probably isn't the game for you.
  7. I went through RDR1 again straight after finishing RDR2 - while I still love RDR1, it is definitely starting to show its age. I recommend anyone who hasn't touched RDR1 in a good few years, to have another playthrough and compare for themselves - it is insane how much of a step up RDR2 is in every department (IMO). I cannot really honestly pick between Arthur and John as characters though - both have incredible arcs.
  8. As mentioned, yeah has to be a fresh run. That being said, don't let that stop you from doing it. The game has an adaptive difficulty mechanic where the more you die/retry, the easier the game gets. If it ever gets too much the game will ease up on you, so don't let it stop you from trying Professional mode. Just to make your life easier, remember to pick up every treasure, and keep the spare rocket launcher for the last Castle boss fight. Also, I'd finish "separate ways" for Ada to unlock an extra costume for Ashley which will make her invincible and impossible to kidnap ("Special 2"), because she is really the only annoying part of pro mode (IMO).
  9. Wasn't released this year, but I finished it a few months ago - NieR Automata. Was recommended to me by everyone but was thoroughly disappointed with what I got. Oh well!
  10. Most likely a port, doubt they'll do anything new with the IP. Would be more than happy with a PE1/2 port, they can leave 3rd Birthday in the trash.
  11. Never seen The Game Awards as anything other than a smaller E3 tbh, it's just the industry patting itself on the back, with Keighley and Kojima continuing their (kind of cringey) love-in. That being said, I can 100% believe there will be big news for Ghosts/Death Stranding, most definitely DS because of how much Kojima's ego gets stroked at this show.
  12. Looks so damn good. Really trying to avoid any more spoilers/gameplay, but it's so hard not to when it's looking this great!
  13. Kinda bittersweet for me to see they've cancelled the other 3/4 DLCs. I absolutely hated this game after getting the plat at launch - the story is a joke (and from what I've heard, still is). That being said, was interested to go back to this after seeing them continually milk it with DLC for 2 years. Nice to see I won't have to wait too much longer, but honestly such a bummer to see what a disappointing mess this game turned out to be - and continues to be under Square Enix.
  14. Have fun adding all of the multitude of games censored in Germany! Your list would never end if you also included some states in the Middle East. I'm presuming this is only EU, US & Japan? These regions have pretty light censorship compared to the rest of the world in general - not that that's a good thing, just saying.
  15. Wasn't Bulletstorm + Yakuza already leaked as the PS4 games? Those aside, I doubt the PS3/vita ones will be any good, probs more shovelware that costs pennies anyway.