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  1. My problem with the trailer is that it just seems like more Episode 7 - JJ Abrams just has no ability to make something original. Everything is a callback or a retread of the OT. I had my problems with Last Jedi too but I liked it more than Force Awakens because I didn't end the movie with the feeling that I'd "seen all this shit before". If that's what people want, then yeah whatever, but if it's more fanservice crap like EP7 then I'll just skip this until it's out on one of the streaming services.
  2. The only real change IMO should be changing the weighting of the points system based on rarity, i.e. 2% rarity = 98 points, 98% rarity = 2 points (obviously not exactly like this, but something along those lines). Other than that, don't really care that much tbh, I just mainly look at trophies as a way to manage my backlog
  3. Completely agree about the crappy characters, but the gameplay is top notch tbh. I thought the story was complete ass, especially in the second half, but I had a lot of fun getting the plat and going through all of the hunts/postgame content. edit: lmao, just realised I already posted the same shit in this thread a year ago 😎
  4. With all the anime avis on this site I was expecting the "Japan" option to be a blowout tbh. Last gen I would have said Japan without a doubt, but most of my big disappointments this gen have been from Japanese devs, and I've found myself playing more and more western stuff as time has gone on. Maybe after I actually get round to Sekiro/RE2/DMC5 I'll change my mind again, but for now western devs have the edge at the moment for me.
  5. Nier Automata - This has actually been mentioned a couple of times in this thread, and that was actually quite surprising to me. I thought the combat was ass (you can mash parries and dodges), the general gameplay is incredibly repetitive, and the story is really nothing special - the philosophical 'themes' are greatly exaggerated by the fans of this game IMO. Persona 5 - I actually loved the first half of this game, then the second half became an absolute slog after the game just flat out refuses to end, with predictable plot twists, repetitive dungeons and forced sections of just waiting for something interesting to happen. P4G remains one of my favourite games of all time, but this left a bitter taste in my mouth.
  6. Honestly this game was ass. It made me not want to pick up AC2, which was honestly a thousand times better. Maybe they can give it an enhanced port like they did with the Ezio trilogy, but other than the novelty of this being the first game in the series, I don't think anyone is really clamoring for a remake/remaster of this game.
  7. Never been better to play games on PlayStation, there's so much shit (I mean that in all senses of the word) on the market you'd be hard pressed not to find something worthwhile to play. Not all of Sony's exclusives this gen have been for me, but they've all been top quality productions, with a lot of attention and care put into them - and that's more than can be said of the shite that's been put out on xbox the last 5 years. The censorship shit gives me pause for thought, and that can snowball into something much worse, but for the time being it's not making me turn my head elsewhere. I gotta say as well, maybe it's gamers in general that are just getting cynical af as well, everyone's moaning about shit week in, week out these days, instead of just, you know, enjoying their hobby and getting on with it. There's a lot of aggravating shit in this industry, but it's not worth the arseache, and overthinking it all to this extent, it just becomes exhausting.
  8. I should clarify, by "classic" I mean the mainline games before 4, where the genre shifted. so RE0-3/CVX. RE6 is definitely worse than CVX, there's no debate there yeah, but for the old "survival horror" type of games this game was just all kinds of awful. It is not fun getting caught out by bosses that are guaranteed to hit you, or those bastard moth things. I have a million complaints about CVX, tbh, it's just poorly designed end to end.
  9. I played it when it first came out - hated it then, and I hate it now. It's probably the worst of the classic RE games, and I'm definitely not alone in thinking that. The voice acting in that game is... something else.
  10. Code Veronica!?!?! Wat? That game is awful. I'm a big fan of RE games but CVX is the worst in the series, second only to RE6. The backtracking, stupidass boss fights, and of course who can forget the iconic Steve Burnside. I cringe just thinking about it.
  11. That honour would definitely have to go to Arcania: Gothic 4. One of the worst games I've played in my life - I have absolutely no idea why I stuck through to the end when I have absolutely no qualms just hiding a game after getting bored with it and moving onto the next title on my backlog. It was actually pretty entertaining at first - some of the worst dialogue and flat out janky shit I'd ever seen in my life, but the novelty wore off quickly. I must have been on something that week, because for whatever reason I couldn't put it down.
  13. What was the point of necroing this thread? lmao also EA bad
  14. Well, why not? He's getting the wins, the team are playing about as well as they could - let's be honest, their squad can't compete with PSG's - and they are back to a crowd pleasing attacking style of play. He's a former player and ticks every box for the club, and none of their "big name" managers have worked out for them in the last 5 years so it's definitely time to try something different. Not even a United fan, btw, but even for me from an outside perspective it would be stupid to not give him the nod for the job.
  15. Gonna have to buck the trend here and say this: go play Yakuza 0 next.