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  1. Go nuts, I hide trophies purely to manage my backlog, and have gone down from about 2000 hidden to whatever amount is on there now. At the end of the day, absolutely no one other than yourself really gives two shits about how you play videogames and earn trophies. If it really bothers you to have that H on your profile, then go ahead and start another account (IMO a huge waste of time), or just leave it and move on, don't even hide it. Being that anal about something so inconsequential is pointless (to me), so just do what you want, because some of this unobtainable shit can come out of nowhere, and make a lot of effort and grind pointless in a moment, if you really give a shit about that kind of stuff. That being said, 425 of your 439 plats are 'common', and your account is only 4 months old, so doesn't really seem like much will be lost here...
  2. Could you bump up the font size a bit, I'm having trouble reading your post.
  3. Personally I went for S-Ranks first, and the reward you get for all S-Ranks makes a few of the trickier mission tasks a little easier, but is by no means necessary. S-Ranks in general are way easier to get than the mission tasks, as you can cheese an incredible amount of the missions (like the cigarette trick with the Eliminate all tanks mission). You can also use the "cheat" items (rank-restricting items, like the all S-Ranks reward) for the mission tasks, so that was another reason I left them for last, as a lot of the mission tasks involve tedious things like listening to conversations or tailing people which is made way easier with that suit. Everyone has their own approach though, but that worked for me.
  4. Deadly Premonition - I had done everything in the game, and then when I went to clean up the last few collectibles I had noticed that random cards (tied to sidequests I had already finished) had decided to disappear from my collection, making the platinum unobtainable. So pretty much 30-40 hours of playtime wasted. I only managed to muster up the courage to finish it this week after abandoning it three years ago. Had to finish the entire game again, and complete about 90% of the sidequests. Very annoying.
  5. ...Congratulations? I don't think winning an auction is the same as this game hitting a general acceptable price, but glad to hear you had some luck with your purchase
  6. I think the feature is fine for the time being, but would be nice to be able to toggle stacks on and off, especially for Japanese stacks of games - that's definitely niche shit even for the die hard trophy hunters.
  7. This game has a really disjointed narrative if nothing else, it's pretty divisive among the fanbase for how 'incomplete' and slapdash it was at launch, but with some patches and absolutely shameless DLC there is a complete, if unsatisfying narrative in FFXV (IMO). Just remember to watch the anime shorts and the (awful) CG movie as well to get the full picture. As has been mentioned, the games are purposely different from one game to the next by design, constantly shifting the gameplay and tone, but the focus on a strong narrative has been in place since FFIV. Of course I'd recommend the series as a whole to anyone, it's the gold standard for JRPGs (or it used to be). Every single title in the series has its fans and naysayers, it's always been like that. There is a noticeable drop in consistency past FFX (or earlier depending on who you're asking), but they are all about as enjoyable regardless as the other JRPGs you've listed, and they always have outstanding production values and presentation.
  8. Wouldn't work as it's basically an opt-in system that has a LOT of grey areas and the forums will just be flooded with 'disputes' of how to prove that you're working alone that I can't see even a big team of moderators willing to put up with. I like the spirit of the idea but in practice it's a non-starter.
  9. I feel like you're baiting someone to ask you that if you believe any of what you just wrote why do you have over 1100 "ezpz" plats on your account? You believe what you're doing has been incredibly devalued and has become pointless yet you're probably one of the worst offenders... I can't see how that's a healthy attitude to have with this stuff.
  10. Looks like an interesting JRPG but like everyone else I think they are asking for a little too much at that price. I'll keep an eye on it at least.
  11. Nintendo has the right idea - make a video about what you have coming up, cut out all the fluff, and just tell us what we want to know. No need for these conferences to get cringey and self-congratulatory speeches from industry execs, while trying their hardest to bullshit us in front of press/fanboys that'll cheer even when the worst shite comes on stage and screen. It's an outdated event, at least from a consumer POV. What was suggested in OP's post, however, is a definite step backwards... yikes. I hope they have enough sense not to do that.
  12. It's pretty short, I had to keep an eye out for a few missables, but with easy difficulty and the wealth of information out there it's not really a tough ask. I remember having to reload a few times because some of the time cutoffs are a bit annoying, but you have plenty of time to do everything (I'd even say TOO much time), the only difficulty in this game is getting used to some of the more obtuse mechanics, as well as getting to the point where the ticking clock doesn't really mean anything.
  13. This looks amazing - I'll withhold judgment till I have it in my hands but I've quite enjoyed what I've seen so far. Maybe they were getting burnt out from making action games - fair enough. If this works out well then I can see them sticking to this format and keeping the action stuff to side games like Judgment. It looks a lot of fun, and I like the idea of being able to level a party of characters in a bigger, new environment, but with all the other Yakuza shit still there. I understand perfectly well why people are cynical about this, but they seem to be putting in genuine effort and passion into making something "new" here, and after 9 (!!!) action games in Kamurocho can you really blame them for wanting to take the series in another direction?
  14. Trailer was interesting, but if this whole game is Midgar seems like they've been showing maybe a little *too* much. Loved what I've seen again in this trailer and my hype continues, but everytime Sephiroth shows up in these trailers I kinda cringe a little - he had little to do with that section of the game in the original and I'm kinda nervous they're going to shoehorn him back in to parts he doesn't belong to have a more "recognisable" villain in part 1. Still have high hopes for this though.
  15. Doesn't really work like that tbh, it depends on how you play the game, but from a PC perspective, I'd generally recommend Seasons (Absolutely necessary IMO, game feels so empty without seasons), Cats & Dogs, and a slight recommendation for Get to Work. Other than that, depends on your playstyle and how you build your households (for example, don't play as families? Parenthood would be pretty redundant then.) I can 100% recommend looking at LGR's videos on youtube: He's a bit snarky, but gives a great to the point summary and review of every single pack that's been released, and he's who I check first when stuff comes out.