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  1. My favourite game of the last 2 or 3 years (other than maybe Tekken 7). I think I've gone through it 25 times now, and have platted it on multiple accounts - even a friends. It's just so easy to pick up and play through, and has yet to get old for me. RE4 still holds the crown for me (it's just so damn fun) but this game is definitely 3rd on my favourite RE games - after REmake 1 and RE4, and that's no easy feat as I've played through all these bastards.
  2. How the hell is the first I'm hearing of this game? I've played every Ys game bar VIII (really need to get round to it, I even have the game sitting on my shelf), though mostly on PC. The character designs in the trailer look absolutely terrible, but I guess that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Gameplay however looks great, and the music sounds excellent as always, might even play 8 & 9 back to back depending on how long it takes them to localise this.
  3. I can only speak for the Amazing Spider-Man games - don't bother. Incredibly generic and not worth anyone's time IMO. Really crappy movie tie-in games
  4. I must be going crazy, but this game is kicking my ass. I'm consistently getting 2nd time and time again, losing races everytime by about 0.2-0.3 seconds - and I'm only on the second location in the campaign (Chile). I'm making all the turns pretty well, using my boosts on the straights, no big crashes and keeping the bumps from the other cars to a minimum - what gives? It feels like when I do get gold it's pure RNG rather than how well I did on that specific race. Is it just me? It seems everyone is only hitting a wall once they get to the very lategame races. Should I just wait for a better car and go back (I always use the last one unlocked). edit: Well, of course this would happen, after struggling on 2 races I get 6 consecutive golds without trying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there's still this weird annoying randomness to races tho
  5. I didn't want to resort to #GamerShaming, but yes if you want to get scientific, it could be something along those lines. Games can make people extremely emotional. Who hasn't gotten emotional playing Senran Kagura for example?
  6. Honestly, just open up the console, buy a can of compressed air and clean that bastard out. Ideally your PS3 is designed to work well above that kind of ambient temperature but if your system is clogged with dust/gamer residue then your console will just end up shitting the bed, especially if it gets humid. There's a lot of easy-ish tutorials on YouTube that show you exactly how and what to do, giving your console a full clean out is something I do by habit at least twice a year (after the warranty has expired obviously). It will reduce the noise in general and your console will become a hell of a lot more tolerable to higher temperatures. It'll improve the lifespan of your console, and to be honest is something you should be doing regardless. I still have a launch model (2008/9?) fatty (taken good care of that old bastard) so I can't give you specific tips with opening it up, but same logic applies. My PS3 still runs excellently with minimal noise, though only because I make a good habit to clean it regularly. tl:dr Unless you are living in Death Valley, your console should really only be shutting down because of the temperature if you aren't cleaning it out regularly! (in my experience)
  7. Kotaku - like it or not they are usually first for exclusive news (Schreier? idk), and really while there are a few articles that raise eyebrows I can roll my eyes, move on and just look at the stuff that's relevant to me. Otherwise, I generally check GameFAQs, Gematsu, and I usually look through the trailers at E3/TGS, etc. to see if anything will catch my eye. The one thing I definitely do avoid is YouTube videos. 10 minutes (everytime thanks to ad optimisation!) of hearing some clown tell me what I can find out in 2 seconds on a written article - fuck off!
  8. With you there on Symphonia, I really want that plat (one of my fave games of all time), but at the same time, the requirements really just give you a list of boring grinds/playthroughs that suck all the fun out of the game, completely arbitrary for the most part in terms of challenge too, especially with the affection "mechanic".
  9. No - if something stops being fun, I usually stop. There are times when I feel like it might be worth the grind, I might come back to it even years later, but only if I felt it was worth the effort. Going for 100% just because would be completely pointless for me as there would be no sense of achievement for me in doing so. There are many games I've platinumed or w/e and just felt like "why did I put myself through that?" and felt absolutely nothing after getting the plat, so I've long abandoned that mentality TBH. That being said, that's just me, and a lot of us use this site for different purposes - as long as it isn't creating unhealthy attitudes and habits people should be free to enjoy themselves however they like.
  10. Just finished off the Borderlands 2 DLC to get my 100% back - had next to no interest in going back to BL2 but there we go. Thankfully it's quite short and relatively painless (the raid boss is nowhere near as annoying the base game's), but it was still a bit of a chore to revisit.
  11. RE2 - I've had about a dozen playthroughs of it and I'm looking forward to a dozen more - very enjoyable plat as well. Not since RE4 have I enjoyed going straight back for another playthrough after finishing a game - it is incredibly addictive thinking of new ways to beat your old times and more efficient ways of taking down the bosses - simply put, a masterclass in survival horror.
  12. Too vague, you need to at least clarify some things. Would I cheat if I felt the game was unfair? Would I cheat if it blocked out trophies? Single player? Multiplayer? etc. If you feel the need to 'clarify' what you actually mean after the point and after we've all answered then the original question is redundant...
  13. Thanks for the reply - the town thing isn't a dealbreaker, especially if it seems on purpose. I don't really care too much about picking "the wrong stuff" as long as it doesn't make anything permanently missable. Other than that, the aesthetic has sold me on this game along, so will pick it up in due time.
  14. I saw reviews for this around launch and the most common complaint was that it felt incomplete - like there was something about grinding for a gate pass for a town that didn't exist or some shit like that, among other things. Has it changed much since then for this release? Quite enjoyed Stardew and wouldn't mind something along those lines with this kind of aesthetic.