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  1. More options is never a bad thing! Though I don't think it's necessarily a priority for the site, as there are a few workarounds to this on mobile & desktop.
  2. A mix of common sense and some wildly reaching presumptions. I really don't know what you're expecting people to take away from this.
  3. Looks great, I still play this pretty much whenever I can. Really looking forward to trying out the new mechanics, and to trying Lei out as well. The walking dead dude tho, could do without that, but hopefully like Noctis he'll become irrelevant after the first couple of weeks.
  4. Not sure why people needed to tell OP the same thing 3 times in a row 😜
  5. +1 for this, got the plat, but kinda regret putting myself through it tbh
  6. Pretty much any Disgaea game, the series is infamous for level grinding, and its trophies are no exception!
  7. Now that you mention it, how comes there's no way to report a session? e: not that I can see of anyway!
  8. Good stuff
  9. It was just a single segment in the trailer (one of several so far) tbf, hardly "continuous". I think it's a matter of your own perspective, it can get in the way of storytelling for sure, but there are people who will go into the game with that mindset and decide that is trying to push an agenda regardless of how it comes across in the game, which is just as unhelpful. If no one else mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed it, not saying this kind of thing doesn't exist, but this is a bit overblown IMO.
  10. Yeah, this isn't going to end well 😩 Anyways, how about just looking at things on their own terms, as soon as you say "agenda" you've made up your mind on it. The kiss didn't phase me in the slightest, but I did find the bit where the guy was strung up and gutted particularly gratuitous - but of course, everyone goes for the obvious. These people are entitled to make any story they want, even if they had some kind of intent behind it, you'd have to be pretty dense to be caught up in that kind of rhetoric. Her being a lesbian, or at the very least bi, was already pretty much a foregone conclusion in the DLC for the first game. Where was the pitchforks then? And how is this being politically correct? Is there a right and wrong way to portray a lesbian in a videogame?
  11. Very helpful! Great input
  12. I tried the demo and wasn't impressed unfortunately. I know Arika are making this on a budget, and I want them to be able to keep making more so they release something more polished, but I'm probs gonna take a pass on this.
  13. Google - "Nier Automata Hard mode" I'm not really alone in thinking it's a bit too much of a jump from normal mode. The prologue in particular - when you can't really prepare any pod chips or save - can get frustrating as most enemies will hit for 50%, and you'll only auto-heal below 30%, making it a bit pointless. The last boss in that section will also OHKO you if you mess up once, it's not a pleasant fight. Anyway, I'm not complaining about hard mode being hard - that's the point. But the mode below it is just waaaaaaaaaaayy too easy and exploitable. Did you not think the counter and the dodge mechanic was a bit too lenient? As soon as I had counter unlocked I could literally stand next to bosses, mash the direction button and keep attacking without any fear that I'd even be hit. That is a little questionable, no? Some bosses (like the desert one) it didn't work as well on, but yet again mashing R2 kept me out of any kind of trouble.
  14. Oh 100%, I'm not looking to shit on anyone's opinions about the game, my friends absolutely love it, and I guess I can see why. But for me there was just too much jankiness to the experience I couldn't overlook, and the story never really worked out for me. 😅 I just made the topic to see how everyone else felt about it, and if they shared some of my takes on it, even if they did end up loving the game. I feel like we're having two different conversations tbh, but thanks for your input!
  15. You've misread my first post. My point was that hard mode is a bit OTT in terms of difficulty and normal mode lacks any challenge - I don't think there was a decent enough middle ground. After playing through the game on normal mode I'd probably have a bit less issues with hard mode, but the difference between the modes is night and day. Hard mode is a bit too much (at least on a first run), and Normal mode is just way too easy. The game in general is very exploitable with some of its combat mechanics, like the counter as I explained before.