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  1. I attempted this and unintentionally launched several nukes. My b.
  2. Can't get enough Gorillaz
  3. Anyone know how to purge my mind of Smite? I'm addicted and can't stop. Send help.

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    2. DaivRules


      Should have payed for expedited shipping!

    3. TigressLion


      It was sent via USPS, expedited or not, it's terrible haha.

      Should've gone with Fed Ex.

    4. --Deleted--


      Should have got amazon prime

  4. Karma Fields - Build the Cities
  5. Some of these Division medical wing Encounters have me wandering around for hours looking for something I passed by 30 times...

  6. You can check and see how many collectibles are left in what area buy clicking under the intel screen, just in case you didn't know.
  7. Just bought the Founders Pack for Paragon. If anyone wants to play this coming Friday then gimme a shout.

  8. I honestly think that in any kind of apocalyptic scenario, being able to take a life is all about circumstance and the individual taking said life. If I had a family to provide for and the only way to get the supplies I needed to take care of them was to dome some poor man, i'd do it without hesitation. I'd probably need tons of therapy after all was said and done though.
  9. Managed to get a EU Smite Beta key. I'm willing to trade it for an NA if anyone has it

  10. RPG Limit Break 2K16 begins May 9th! I'm pumped!

  11. Hmm, if I had to choose 3, they'd be in this order for reasons: Interstellar - For many many many reasons this movie is at the top of my list, but that Soundtrack tho. Guardians of the Galaxy - Not much to say here. The Revenant - While this is based on a true story, only about 15% of what happens in the movie is true to what actually happened. Still an amazing movie.
  12. Though I wish I had waited a little longer to get this from the Play Station Essentials sale, oh well.
  13. Late night Gorillaz is perfection.
  14. I have a horrible cut in the corner of my mouth. When you're as excitable and talkative as I am, it's gonna hurt. A lot.

  15. So for about a whole year and a half, I think? I had completely forgotten about this site. Ahahaha

    1. ZeroXOF


      Lol. Welcome back King!