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  1. You don't NEED the DLC but it lets you bypass finding everything in the base game.
  2. If you have an option to get the DLC that right there will give you enough ability points without finding a single hidden room in the base game.
  3. I just finished this on PS5 (never played this on a PS4) and I can confirm there isn't a single issue with the frame rate. Based on reviews that I've seen about the PS4/Pro versions having terrible performance I'm sure this is a massive upgrade when speaking to the frame rate specifically. Input lag isn't a thing in this game, like... at all. If anyone thinks this has input lag make sure your TV is set to it's lowest latency (usually called game mode or something for display options).
  4. It is its own list but I am going to try and wait this out for a bit (I played on PS5). Reason being is that Insomniac said they were going to provide save transfers from last gen to the Remastered version of the first Spider-Man game. I'm wondering if that will provide an auto-pop like No Man's Sky did. My theory is that if they do it for Remastered, maybe they'll offer save transfers for Miles Morales and then... maybe an auto-pop. This is all pretty unlikely but... possible? Maybe? I guess we'll see.
  5. I kinda want to see someone actually pull this off because I'm wondering between the freezing and crashing if this actually works in 200 hours or people spend 600 because of all the issues. I think I'm just going to not get plat on this one and live with it.
  6. Doing the challenges would've actually been a fun trophy to go for but nah, let's put in a 1,000 hour afk grind trophy instead.
  7. The 1 hour of manuals was the one someone had a problem with. If you do get Around the World you're going to have to let us know how you did it and how long it took. I'm not sure if I can get in for that grind.
  8. Others have suggested that progression may not save properly on the manual trophy. i.e. someone did it for 30 minutes one session, turned the game off and had to do a complete hour to get it to pop. After messing around to get the change clothing 20 times Trophy, I settled on what I wanted, skated around with it for 2 hours. Turned the game on this morning and it had all the cosmetics from when I first changed them around. If things aren't auto-saving that right there gives me enough fear to not even try this trophy yet. I'm hoping they change the requirements but devs aren't really worried about what the trophy community wants.
  9. Hey if I helped at all I'll take it! I do agree this takes some work to like because the controls are such a mind fuck to start out with (or at least for me they were). Imagine 30+ years of gaming where a vast majority you used the left stick to move a camera and try and take that out of someone. Yes, I am as old as dirt. But to me it's very satisfying lining something up and trying it 50 times before you actually get it because when you do, it looks awesome and feels very rewarding. Just like real skateboarding. When you see skate videos you typically see the end result, not the potential dozens of attempts prior to the one successful one. Your point on music is a great one. I listened to maybe two or three songs on the game's soundtrack and while I'm sure I'd find some that I thought were okay, I made some Spotify playlists in anticipation of this game and it makes all of the difference in the world. One on the chill side and the other on the aggressive... but not quite deathcore levels of aggressive. So the devs have said online is in the works and possibly even a map editor. Get those things in and polish the remainder of the game over time and this could be an amazing game. Get all of the best community maps to consoles as fast as possible. To your point about it being harder... I am kind of thinking of this game like the Gran Turismo of skate games (sadly this is completely lacking in even an ounce of the polish GT has). It takes work to get the controls down and your more advanced tricks with amazing lines are really, really hard to do but when you do them, they are way more rewarding than in past skate games. To no one in particular... Something I realized was that all of the guys I was watching on YouTube up to release (Nightspeeds and Garret GInner mostly) are actual skateboarders with a lot of real life skate experience. I think this game is made for those type of people because it does a better job of being a sim than any skate game prior. The problem there is that I think this one is going to absolutely flop with a lot of more casual skate game fans because there's too much work and without anything to actually work towards other than getting better at the game many are going to get really bored. TWO TIPS FOR ANYONE: Go through at least the basic challenges on each map. They each show things that are way more in depth from the tutorial and I'm learning about mechanics that aren't explained anywhere else. Clicking down on the sticks acts as pushing your foot to the board or towards the ground and it allows you to manually catch tricks. This is basically hinted at but never stated. If you're doing a quad heelflip or something you can manually catch (stop) the trick so that the board doesn't keep spinning. This gives you control over when to stop a trick to better land it. It also acts "in general" as placing your foot towards the ground. Let's say your grinding into a vert or pool and your left foot is in the air on a grind. If you click down on the stick that's tied to your left foot, it will push that foot down and transition you into the ramp. Trying clicking down the stick in different instances, it gives you more control over what happens and can make getting out of grinds a bit cleaner as well. The potential is there, lets see if they can make it reality.
  10. Yeah I def did more than 100 mongo pushes to get that one. Best spot for it is that long road with a downward slope. If you go from the top of the slope all of the way down to the bus I got like 27 to 30 pushes in. Then go back to your marker and repeat until it pops. Took a few minutes.
  11. I'm not going to argue most of what you said because it's true. Menus are slow and laggy, they frequently freeze the game, the character customization is terrible, poor frame rate, lots of map clipping and it can feel empty. But the controls... *chef's kiss* This is like when we upgraded from Tony Hawk to Skate controls. You have so much more freedom within the game, no two tricks look the same and the way each foot ties to each stick makes every trick feel like you're skateboarding with your fingers. The problem is that you basically have to retrain your brain. I keep going at the left stick trying to move the camera. I'm still struggling with grinds because my brain forgets to hold my feet in place. Sometimes coming out of the grind you have to twist your body to land. It's really a skate sim in the truest sense. I fear a lot of people are going to hate the controls. This game does well with actual skateboarders I'm not sure how a casual skate fan would react to this. My hope is that this is the No Man's Sky of skate games. There's an amazing base to build off of but I'm not sure they'll ever get the budget to make a lot of things possible. It still feels like an early access game, tbh.
  12. Did you get the 5 different grinds trophy within a capture. I didn't see it in your vid? I'm struggling to find a good spot to get that one done.
  13. Make sure you're not getting double or triple tre flips. I was going mad because I'd hit twenty in a row but a few would be double. Once I did 10 single tre flips, that's when it popped.
  14. True, maybe citing the terms of service was stupid, because you just gave an example of something that probably is not explicitly against Sony's rules. I guess I am more so looking at "generally accepted practices" and while I know not everyone agrees, trophy teams seem to be generally accepted at this point. So playing on 2 consoles at same time doesn't seem like something that can be seen as cheating if teams are allowed to be on the leaderboard, which they are.
  15. He obviously didn't swap out games that quickly, so it was 2 people playing on different PS3's. That is not against Sony's TOS to have people multiple playing on an account so I can't see how that's cheating. Now, does it effect Hakoom's claim that he is "#1 Legit Trophy Hunter"? (if he still claims that) Yeah, it sure as hell does. But is it cheating? Nope. He is who it says he is, zero_q8, he is one of the people on the duck team. Not saying that to be confrontational, just passing on the info.