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  1. I think it’s a bit unfair there’s 16 Achievements on Xbox, the last one was labelled a duplicate but is now fixed and seems to be a “get all other achievements” achievement, which is typical of a multi platform game where that one is a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation. Is this another error in Comrades and we’re missing a Platinum Trophy?
  2. How long do we have until that post goes down? So I can work out the minimum number of words per day I have to read. I can set myself a quota to keep ahead of so i finish in time with a few days spare just in case. Saying that, I never turn away a helpful soul who helps me get through it all faster, so I don’t have to look up each word in a dictionary or thesaurus and have to work out the meaning, I’m not sure I’d get that done in time, as I do work 9 - 5, Mon - Fri and the family expects some of my time evenings and weekends. Oh I here them calling now... some seasonal holiday I’m expected to spend time with them on away from the games console, they just don’t understand the timescales I’m under and the bonuses game Devs give out at this time... for some reason.
  3. You are reading it wrong and also taking a very narrow viewpoint, just considering one websites policy. Firstly when someone says “arguably”, it means this has already been argued and debated with valid points from both sides, and there’s no desire to argue it with anyone just accept that people have a different perspective, ie don’t bother posting what you just did but since you have, sigh, I will clarify further. Firstly, “illegitimate” method is subjective when it comes to trophies, some people think that methods to speed up grinding is illegitimate, you can get stuck in those arguments for eternity. I rarely care about such arguments but since you’ve asked I’ll now need to state that I don’t care if anyone gets these trophies using this method, I’m not going to stalk them shouting they’ve got it illegitimately and don’t deserve it, I got it legitimately, it’s not fair, you should be banned etc. etc. (Ok I went to the extreme there, not trying to aggravate those gamers, I know that those who work hard on trophies only to find others cheating/hacking are permitted to feel a little angry. It’s still a game and while I like game completions for my mild OCD, I realise these are not real trophies and mean very little in life.) Yes, you’re correct that this particular trophy website does mention this scenario specifically and says they have no problem with it, good to know, there are other trophy websites though you should keep that in mind. More important of course is terms and conditions of Sony, the PSN and also the particular game/developers service which we all agree to quickly to get started playing the game. However my specific “not strictly allowed” line is simply referring to downloading and using an older version of a game. This is not the intended behaviour of the system, you are artificially blocking the newer version, through an outside means. That technically/strictly could be considered network tampering really, although you aren’t affecting anyone else’s game experience which is the usual concern in this area. However, you have to realise in an effort to stop the bad, Sony may block what some consider to be a legitimate use of technical networking knowledge along with it as they’re not able to distinguish. As such some people are not comfortable with doing it, should Sony take a strict approach now or in the future, yes it seems unlikely and some people are happy with doing it, that’s fine. In short all my line is saying is some people are ok with it and some are not, “arguably” and fundamentally, you’re not meant to do it.
  4. So like many, I rushed to get these trophies before the update and they became Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable. Luckily I was able to get these, however in my travel to get them, I saw many who were level 1 or still hunting for a suitable Chocobo, so feel bad for those who weren't able to get them in time or have bought FFXV recently. I believe some have pointed out you are able to downgrade your version of FFXV and unlock these Trophies as it still works offline, though this is arguably not strictly allowed. However, if you're not wanting to or able to do this, I would like to make another suggestion to those afflicted. Contact Square Enix support or your regional variant that you can't get all Trophies in FFXV, and provide this suggestion below. It is possible for those who played FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV) to transfer their save game to the FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone) and continue with their character, inventory and game progress with trophies auto-popping when you start, and some others popping when talking to the NPC or replaying the required mission once. Therefore, similar functionality could be patched into FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV) menu to import a FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone) game save back into FFXV and auto-pop the Comrades specific trophies you can no longer get in FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES (the DLC for FFXV), providing you have met the requirements and unlocked them in FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (standalone). It's nothing they haven't already done in one direction, just need to do it in the other direction, and ensure that all the trophies auto-pop as you can't talk to any NPC or replay any missions now. This will allow gamers to still get a full completion in FINAL FANTASY XV.
  5. Looking for decent to great gamer to help with Desperate Escape on Vet & Pro, thanks.

    Message me either below on my session or over PSN, thanks.


  6. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Dreamshots to Autolog, hmm... thankfully I got these trophies last year, but yeah I understand the problem. I see the problem, yes anyone who had photos up there before can still use them to get the trophies, basically the part that's broken is adding the record for new photos to the autolog, the storing and retrieving of photos is all working, so existing photos is fine, but new ones don't get added to the list on autolog. EA server team will need to check the web server logs, should give a specific error message, maybe something is out of memory or storage, failing that server needs a reboot. Seems fixable though don't know what the full error message says. I've said this on the ea forum thread. I wouldn't expect them to go back and add in the missing records, but fix it for new photos.
  7. I've made a PS4/PSApp community for Need for Speed: The Run about this trophy to post updates on, you can request to join it if you like.
  8. Well at present the Autolog isn't working, so your time isn't being recorded to the Autolog, that's a concern to be wary of. Without the Autolog functioning, you can't add/see friend's times, so the game can't see you're a "leader" of a stage and award the trophy.
  9. Discord account required sessions of mine


    What is Discord?
    It's a text and voice chat system, available via web browser, program for Windows and Mac, and apps for iPhone and Android, so a variety of options to access it.
    Superior to the PS3's own options, and avoids getting stuck in the XMB menu while playing, using the PSMessages app has the problem of a flood of messages on the PS3 interface and a tonne of notifications on the smartphone, therefore this is a much better option for text based chat, avoiding the need to chat on the PS3. It also has voice chat ability, such as party voice chat you have on PS4.
    It's popular with gamers, and is especially helpful when boosting PS3 games, so more are using it every day.


    Why is it required?
    We'll use discord to coordinate during and organising before sessions. Therefore, please ensure you have a PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet or can somehow have a webpage open and in view while playing.

    However, it's also recommended to be logged into Discord as much as possible, you can be "idle", such as having the client running on a computer or smartphone, others can get your attention by messaging you directly or addressing "@here" or "@everyone" which sends an alert to your device, pre-session planning and organising discussion can take place.
    If all players are able, we can use the voice channel during the session (connect a headset to PC, Mac or use your smartphone headphones with mic), but if not, we'll use just text chat.
    We'll text chat before the session, there's already instructions on how to do the boost in there, you'll get to see when given a "role", roles allow access to specific hidden channels and permissions.


    How do I get Discord?
    Register for a free account at you just need an email address. You can use the same username as your PSNID or a different one (in which case, its best to let others know your PSNID).
    Download for PC, Mac or get off the App Store/Google Play store, or login via a web browser at


    How do I find this sessions Discord server?
    Once you have a Discord account and logged in, click the + on the server list and select Join a server and copy and paste the server invite link below (don't click it as a link, that doesn't work).
    Server Invite link:

    Now, look for the channel topic message or pinned messages in the Discord server for further instructions.

    You can find other Discord server invite links from others for their servers for whatever purpose they have, and you can create your own Discord servers as well.

  10. They're a bit different unfortunately. Luckily it's possible to unlock "What else you got?" as it is about beating a (friends) "recommends", fortunately it seems it counts to beat your own time (only if you receive a better medal than your previous best medal) which also appears as "recommendation" on the screen in the game. "King for a day" requires you to be a stage leader (fastest time posted), which is a comparison against friends, that uses the autolog for that information and comparison, as since it's not been working it's preventing that happening, improving your own time won't help sadly. Attempts to use two accounts on the same console, in the hope that some kind of "local" leaderboard data exists haven't worked. I'm not familiar with the Darksiders 2 servers, it maybe similar or may not.
  11. Unlikely, it's not a case of something wrong with the game code preventing it unlocking, which is a common occurrence in malfunctioning multiplayer trophies, this problem is compounded because usually multiplayer data is stored on developer's servers and can't be reset by gamers, if a similar problem happened in a single player trophy, you would start a new game save to have another attempt. This is clearly the lack of functioning autolog, I've looked into it and so far can't see any workaround, so we have to presume the most likely reason anyone has unlocked it after Jan 2016 is due to hacking their trophies, however that's not 100% proven, so we shouldn't accuse anyone of such, just that it looks very suspicious. Yes, that is a bit odd, would be nice of the gamer to share his experience with us, ultimately if it leads to more being to unlock the trophy then will vindicate them from any alleged hacking accusation, though I note from the list of gamers unlocking it since Jan 2016, the others have been removed from the Recent achievers list which was posted earlier in this thread. Well... suspected trophy hacker, based on the current evidence, it's suspicious, but there maybe a honest reason, innocent until proven guilty and all that, and we can't be 100% certain. I'd rather ask politely if they can explain or remember their experience in case it leads to clues for the rest of us being able to obtain it, legally of course if there is a workaround, and with others having it, then they're no longer suspicious of tampering. Not sure what cost you're referring to here, anyone can create their own CA at little to no cost (you need a computer and software, which may or may not be a cost), now obviously no one in the world trusts your CA, but then that doesn't always matter. Any further certificates you require, you'd create from that CA, and any software you made, you would include your CA so it trusts it and any certificates it makes, which is what Black Box studios did for NFSTR and likewise other developers for their games. If the problem is solely that certificate issue, then it depends if they still have the CA and can make another cert, if not and they have to make a new CA and cert, then the game will need to be patched to trust the new cert chain. Replacing the cert with a new one would be the server upgrade, as they would/should request one using sha256 algorithm and a key length of 2048 which is now the standard, that would stop the errors currently. Of course, this may not be the only problem, or THE problem preventing the Autolog, it's only an error I've discovered so far, and due to patches may have been the cause for the Autolog to suddenly stop working, and given the only info we got from EA was "a security issue specific to NFS: The Run", so it does fit.
  12. I appreciate everyone else stuck with this trophy like me, and those that post on the EA thread in the hopes of EA doing something about it, however it seems they've drawn an end to their consideration of it. As such I didn't post my previous there myself as I didn't feel it would do any good, possibly the opposite and don't want to make the situation worse with EA, but I wanted fellow trophy hunters to get some info. I've started a closed PS4/PSApp community for the game for anyone still interested in this trophy. There doesn't appear to be any other legal way that we know of, we presume any to have unlocked it have either somehow been extremely lucky with timing (server maintenance of some kind?) or have meddled with their profile/trophy information.
  13. There's fortunately another way to earn this trophy, you just beat your previous performance on a challenge, you must earn a higher medal than last time, faster time alone will not work. So start a coastal series challenge, earn a bronze or silver medal the first time, then replay it and earn a silver or gold medal the second time and it will unlock. Therefore not using the Autolog at all, which is broken currently.
  14. So EA won't give us a proper explanation, only that it's a "security issue, specific to NFS: The Run", my hunch about it being SSL related seems right on the money.
  15. Uhm.. Hi... Hello... It's nice to meet you <3

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      Hello, nice to meet you too. ;-)