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  1. RDR, 100% in that game is not fun.
  2. Destiny is a very impressive platinum!
  3. Nioh. I suck at games like that ;(
  4. The dlc grants are added to the base game but there is no way of getting them without the dlc. These grants that now are required didn't exist before the Asylum DLC came out.
  5. Would not say no to that Red Dead Redemption plat.
  6. You can't get Prison Economics. It's not possible because you need the asylum grants too.
  7. Looks like I will wait renewing PS PLUS for another month.
  8. I think people vastly overestimate how many people hunt trophies, especially people that would buy a game like sonic.
  9. Would not say no to having that Mortal Kombat plat on my profile.
  10. Whenever i make new accounts i get a flirty message from someone. It is pretty normal
  11. Because you dont know how to mute?
  12. You have to pay 4$ for a DLC to unlock a trophy for the base game. Since the developers thinks its perfectly fair that consumers have to pay for their shit DLC that nobody fucking wants. It is pretty obvious they did it on purpose considering they havestated they will not update the game like the Steam version because it did not sell a lot of copies. Pretty unethical if you ask me.
  13. Sly 3 is super easy