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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Switch Pro is never gonna happen? And am I the only one happy with my OG Switch?
  2. E3 is only two days away. Even though I got work on E3 Day, I will enjoy the Nintendo Direct on June 15th.

  3. I am still gonna get the Diamond remake because I have and always will be a Pokemon fan. Plus, there's Pokemon Legends Arceus which may be the first open world Pokemon game and it takes place in the Sinnoh of the past. Looks fun.
  4. Hey yall. Sorry for the long due post, but I managed to beat Monster Hunter Rise and its' 3.0 story mode. What a fun game it was and it is the first Monster Hunter game I have ever beaten. I have the Tigerex long sword upgraded to its most powerful form. So now I am back to playing Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition on Switch. I have to start over on the Cyber Sleuth story. I plan to have the original Digimon Adventure Digimon in my team including you know who as an Ultra Digimon.
  5. Hey yall, it's been a long time since I last posted here, have to be away for awhile till things cool down. But I'm back. :)

  6. Bought In Another World with my Smartphone Vols 1 through 5 through the Apple Books store app. They are my first light novels I bought. I also bought MegaMan Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Switch Version since I have been playing on my Switch more than my PS4. I also finished the Capcom Arcade Stadium collection by buying all avaiblle DLC for it on the eShop store.
  7. Uh... Would it be better if you got the Switch version of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition if you don't care about trophies in the Tales series?
  8. It's bound to happen at some point. But let's be real here... Your obsession with Jim Ryan is starting to become totally unhealthy, @AJ_Radio. Like @DrBloodmoney said to you in the PlayStation 4 Beta thread, it is totally unhealthy to be obsessed with one person to direct your anger towards to. Jim Ryan or the higher ups neither care or know who you are. So it would be wise to calm down and not think of him or the higher ups of Sony as evil demons out to get your precious games. I would implore that you calm down.
  9. Got this today. Another to my growing Switch collection, Heard good things about this game. Can't wait to play it tonight.
  10. image0.jpg


    My stepmom gave me this today. Heard good things about this sequel to Bravery Default. Can't wait to play it.

  11. If you count virtual concerts, I saw the Pokemon 25th anniversary Post Marlone concert on YouTube. It was cool.
  12. Nintendo becoming a software developer like Sega? Not gonna happen. Nintendo is fine as it is.
  13. Happy Mar10 Day, everyone! Celebrating 35 years of Mr. Jumpman himself, Mario!

  14. I managed to defeat the true final boss of Octopath Traveler. My party for the first phase was Primrose, Olberc, Ophillia, H'annit and the second phase was Therion, Cyrus, Alfyn and Tressa. Man, was he tough, but I managed to pull through and finally beat him. Now, while I wait for my stepmom to order Bravery Default II, I think I will play Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  15. My greatest achievement in Nintendo Switch is defeating the true final boss of Octopath Traveler.