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  1. Tomorrow is the final month of 2020 and also the month where my birthday is taking place. I will be 33 years old in just about 17 days after today ends! ^^

    1. Puppeter04


      Happy birthday in advance! 🎉98% chances I forget or don't enter the site


      mine is 23rd july, and I will be 23 

  2. Agreed, the creator of this topic may have cheated.
  3. Got back to playing Hyrule Warriors: Defintive Edition on Switch. If Zelda has a leveling system like in Hyrule Warriors, then I would play it in a heart beat.
  4. Let's be real here, the Vita was a massive failure so its death is inevitable as a failed game handheld. There were a lot of problems with the Vita like the touch rearpad and other problems. Plus overprice memory cards and limited space. So while I like the Vita, it was a massive flop and failed to beat the Nintendo 3DS. So the Vita stores closing is inevitabloe and we need to learn to accept it and move on. Edit: Also, I find it funny that you keep blaming Jim Ryan for everything. Like what is your beef against him though? If you claim he and the executes at Sony don't play games, then they wouldn't be working at a game company.
  5. Today is Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto's 68th birthday. So happy birthday, Miyamoto-san and many happy returns!

    1. Honor_Hand


      The father of modern videogames. He deserves all of our respect and admiration for what he has achieved. Even if we don't like some of his game, we have to admit that the guy is quite gifted at developing and/or supervising games.


      To think he's 68 years old already. It's amazing how the time flies so fast... Anyway, Happy Birthday to him. Hope we can see more of his talent for many more years to come.

  6. Normally, I am not into politics, but today, I just learned that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. So congratulations to Joe Biden for winning the 2020 election. ^^

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    2. BSKkayfabe
    3. WishingLemon


      > Don't campaign

      > Barely pull a crowd when you do, sometimes no one turns up at all

      > Still win, but only when the mail in ballots arrive all voting for you


      Tbh I could run for US President and have a decent chance

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @WishingLemon WishingLemon2024 lol

  7. My stepmom ordered this, but I paid for it. So this is my iPad's new case with a keyboard.
  8. Normally, I am not into politics, but I can tell that Joe Biden is winning the election if Trump doesn't try to sabotage the election.
  9. Pre-ordered Collection of Saga for the Switch through the eShop.
  10. Happy Halloween PSNProfiles!

    1. baboon_overlord


      Happy Halloween to you too. 


      Here's a terrifying tale for you.


      My dog used to sit on my lap when I played Playstation games.


      Then I played Death Stranding. Now my dog runs upstairs whenever I turn the Playstation on.


      Thanks Hideo. ☺️



  11. Let's be honest, the PS3 and Vita are dead. The Vita imho was a massive failure and I am fine with them removing PS3 games. Not trying to start a flame war or something.
  12. Ubisoft according to Gematsu removed the article about that, saying it is inaccurate. Somebody made a boo-boo and got the info wrong for the time being.
  13. I like fall because it's cold and only thing I disliked is flu season.
  14. No big deal. I will use both Discord and the new PS App to chat with my buddies online.