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  1. In two months, I am getting a 4K HD TV for my birthday at December. So I want to know which 4K HD TV do you guys recommend for PS4 and possibly Switch.

    1. Sir_Bee


      First of all, that's awesome.


      Second, what is the budget?


      Third, what size were you looking at?

    2. Honor_Hand


      Just got a 4K HD TV to replace my old one, not exactly an expert myself nor I know much about what can you find over there in the US, but yeah, same questions as Sir_Bee above.


      Also, are you open to any brand or want to go for the most commonly used ones? Any particular feature you want on your TV?

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Samsung Q60R - 55 inch QLED 4K TV
      less than 800$ best bang for you buck..

      It has Game Mode and "Real game Enhancer" boosts refresh rates below 10ms.



      If you wanna go all out more, better to get OLED though.

      But I rec the Q60R its good enough and should last you many many years. I don't your room size, this might be too big though. They do have smaller I think 43" but its only about $100 difference...

      Best Buy have it. So does many other places for same price around.

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