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  1. Half-Life 3 hasn't been confirmed yet, dude.
  2. Trials of Mana remake from PS Store.
  3. Got this a few days ago.
  4. Got this at Wal-Mart during a clearance sale today after the gym. Glad I did. At first, Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4) was originally gonna be my October payment, but now I will make the remaster of the first one my October payment. (PS4 version. )
  5. Since October is almost over and after the 31st will be one more month till my birthday in December, I'll be 32 at December 17. I look back on the good times of 2019, I have a job, got a smartphone and is able to get $50 PSN and Nintendo eShop cards every week if I keep my room clean and help around my parents' house. I also look back on the bad times of 2019 and got over them.


    And during 2019, I got a PS4 Pro. So I plan to get a 4K HDTV for my birthday in December 2019. Here's what I picked for my 32th birthday in December which I will show to my parents next month.




    I think this TV will fit in my huge dresser drawer and since I only use my PS4 and Switch, I figured it would be awesome. So I am so looking forward to my 32th birthday and Hanuka in December. ^_^ 

    1. Honor_Hand


      Great pick at a great price. That TV should fit nicely in your room. Glad you were able to find a TV that is of your liking for your 32nd birthday. :)

  6. You hold a valid point there. But imo, Japanese games are god tier because they are from Japan. Japan has made great games in the past that made it to the west and are superior to Western games. Square-Enix (A hit or a miss sometimes, but still one of my favorite gaming companies, Bamco, Capcom (Which has redeemed itself with MegaMan 11, Monster Hunter World, DMC5 and RE2 Remake) Sega and my most favorite gaming company of all, Nintendo has made great Triple AAA games in the past and today's era and they show no sign of slowing down (I think). So all I can say that the future of gaming is looking bright and that's all I can say right now.
  7. I have nothing to say to you since you like to insult me.
  8. That could be it. Well, I'm convinced somewhat.
  9. Very well, but I am doubting what multiple sites say since they don't have evidence to support their claims.
  10. Yeah, it doesn't really look good. Since the devs of this game made the Rambo game which sucked, this one is sucking as well.
  11. I wouldn't trust anything PlaystationLifestyle says. They may have spin this story just to get some clicks. But who knows.
  12. My godfather's wife who is also my godmother passed away today. May she rest in peace. I will always love you my godmother and will remember all the good things you done for me and my family.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Sorry for your loss. :(

    3. Crispy_Oglop


      My condolences to you and the family @MMX20

    4. dermarx


      My condolences

  13. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3 MegaMan 11 MegaMan X Legacy Collections 1 and 2 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory Digimon World Next Order (If you don't mind the huge grind for the platinum) World of Final Fantasy Dragon Quest XI So many JRPGs and classic Japanese games that I can't name of right now.
  14. Push Square can eat crap. They love to spin their stories. Plus, the commentors on that site are toxic to the core.
  15. Agreed. There's also Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest XI (PS4 version), Tales of Vesperia, and I think that's all the PS4 games I can think of for either this year or the ones before them, I think.