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  1. Tomorrow, I work again and start training on health techqines. Other than that, I'm glad to be working again ever since this whole pandemic started. ^_^

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Honor_Hand


      Great news. Be safe out there. :wave:

  2. @Stardroid has sadly left this site because he's facing differcult times right now. My thoughts go to him and his family.

  3. 3 sleepless nights because of the aircon in my sister's house broken. That and I need a better bed for my room at my sister's. I'm surprised I'm still well after three sleepless nights. @[email protected]

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      I hope you manage to get some good sleep soon.

  4. Wondering what news await the Switch since it is Mario's 35th anniversary. So happy 35th anniversary, Mario. You inspired gaming and have jumped into our hearts since 1985. Also, eager to get Xenoblade Chronicles DE this month hopefully. And managed to beat Link's Awakening on Switch, a fun remake of a beloved classic.
  5. Can't wait to get my hands on FF7 Remake later this year.
  6. I didn't encounter this problem when I was playing Chapter 1.
  7. I am enjoying it so far. Loved the story and characters in it. I'm currently playing as Duran and my party members are Angela and Kevin.
  8. Treasure Seeker: Open 100 treasure boxes Ruler of the Seas: First Ride on Vuscav Adventurous Exploration: Completed Chapter 2 I am having fun with this remake of a once Japan only game. Good thing I preordered it digitally awhile back to get the pre-order bonuses.
  9. I preordered this awhile ago and it's a remake of a once Japan Only game that also has the original version for Collection of Mana on Switch. I enjoying it so far. Can't wait to platinum this game.
  10. Earn All Trophies Fun remake of a game I never got to play as a kid, although a bit grindy and such. Can't wait for the Trials of Mana remake,
  11. :platinum:#39: Secret of Mana


    A fun remake to a classic I never got to play as a kid. Intially riddled with bugs, Square-Enix helped fix the problems in the game with patches. Managed to platinum this wonderful remake before Trials of Mana remake next week. Can't wait to play that.

  12. Platinum #39: Secret of Mana What to say about this remake of a game I never got to play when I was a kid? Two words... Absolutely awesome! When I preordered this remake, it was riddled with bugs, but over time, it got patched out and I get to enjoy this game a few years later. Now the gameplay is cool, but the drop rates can be a bit grindy that you need paitence for. But the weapon orb and magic systems made this game fun for me. And the characters are enjoyable too. The story has drama, humor, friendship and sadness that anyone who played the original can once again enjoy (If there is any who wants to play this game). You can also grab two friends to play with in co-op. Overall, I enjoyed this remake of a classic I never got to play when I was a kid. And I platinumed it just in time for the Trials of Mana remake. Enjoyment: 9.5 Difficulty: 6.5
  13. 10 days left till Trials of Mana remake comes. Glad I preordered it.

  14. I missed the Guardian Ring in Mana Palace, is it possible to get the ring along with the Amulet Helmet in the Mana Fortress? If so, which room holds the monsters holding these rare drops?
  15. Japanese gaming ftw. While I'm neutral on the whole greedy AAA game industry thing, I can agree with you that Japanese games are great and so are some indie games that are made by Japanese devs.