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  1. Top Dog End of the World Coliseum Champion The Frosty Giant Sorry for not replying here, but I finally got back into playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and earning trophies for it. since I got KH 2.8 Final Chapter for PS4, I am now gonna play through the entire Kingdom Hearts saga while also planning to get Kingdom Hearts 3 next year on its first month. The Ice Titan was a bit challenging when I remember my first fight with him in the original PS2 version a long time ago. I forgot that using Aeroga will not make him use the tiny shards he flung at you. But I am glad I beat him and got the trophy for it.
  2. Just found out that my Splatfest team, Team Salsa won today. Making it my second Splatfest that I won this year. :)

  3. @Katt Hey, I was trying to be nice. You don't have to be rude about it.
  4. I don't want to sound like a downer, but that petition will fail, miserably. Even if the petition somehow has a chance to convince Sony, what good will it do? It would only bring more problems. Petitions rarely work. and quite frankly, this war on censorship is ridiculous and silly. Even if the petition does get through to Sony, they won't care and that would be a good thing. Trying to get Youtubers to spread the news about the policy isn't gonna work either. Like most companies and normal people, they don't care about things like this. I'm sorry, you people and those who are against the censorship policy are wasting your time and effort on this petition. It will not work. And no, I'm not trying to defend censorship, I can understand why you're all upset about this, but it's not gonna work.
  5. What a concidence! My birthday is the same day as MegaMan's! Happy birthday, blue boy!
  6. This month's Splatfest is Salsa vs Guacamole and I choose Salsa, even though I don't like salsa or guacamole. ^_^! 

  7. Got this today thanks to SonyRewards somehow giving me two $10 PS Store Codes and my purchase of a $25 PS Store card at Walmart yesterday.
  8. Hey, is anyone having trouble connecting their Switch online? I am having issues connecting to the eShop and trying to play Elemental Knights Online.
  9. While Stan Lee may be gone from this world, his legacy and spirit will live on as the man who helped Marvel Comics into what it is today. RIP Mr. Lee. We'll miss you and never forget the joys of comics you gave us.

  10. I just recently got back into playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on my PS4. But I still have trouble trying to beat the time trial in Hercules' Tournament. What level should I be to beat it and what level should Donald and Goofy be as well? And can anyone also provide other tips for clearing the time trial?
  11. I purchased Elemental Knights R for the Switch. If anyone doesn't know, it's a console port of an iPad game called Elemental Knights made by either Japan or the Koreans. I used to play it on my iPad, but I quit when I started on it. Hopefully, since I bought Elemental Knights R for the Switch, I will give it a second chance.
  12. I got this before my parents left for Athens today.
  13. Okay, okay. I didn't know. You don't have to be rude about it. But if you didn't own FFXV, then why did you comment on this thread if you never own or played the game?
  14. While I'm sad that FFXV's last DLC is Episode Ardryn and Tabata left SE, I am looking forward to the FFXV x FFXIV collab in FFXV and the last DLC next year. And @Lance_87, please don't try to troll in this thread. I know you hate FFXV, but please don't spam this thread about it, okay? Thanks.