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  1. Resistance is Futile: Get asslimated by the Borg Rare Hunter Amatuer: Obtain your first Ultimate Rare Item Switch!: Performed a Switch Okay, after taking a break from Spider-Man and planning to do the DLC trophies later, I got three trophies this week. One of them is a trophy from Star Trek Online, the second is a silver trophy I got from first playing a game I preordered and a trophy from the Accel World x SAO crossover game. So it's been awhile since I posted here, so now I am back at it.
  2. Curious, what PM thing are you talking about?
  3. Hey, love your new PSN name.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Thanks. It's not the best creative name, but whatever...

    2. Temmie


      Who gives a hoot about creativity?  If you like it, that's what matters <3 

  4. Congrats you two. I'm sure you two will do a great job as mods and hopefully there will be less drama in the forums now.
  5. I want to say congrats to @Beyondthegrave07 and @DaivRules for becoming forum mods. So hopefully, this place will be a bit more clean now. :) 

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Why thank you! I will do my best! :)

    2. MMX20


      I'm sure you will. Hopefully, there will be less hostility and rage in the forums with you and @DaivRules as mods now.

  6. After I get Super Mario Maker 2 after May when it comes out in June and Fire Emblem Three Houses after June, I am gonna get Super Neptunia RPG for PS4 after July. Yes, I am gonna buy Super Neptunia RPG for PS4 as a brand new copy. So bite me! 😈

  7. Hey @NekoRave I read your post and I agree. Though I also see that there are nice people here on this forum who aren't like the toxic people you described. So there's some good and bad people here on this forum, and the good outweighs the bad. I mean, I had some people being toxic to me because of what I say that they didn't like, but there are people here who understand what I am saying and are nice to me when I asked them nicely about it.
  8. Star Ocean First Departure is coming to the PS4 and Switch with new features and will be released worldwide. I loved playing the first Star Ocean remake on PSP, so I am gonna get it for PS4 when it comes out. ^_^

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      good news,I have the psp version but my psp battery got expanded.

  9. Nice! Very nice!
  10. Pre-ordered Lapis x Labyrinth for PS4. While also renewing my PS Plus membership ahead.
  11. I renewed my PS Plus membership and pre-ordered Lapis X Labyrinth for PS4 from the PS Store.
  12. To be completely honest, I liked the new PS Store layout, though it could use some more work, but other than that, I like the new layout for it.
  13. This looks nice. And it's coming to both PS4 and Switch. I noticed it on Steam, but I am gonna get it on consoles this Autumn (PS4 and Switch). And it's an Asian game coming to the west. Edit: Sorry about that! I fixed the title.
  14. At the end of May and June, I am gonna get Super Mario Maker 2  and Fire Emblem Three Houses for Switch. Then at the end of July, I am gonna get Super Neptunia RPG for PS4 when it comes out in the west. After that, I'll wait for some interesting games for PS4 and Switch this year.

    1. Chocolate GiddyUp

      Chocolate GiddyUp

      Nice games :)


      You're going to have a lot of fun!

    2. MidnightDragon
  15. I plan to get Super Mario Maker 2 after May has come and gone. I am gonna enjoy its modes when it comes out next month.

    1. Dreggit


      Are you excited for slopes? By the way, there's a YouTube channel that might be interesting to you of you like mechanics in Mario Maker that o cpuld suggest to you