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  1. After so much blood, sweat, tears and grinding, I have managed to awaken my Lahn and gain her new Crimson Glaives. Tbh, they look like dual Japanese swords to me, but I am happy with the results.



    If you don't get it, it's from Black Desert Online. This is my Lahn after getting her glaives. Also, this is my pet brown guiding hawk Rushmore. Also, my Lahn looks so cute.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Congratulations :)

  2. I have finally subscribed to PS Now. Thanks to the permanent 12 month price drop, I was able to subscribe to PS Now. ^_^

    1. BSKkayfabe


      I liked it even though it was pricey back about a year ago but now it's really awesome. Only thing that kinda bums is that YOU don't pick the games but for +450 you can't really be too greedy lol

  3. In two months, I am getting a 4K HD TV for my birthday at December. So I want to know which 4K HD TV do you guys recommend for PS4 and possibly Switch.

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    2. Sir_Bee


      For the best picture, OLED is the way to go, hands down.  The one caveat to that is this.  When I was looking into tvs when I bought mine (Sony Bravia 75" X900E) was they had some minor burn in issues, especially if you were to play a game with a stationary HUD for several hours at a time.  I cannot speak to if that problem has been fixed, but that was one of the things that held me back.  Also, I wanted the bigger screen, and the X900E still had a fantastic picture, so I opted for it instead.


      If it makes any difference, I have had my tv almost 2 years now, it gets used for on average several hours a day, and it still looks as beautiful as the day I opened the box.  Never had an issue.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Size only matters depending on how far you're going to be sitting when playing games on it. If it's a TV for your bedroom and you're going to be sitting close to it, then anything between 28" and 43" inches will work just fine for you. If the TV is for a living room and you're planning to sit away at a considerable distance, then a bigger screen is what you need. Just something to have in mind because there's little point in having a 65-80" TV if you're going to be sitting right close to it. You're not going to be able to enjoy it at its fullest.


      As others commented above, OLED screens look so much better. I think these are the way to go. Unfortunately, I cannot give price references for them because the ones I saw when I was researching for a new TV were priced locally between $2,100-2,400 for a 65" OLED LG TV. So, yeah, no thanks. xP


      Also, do proper research on the brands and be sure to give others a try as well. Not all "big name" brands are worth it in my opinion. Have an LG TV that has been more of a headache than anything. Recently bought an AIWA 50" 4K LED TV for $385 and I've been pretty pleased with it so far. Doubt you can find this brand in the US at the moment but similarly priced brands that I've heard from there are TCL and maybe Hisense. You could probably find something similar to what I got for $200-250. If you're on a budget, they may help you save money in the long run. In my case, I went for AIWA because I've owned other AIWA products in the past and I've never had any problems with them. So, despite their cheaper price, they do deliver in the long run.


      Best of luck! :wave:

    4. OhDearDevilRun


      Whatever you get, if you plan to keep it for long, 5-8yrs. Buy extra insurance for it. It's not much but will save you the headaches later on. I've had my TV for over 15yrs now and not one issue though. Sony is pretty much the best in quality still and then Samsung. Cant really go wrong with them. Then you got LG and Vizio isnt bad. I personally think QLED is the best to go for for now, maybe a few years till OLED gets way cheaper and perfected.

  4. Updated my cover photo tonight. Halloween, just in time for Hallloween. :3

    1. Honor_Hand


      Cute D.Va. Nice picture. :3

    2. Kurofur


      Very cute picture indeed :3 

  5. This month's State of Play was... kinda weak. Nothing interesting so far. To be honest, Nintendo's Nintendo Directs does it better. Too bad I missed the State of Play today.

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    2. MMX20


      Well that's true. But I honestly think Nintendo is killing it this year with the Switch and their great games. Also, I am afraid to admit it, but Sony isn't doing too good this year even with the Last of Us Part II release date next year. I grew up with Nintendo, so I can vouch for Nintendo doing so well this year while Sony is suffering some setbacks.

    3. Nightstream88


      Didn't really see anything too interesting in the state of play other than The Last of Us Part II.
      I don't mind indie games either, but didn't see anything interesting in that area, although while not in the state of play I do plan on getting Spirit of the North.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Other than Civ 6 on PS4 and MediEvil demo...yea, rest I don’t care.

  6. Today is my stepmom and dad's 12th anniversary. Hard to believe it's been 12 years since they got married. ^_^

  7. Tokyo Game Show 2019 is today! Yay!

    1. AndyKazama


      I'm excited. Quite a few decent announcements from niche devs. Interested in the new Tamsoft game.

    2. Edunstar84


      I can't wait. Crossing my fingers for a localization date for Trails of Cold Steel 4. Might not happen, but one can hope. Any game you're looking forward to? 





  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that today is 9/11. I remember when I was young in 2001 when the World Trade Center tragedy happened in New York. I luckily don't live in New York, but my aunt does, and I am glad she wasn't caught in that incident. Still, the tragedy of 9/11 was so sad. So we must pay our respects to those who died on that day in 2001. (Sends a prayer to the 9/11 victims of 2001.

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    2. RedRodriguez87


      I remember that day too. Everybody in my school (students and teachers) dropped what they were doing so we could witness everything that was happening on the news channel. Nobody knew what to do, or how to feel, or what we were even watching was real. It's a day I truly believed changed America for the worst.

    3. PermaFox


      I could not believe it, and it struck fear in my heart.  How can something like this happen?  Thank you for reminding us about an emotional day that we should never forget.

    4. MidnightDragon
  9. This is my Dark Knight wearing equipment I bought from the Central Market on Black Desert Online. Pretty nice that BDO allows you to amass money to buy some epic items from the Central Market. :) 



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    2. damon8r351


      I'm assuming that's a cloth top with a metal vambrace/gauntlet combination plus a metal pauldron. And not what I initially thought it was, i.e. boob cups in a breastplate covered by a surcoat. Yes, I know the names of various pieces of plate armor. You pick up weird facts when you read nothing but fantasy novels as a teenager. One of these days they'll make armor for female RPG characters that doesn't have boob cups in the breastplate, some sort of metallic halter top, chain mail broken up by an exposed midriff, or an armor rating that increases in proportion to the amount in square inches of exposed skin. And the world will be shook to its foundations.


      And no, this isn't a feminist rant. I'm a dude and married at that, therefore I'm not playing some 4-dimensional chess game of Getting Laid In The Weirdest Fashion Possible. I'm concerned about military practicality, goddamnit. Chain mail halter tops are practical. Yes, I'm talking to you, Boris Vallejo.

    3. MMX20


      @damon8r351 Thank you and it's cool. I'm glad you're one of the more mature people on this site. :)

    4. damon8r351


      And there's a missing "not" in that rant somewhere, I'll let you figure out where to put it.

  10. Tropical storm possibly tomorrow. But since I now own a smartphone and a Nintendo Switch, I am good. Smartphones may be real lifesavers for entertainment during hurricane season.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Honor_Hand


      Be sure to take all the necessary precautions and be safe out there. Any portable gaming device can be of great use during a time of crisis, I can vouch for that. ;)

  11. Watched today's Nintendo Direct today during Hurricane Dorian. We got Terry from Fatal Fury coming to Smash along with addtional DLC fighters, Tokyo Mirage Sessions coming to Switch, A SNES library coming to Switch Online tomorrow and a Xenoblade Chronicles 1 remake for Switch. Best direct ever. ^_^ 

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    2. hugglebunn-e


      Do not forget about Deadly Premonitions.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Terry is such a random character to throw in there after announcing Banjo and Kazooie. I've heard of Fatal fury but not Terry in particular. I feel like he'd be similar to Ken or Ryu except for his Smash ball attack.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Was disappointed Rune Factory 4 for Switch wasn’t in the montage. 

  12. Dark Knight class for Black Desert Online is out today. So I choose her as my new class, I still kept my archer class, but since the Dark Knight uses a Krigemesser which is a sword but looks like a katana to me, I am gonna use her the most.

  13. Two days left until FF8 launches on PS4.

    1. MMDE


      But you never finished FF7 or even started the much better game FF9...

    2. BSKkayfabe


      Damn Skippy, can't wait. I'll have no trouble losing zelos' card in Triple Triad lol i suck at it. 

    3. MMX20


      @MMDE Huh, you're right. I should finish FF7 right now.

  14. image0.jpg


    This is my female archer in BDO. So I'll be using her while I wait for the other classes to release on BDO. :)

  15. While at work today, they were filiming an Amazon Prime show based on the Underground Railroad called the Underground Railroad. It was amazing. I asked my assistant manager if I can use my smartphone to take a picture, and she allowed me to take a pic of the filming. It was amazing to have a show filmed where I worked. Here is the pic if you're interested. :) 



    1. PooPooBlast


      Woah looks like something straight outta red dead redemption!

    2. NERVergoproxy


      This is where you work? what century are you from? haha....
      Did they come in and put dirt in the road or is that how it was always?

      I would love me some old school coffee though, is that a coffee shop?

    3. MidnightDragon


      That's cool.

  16. Black Desert Online comes out tomorrow since I own the standard version. I will play as a Ranger (female character) and grind the hell out of her. :P Because once they released the Awakening update for the PS4 version, she's gonna be bitchin' wielding a sword. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you have fun.

  17. Platinum # 38: I Am Setsuna.


    What to say about this JRPG by Tokyo RPG Factory and Square-Enix? Amazing! Normally, I am okay with some JRPGs that have happy endings, but this JRPG which is the first game by Tokyo RPG Factory with help from Square-Enix is an emotional journey that'll have you tear up in the end. The combat system is like Chrono Trigger and some of the battles can be tough if you don't have the right setup. But over all, it is a fun JRPG and if you're a fan of Chrono Trigger or games that play like Chrono Trigger, I highly recommend this RPG.


    Difficulty: 7/10

    Enjoyment: 9.5/10 

  18. Say what you want about CNN, but it was thanks to CNN that got me the job at Bitty and Beau's Coffee. I am glad to be employed at Bitty and Beau's and I will be working there until the day I retired. :) 

    1. RedRodriguez87


      Well thats good, if you like doing it.


      Kinda thought you were talking about Capone-N-Noreaga.


      Yea, still playing Def Jam games.

  19. Updated my signature with the badge I got from Leon Castle's SAO LP's thread. Thanks to @Masamune for making it. ^_^

  20. An interesting thing came up to me today. I remember getting Meltan on Pokemon GO and transferring him to Let's GO Pikachu, I decided to look up Meltan in the Pokemon anime and I just learned that beloved Pokemon anime protagonist Ash Ketchum caught Meltan, making it the first Mythical Pokemon Ash has caught in the long running Pokemon anime.


    So I have to say congrats, Ash, for catching your first Mythical Pokemon and hope we get to see more of your and Pikachu's adventures in the future. :)

  21. Next game to platinum on my list is Shining Resonance Refrain. Now that I fully completed Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet,  I am itching to get back to playing the Sega JRPG that never came to the west when it was originally a PS3 game.

  22. I have now collected all SAO game trophies (Re Hollow Fragment, Lost Song, Hollow Realzation, Accel World vs SAO and Fatal Bullet). Now I need to wait for Alizacation Lycoris to come out for PS4. Hopefully not too soon for it to be released.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Great work. I see you're a SAO fan as well. ^_^ I'm looking to do the same much later down the road and get most of the games in physical form. 

  23. After helping my stepmom's maid in cleaning out my closet, I decided to pick up some of the collector's edition goodies I got over the years like from PS2 to today's era.


    Here are my current goodies.




    Looking back now, I had good times when I was a kid when Pokemon came out and I also got some of the PS2 goodies that were in Gamestop. Ah memories. I even got the OST for Trails of Cold Steel 1 (PS4 version) through its limited edition. I am still enjoying gaming today and I will continue to do so until I reach an age where I can't game anymore.

    1. MidnightDragon


      That’s cool. :)

    2. Lorajet


      It's great that you still have them!  They look like they are in excellent condition!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Always nice to keep those goodies around. Obviously, if you have the games associated with them, you know you have an added value. ;) 

  24. Super Neptunia RPG (PS4 version) will be my next game after August is over.

  25. I am planning on getting PS VR either this September or October. Should I go for the Astro Bot Rescue/Moss bundle kit? I think since I have a PS4 Pro, I think playing VR on it would be good.

    1. lordguwa


      astro bot bundle seems to be the best one imo. 

    2. Tay


      I would suggest that you try No Man's Sky in VR if you haven't platinumed i already !

    3. minh2t


      Astro bot + moss are amazing games, do the bundle include Move Controllers? If yes, that is a great bundle to get