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  1. lXFK9lh.jpg


    This is my current PS4 game collection. As you can see from the covers of these marvelous PS4 games, I mostly play RPGs, platformers and new genres that aren't fighting or puzzle. I have about 30 physical PS4 games and I am glad I got them. Most of them are Day One or limited editions that my stepmom can get from either GameStop or Amazon. One of them I got for cheap at Wal-Mart. I also buy digital games on my PS4, so I buy both physical and digital games. ^_^ I am planning to make Super Neptunia RPG my 31st PS4 game in August after I get Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch. And since I got a PS4 Pro, I am gonna enjoy the hell out of them. :P So thank you Sony for making such an amazing system and also Nintendo for making the best handheld/console hybrid ever. :) 

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    2. Phoenix_argentea


      Yeah! Very nice collection! :) More or less I've got 50 % of your JRPGs. :blush:

      I'm surprised by the different cover of Gravity Rush 2, because in EU the title is horizontal and not vertical. And even S.A.O. Lost Song and Hollow Realization have different covers!

      And a question about Final Fantasy XII and XV: do they have the reversible cover?


    3. ee28max


      Really nice collection you got there. :) 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Awesome collection you got there. Mostly unique RPGs I'm seeing. Great purchases for sure. Hope you get to enjoy them all. 👍