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  1. I honestly don't know what to say other than we'll get through this. I have posted a link regarding the race for a vaccine not too awhile ago. Other than that, my hometown of Savannah is doing a good job of wearing masks, well almost becaue I see a few people walking down the streets without masks, but that doesn't mean my hometown is ignorant to the whole crisis. I should be lucky to live in Georgia because we're taking this Covid business seriously because when I go to work, I always wear a mask to protect myself. I know what I say won't make any difference on the whole crisis right now, but we'll get through this, I know we will.
  2. My favorite gaming characters in history so far has to be: Mr. Jump Man himself, Mario. Sonic And of course even though I never played her game: from Overwatch, my waifu. :3
  3. When I got to work today, I noticed we now serve cinnamon rolls. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. So glad we have something new to serve on the menu. ^^

    1. funboy1246


      hey cinnamon rolls are always a bonus!

  4. I am planning to get the Premium Pass at some point, so I have a few questions. 1. Will this pass cover the second half of the Alcization Arc? Since the store page said it is 2 major expansions. 2. Will Phillia, Strea and the other SAO Gamerverse girls appear in this pass? and 3. Will this have more level cap increases and more equipment and stuff?
  5. With this game, I am about to continue Kirito's adventure, this time in the Underworld!
  6. Today is the day that Satoru Iwata passed away 5 years ago. He was a legend among the gaming community. We will never forget a man who made the gaming community into what it is today. We miss you, Iwata-san.

  7. Found this Covid-19 vaccine tracker site on google. As for the reopening. Some cities in Georgia are not taking it seriously, but my home town of Savannah is doing a good job enforcing the wearing masks rule.
  8. Gonna try to get the pre-order bonuses. So will this follow the entire Alinization Arc?
  9. Next month will be 7 years since I joined PSNP. While this site has its ups and downs, it's much better than the other sites I been to. Plus, the Discord server of PSNP has some quirky but nice people. So thank you PSNP for being a site I can enjoy the most. ^_^

  10. Sign me up as well! I hope I get picked for the interview soon.
  11. Nice interview. Glad FF is one of your top series.
  12. I upgraded to a iPhone XR and am loving every bit of it. ^^
  13. Hey, sorry if I haven't been active here. Been busy playing with my Switch (Xenoblade Chronicles Defintive Edition) and hanging out in PSNP discord.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Haven't been talking much since my PS4 is out of commission for now and I haven't been in the mood to play PS3.

  14. Can somebody tell me what the 1.03 patch means for the Best Bromance Trophy?
  15. Awesome.