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  1. You're right, I am sorry if I upset you by saying what I said before.
  2. While I'll miss the old PS Store, I honestly don't know why everyone is freaking out about it. There's the search option to find the stuff you need and you can always screenshot it using your phone or laptop.
  3. Oh nice. Still gonna wait till next year to get a PS5.
  4. I turned off my PS4 Pro just to give the old girl some rest until either they fix the 8.00 update or I get the PS5. or get the fan in my PS4 cleaned. In the meantime, I will play with my Nintendo Switch.

    1. LegacyJKO09


      my 8.00 seems fine. However i don't ever use party chat. But ps5 is a few weeks away so rejoice 😁

  5. That's not it. I'm just telling you that it's your loss. No need to get hostile, Spaz.
  6. @Spaz Well, it's your loss and I can't really change your mind on that. But the PS3 and Vita are already dead, no offense or anything. Me? I am gonna wait till next year to get a PS5. What with them being limited and the whole Covid Crisis.
  7. I think I am gonna wait till next year to get a PS5. With them being limited upon release and the whole Covid crisis, I think I will play with my Switch until I get the PS5.

    1. Alantor32


      @Venocide Oh I know you... Well, prepare to be added to my block list.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Could win one at Burger King

    3. Alantor32


      The chances of me winning a console from Burger King is super low. xD

  8. @Spaz U seem awfully angry. I know you don't like the new library, but why the hostility towards Sony?
  9. i checked it out and I am liking what I see here.
  10. I agree. Something doesn't add up. And taking it out on Sony is not gonna make the situation better.
  11. So, I finally got Hacker's Memory, so I wondering what carries over if I used my save file from the original Cyber Sleuth. Does it have to be a normal file or a New Game Plus file?
  12. I just got the game through the Big in Japan sale, and I am thinking of getting the season pass after renewing my PS Plus membership. So is it worth it to get the season pass?
  13. Sorry to hear that, man. I know you'll be pissed about doing something like that, but me? I can take searching through infinite items because I may have the patience for it.
  14. A thumbs down option can be a double edge sword. It may or may not force users to leave this site if they feel discouraged by too many thumbs down, so I don't know if it is a good idea to implent such an option.
  15. Probably late, but my brother-in-law and sister are letting me use their Disney Plus membership a few months ago, so I can watch Disney shows on it. And my stepmom is working on a medical waver so I can get my own apartment. I'm glad I have family to watch over me.


    Even though covid days are tough, family is there to watch over you during tough times.

    1. funboy1246


      always good to have someone to lend ya a leg up once in a while. 

  16. I agree with Daivrules on this. This must be the work of some hacker or something.
  17. 'shrugs' No big deal to me imo. If it does get revamped, then I won't lose my crap over it. Call me a sheep or whatever, but I am optimistic (That's a good thing to some people sometimes).
  18. I like it, jumped to 324 the moment they upgraded it. I am gonna wait till next year to get a PS5 possbily due to the Covid crisis going around. But other than, I am happy with my new level milestone.
  19. To be honest, this doesn't bother me one bit. Guess I'm one of those people who just shrugs and move on. I rarely play my PS3 anymore. And I decided to play with both my PS4 and Nintendo Switch more than my PS3. But I doubt they will remove the wishlist. I wonder what the revamped PS Store will look like in preparation for PS5?
  20. Two months ago, I got this.
  21. So I changed my PSN name to Alantor32. So I guess I should bid farewell to MMX20 and say hello to Alantor32.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. OhDearDevilRun


      Does Alantor post to mean something?

      Why 32? your age now vers 20 back then?

    3. Alantor32


      @OhDearDevilRun No, MMX20 was the name I started out with, but since the ability to change your name came, I decided to change it to a pen name I used in most MMORPGs and RPGs and I added my current age to avoid any confusion.

  22. Switch: Super Mario 3D All Stars PS4: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Soon: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Mobile: Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS Pokemon Masters Idola Phantasy Star Saga.
  23. Been awhile but I got this during the Big in Japan sale. Used to be into Dragon, but since the entire DBZ saga is now an ARPG, I can't wait to play this.