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  1. I agree, it is such fun and addciting game, never got the hang of it to reach the plat, due to other games showing up. One of these days I hope, or until the announcement of the servers closure, that's when I'll try for real lol.
  2. After not turning on my PS3 for almost 5 years, decided to see it for myself and I'm glad to see to login worked pefectly, I'm a bit relieved.
  3. I haven't bought a full priced game in more than 5 years, they always go on sale 2-3 months later, I don't mind waiting to save 30 euros. That being said, I rather pay 60€ to have 10 hours of excellence and fun than 50 hours of pure blandness and boringness as many RPGs provide.nowadays.
  4. Sonic Unleashed, I remember how divisive that game was inside of the banfase, also that infamous IGN review which gave one of the lowest scores I've ever seen on that website. Final Fantasy XIII is another one where there was a lot of controversy, adding the sequels to the mix and you have one of the famous disliked trilogies, I personaly love them all, despite their flaws and the convulted plot.
  5. I definitely wouldn't mind a GTA IV remaster, that game was so much fun back then. Chances are if they ever release it one day, it will be a PS3 half assed port, like how the rest of the older Rockstar games have been so far.
  6. I have not much faith in the game, due to the recent past Sonic Team games, anyways I just hope it's better than Forces really.
  7. Fall guys, it's such fun little game and it's always a great time with friends. Titanfall 2, after finishing the platiinium months ago, I still play regulary, such a strong and addicting online it has.
  8. Same here, I'm still waiting for an email, I'm guessing they will send after the registrations are closed?
  9. Nah not creepy at all, sometimes there's those people you have such a wholesome moment with them that you want to befriends with, it's completely natural. Go for it and good luck reaching them!
  10. It is still working as the moment I'm typing this, so work fast guys as I'm not sure it will last much longer.
  11. Killzone 2, those online trophies were truly something else, especially on the later days of its online life...
  12. Yeah I don't see Infalible being able to pop up on customs, you don't have an ultra rare trophies for almost an year and then turn off the switch to make this another banal Plat one day to another.
  13. Yeah, it's not hard at all, it is definitely annoying with the absent of some checkpoints, making you repeat a whole 15 min section and the irregularity of climbing mechanics, I died more times trying to jump than getting killed by an enemy lol.
  14. It's on my top of the list series that if I could delete my memories and replay them again, I would do it right away. Crazy to think this all started with reading a magazine with a Yakuza 3 review. Also have high expectations from Judgement and its sequel, it's a great era to be a Yakuza fan in general.
  15. So glad to see the first one was received really well to ensure a sequel this quickly, I really need to play it one of these days.