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  1. First time in a long while where I don't care any of the games, last month was also quite underwhelming, not looking good imo.
  2. I do have a couple of those in which I do regret buying them, but at the end of the day no one really cares unless you're on top 100 or whatever, just play what you like and enjoy it.
  3. 30 hours is insanity, the average user will most likely end up in 70-100 hour for the plat lot, there's a lot of missables and if you're not prepared the game will kick your ass.
  4. I haven't seen this one mentioned before, but Code Geass.
  5. I always go for normal difficulty, excluding maybe a JRPG with too many grinding and bothersome trophies. It really depends on how much I like the game as well.
  6. It's more grindy than difficult as with most JRPG, I will say it is definitely the hardest of the trilogy, 6/10 sounds fair, maybeee a 7/10 if you're new to the FF games or to the genre itself.
  7. Sonic Unleashed, 5 years and 9 months, it wasn't even a hard plat, I just completely forgot about the game the moment I got a new computer at that time.
  8. Jokes asides, they took so long with the release of the game that so many have completely forgotten about it, myself included.
  9. Yeah can't say I'm very excited about this news, after the treatment VITA got from Sony I'm not holding my breath on this one.
  10. Not at all, I always go for the end of the game, even I'm not having the best experience, the tropy lists however I do quit if I see I'm not up for it.
  11. It's alright ,there's nothing too impressive but the sackboy game looks pretty fun from what I saw.
  12. Resistance Trilogy would be my top priority, such amazing games that have been forgotten by Sony.
  13. Great guide, I might give a try when I buy the PS5 version of the game, I went completely blind the first time and struggled the whole game.
  14. Bayonetta games, I absolutely would love to see them on PSN, but just like the majority of Nintendo Games that's not going to happen. On a more realistic note, I would love to see Remasters of Motorstorm and Resistance trilogies, I would buy them in a heartbeat.