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  1. A patch to the game to change trophy requirements is out of the question - Sony no longer allows it for Vita games. I don’t think Guerrilla is going to open “one little server” for a game they very deliberately shut down. Your inquiries will likely go unanswered.
  2. RIP EVE Valkyrie.
  3. Dinosaur Polo Club says that the Gamesparks server shutdown will not affect the PS4 version of Mini Metro:
  4. Some additional info: Clever Endeavour Games says Ultimate Chicken Horse will not be affected by the Gamesparks server closure. It seems they are migrating their online service to a new system: Also, Fun Punch Games confirmed that Strikers Edge will be shutting down on September 30: Last thing: why is AC Liberation for PS Vita on the list as a confirmed shutdown? I understand wanting to bring awareness to it just in case, but Ubisoft only lists the PC version as shutting down.
  5. Thank you to @timpurnat for sharing and consolidating all of these tips. The info in this thread was invaluable to getting the plat!
  6. No; the game is easier if you first play Golden Abyss, and then “power up” your cards.
  7. Either an NA disc or digital version will work!
  8. Your results are preserved.
  9. I was able to log in and play a challenge a few minutes ago, on PS Vita.
  10. Good luck with the online trophies!!
  11. You can easily check if the servers are still up by looking at the latest achievers for the online trophies. You’ll see that players were earning online trophies yesterday - so there’s a very good chance you won’t run into any issues. No need to start a thread. When I saw the subject I thought you were reporting some server issues. 😬
  12. You’re right. I guess I wasn’t asking you so much as asking someone to confirm. I’m fairly certain transferring from PS3 to Vita is no longer an option as Sony has disabled that function.
  13. I thought the latest firmware updates for PS3 and Vita disabled the transfer feature?
  14. One of these threads pops up after every server shutdown. It’s part of the trophy hunting circle of life.
  15. The Premium Pack lets you host private lobbies.