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  1. Man, I keep hearing about that Panda. He never finishes games… and then the moderators, they kinda silly.
  2. So the game has consistently crashed during the Terranova fight. I need have no idea why. The code is the standard game crashed CE-34878-0. I’m using the digital version. Any suggestions on how to fix this so I can progress?
  3. So I had beaten all of the viruses on mega-brutal, beaten all scenarios and gotten enough of the various abilities to actively attempt Film Fanatic and NAZG. Put the game down for about a month to do other things, come back and all my progress is gone. Uninstalled, reinstalled nothing. Downloaded save files from my cloud, nothing. I havent been able to load said save files, but thats a different gripe. As much as I like the game, I really dont want to go through the headache of getting all that crap back. Any suggestions?
  4. For local co-op, yes as I've been doing it with my kids on the wife's account.
  5. I ended up uninstalling it and playing through the level pre-patch. That seems to have worked but I’ll see for sure when I reinstall the patch for the rest of the levels.
  6. I'm on the disc as well. My reloads puts me at the beginning of the level which isnt bad as that one is stupid short, like Gwen-pool mission short from the last Avengers game. I will be trying the uninstall and reinstall tomorrow if it doesnt fix itself.
  7. I’m on my fourth attempt at finishing the level Granny Knows Best and the game crashes during the final cutscene. Anyone else encountered this or know how to fix it?
  8. I'll be honest. I preordered this for my son...he's four and unfortunately he loves the Paw Patrol. Little bugger picked Marshall, the Dalmatian, as his Halloween costume much to my dismay. But I figure it'll be something that I can bribe him with to start introducing chores.