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  1. It just unlocked! Maybe system didn't read information right but I got it. Hooray
  2. Hi, I just earned 201 challenges completed on the Bulletstorm multiplayer, but the trophy never popped up. Is this a glitch? Is there a way for it to show that I actually did it so my time put in for this platinum is not wasted? Every1's help on this is appreciated.
  3. ok I will, thanks.
  4. no, is it easier?
  5. Hello, I am looking for a partner to play Dead Nation with online. Add me as a friend online if you are interested, my name is the same as it is here. The sooner the better. Hope to hear from yawl soon.
  6. Hi, I am trying to platinum Brutal Legend & all I have left are a couple online trophies. This game has almost nobody playing online so I'm sure others have the same issue. If anyone is interested add me on your PlayStation. My name is the same as it is here. The more people in to boost the better, look forward to seeing ya.
  7. okay, that would work better for me too, but I work at nights so I'll be available around 7 till 10-30.
  8. Cool, add me & we can play now if you are available
  9. Anyone who needs to earn online related trophies for this title, please add me so we can platinum it!