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  1. I honestly didn't expect to make it this far at the CWC but hey runner up is not that bad. Well, congrats on your CWC victory @GTA_Darren. You deserve it.
  2. We still have a day left. Honestly I was a bit worried about that Doom game you may plat so I just went ballistic and go overdrive. It feels quite nice to have a challenging opponent like you @Flex_Da_Brent. Your a good opponent.
  3. Oh man.. Sptj7, you totally ruined my winning streak. I didn’t think you’ll do much. : (
  4. For some odd reason the site thinks I 100% Fall Guys which I haven’t done yet.

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    2. shxrpay


      It has made some odd bugs arise while the maintenance is going on; one I've seen is a user having all trophies including platinum on Active Neurons 2, but the site says they only have 11/13 trophies, but the game is green and says is completed, while also saying he hasn't unlocked the platinum yet. 🤔

    3. Ichiban-Hybrid


      Yeah that makes sense. The game is back to 88% as usual. Well it was a little nice while it lasted. T w T

    4. MidnightDragon


      Briefly said I had completed Super Bomberman R. Well, maybe in my dreams. xD 

  5. Fixture 9 ??? v. ??? Im guess Shogun is too busy right now or my dates are wrong..
  6. Playing Fall Guys for the first time ”Hey this game is kinda fun..” Losses winning streak for the infallible trophy ”This is the worst game I’d ever played!”
  7. Can you provide a screenshot of the game with the cross-save feature available. I haven’t played the game yet but I am very sure it ain’t possible to cross save on other regions because the US copy doesn’t have that option. Unless this is a region exclusive feature.
  8. Doesn’t matter for me if it either has trophies or not. I’m just glad it’s on the PS4.
  9. Yeah I’m going a bit slow here. Aiming to get P5R as my 100th plat and dealing with the Blazblue CT multiplayer trophies.
  10. Why complain for something that’s free?
  11. What’s your favorite flavor?
  12. Does anybody here do the robot? 🤖
  13. Man I do wish this game comes as a physical copy..
  14. What?