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  1. Actually if you didnt mention at discord that you were gonna score 300, I wouldnt use goat sim for the last fixture and used it for CWC. That was my ace card but your bluff got me and I thought you were gonna get around 300. So I went all or nothing on the last fixture. Yeah sorry that I lost. I'm not always invincible..
  2. Yay I lose! 🙃 Well it didn't matter if I win CWC.. I got the bronze leage title so I'm happy for that. Good luck for the others in the CWC.
  3. Not really crazy.. Just plain crazy. ;p
  4. I don't think they would care for trophy hunters since what happen after the Greatness Awaits fiasco.
  5. Nom. ^w^
  6. Apple
  7. *sigh* I havent been doing any trophy hunting since I'm doing college.
  8. Ship
  9. No this is Ichiban.
  10. Pass..
  11. Oh sorry. My bad. I thought you were talking about the Vita version of the game. I didn't knew the PS3 version servers are still running.
  12. Dood, your already too late. The servers are closed.
  13. I do not know; the last time Miss Fortune Teller send me a wrong way ;)

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      Resultado de imagen para rorona pie

      Here you are

      remember to say thanks to Rorona-chan <3

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      thank you very much for all good stuff to eat Miss Rorona!

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      Haha 😄😄

  14. Are you still lost?
  15. Love.