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  1. Is this another cash grab movie?
  2. Banned because the adventure ended a long time ago
  3. and singing beans
  4. Vacation 😀
  5. Getting hype for no reason...
  6. “Don’t take me out Doc! I can still race!!”
  7. Is Freddy freaker a gremlins?
  8. Misleading Title.. >_> Its not coming to the west. Its canceled.
  9. Wish granted. But all the avatars are now bundle up together for a cheap price of $99. I wish I had a cookie. :3
  10. Nomnomnom :3
  11. Great. Cant use my epic account on the switch because of Sony. Gee thanks alot... >_>
  12. can withstand a
  13. Is a fellow rhythm gamer
  14. Did you boop da snot on the snake?
  15. Banned for not going "infinity" and beyond the grave.