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  1. (Vita) The Caligula Effect: Digital Deluxe Bundle has the Vita theme and 19 PSN avatars. Can't get them anywhere else except the bundle.
  2. Why isn't there a recent respone to this post?
  3. Genshin Impact ...I need to finish mine.
  4. I haven't been active due to classes but I am hoping to get back up and ready for April 1.
  5. So if they are closing the PS3 and Vita stores, does that mean we won't be able to sign-in and sync trophies anymore?? O_O
  6. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
  7. I just hope this reboot doesn't have too much action and actually be scary.
  8. WTH, was this on a different Nintendo direct? How I'd miss that??
  9. Nope.
  10. Rey Mysterio 619 Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!1!! 😲
  11. @ShogunCroCop Yeah that sounds about right. It was just odd seeing me scoring over 100 pts even though I didn’t popped a lot of trophies during the match against shywaterguy. Thanks for recounting my score.
  12. Can you recount my scores? I don’t recall getting a platinum from last fixture. Also all the DLC trophies I obtained from Hitman 3 were auto popped.
  13. Yeah I had to redo the whole run in challenge mode and groove every single enemy until hitting the last boss and finally the trophy popped. The guide says that redoing the runs in challenge mode will reset the groove counter and you'll have to do the progress all over again.
  14. Christ, most of the lobbies I get in is either network error or the game taking a fart and crash on it own. I don’t remember see this worse on the PS3 version.