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  1. Yeah I had to redo the whole run in challenge mode and groove every single enemy until hitting the last boss and finally the trophy popped. The guide says that redoing the runs in challenge mode will reset the groove counter and you'll have to do the progress all over again.
  2. Christ, most of the lobbies I get in is either network error or the game taking a fart and crash on it own. I don’t remember see this worse on the PS3 version.
  3. Not flagged but your Welcome park trophies are odd. Your first trophy is the Digit Chase Prize trophy and then you gotten the other digit chase trophies afterwards. It should’ve been the other way around since the Digit Chase Prize trophy requires you to complete all three of those mini games under a minute and somehow you didn’t get a single one of those trophies or all three.
  4. Like im gonna let some smelly prinny take it easy at the last round. Not on my watch. GG though.. 😒
  5. Actually.. I did won a $100 from bingo at my job. Have you ever purchase any product that's worth twice or more than the original value?
  6. You got this @Flex_Da_Brent! Smoke that prinny out!!
  7. I’m not sure about this but I think the One Winged Angel trophy is unlocked after the 2nd Clould v. Sephiroth fight scene. It could be possible that he already beaten Sephiroth, but never went back to talk to Clould about the rematch. Edit: I had to look up some gameplay videos and it does pop right after you beat Sephiroth. So I'm wrong about what I wrote before. And looking at the Professor trophy requirements for obtaining Sephiroth in the book, "Sephiroth – Defeat him in the Dark Depths area of Hollow Bastion any time after the Battle of 1000 Heartless." I have no clue how he has gotten the Professor trophy before the fight.
  8. @Flex_Da_Brent If you curious, I haven’t earned any trophies this week till the weekend. Busy with life stuff and it look like you want to win the bronze league. ...plus I’m getting a few profile views.
  9. Is just plain crazy
  10. I honestly didn't expect to make it this far at the CWC but hey runner up is not that bad. Well, congrats on your CWC victory @GTA_Darren. You deserve it.
  11. We still have a day left. Honestly I was a bit worried about that Doom game you may plat so I just went ballistic and go overdrive. It feels quite nice to have a challenging opponent like you @Flex_Da_Brent. Your a good opponent.
  12. Oh man.. Sptj7, you totally ruined my winning streak. I didn’t think you’ll do much. : (
  13. For some odd reason the site thinks I 100% Fall Guys which I haven’t done yet.

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    2. shxrpay


      It has made some odd bugs arise while the maintenance is going on; one I've seen is a user having all trophies including platinum on Active Neurons 2, but the site says they only have 11/13 trophies, but the game is green and says is completed, while also saying he hasn't unlocked the platinum yet. 🤔

    3. Ichiban-Hybrid


      Yeah that makes sense. The game is back to 88% as usual. Well it was a little nice while it lasted. T w T

    4. MidnightDragon


      Briefly said I had completed Super Bomberman R. Well, maybe in my dreams. xD 

  14. Fixture 9 ??? v. ??? Im guess Shogun is too busy right now or my dates are wrong..