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  1. Trying to post the screenshot of the winner in here but it seems I can’t do it on mobile. Hmmm.. Well Congrats to @kanzenchaos !! Your code will be sent shortly.
  2. So I went to buy a Japanese copy of Minecraft PS Vita Physical used from eBay and I notice there was a redeem code for the PS3 version. I didn’t bother checking out if the code works until today and it hasn’t been redeem yet. O_O Unfortunately I have no use for the code since I already own the PS3 version. So I decided to give it away here. All you have to do is just reply here to enter and I’ll draw out the winner in a random pick generator. I’ll do the drawing on Saturday. GL!
  3. El Pollo Loco sells sour gummy fried worms??
  4. Aren’t there a lot of car thieves in Chicago?
  5. They should’ve given the cash to the subscribers who had PS+ for a long time than just doing it RNG. Imagine being a PS+ subscriber since day 1 and someone you know gets it on their first day of being a subscriber.
  6. Yo, think you can put me on the waiting list for next season?
  7. The trophies won’t pop at all when completing any trophy objectives or challenges.
  8. That won’t work. This is more like a game update bug problem.
  9. I was planning on having Fortnite as my 100th plat but since all the trophies are bugged, I’m changing it to Persona 5 Royal instead. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      How come they’re bugged?

    2. Ichiban-Hybrid


      It’s because of their recent update v13.20 has made all of their trophies unobtainable. We’re almost a week and not one person has earn a trophy.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Ouch. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  10. I was looking forward to put this game as my 100th plat but after hearing what’s going with STW and the trophies not popping I might have to change that.
  11. That sucks. I just hope these slow updates can fix those buggy trophies. Also STW is now a premium service, RIP F2P dream.
  12. I seriously gonna laugh at my brother if he’s gonna get a crappy experience with this game. I don’t plan on buying it but my bro does. He says, “it plays more like a movie than a game” and I reply, “Okay....” >_>
  13. Well for this game it’s actually the games region and console region. I have one Vita that was imported from Japan and unfortunately it couldn’t connect to my lobby even when both vitas are running the same game region. So if you have both NA game with NA Vita, you’ll probably end up link with players with the same thing. Edit: Example NA Game, NA system = NA Game, NA system NA Game, NA system ≠ NA Game, JP system
  14. Doing storm shield 1 to 10 does in fact save your building progress. But for some reason doing the endurance storm shield doesn’t save it. I mean it did save building progress but for only the first few runs, then somehow it just stopped even after if I completed a few waves and then leaving the game. I look at videos of how other people methods of obtaining this trophy and it mostly involves war games. I don’t know if building progress can be save in war games right now since those videos are old and I can’t find any other recent videos that aren’t older than six months.
  15. I had to redownload the game to see if they patch it. Fortunately it still works at 1.00. Make sure you swapped places with your opponent after concealing your matches (Ex. Player vs AI => AI vs Player). If your starting in the right, do it vice versa. It will not work if you and your AI haven’t switch positions.