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  1. Oh sorry. My bad. I thought you were talking about the Vita version of the game. I didn't knew the PS3 version servers are still running.
  2. Dood, your already too late. The servers are closed.
  3. I do not know; the last time Miss Fortune Teller send me a wrong way ;)

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Resultado de imagen para rorona pie

      Here you are

      remember to say thanks to Rorona-chan <3

    3. Fluffy



      thank you very much for all good stuff to eat Miss Rorona!

    4. AlchemistWer
  4. Are you still lost?
  5. Love.
  6. Did you know there are a million of stars all around us?
  7. @xZoneHunter I will continue to do the CoD PP thread so yes. @HcG Clawz Do you still want to do the leaderboards part?
  8. Nom. :3
  9. Yes but the fight wouldve been already over since that crow is dead..
  10. I visit that website daily just for some news on jp games. Never have I commented on their website or even sign up. I dont bother reading the comments also.
  11. A dead crow doesnt turn me on so... no.
  12. @soultaker655 Im still doing the Call of Duty PP but Im only handle the topic post. @HcG Clawz does the leaderboard stuff but Im not sure if hes still interested in doing it. Also I need to know whats going on here. I havent visited this topic general for a while now..
  13. No the gold edition only comes with one dlc.
  14. The Guilded Fate Paradox. Wanted to see that game good to play though..
  15. [P4AU] - That POS Labrys with Teterakarn is really getting on my nerves in Golden Arena mode. >:(