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  1. I like to apologize of whats going on this post. I havent updated the post due to life stuff thats going on around me. I will update later today. A specific trophy called "The Big Leagues" is unobtainable due to treyarch getting rid of support of those season matches. Update : Added people to the list.
  2. Lucas, take me off the leagues. Im wont be able to focus much in the THL.. Sorry..
  3. Actually if you didnt mention at discord that you were gonna score 300, I wouldnt use goat sim for the last fixture and used it for CWC. That was my ace card but your bluff got me and I thought you were gonna get around 300. So I went all or nothing on the last fixture. Yeah sorry that I lost. I'm not always invincible..
  4. Yay I lose! 🙃 Well it didn't matter if I win CWC.. I got the bronze leage title so I'm happy for that. Good luck for the others in the CWC.
  5. Not really crazy.. Just plain crazy. ;p
  6. I don't think they would care for trophy hunters since what happen after the Greatness Awaits fiasco.
  7. Nom. ^w^
  8. Apple
  9. *sigh* I havent been doing any trophy hunting since I'm doing college.
  10. Ship
  11. No this is Ichiban.
  12. Pass..
  13. Oh sorry. My bad. I thought you were talking about the Vita version of the game. I didn't knew the PS3 version servers are still running.
  14. Dood, your already too late. The servers are closed.
  15. I do not know; the last time Miss Fortune Teller send me a wrong way ;)

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