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  1. The Guilded Fate Paradox. Wanted to see that game good to play though..
  2. [P4AU] - That POS Labrys with Teterakarn is really getting on my nerves in Golden Arena mode. >:(

  3. Knows something about this Murdoc he speaks of..
  4. Yay! More easy games to plat- Er.. I mean.. Yay! More Telltale games.
  5. Wish granted but tiny black holes suctions was too strong that it sucked up all the oxygen from the Earth. °~° I wish I had 4 stomachs.
  6. *sobs* ... I got a headache and a sore throat.. 😭
  7. DOOM. A year to plat this is to quick dood. Thats Speedrun standards. Take your time.
  8. Wish granted but you must play it in the Phillips CDi with the akward tv controller. I wish I was the pancake queen.
  9. Eggos
  10. Ok I updated everyone here. Im sorry I didnt updated very late since I forgot.. I gonna make some minor changes here very soon and for those who were recently added, if you got a "*" next to your # of plats that means you have the Black Ops 2 plat. I cant add the symbol for some reason..
  11. Wish granted.. oops your save data is corrupted and your ps3 is bricked. Too bad! I wish I was invincible.
  12. How about the McDonalds at Detroit?
  13. Im dealing with Margaret challenge 22 and I already stuck on her moves. Im trying to hit Gale Slash in but Yu keeps recovering it and I dont know the timing exactly. None of the other forums havent have any of challenge 22 issues.
  14. Cat
  15. Hmm Id pick Super Time Force Ultra. Doesnt look like a hard for you anyway.