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  1. I know my score is gonna be a zero. Was busy with things. I am however quite proud of how many trophies I earned in this season. Most productive I ever been. Well, good luck @blu3st4rdust305 & @xZoneHunter.
  2. That was a very stupid decision for Mojang to lock new players out of the Editions content. I had to buy a PS4 Editions copy and do that alt account trick just for these DLC trophies. Very stupid decision..
  3. To the person that’s counting my score, I apologize..
  4. Fine for me. Been taking my time on Gravity Rush 2 and gonna try finishing up some of the games I haven't platted yet, plus I want to be prepared for a rematch against a certain someone..
  5. Oof. I didn't mean to do that. Wanted to try RE Village after playing the demo. Good game I gotta say.
  6. I kinda felt that the enemies were bullet sponges but only after the first hour of playing. Afterwards, they're simple to kill.
  7. well im not gonna bother winning this league
  8. Well, I didn't do a good start hehe... I'm hoping I could finish up Persona 5 Scramble this week so I can move on with the next game on my list. ... and everyone else?
  9. (Vita) The Caligula Effect: Digital Deluxe Bundle has the Vita theme and 19 PSN avatars. Can't get them anywhere else except the bundle.
  10. Why isn't there a recent respone to this post?
  11. Genshin Impact ...I need to finish mine.
  12. I haven't been active due to classes but I am hoping to get back up and ready for April 1.
  13. So if they are closing the PS3 and Vita stores, does that mean we won't be able to sign-in and sync trophies anymore?? O_O