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  1. I just 100%ed the DLC today, on my own. Obviously it's more easier with other players, but it is doable on your own. The life force is actually the blocks. The more blocks you knock off, the faster they die. So with long body, just continuously fire while going up and down. Aiming at the eyes doesn't really do anything against the red/green/white tall blocks. Megablast: It's the large round brown "monster" you need to shoot at. They often appear when three tall white tower monsters appears. It's the same one you see in the trophy icon for this one. Remember to look at the other side while firing at the monsters/aliens appearing from the front or either side. Sometimes they will spawn on the other side when you're not looking, so check regularly.
  2. Dark Souls. I don't have the patience to do that! LMAO
  3. Yeah, it just got synched today.
  4. Same, still can't synch it. Looks like Skybound don't know that other countries exist.
  5. At least they are doing it. The game will be uploaded one day.
  6. Yeah, this stack seems to be for the US version as my physical EU platinum/trophies still can't upload to the servers.
  7. Christa didn't appear, sadly.
  8. Choose the opposite choice when AJ ask you if you trust him or not in the caves, if you already popped the "You and Me" trophy.
  9. For anyone who still to have this trophy: It happens when you cross water in the cave, and AJ ask you if you trust him or not, picking one will net you that trophy. The other choice will net you another trophy, "Goodbye."
  10. It's Sony who are responsible for updating the trophy servers, not the publishers/developers. My guess is that Sony didn't upload it, thinking that the digital stack would work with it. But hopefully it will be resolved soon. There have been some update on this site, showing people have a platinum and looks like the digital version trophies do synch.
  11. Hopefully it is a separate list, but I'll just wait until it is 100% certain before buying the digital version from any future sales. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon as possible.
  12. Yep, having the same issues but still earning the trophies. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.....................
  13. It seems that the trophies for the "physical" version of the game is having difficulty to synch, at least for EU region. The trophies can be popped up, but to see it you would have to be in offline mode/sign out of PSN. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
  14. The vita one took me a hour to do, but then I played it again on the PS4 and got it done in less than 20 minutes. Practice makes perfect. Although I do agree that the PS4 controls is a bit iffy compared to the Vita. Maybe the PS4 version runs faster than the Vita version so the timing is a bit different? EDIT: I see that someone above says the timing could be due to the 4k HDR tv, so it's possible.
  15. Bit sad about it is that I wouldn't be able to recommend this to my mates as they'll probably look down at it and say it's a rubbish game.