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  1. I got them all. The points will be awarded to you when you get all six different items from one machine. One item from each machine is rare (seeing that I just sold them for 5k each, compared to the common ones which is much less.)
  2. It's mainly because you can download it to the PS3, and transfer it to the vita by usb. Hell know why.
  3. Update: The 5 stars score challenge is piss easy. You'll need the laser sights attachments, use the slow mo precision mode, and get headshots always. Time, deaths, accuracy doesn't affect the scores. I would give this a 2/10 for platinum difficulty. And it's second best PSVR game after Astro Bot.
  4. Mahjong is required for 100% completion, sadly. A lot of quests requires you to play those games all over again and again especially arcade games, blackjack, poker, eastern gambling games such as Mahjong are there. I read that one of the friendship/side quests/relationship need you to beat a woman at Mahjong, and other is to beat a woman at Poker. Not looking forward to that, as the game does TEND to favour the AI (or just plain bad luck!) I have tried playing Mahjong from Yakuza 0 and I still don't have a clue really.
  5. This game is absolutely great. I managed all the headshots trophies using the move controllers. No doubt it would be a lot easier to obtain if you upgrade the guns and add laser sightings but I managed to did the boogeyman one without them. I think I'm only one mission away from finishing the game. It seems that replays is a must to get some trophies. And the targets are sometimes hidden very well so a guide is probably needed. I haven't yet played the high score mode, so can't possibly comment on that. It looks like a 4/10 difficulty to get the platinum so far for me. But even so... this is one of the best games for the VR. And you should get it. It's much better than Bravo Team in terms of controls.
  6. I missed the first item that I need to check to start off this "collectible" trophy. Can I carry on playing the case to the end, finding the others then go back to the start, skipping texts until I get to the room where the first item is in to pop the trophy? Or does it have to be in one playthrough?
  7. I just 100%ed the DLC today, on my own. Obviously it's more easier with other players, but it is doable on your own. The life force is actually the blocks. The more blocks you knock off, the faster they die. So with long body, just continuously fire while going up and down. Aiming at the eyes doesn't really do anything against the red/green/white tall blocks. Megablast: It's the large round brown "monster" you need to shoot at. They often appear when three tall white tower monsters appears. It's the same one you see in the trophy icon for this one. Remember to look at the other side while firing at the monsters/aliens appearing from the front or either side. Sometimes they will spawn on the other side when you're not looking, so check regularly.
  8. Dark Souls. I don't have the patience to do that! LMAO
  9. Yeah, it just got synched today.
  10. Same, still can't synch it. Looks like Skybound don't know that other countries exist.
  11. At least they are doing it. The game will be uploaded one day.
  12. Yeah, this stack seems to be for the US version as my physical EU platinum/trophies still can't upload to the servers.
  13. Christa didn't appear, sadly.
  14. Choose the opposite choice when AJ ask you if you trust him or not in the caves, if you already popped the "You and Me" trophy.