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  1. Grand Theft Auto V. Probably will never get the plat for that as I can't get myself interested in GTAV. It's better than IV, but it's still... boring? Dull?
  2. That's what I did. If there is HEADS option, and you choose to let it time out, then that would void the trophy. YOU must pick all heads options that is available to you. When the next game, Little Hope comes out, I'll do the head/hearts runs first thing to get them out of the damn way.
  3. Borderlands games' trophies are always this buggy, I'm told. The locations are almost always buggy across all the borderlands games.
  4. You're welcome!
  5. It’s in a seperate list like DLC.
  6. The ingame tracker is very buggy. It says I've completed 97 missions but the final count should be 95. So take it with a pinch of salt. Check the list by clicking on triangle in the maps screen. You should see the galaxy. Hit L3 and you should see overall progress. You can select a world and hit L3 (don't select an area) and you should get a better picture of how many you actually got. The tracker for each area is very buggy (I got a couple of areas that says 100% completed which isn't true as I haven't collected all of the red chests.) If that doesn't help, it sounds like you may have to start again. Play to the end anyway, and you'll unlock the true vault hunter mode which Is basically new game plus.
  7. FINALLY GOT THIS!!! Thanks for the tip. With Moze/The Gunner's Bottomless Ammo, I went and camp in the spot until my ammo all get replenished. High fire rate and high magazine size helps a lot with it. COV is basically always replenishing with the ability but it's very slow, and Vadolf weapons as well. It helps to have all ammo stock upgrades for all weapons and have each type of weapon in your backpack. CYRO DAMAGE is a must as it took down the heavy gunners and mechs a lot easier. Moze's Iron Bear with rocket launchers help a lot. Took out a lot of nasty NOGs. It was smooth sailing but I had to kill myself on Round 5, wave 2 as the last jet trooper was stuck behind a wall upstairs where I was camping. FOUR HOURS it took me!!!
  8. Remember to copy your game save to ps plus storage. send the item. Then quit. Download the game save. you should still have the item! Also I would like one please?
  9. There are too many of those Heavy Gunners (normal, electric, icebreaker and the fiery ones) and it's the Nogs who can shield them from damage that does my head in. As soon I target them, they all zoned into the area where they are. The electric heavy gunners spammed their massive AOE bombs and I can't get away fast from there and often find myself near death.
  10. Oh well, it seems that the Slaughterhouse 3000 is the only one that’s standing in my way of getting the platinum. I got the Cistern of Slaughter by joining someone else’s game via matchmaking and it seems easier (as there isn’t a ton of those bloody flying barks (or whatever it is called) I get in solo.) Tried sooooo many times to get someone who are playing through the Slaughterhouse 3000. Guess I would have to set up a boosting session for it.
  11. Thread title says all. Because I finished the other two, and they didn’t show up in my mission completion list. If it is included then I’m screwed. I can not get past round 2 wave 4 (those bloody NOGs shielding the heavy gunners.)
  12. EDIT: I got the trophy. I deleted the game from my ps4. Installed it. Do not install any updates. CHECK each planet (click on L3 when you first get in the planet overview, NOT in the planet's area.) There are two left, so I went to each and scanned them. CHECK it even if it says "100% completed" as I think that doesn't include the Eridian slabs for some reason. Returned to the lab and scanned the slab three more times, and the trophy popped.
  13. I scanned all the 30 Eridian Slabs. The trophy didn't pop as expected. So I did what many guides say: Go to the ship and scan the Eridian slab in Tannis's lab. I managed to scan it twice (bringing my total to 32/30) but then the command changed to "Inspect." I spammed the button, nothing. I restarted the game. Nothing. I quit and restart the game from XMB. Nothing. It just says "inspect." Am I doing something wrong?
  14. The introduction cut scene was stuttering a lot. I quit to the PS4 dashboard, restarted. The stuttering is still there but only after the bit I just quit out: The gameplay doesn’t seem to be affected. I think I will delete the game and reinstall it, if the issues is still there in any cutscenes. EDIT: It may be cause it was still copying from the disc during the installation process but I can’t see if it is still installing (meaning it’s done) but it was pretty fast so I doubt it’s actually done.
  15. It’s not great, but it’s only one published by Ratalakia that’s decent (which isn’t much tbh.) I would give this an average score, maybe 5/10, and most Of their games would fall in 2-4 out of 10 range. It’s like the older point and click adventure games, but more like the SNES Earthbound games. Some of the puzzle solutions is really not very obvious. I gave up and followed the video guide and got the plat. But I actually like the story but with plenty of polish it would be a 7/10 game.