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  1. You can upgrade it by buying the upgrade option on the PSN store. Anyone know if the PS4 and PS5 version will share a same trophy list or seperate trophy list? Would make more sense to get the PS4 version first then get the free upgrade if there are two different lists.
  2. Update: Starting a new game and unlocked the three mini kits no problem. You may need to download the additional characters DLC packs if you got the season pass and have to start a new game. The Atom IS needed for one of the minikits that is hidden behind a live fusebox (which you usually use Live Wire for.)
  3. I've done the first three DLCs and I noticed that the minikits trophies DID not unlock. Tried to play one again and collect them all (despite the fact they are replaced by a purple stud.) No luck. I did the next three DLCs, and the only difference is that once I've collected all the minikits, I didn't SAVE AND EXIT LEVEL. The trophy popped. So this is a warning: DO NOT SAVE AND EXIT LEVEL as soon you collected the final Minikit piece. Finish the level, and the trophy should pop during the stats screen. To work around this: You need to start a new game. Finish the first level. Rebuild Joker's truck afterwards and then when you get on to the hub, you can access the DLCs again. NOTE: It doesn't affect any of the minikits from the base game minikits. Only the DLCs.
  4. Most Lego games, if not all, are very glitchy. The Vita versions are the only ones that have them. The worst one I've experienced is Lego Harry Potter Yrs 1-4 on the X Box 360. I was nearly 99% completion but for some reason the game didn't register one student that I saved somehow, and it was the final gold brick I need to unlock Voldermort, who is available after you've got all the golden bricks. So naturally I can't complete the last two achievements to 100%. 40 hours down the drain. Ever since, I've checked and the same bugs is still on the PS3 or PS4 version so I skipped them like hell.
  5. More simple guide can be found from the PS3trophies walkthrough. Full walkthrough here This trophy isn't too bad compared to the crappy mini game where you have to create several variations of clones. That was a huge pain in the arse.
  7. 1) Metal Gear Solid 2 (Vita) I was so happy when I finally beat the Metal Gears at the end on the hardest difficulty Trophy. So many rexs! And of course the hair tearing Training missions mode. 2-3-4) Batman Arkham Asylum (PS4), Arkham City (PS3 and PS4) and Arkham Knight (PS4) Took me years to get good at the combat challenges. When I completed the PS4 version of AC, I went into straight and finish off the PS3 version when I’m in the groove. Although doing the Knight’s final DLC trophies can kindly f*** off. Also pulling off all moves in one full combo run... oh boy. 5) Uncharted GA (Vita) My first platinum and the hook of trophies seeking starts with this game.
  8. One for the sale.
  9. It is well recommended to play through the game in one sitting as that prevents the game from glitching the trophies for you. IF you have stop playing and shut down the game and want to mop up the rest of the trophies it is recommended to delete the game save from your PS4 system. I did stop playing after one level and came back and the kills didn't pop at all. I deleted the game and nearly two years later, I decided to finish it to improve my completion %. The kills trophy glitched again. So I decided to delete the game save that I had on the system from years ago, and proceed playing it in one sitting. All kills trophies popped perfectly. I deleted the game save again this afternoon, and speed through the levels to collect all the treasures and shatter the dark shards.
  10. Got this today with no problems. No glitches either. my advice is: Don't use the Boston dart. I used it once at close range and got $6000 in the museum. Don’t risk it. For ground enemies: aim at the ground and walk backwards firing. Slime works well against them. Most ghosts are airborne so wait until they are way above your head. Use short bursts, wait until they are three HP (usually in the red) and you can safety guide them to your trap. For flying stone statues in Times Square, MAKE sure to smash them on the buildings on your sides, not down into the street as they can damage the cars and rack up $$$. Did this once and got $3000(!) In the museum, short bursts on airborne ghosts down to 3hp (red) then slime tether them to your trap which will be instant-trap. More safer than guiding them into the trap. This is useful especially in the civil war area. once you get to the island, you’re safe (as long you don’t go nuts in the firehouse in between which counts towards the damage count.)
  11. Above method works! The only pain in the ass boss is the Collector (Library) but once you get past that, rest of the bosses aren't too bad.
  12. May be a bit too late for you but for the others wondering:
  13. Also "The Complex" as well. The story's a bit iffy but I enjoyed it.
  14. I completed it for the first time while it came out and got 75% of the trophies. Decided not to replay it until a few days ago. That helps a lot. I’ve got most of the trophies, and just need to do a third run by selecting a certain chapter and carry on from that. i find doing this for certain games (especially QD’s games) helped a lot to ease off the repetitive side.