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  1. JULES IS THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF FFVII REMAKE.😂 Managed to get there 44-43. Once I stormed ahead by 5 pull ups ahead in R1, and I lost my attention when I noticed that Jules is pumping away faster than he should be and catch up. The only thing I can offer is: Don't look at Jules. Seriously. Focus on Tifa. You have to be perfect in both rounds to stand a chance. If you get frustrated, go and blew off some steam in the colosseum.
  2. Isn’t there information that tell you that you have completed an premium order? I’m sure it’s on the order screen. All that talk about expanding the bandwidth, I don’t understand why you can’t check available orders you haven’t selected via the cuff links. So far they are limited to the terminals in faculties.
  3. Like the above poster says, it’s a story related location. It’s one of the final missions, and it’s not an terminal you have to level it up to Five Stars so you’re okay.
  4. Oh yeah the BT warning from BB is getting tiresome.
  5. Borderlands 3 have subtitles size increase options. Also subtitle background opacity options. So borderlands 3 is good for that. The ones before that isn’t. The font is too white/blue, sometimes I’m having a hard time to read it when I’m climbing up a damn snowy mountain and I have to look skywards up So I can read the text. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen? Try to look up all the time when climbing up a steep slope and you’ll fall backwards.
  6. Well, there’s one thing that’s bothered me about the game. Sam’s outfit can protect him from the effects of timefall. Why can’t they create a cover for the damn cargo? 😆 Also I find it hard to believe that Sam’s face isn’t affected by the timefall? Heck late in the game story there’s a timefall storm and surely some WOULD get into Sam’s face? Also I don’t see the point of putting in weapons that CAN kill any mules. Surely UCA as a “government” should ban those kind of weapons, as it could cause a voidout? for a game that’s all about resting and stamina, I found it strange that Sam doesn’t eat anything apart from those floating worm things. Maybe Kojima doesn’t want to make it much more slog to play. Also I would like to see some wildlife but then maybe that’s a good thing there isn’t any creatures considering if you kill them, wouldn’t that cause a voidout? Anyway I do find it strange that humans survived but not ONE wildlife?
  7. I think it speeds up growth WHILE you are moving. I went back to the first planet, Bogago with two seeds left that I picked from Dathmoir(Sp?). Went to the vault and came back, a small hole appears with a shoot of leaf for both. So I went to Kaayaashy(sp?) and make a full run to the origin tree where the bird is, got a lift back to outside of the village and run back. And everything is bloomed and got the trophy. You can even drop the difficulty down to Story difficulty (and the enemies still fight well, surprisingly lol) and engage everyone on the way over to the origin tree so you can just run back without anyone left to stop you. I think it speeds up considerably when you are moving. As I saw some forum posts about this and some say they even left their consoles overnight, either standing inside the mantis or outside and nothing happens. So in short, keep moving. It's like Pokemon's egg hatching counter I guess.
  8. I gave my dead sister the middle finger, and made a jerk off motion with the other hand. I gave both middle fingers to the dude trying to shake my hand. I flew into the compound by parachute, giving both fingers. I poked my middle finger into anyone's eyeballs if they get close to me. Sometimes in their mouth. Yeah, I would make a dirty mouth gangster LOL Anyway, do it.
  9. Have you been taken to an unknown location, and end up jailed and you have to figure out how to escape? I got ambushed by a bounty hunter and got zapped, and end up at that location. After that, bounty hunters appeared randomly all over several planets.
  10. This game is easily one of the best Star Wars games. It’s very similar to Uncharted series BUT its very alike to Metroid as well as you need to learn abilities to open up areas that need them. Also the combat system is very like to Dark Souls, with its parry system. But it’s much more generous (I’m playing it on Jedi Knight/Normal difficulty.) The game punishes you if you just spam attacks. It’s NOT like Force Unleashed games. Pick this up if you are a huge Star Wars fan who loves Uncharted and Metroid-vania games. Also I can’t see any way they can put in micro transactions. They’ll probably add Skins DLCs, but nothing that would affect how the game play. The XP system is very generous, and most of skills are tied to the skills tree once you learn more abilities .
  11. Guess he did find the answer as he got the plat.
  12. Surprised that there's two stacks really. I don't think there has been an EA game before that have multiple stacks? Also surprised at no difficulty related trophies as well. Maybe it's a plot by EA to get us buy two copies? 😆
  13. This game is getting boring for me. At first it was fun, working out where to put the right spots. The 20x20 grids can be very frustrating so the best way is to go to a different area or a different puzzle. Sure you can cheese it by fill in all the spots with the same colour and "fix" it but that takes away the whole point of the game. But I'm stuck on 19 and 20 so may just cheese it and get rid of the game. I've got the Phil one and I can't be arsed to start that. Maybe years in the future.
  14. Can see the online trophies being annoying but easy to farm with the right co-op partner(s).