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  1. Hi, for some reason discord deleted the PMs or I can’t find it at all asking about Lost Girls and Data Decisions trophies. And I didn’t catch your username. I followed this guide from ps3trophies. I followed this exactly and the trophies popped with zero issues.
  2. I’ll just wait until the PS5 arrives next week then. And leave the PS4 version until I fancy a second playthrough. Although this game is very grindy, so it seems unlikely.
  3. If you are planning to get digital version, you can just buy the Ultimate edition for the PS5 and get the PS4 version of Miles Morales for free. I can confirm this as I got all three in my library. You can buy the PS4 retail disc, put it in the PS5 and you’ll get the PS5 version for free. Then pay £20/$20 for the Ultimate Edition to get Spiderman Remastered. The only problem is that you need to keep the disc to play the PS5 version and the Remastered. There is no downgrade version. You’ll need the PS4 version. But don’t take my word for it, as I know that the digital version gives you the PS4 version as well. Hopefully someone will confirm it?
  4. I actually like Little’s Hope twist. At least it isn’t very predictable like Man of Medan’s. But other than that, I agree. Supermassive Games really need to mix things up for the series. I suspect that the next game, House of Ashes, would be something like war-related PTSD hallucinations or effects of chemical warfare. Please prove me wrong Supermassive!
  5. Good to know that it isn’t necessary. I’m sick of this game and I don’t want to replay it again to make notes about the variables required for the trophies. Was about to create a trophy guide but my Mac book died and it’s much more fiddly to create one on my phone.
  6. No Mahjong?!? Thank the gods.
  7. There’s two different all died trophies. If you kill one before you arrived at the house OR and kill everyone at the house by burning BUT picking no selfish options, Mary/Andrew shoot himself (you must not shoot Vince and let him see you at the church) you will not get the “everyone dies at the house.” trophy but just the “everyone died” trophy. You must arrive at the house with everyone still alive and picking all selfish Choices, with the gun (and don’t shoot at Vince as well and let him see you.) and burn Mary. Then the four will be killed by their demons and Andrew shoots himself. You will get the “everyone died at the house” trophy along with “everyone died.” I know Andrew didn’t die inside the house, but he was alive at that point and the everyone died inside house trophy didn’t pop. I retried it and had Andrew kill Himself and the trophy popped after the end credits roll.
  8. That’s everyone dies at the house trophy. Andrew must survive for the Fate worse than death trophy.
  9. I just found out he is always watching. just saw a video of his hidden appearances in Man of Medan and couldn’t believe I missed them lol
  10. I noticed there’s a mysterious guy in the background just after Andrew’s friends all got killed and Andrew collapsed to the floor in desperation, then it zooms out. There’s a guy standing and watching Andrew. Is it the Curator? But he wears a bowler’s hat, not a top hat.
  11. Yeah you can do that. make sure to save in a new slot so you can use the chapter select from the cleared game file.
  12. Yeah. If you burn Mary, you must not have the gun. If you don’t burn Mary, she will save you from shooting yourself. The others will need to selfish and ask for help in their demon fights so they’ll die. Here’s a list of breakdown: Andrew pick up the gun. Andrew didn’t shoot at the demon behind Vince. You must open the church door to let Vince see you. Those actions will not get Andrew arrested at the end. Im going to detail the demon deaths in case you end up with whoever is left at the end. You can kill off FIRST three by failing their QTEs but can’t kill John (he’ll become invincible... ie the game saves him automatically.) Taylor need to plead for help in the demon fight after Andrew see his double for the first time. Daniel need to plead for help in his demon fight at the factory. Angela need to run away when John is fighting his demon outside the final house. (If you want to kill Angela here, John must not hammer the chains, freeing her.) John need to plead for help when he blocks the door. Andrew must have the gun with bullets left and condemn the Vicar. As Andrew leaves the house all others will die at the hands of their demons due to them being selfish. Mary will save Andrew from shooting himself. If you don’t have the gun, you can either burn Mary or save her. You wouldn’t get arrested as you never shot at vInce. fate worse than death unlocks. I would recommend let them arrive inside the house so you can burn Mary and have Andrew kills himself after seeing those four die by their demons. This will unlock “kill everyone inside the house.” Trophy.
  13. I got this fairly easy. Can’t remember WHERE exactly I got it but think I got it at the factory during the demon fight. Basically you have to be nice to Andrew, and Andrew being nice to everyone. Pass the QTEs with Andrew for saving his friends. At the bridge, Andrew must save Angela. Daniel must have the knife from the museum. While Andrew need to save either Taylor or Daniel, save Taylor as Daniel will survive as he got the knife. (I think you will need to save Daniel first if Taylor have the knife.) Andrew can shoot at Daniel’s demon at the factory (twice). This give him extra points. Make sure Daniel tell him to go and that will give extra points with Andrew. Just make sure you are being nice towards Andrew and vice versa.
  14. You need everyone to die before or in the ruined house. You’ll need John, Daniel and Taylor to plead for help while attacked by their demons. Angela must leave John while he is attacked by his demon in the ruined house garden. You can kill them off earlier by failing QTEs. But you will always at least have one survivor along with Andrew while you go in the house. The game will not let the four all die before you enter the house (believe me I have tried.) Andrew didn’t have the gun with him when the trophy popped for me. So my guess is that you need to save Mary in the past by condemning the Vicar if you have the gun and Mary/Megan will save you from shooting yourself as long you don’t shoot at Vince and let him see Andrew at the church door. BURNING the doll have no effect on the ending.