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  1. For any games that requires multiple run-throughs, I always put in a different game save in case. I remember that I lost everything that I had unlocked in a Normal Playthrough for the Gamecube version of Resident Evil Zero as I saved the Hard run-through ON the Normal Clear file. That's why I always try to put in a different save file for each possible difficulty just IN CASE unless a trophy guide says that everything must be on single file (hello MGS2.)
  2. Speed runs in any RPG is the Devil, really.
  3. So I've seen that some people managed to platinum this game... and I sincerely doubt that Konami has released an update that fixed all the problems that lies within the mist of this HD collection... ...but I have to ask the stupid question ever. Has it been fixed? I doubt I would have the patience to go through a glitchy game but I would love to add a Silent Hill platinum to my trophy cabinet so for those who have plat'd it, how did you do it? The guide doesn't mention anything to avoid any potential glitches.
  4. Yeah that but you get an infinite handgun if you manage to just S rank Standard. That alone will help you a lot with Hardcore trophies but using them voids you from S+ it.
  5. To unlock the max inventory trophy, you need to play it on Assisted/Standard and find all 6 hip pouches. I don't think this trophy pops in Hardcore.
  6. Claire's starting gun is rubbish until you convert it into a mini magnum which is useful against G4 Birkin Boss fight, when he opens his chest to reveal eyes after you pop the other three eyes. The problem for me, is that I'm struggling to beat it on Hardcore S+/S run. I can't let go of the magnum for Leon or the machine gun for Claire as that's much useful against G4. Saves: Before G2 Birkin, Before G3 Birkin, Before G4 Birkin is the saves I've been told to save? Is there a better save plan?
  7. Wait, so you can use red and blue herbs? Just don't use the first aid spray or green herb?
  8. Can confirm above. Leon A: I just used the infinite knife. Got Rank S+. Three saves. Time is 2:38:33. Claire A: I used both infinite knife and infinite handgun. Got Rank S. Zero Saves. Time is 2:28:54. So you can use the infinite weapons and still get the rank S trophies. But if you want the S+ ranking just for bragging rights, don't use any infinite guns. Infinite knife is okay.
  9. That's weird. My guess is to play it again from the beginning. Or do that on your S-Rank speed run trophy. You do have enough time to get all the weapons/pouches/upgrades and hidden places items.
  10. I just used the infinite knife for my Leon A S Rank run. Finished the game in 02:38:33, and I was surprised that I got the S+ ranking. I saved three times. I don't know if saving too many times will affect it but I did unlock that ranking even with the infinite knife. Will try out on Claire A run-through for S ranking trophy with the infinite knife. I don't know if using an infinite gun will affect the ranking but the infinite knife doesn't.
  11. My bad. I thought it had the same trophy list as the PS3 version. Now I wonder why they didn't do the same for RE4?
  12. I would say go: Resident Evil Remake Resident Evil Zero (technically this is a prequel to RE remake, but I recommend playing that first) RE2 Remake RE3 Nemesis (no trophies support for this yet. It's a PSN game and only can be played on the Vita, PS3, PS1/2.) Code Veronica X RE4 RE5 RE6 RE7 I have to mention that Code Veronica X and RE4 doesn't have a platinum trophy. Both are very good games though. Also the story in RE7 doesn't really link up to the mainline series from what I've played (it's too damn scary in VR.) Also RE6 probably is the easier one to get a platinum (it's the only one I've got from all RE games I've played. I suck at speed runs in survival horror games.)
  13. I'm glad I didn't get the Deluxe edition. I mean, it's 12 quid just for costumes and a gun, on the PS Store on its own. Thats too expensive just for skins, IMO. Perhaps I'll just get it when it's on sale.
  14. Probably a bit too late now, but... Actually you don't need to do that. Just select chapter "Manfred's Store" and make sure that save is enabled. Any actions you have done prior to that chapter will remain.
  15. I've followed the trophy guide and did what the author said. Fired it up, put on crushing difficulty. The problem is that Sully always have the chance and bloody killed the soldiers. (I'm sure he didn't do that when playing that goddamn level on Hard.) Just wish I have the option to tell Sully to bugger off for once (and he'll probably charm me out of it anyway) so is there any other chapters that would make it much more easier?