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  1. I had a lot of fun playing this mode, out of all the free DLC modes this was by far my favorite. It took me between 20 - 30 attempts to complete it, but I honestly enjoyed the challenge and found trying to beat it addictive! Here are my tips for those going for this trophy: 1. There is a pattern to the enemy spawns (types of enemy, and which door they are likely to come through next). Learning the pattern will help you a lot 2. using headphones is a great help in hearing where enemies are, which door they have just busted through, and it there's one creeping up behind you 3. try to use your handgun for the early parts as much as possible and save up your big guns for when it gets hairy 4. When you don't need them in the moment, don't shoot the explosive barrels on the zombies. Instead lure the zombie to a nearby door, and have the explosive drop for when you quickly need to kill a group 5. You don't take explosive damage - don't be afraid to shoot a barrel or fire a rocket launcher at close range. Be cautious though, as the blast may throw you into the arms of a zombie behind you. 6. Keep your rocket launcher until you REALLY need it 7. Certain weapons work best in certain situations. Flamethrower is good for slowing enemies and general crowd control. Shotgun is good for popping heads at short range. Sparkshot is useful for the heavily armored enemies and stopping an enemy in its tracks (it can sometimes hit a few zombies if they are in close proximity to each other too), you can also use it to hit an enemy in front of you, while walking away from one closing in behind you. The SMG overall was not amazing in my opinion, but the rapid fire would stop the whiteheads moving while you filled them with lead (one whole clip of 50 bullets is needed to take down one white head though, so it doesn't go too far). 8. I liked being in the corner without a door for the most part, running down the middle isle to escape zombies, and using the counter for cover. Good luck!
  2. I have fond memories of playing brick breaker games on PC years ago, I saw this game on the PS Store for £2.50 and thought it was worth a whirl at that price. I was wrong. The controls are horrible which sucks any fun out of playing this. Instead of the bar smoothly moving from side to side, it jerks along in increments. I played for about 30 mins before putting the game down for good. Not my cup of tea, but some people may like the game.
  3. The Last of Us platinum, straightforward, yet fun!
  4. In my opinion, Silent Hill 1 was the scariest game I remember on the PS1. The chilling atmosphere, child monsters in the school, jump scares with the lockers/phone ringing, watching blood pour from characters faces (I forget if it was the nurse or cyble, but I remember it being grotesque. Truly awesome game, would love a proper remaster!
  5. Enjoys single player action/RPG style games most. Loves horror and a good story.
  6. Hey guys, like many any of you reading this, I loved Horizon Zero Dawn, completed it, and got the platinum to boot. I also played the game on ultra hard difficultly on new game plus for the extra trophies. However I've just come to play the Frozen Wilds DLC, and noted I can't use my current save and toggle the difficulty down to a more enjoyable level. Ideally, I'd like to play the DLC on normal, keep my level and unlocks, and not have to replay a large section of the main game again. Is there any way I can do this? any advice would be appreciated, playing the DLC was my Christmas Eve plans for the day 🙂🎮🎄 Thanks!
  7. I still need swap meet, give me an add if you want to get it jelly-kones
  8. Nice one! Thanks for sharing, I just had the king trophy left and this really helped me. I'd been trying to get the legitimately on and off since the game came out.
  9. After about 20 minuets of trying various tactics, me and my Fiance were able to net this rare trophy . We played the the PS4 version, and did exactly as the trophy desription said, we missed all the decrease sise power ups, and NEITHER one of us died at any point (excluding the clones). I can confirm neither of you can die completely at any point during the level - i.e. you must both have at least one clone alive at any point in order for the trophy to pop. Another tip - at the start of the level with all of the saws, don't waste time trying to pick the best moment to go, you will die if you spend too much time around here, you will have better odds if you just rush through this tricky secion. Once you've sucessfully got past the first section, the rest of the level isn't too bad . I have included a link below to the video of us sucessfully nailing this. I wish the PS4 would record the trophy popping when you save videos BTW :/. I'm so proud we managed to get this - it's now my rarest trophy . I hope these tips can help others in getting this! Kelly
  10. Little Big Planet, trying to ace all the levels was fairly tough. I must have died on the infamous "Bunker" Level at least 50 times!
  11. My favorites are: Resident Evil 1 (PS4 Remake) Resident Evil 2 (PS1) Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (PS3 Move), I know not many people liked this, but I played it coach co-op with one of my best friends and had a blast with it. Resident Evil 3 (PS1) Resident Evil Zero (GC/ PS4) Really looking forward to playing this again on PS4 when its released Resident Evil Outbreak/ Outbreak File 2 (PS2) These games were so underrated. They were ahead of their time, if they were released again in today with the internet infrastructure we have, the game play would be much more fun and interesting Code Veronica X (PS3) i never really got into code veronica, I can't quite place my finger on it, but something just didn't click with me on this one. Resident Evil 4 (PS3) I like RE4 as a game, but it just felt like a good game to me, and not RE game, it was too distant from previous entries. So i prefer to not think of it as a RE game I've played a little of these games, but honestly didn't like them enough to include in my "favorites" list! : RE:5, RE Operation Raccoon City (Record for the game I've picked up and put down the fastest on PS3!), RE Dead Aim, RE6
  12. I finally s ranked all the levels! ... It only took me over two years haha. It was seriously difficult on some of the levels in the later groups! But there are a few strategies and tips you can use to get through them. I can now headshot a zombie from 50 yards ... That's a worthwhile life skill, right? Haha
  13. Mine would be Fallout 3, infamous first light (I loved the battle arenas and story!) & Metal gear solid 3 ^.^
  14. ^^ Hitman Absolution, not too hard to plat I've heard... although far from the best Hitman game!
  15. I played the game when it first came out and can confirm it had issues at launch on my first playthrough. I've recently picked up the games and have completed 3 playthroughs in the last two weeks (trophy hunting!) and can confirm the patch has significantly improved the game, and there were no noticeable issues in any of my playthroughs - no crashed, no issues with audio, no freezing etc. They may be an ever so little lag when moving quickly between certain areas, but barely noticeable and does not impact on the enjoyment or play-ability of the game. I'm so happy they fixed this game as it was one of my favorites on the PS2 . I'm still a little disappointed with the graphics, as the PC version at the time looked better than the "HD remaster" did 10 years later!