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  1. This was a pain. All you can do is keep grinding the well, it'll drop eventually.
  2. Patch has been released and Grease Monkey is attainable again.
  3. All the blue quest are in the patch so you're safe.
  4. Do the daily goals and use gold for fame boost since it's 5 boost for 1 gold now.
  5. The dlc is free because the games getting shut down on December 22nd. Once or "If" the servers do come back online for PS3 it won't be for long and as it is they've been down for 2 weeks. On top of that if the servers are back on for the last month then anyone will easily get this 100% with that free store gold and the triple xp month.
  6. I have a trophy world for Vita if you want to do your trophies.
  7. Took me an average of 700 hours each for both WKC1&2 but now these plats have just turned into a joke thanks to players modding. At least they're easy to spot on the leader board, this site should add them to the cheaters leader board.