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  1. Had a booster session set up, everyone ready on time and the servers can't connect us even when we're in the same country. Any tips welcome
  2. I almost was able to set a new record to 100% but the online is just empty. real shame cause on ps3 years ago it was alive for years
  3. I've got the online if you want to earn some rare af trophies
  4. I'm from the EU and play a lot of csgo on pc and I would like to plat it on ps3 but I'd need to make a NA account to just access the game Would my EU account be able to play the trial if downloaded from a NA account?
  5. -3165377875558082103 first new world I loaded up and pop, turn around and a boat
  6. got this on Ps+ and I'm amazed they made a 2nd. the checkpoints are sparse, enemies have NBA level aim (looking at you robots with boulders) and can kill you with their attacks after you kill them. the story is maybe 4/10. the 2 humans that follow you around just teleport through the levels like its no biggy. the boss fights are no harder than the normal enemy's. I really don't see what Sony were thinking with this game. whats everyone else's opinion?
  7. as the title says, Ive just completed the story but no gold trophy pop anyone have the same problem and find a solution other than playing the game again? Ive replayed the last chapter and still no trophy
  8. Jumped from the top of the tower near the wings, cant get that trophy ether though a 1x1 gap at 40m/s just got an apple from leaves and went underground and smelted 8 gold ingots and still no trophy
  9. Just got some snowball mini game trophies. Then created a tutorial on survival and attempted notched apple and bouce 30 on slime with no trophy after multiple golden apples. Any help?