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  1. You can get the prize bubbles in LBP2 from community levels? I didn't even know that was possible.
  2. Update: I finally finished it. After many times of wanting to throw the controller and yelling like a toddler (not proud of either of them) I finally finished it. I really wasn't expecting this game to be this difficult but it's finally to finish LBP2. 😂
  3. #386 Little Big Planet for PS3. This is by far the most frustrating platinum I have ever earned. I have done some difficult games before but this one seriously had me acting like a 5 year old yelling at the game. I don't know if it's just because I was super terrible at this game or what but the Play trophy requires you to beat all levels except survival challenges without dying. And at first I was like "eh, can't be that bad, right?" And for the most part it really wasn't. There was a couple levels that I was like "Eh that sucks, gonna have to do it again." and then I would get them after a couple tries......then there was The Bunker, The Collector's Lair, and The Mines that seriously had me saying every obscenity in the world. The Mrs. was looking over at me like "I have never seen you get this upset over anything before." So all I can say is I am glad it's done.
  4. I know this game has an ultra rare rating for the platinum trophy but I wasn't sure if it was just because of all the online and prize collecting or because of the Play trophy. I am having a genuinely hard time with the Play trophy. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge but this just seems insane. I only have three levels left to do (yes one is bunker) but I keep getting straight up wrecked. I have played difficult games before but this is putting them all to shame. So I want to know from other players, is it that I am garbage or is it extremely difficult for everyone that has done it?
  5. #385 Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet.........yeah......I don't really have much to say about this. Easy double platinum since I did it on Vita and PS4 for $4.99. I did 6 games back to back after I finished Far Cry New Dawn that were all cross buy and all extremely easy platinums. And now it's back to the backlog trying to clean it up more.
  6. I'm down! Current List that needs completed Little Big Planet: Ultra Rare Platinum at 3.15% Goldeneye Reloaded: Ultra Rare at 0.98% Black Ops 2: Ultra Rare at 0.90% Metal Gear Solid 2: Ultra Rare at 4.98% Kane & Lynch 2: Ultra Rare at 1.45% I do have some other ultra rares that unfortunately will not be able to ever be completed due to servers shutting down. I have already begun working on Little Big Planet and only need the play every level without dying for this platinum. (It's a bit more challenging than I expected) Unfortunately I will not be able to 100% due to the pirates dlc being pulled. Black Ops 2 I just need to prestige (I know.....I still never prestiged even once but was fortunate enough to get big leagues whenever the game first came out) Kane & Lynch need to do some online trophies and finish the game on Extreme Goldeneye Reloaded I was able to get all the MP trophies completed before servers were shutdown. Metal Gear Solid 2 I started the game back in like 2012 and just never got back into it. Hopefully I can finish LBP1 within the next couple days and start working on the rest!
  7. #379 Far Cry: New Dawn Pros: Love the open world, had a decent story that continues off Far Cry 5, the new weapons are pretty slick. Cons: Extremely short story, felt like it should've been a DLC instead of a full game, some of the trophies are a bit repetitive due to lack of story. Overall it was worth playing but I am glad I didn't buy it brand new because of how short it was.
  8. #378 Day of The Tentacle Remastered for PS4 Vita. I bought this game a long time ago and just now finally got around to playing it. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It's pretty straight forward with the story and definitely has some funny dialogue.
  9. #376 and #377 Word Sudoku for PS4 and Late Shift for PS4. Word Sudoku I had completed on the PS Vita awhile back. Typical Powgi game that's easy if you enjoy doing puzzles. Late Shift is similar to The Bunker or Heavy Rain. It's basically an interactive movie that there are 7 different endings for the game depending on what you choose. Both are easy platinums that aren't very time consuming.
  10. #375 Heroes Trials on PS4 Earned the platinum awhile ago on Vita and have been going back through my purchased list on PS4 and downloading the games that were cross buy that I never bothered to do on PS4. Will probably have two more of these coming within the next day or so. 😂
  11. Disc version for me. I'm a collector, so I love having the physical copies of things. Not to mention if a game ends up being complete garbage, I can at least resell it to get some of my money back.
  12. #373 Sound Shapes for PS4 (Asian Release) So in previous posts it's been pretty obvious that every once in awhile I will just download a random easy game to try and rack up them trophies...... unfortunately I didn't realize that they online/cross save was disabled for this game now 😂 so instead of being able to autopop from all the previous versions like I had done, I had to do this one all over again. Not going to lie, some of the death mode levels I legit got flustered and was like "How the hell did I even do this the first time?!" 😂 But either way, it's done, so now I have every single sound Shapes platinum for all platforms. Trophy whoring it up! Update: #374 Daggerhood on PS4. Already did the Vita version awhile back and forgot it was crossbuy, so downloaded the PS4 version and did it.
  13. So I haven't read all the comments but I just want to confirm, it is still possible to get 100% on this game correct? I know you need to do raids and all that and the game isn't exactly booming anymore. But if enough people are gathered, it is still possible, yes?
  14. I have put probably 400+ hours into Demon's Souls on PS3. Between different builds, doing multiple playthroughs, collecting everything. I started playing it when it very first came out and since I had never played any game like it before, I became hooked on it and just couldn't get enough.
  15. I have had people ask me as well. I always politely decline. If people choose to pay others to get trophies for them, that's their choice, but I can't help them with it. Don't get me wrong, if it's a multiplayer trophy/boosting group, that is 100% acceptable to me. That or if a person messages me just asking "how did you get that? What did you do?" I have made videos showing me playing it so they can watch, but I won't earn the trophy for them.