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  1. The Last of Us for PS3. I earned the platinum and all the multiplayer trophies quite a ways back but didn't do grounded mode due to having finished it not that long ago on the PS4. Didn't really want to play the game 4 times back to back so I put it off for about 3 years. But every time I looked at my trophy list and saw that incomplete game it bothered me 😂. So this past weekend I finally delivered and knocked out both grounded and grounded + in three days. Only 59 games left incomplete in my backlog and unfortunately at least 7 of them cannot be done due to servers being shut down or content no longer available.
  2. #360 Fallout 76 for PS4 So I started this game whenever it first came out but since it wasn't like the original fallout games, it didn't hold my interest for long at first. I took about a year off from playing and got back into it about a month ago. There was so much stuff I was missing that I didn't even realize until I started playing with a group of friends and then I was hooked. They have recently released an update that adds more to the story and gives it more of the traditional fallout feel. I would definitely recommend this game but only if you're not worried about losing track of time and playing for 6+ hours without even realizing it. Seriously. There is so much to do in this game that the one night I spent 3 hours just on building my house. (That's including going out to farm materials) It definitely takes a bit to get into but once you do, it's seriously a blast.
  3. There's two trophies that require max reputation. A Solid Foundation requires you to reach max reputation with the Foundation and Friends in Low Places requires you to reach max reputation with the Raiders at the Crater.
  4. You can do it that way but it hasn't been confirmed how many daily quests you need to reach max reputation yet. Your reputation increases a good amount from the story missions whichever side you choose. Also I found that whenever you're talking to Meg (the raiders leader) if you give rude responses on a couple occasions it has increased my reputation with them. (I mostly was doing it just because she was being a huge jerk towards me so I was like "You're not gonna talk to me like that! 😂"
  5. It's grindy because after you finish the main story missions for whichever side you choose. There is only one mission a day to increase your reputation for both sides. I think I am on the final bar for the foundation but I still probably need at least 4 to 5 more days to get the required missions.
  6. Honestly I wasn't keeping track but I know that within the last couple days I have went from level 60 to 70 without really trying. The Allies you get at your camp are basically permanent quest givers. Even after you finish their base story you can talk to them and they will give you additional missions. It depends on if you're playing by yourself or not, I could see a couple parts being a bit difficult if you are just level 20 but I wouldn't say it's impossible.
  7. I actually finished the additional storyline and it was pretty solid. Definitely added more to the game which was excellent. If you're going for 100% though you will need an additional character because you have a choice to make between the settlers and raiders and depending on which choice you make unlocks different trophies. Your second character will only need to be level 20 which honestly isn't bad at all. To be perfectly honest it is a fun expansion with allies and a good story. I have been playing it non stop since they released it 😂
  8. You can reach maximum level with both the raiders and settlers in one playthrough but as mentioned above you will need to do two characters (the second one just needs to be level 20 to start the storyline). I completed the settlers run through which unlocks the "Golden Future" trophy but I went back to the raiders and can still do daily side quests for them to raise my reputation up to the max level. But yes two characters will be required if you want to go 100% since the final mission for the raiders is the "Go for the gold" trophy. Reaching level 20 really isn't that time consuming especially if you have someone to help you boost it. Have a high level friend drop a nuke and just go with them in the blast zone getting at least one hit on each enemy then have your partner mow them down. You will reach level 20 in no time.
  9. #359 Borderlands 3. I bought this game months ago and just now finally got around to it. I definitely enjoyed it more than the Pre Sequel but in my personal opinion I still prefer 1 and 2. I am not entirely sure why but something just felt really different about this one. It was great to see characters from Tales From The Borderlands in there and of course the return of all the other characters (except Roland and Scooter since.....well they're dead). I did both of the DLCs along with the main game which were fun. Like I said, something just felt off with this one but I don't know what. Towards the end of the game it just felt like a massive chore trying to finish the last of the trophies which I didn't feel that with the other ones except with Moxxi's stupid Underdome from the first one. Anyway it was still a good game and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys the borderlands series.
  10. Indeed. I still collected them all as well but even the main game just gave me the all named locations trophy and I wasn't even finished with Eden 6 or Promethea. I still ended up finding the rest of them because I needed the other two trophies but yeah that one popped early too
  11. Did anyone else have this trophy pop early? I wasn't even finished with Eden 6 locations or Promethea and it just popped. I mean I'm not complaining but I was just curious if this happened to anyone else.
  12. It didn't happen for me with this trophy but the echo log one did pop early when I still had two left to collect. I double checked my list to make sure but I was still missing two of them but it popped anyway.
  13. #358 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS4. This was honestly the best Call of Duty released in I don't even know how long. They got rid of all the futuristic crap finally and just went back to a solid story with good character development. The trophies themselves were pretty easy to get, there wasn't anything Online based in the standard trophy list. The special ops missions were a blast and even though I have finished the platinum, I am still playing the spec ops missions. There are a couple things that I am not a fan of. Aside from the fact that the game is relatively short (it was a fantastic campaign though) the amount of storage space required for this game is pretty ridiculous. There have been so many updates for this game that are required that it takes up a lot of space.
  14. #352 Xblaze: Lost Memories for PS Vita, #353 Jack N' Jill DX EU for PS4, #354 Mochi Mochi Boy EU for PS4, #355 Deep Space Rush EU for PS4, #356 Gravity Duck EU for PS4, #357 A Winter's Daydream EU for PS4. Xblaze was the only one that I haven't done already before. All the EU ones was just me wanting to boost my trophy level. All of them are very easy games.
  15. #351 Star Wars The Force Unleashed for PS3. I started this game a long time ago and only now got around to finishing it. The story is pretty good but the game is kind of short. With Lord difficulty is a real kick to the face in a few parts and some of the force ability trophies that require you to kill at least a certain amount of enemies can get a bit grindy. But overall a pretty solid game that I enjoyed.