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  1. #351 Star Wars The Force Unleashed for PS3. I started this game a long time ago and only now got around to finishing it. The story is pretty good but the game is kind of short. With Lord difficulty is a real kick to the face in a few parts and some of the force ability trophies that require you to kill at least a certain amount of enemies can get a bit grindy. But overall a pretty solid game that I enjoyed.
  2. #350 Worms 2: Armageddon for PS3. Continuing with hammering down the backlog and this one was put on the back burner for way too long. If you have played any of the worms games, I recommend it. It's quite a bit of fun. The MP trophies you will want to get done first since it's pretty much dead so I don't know how long they will keep the servers open. The only really grindy one is the 17 wins on the four different match types but this can be sped up by you and your boosting partner taking turns surrendering at the beginning of the match. Just make sure to keep track of it because it's quite boring and you can lose count. Only 2 trophies left for it to be 100%. Cheers.
  3. 919 unearned trophies left. Crossed off two more games, Bioshock 2 and Alice Madness Returns for the PS3. I obtained the platinums a long time ago but never finished the DLCs for them. They are both now 100%! Almost to a 95% completion ratio! For once I seem to be holding up on not starting anything new until I do this backlog.
  4. #349 Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 for PS3. Still trucking away at the backlog, started this game 8 years ago. As much as I enjoy Harry Potter I feel like they could have done a few things differently for this game. #1 They turned it into a shooter more than anything. #2 The difficulties do not stack which means you have to beat the game 3 different times. #3 The collectibles all must be done in one playthrough. There is no chapter select so if you miss one, you will need to get it on your next playthrough. It's not the worst game I have played but it really wasn't a good game.
  5. #348 Lego Indiana Jones 2 for PS3. Still clearing out the backlog and started this game over 5 years ago. There's a couple glitches with it (typical amongst Lego games) but that's the reason it took so long to finish it because I ended up having to redo almost the entire game over again. It was a fun game and worth playing, just wish it wouldn't have given me problems.
  6. #347 Farming Simulator on the PS Vita. I started this game 4 years ago and just finished it the other day. Been killing the backlog and am almost at less than 1,000 unearned trophies and this was on the list. It's not a terrible game. Most of the trophies can be earned rather quickly but there is one that requires you to have $10,000,000 and it's pretty time consuming which is why I put it on the back burner for so long. It is not difficult by any means. So if you are looking for an easy but time consuming game, might as well add it to your collection.
  7. Hitman 2 for PS4. I have completed a lot of the Hitman games but I haven't touched Hitman 2 yet. I will eventually start it but until then, that's my choice.
  8. #344 Energy Cycle for PS4. So this was basically just me being a trophy whore. I have already done the European version, the American Version and now the Hong Kong Version. I created an Asian account yesterday and purchased Sound Shapes and Energy Cycle. Super fast and easy platinum
  9. I wish I would have known that before! Haha I just finished it today! Thanks though!
  10. #343 Wolfenstein Youngblood for PS4 I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand I love the Wolfenstein series. I enjoyed the game itself, was definitely worth the $30 I paid for it. But from a trophy stand point the end game grind was a little much. The campaign and all collectibles can be completed in roughly 10-15 hours depending on how much you're making a go at it. But afterwards you will need to reach level 10 with every single gun so it has you replaying the missions over and over till you finish that. Then you also need to purchase every single weapon upgrade and every skill point. If you're looking for a FPS that has co op (not couch co op) then it's a solid game. But if you're going for platinum I have a few tips for you. #1 pick up every single coin you find, to get all the upgrades you need over 100,000. #2 For weapon grinding try to knock out the hammer weapons as quickly as possible. The spawn rate for them in the large crates is random on which weapon you get. So just use them as often as you can. #3 For the coins, the coin boxes respawn every 24 hours. I recommend doing a run through and gathering all the coins and then manually changing the date on your ps4 because it will cause the game to respawn the coin boxes. You will still have to collect them but once you know where they're at it goes a lot quicker than just waiting every single day for them to refresh. That's all I got.
  11. I don't know if anyone has posted it or not, didn't read through all the replies but for those of you still trying to finish this. You already know the coin boxes respawn at the end of the day. Do a run through and gather up all the coins then manually set your date to the next day. It tricks the game and all the coin boxes reset. It's still a bit boring but it helps speed up the process a bit. I need only about 8,000 coins left and 171 kills for the dieselhammer (the worst because the spawn rate is random on getting any of the hammer weapons) then I will be finished!
  12. I have been slowly chipping away. Finally up to a 94.03% completion ratio with 1097 unearned trophies. Out of those 1097 only 579 are regular game trophies that aren't DLC. So I am getting there! Only have 4 games left with a D rating, 3 with a C and then I will have only S and A rating! Now if I can just hold off on starting anything new, I'll be in business!
  13. Overall it's not a bad game. If you're going for the platinum it can be a little boring because you can finish the campaign in maybe 8 hours (including almost all the side missions) but unlocking every single weapon upgrade as well as reaching level 10 for every single gun is quite boring. I was entertained by it, and as mentioned above, for the price it isn't bad. If it would have been the full $60 like most brand new games I may be a little salty but I give it a 6/10. Not the best but nowhere close to the worst game I have played.
  14. Yes I did but I finally completed one of them. And instead of worrying about just the bodies, I picked up everything on the ground, excessive ammo and stuff like that and it worked, finally. One down, two more to go.
  15. And now Round 19 wave 3 on the gully. (Thumbs up) Used Elemental the entire time to try and eliminate as many dead bodies as possible and it still crashed. I just want my 100% so I can be done with this train wreck.
  16. Round 19 on Angelic Ruins, crashed on wave 4. Nice way to end my night. (Thumbs up)
  17. #336 and #337 Zeroptian Invasion for PS Vita and PS4. Just your run of the mill double platinum. Gameplay is very similar to Galaga and it's only $4.99 for both games together. All gold trophies and one platinum so if you are looking to boost your numbers, do it to it!
  18. How did you solve the problem? I have just one game that is doing it. Mochi Mochi Boy for the PS Vita. PSNProfiles gave me an S rating for the game, but it says missing timestamps under all the trophies and does not list any of the trophies as earned which is really weird. On my main profile page it has the S but then as soon as I click on the game, none of the trophies are listed. On the my profile on the playstation itself though it shows them all as earned complete with timestamps. It is literally just on this site. Update: Problem is now fixed.
  19. I just finished getting the Platinum for this game but my timestamps are not showing up at all? When I click on the trophies on the Vita itself it shows all the timestamps and everything. I have tried syncing it multiple times but on this site it still says unearned trophies. It shows the Platinum icon and I have the S rating next to it for being complete. Has this happened to anyone else?
  20. I just synced them a little bit ago. I am syncing on the PS3 right now to see if it fixes it. Gonna earn a couple more trophies from other games also to see if it's just that title or the servers are just having problems in general.
  21. I am Soap, and I have a problem. I have sworn MULTIPLE times that I would not start any new games until I got my backlog down a little bit......I struggle with this on a regular basis because they keep remastering games that I love and I say "Oh well I know I can finish this one quickly." Then by the time I am halfway through, they release something else. I have been doing a little bit better, but still need to put in the work. My backlog is as follows. 93.33% completion ratio 1223 unearned trophies PS4: Hitman Absolution Days Gone Shadow of The Tomb Raider Minecraft Borderlands Fallout 76 Darksiders 3 Far Cry 5 Wolfenstein 2 Goat Simulator Grand Theft Auto Vice City Semispheres Bioshock Infinite Call of Duty: Ghosts Dying Light Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor The Playroom Battlefield 4 PS Vita: Minecraft Farming Simulator PS3: Bioshock Infinite Bioshock 2 Watch Dogs Little Big Planet 1 & 2 DJ Hero 1 & 2 Uncharted 2 & 3 COD: MW3 You Don't Know Jack (Will never complete this since DLCs are no longer available) Homefront (Will never complete since multiplayer is disabled) Beyond Two Souls 007 Legends Goldeneye: Reloaded GTA IV Twisted Metal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows COD: Black Ops and Black Ops 2 Lego Indiana Jones Alice Madness Returns Assassin's Creed 3, Brotherhood and Revelations I am sure there's others I missed, but I have taken some steps in the right direction, just finished both Borderlands Pre Sequels on PS3 and PS4 which have been on the back burner for a few years now. Just redownloaded everything for Watch Dogs so that is next. The biggest problem is I keep buying new games and then as soon as I finish something from the backlog I reward myself with "trying something new." I just need to stop buying stuff! Hahaha
  22. #328 Metagal for PS Vita. Super cheap and easy platinum and also it's cross buy so you get two platinum trophies for the price of one.

  23. #325 Shadow of The Tomb Raider for PS4. Just was clearing up my backlog. I started this game awhile ago and already beat it but just finished my playthrough on Deadly Obsession which wasn't ridiculously difficult, especially if you do NG+ and carry all your skills over. Now I will burn through the DLCs so I can 100% it. I really enjoyed the story but Rise of The Tomb Raider is still my favorite out of this new trilogy they have done.
  24. #324 Demon's Souls ~ Asian Version for Playstation 3. This is the third time I have platinumed this game because it is still my favorite from the Souls series. Since I had already completed the NA and European version I was just like "Well, might as well complete the set." If you have not played any of the souls games, I would recommend starting with this one. If they would ever do a remastered version of this game, I would buy that too. That is how enjoyable this game is.
  25. #322 Mixups by Powgi for PS Vita. A $7.99 crossbuy game that can be completed in less than 2 hours.