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  1. No. You only need to complete the first four missions.
  2. Yep. No online trophies.
  3. Every walkthorugh or guide says Mile High Club is the hardest in this game. It is hard for sure, but there is actually reasonable room for error. I got the trophy, but my moves were by no means perfect. So, I didn't worry about Best of the Best trophy as I thought it was easier than Mile High Club. Turned out I was wrong. The challenge allows no room for error. I tried 20+ times, and the best time I got so far is 17.2 after 3 seconds accuracy bonus. I don't think I can shave 2 more seconds. Anyone of the same opinion?
  4. Does anyone know if DLC trophies can be boosted with bots? If so, approximately how many hours would it take?
  5. I think one issue about remastering is online / multi-player. Usually, remastered games don't sell as many as the original version, so you can't expect their multiplayer to be very populated.
  6. Thanks for your comment, Parker. PS3 being the first game console I bought, I didn't know it is already 7th generation. If there is a book of video game history, I would love to read. I found DS4 much better than DS3, too. I still play games on PS3 and I wish I could use DS4 for them. It could be just me, but I found DS3's R3/L3 mroe problematic than its R2/L2. That being said, it wasn't a big issue because many games don't require them.
  7. I think most games provide configuration for button assignments. I like using R2/L2, but I got used to R1/L1 more than I thought and still throw a grenade when I need a quick response. I heard quite a few people who play on Xbox said Xbox controller is better than PS3's. I am not sure if it is true as I don't own Xbox. How about Xbox One and PS4? Generally speaking is one gaming console better than the other in controller design, in terms of playing FPS? Just curious.
  8. I played Killzone Shadow Fall and Call of Duty. In these games, by default, aim and shoot are assigned to L2 and R2 respectively instead of L1 and R1 like most FPSs for PS3. Does anyone know the reason for the change? I just wonder.
  9. I used to think so, but remastered God of Wars changed my mind. I wasn't impressed by the level of remastering itself though. I, too, want play Journey on my PS4. However, from my recent experience of playing flOw, I am not so certain if there would be significant improvement. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed by the remastering of flOw although it is still a good game.
  10. Uncharted trilogy would be great. It could be a good match for the recently announced Halo collection. I personally want GoWs as well, I mean all of them.
  11. I played Call of Duty Ghosts in PS4 and the graphics in this teaser is way better. Compared to this, Ghosts, which I still like a lot, looks like a PS3 game.
  12. I heard somewhere that Journey would be remastered for PS4. Does anyone know what is going on?
  13. I am looking forward to the remaster of the Last of Us. What other PS3 games do you want to play on your PS4? I want: 1. Uncharted 2. Assasin's Creed (with a set of trophies) 3. Bioshock What do you think?
  14. I was hoping to see some Vita games, too. Correct me if I am wrong, but after KIllzone Mercenaries and Tearaway, I don't see any big titles.
  15. Yes, skateak is right, I think. You need some work space on your HDD temporarily for installation. I think this is written somewhere in PS Store.