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  1. I glitched the apocalyptic trophy just playing the game on easy and before going in to the last fight setting the difficulty to apocalyptic, changing it to easy after getting hit once, and then changing it back to apocalyptic before finishing the fight. 1.00 version.
  2. It does take like 12-15 astral fissures to tip the scales in the opposite direction if you've done one direction the whole game. The actual scale doesn't visually tip at all but the little blue and red bars at the bottom of the circle fill. once they're both full after a few more fissures in the opposite direction it'll pop up a message that the scales have tipped. for some reason fissures have stopped appearing for me after I finished the game the second time. there's a main mission fissure with a level 70 groh but no random astral fissure on the map after 10 or so random battles.
  3. They already have one scheduled at the very end of November
  4. I didn't get the SS ranks on my first play on the two missions and still got an S rank for finishing the game. Dunno if that's common knowledge, just looked at the guide. No continues, about 10 or so saves. I saved before the last boss so I'll just continue a bunch of times on him and see if I can get an A rank from there.
  5. Friendly reminder, you can always use remote play + autohotkey (Windows) to do derpy trophies like this. Just change X to a heavy button, put the super armor on the dummy, and use an ahk script to hit enter on the keyboard over and over. Same as setting a stick on turbo and weighting it down. Example:
  6. if anyone is interested after the latest mp dlc update if you unlock all the new nodes and pick up all the extra meteor shards added to the map it'll be around 100k when the trophy pops.
  7. mini teostra, 8* slay, time limit 15m / 4 people / 3 faints
  8. Mini Barroth 9* (maybe 8* don't remember), great hunt (barroth + anjanath both tempered), 30 minute limit, 4 purple rewards
  9. I'm new to all this monster hunter business so I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it really does seem like it's still super random but the randomness is influenced the more negative / challenge factors there are. challenges being: fewer max players, fewer faints, lower time limit, # star difficulties, tempered or not, number of monsters in one hunt. the more modifiers that are stacked on an investigation (not counting upsurges or things that make it easier like more faints) the more likely a giant or mini will show up. Edit: to add to the thread's purpose, just got a mini great jagras with 6*, single target (great jagras), 6660 reward, 50m time limit, 2 player max, capture mission and an aggressive bazel flying around. I ran it again and got my largest great jagras yet with no crown but I'm going to run it a few more times and see if I can get a mini and a giant out of the same expedition. Edit 2: Got two minis from this same investigation (976.50) and like 1200+ as the largest.
  10. nevermind!
  11. How many viewpoints are there? I have 58 and can't seem to find anything else so right now I'm just running around aimlessly. Edit: at least from this it seems the answer is 58. Guess the viewpoints don't actually show everything. A tracker/stats sheet would've been nice.
  12. They 'fixed' the permanent progress crash in ac liberation on vita too, you just had to start the entire game over to take advantage of it.
  13. I'm pretty sure that trophy is for the coin you spend on maps to build traps, not the real money gold coins you can buy to buy characters/chests.
  14. Edit: All done, thanks all
  15. I had to replay it on ps4 to get the trophy. randomly it doesn't pop and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it by replaying everyone (maybe deleting the save on vita and trying your luck again), I thought it might happen if you complete some of the characters on ps4 first but who knows. the bug was submitted upstream but I guess they never patched it?