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  1. 300 hours in and have all gold crowns except large crown for Kirin. In this 300 hours i've also gained like 60% of the crowns for iceborn. How many Kirin's did you had to kill 😆, i also have only large Kirin left. (Killed 66 Kirin's so far)
  2. Oh didn't think about the loot. I just thought normally those maps are like (30ex for dory, 30ex for Perandus and a few ex for vinktar). So I thought 50 ex total would be a fair price to spread the costs.
  3. Made most of my exalts by selling blighted maps for 1ex each and sold a blottled faith for 30 ex. But ye wasn't fast either. Spend all my currency on these maps.
  4. thanks
  5. If we run my maps with 4 people (including me), each of you can pay me 12.5 ex and we will run doryani's, Perandus and vinktar. Or 25 ex if it's you and me @Briste Let me know who's in.
  6. @ISeeWutUDidThere I've managed to get doryani's as well. How much do you pay for joining me doing doryani's, Perandus and vinktar?
  7. Are unique map completion transferred to the next league?
  8. I just bought Perandus and vinktar with my last currency. If you buy doryani's maybe we can run them together, I need Dory as well.
  9. I've got a Vinktar square map, anyone wanne trade it for a spot in one of the following (i can pay a couple of exalts if your map is much more valuable): Doryani's Machinarium The perandus mayor Kill Atziri in the Alluring Abyss (required for the 'Sacrifice of the Vaal' trophy)
  10. Thanks I will
  11. Anyone here who can carry me through hall of the grand masters? I've got a map, but don't think my minions will survive. I'll pay 10 chaos
  12. I still need to do the following maps (playing on standard): Doryani's Machinarium The perandus mayor The Twilight temple Hall of the grandmasters The Vinktar square What i have to offer: The twilight temple map Hall of the grandmasters 4 Exalts, 55 chaos I'm lvl 90 Necromancer I know, it's not much but working on getting more currency.
  13. Nvm, found an old save point on psn cloud.
  14. I just finished the quest "Long way to the Top, but the trophy Explosive didn't pop. Is there a way how i still can get this trophy without levelling a new character?
  15. It's more like a hate / love relationship. It makes it all worth it when i finally get the golden crown which i was hunting for.