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  1. Yes it does. I got the platinum on ps5 first. I then used auto pop to get the other trophies. I did start on the NA PS4 version before they changed it so everything auto pops.
  2. You can use flashbacks to help you get these trophies. For Slotting In, use the flashback once you are in position. For Pit Perfection, use it after you get in the pit box. You only need to get optimal on the turn in. You can have the other pit assists on. Just keep using flashbacks until you get the trophies.
  3. Try doing a side quest or beast tribe daily quest. I think that will pop the MSQ trophies.
  4. I don’t think so. I think it overwrites your server data when you connect again.
  5. When it asked me what data to use, I picked the local data and not the data on the server.
  6. I have this trophy on both versions. I had to unlink my account and then I could do the tutorial again. WARNING: You will loose all of your stubs and cards!!!!!
  7. The 917K doesn’t list #Le Mans under car type like the Sauber C9.
  8. It’s too bad they didn’t include trophy tracking on the PS5 version. If they had, you could buy a car and see if it increased your progress.
  9. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12696-final-fantasy-xiv needs updated. The trophies that had been listed as unreleased now have updated names and descriptions.
  10. If the trophy for completing the 6.0 missions is like the other expansions, the mission will have the same name as the expansion and the trophy will too. That will keep the trophy list from spoiling anything unless the name of a raid is a spoiler.
  11. Have you done any FATEs? Try doing one and see if the trophies pop? You will have to do the raids again if you haven’t done them on ps5.
  12. A new trophy has been added to Final Fantasy XIV on PS5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12696-final-fantasy-xiv
  13. You can’t transfer March to October progress from one platform to another. The trophy for opening your first pack will pop when you open a pack on that platform. I had opened packs on my ps5 and it popped when I opened my first pack on PS4. you can get the trophy for equipping a bat skin by choosing one on the other platform. Since you can start a new road to the show player, it appears that only the home run trophies might be missable.
  14. It doesn’t look like they auto pop. I started on PS5 and then tried the PS4 version. I had uploaded my road to the show player to the cloud and when I played it on PS4, I didn’t get the trophy for being drafted. I was at 44 home runs and tried a home run derby, when I got to 6 home runs in the derby, the 50 HR trophy popped but not the 25 HR. I quit the game before finishing the derby and switched to ps5. It still showed the 44 homer runs, so I’m not locked out of that trophy. Hopefully they’ll fix the home run trophy or playing one platform will lock you out of the platinum on the other.
  15. This makes it sound like the trophies from the Sniper Assassin levels, the Whittleton Creek and New York mastery levels (they only went to level 15 in Hitman 2 and you need level 20 for trophies in Hitman 3), and possibly the Perfectionist trophy (Complete Suit Only and Silent Assassin Challenges on The Icon, A House Built on Sand or Landslide) because it deals with a rating. Top of the Class, A new Profile, and Silent Assassin from the main game might also need to be unlocked. There is no mention in the FAQ about trophies carrying over from PS4 to PS5 and vice-versa.