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  1. This makes it sound like the trophies from the Sniper Assassin levels, the Whittleton Creek and New York mastery levels (they only went to level 15 in Hitman 2 and you need level 20 for trophies in Hitman 3), and possibly the Perfectionist trophy (Complete Suit Only and Silent Assassin Challenges on The Icon, A House Built on Sand or Landslide) because it deals with a rating. Top of the Class, A new Profile, and Silent Assassin from the main game might also need to be unlocked. There is no mention in the FAQ about trophies carrying over from PS4 to PS5 and vice-versa.
  2. He does respawn. I killed him early in my game and he had respawned tonight and I got the trophy.
  3. My character on PS4 was at the maximum level of 65. None of the level trophies have popped when playing as this character.
  4. I have this same issue also. I completed the challenge for finding all 20 locations on a new character but didn't get the trophy.
  5. I just checked and the trophy advisor now lists PlayStation VR and PlayStation 5 under platforms.
  6. I started Valhalla on PS4 but have only earned the trophy for the prologue. I’m going to wait until my ps5 arrives and make frequent saves. Then I can transfer the save and not have to replay the whole game again to get all of the trophies in both games.
  7. There have been 3 news trophies added for https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6665-pinball-fx3/ The trophies are for the Williams Pinball: Volume 6 DLC releasing on October 20.
  8. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Is there any update on this? Which system will the trophy advisor and trophy log let you choose first, PSVR or PS5?
  9. You can do this by yourself.
  10. You can get this trophy in Road to the Show using Showtime fielding.
  11. I’ve adjusted the sliders and intentionally walked the lead off batter, but they won’t try to steal.
  12. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Is there any update on when this will be fixed?
  13. The servers for MLB The Show 16 on PS3 and PS4 are shutting down on July 28, 2020. https://news.theshownation.com/articles/mlb-the-show-16-server-decommissioning/