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  1. DANGANRONPA 1・2 RELOAD You’ve got Danganronpa 2 platinumed on the vita. I’m looking for suggestions for my next Vita platinum.
  2. They will probably say they need your login and password to get your game. If they ask you for an IP address, give them mine. It’s
  3. Thanks. Using this tip and a turbo controller made the trophy easy.
  4. I bought the orbital cannon today, and when I first used it, it gave me the choice of manual or automatic targeting. They were both free. I used the automatic targeting, got the trophy, and now neither one is free.
  5. You do need at least 25 gold bricks before you can access this world.
  6. There are a total of 78 challenges in the game and you only need 50 gold medals.
  7. The levequest levels up the job that it is for. If you look at the job, you will see you are gaining exp. I do the levequest in Horizon where you turn in 3 potions, and regardless of what job my character is at the time I accept and complete it, I get alchemist exp.
  8. No, the characters are only on the US or EU servers, not both.
  9. So far according to the PSN rarities, only I'll Take That and Participation Trophy are unearned. Is the online up yet, or is I'll Take That be the hardest to earn?
  10. I was exploring Animus Island after completing Sequence 1 and could enter and complete all 5 Desmond sequences. Has this happened to anyone else? I am not to the point in the game yet where you can collect animus fragments that you need to unlock these sequences.
  11. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I just need the dlc trophy for 100% sync.
  12. I have an Aviator Royal Crown with 0 aerial goals. I'm willing to trade for an item that tracks wins or an item with veteran status.
  13. thanks. I have the trophy now.
  14. I have the US digital version version and can't connect online. I checked and it is version 1.20. I got a used copy of the disc version today and it asked to install version 1.21. After installing the patches, it does work online. I've tried to check for an update on the digital version and it says the latest version is installed. The save data isn't compatible, so you will need to keep the digital version to keep your single player progress.
  15. Koto97: Fallout 4. It looks like you are close to the platinum. However, you may have to do another playthrough for the story trophies depending on what point in the game you have old saves for.