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  1. Batman Arkham games really great series.
  2. unfortunately yes...
  3. This skill is way to ramndom in my save i have 1,9 million thinking it would be enough.... well no i am on my 3rd run soon i have used almost 6 million to try and get that skill
  4. Go for CoD Ghost once you finish those games you are plating right now
  5. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct
  6. yeah it is pretty easy probem is i can't platinum it yet it is not complete still waiting for the last episodes to come out
  7. You should finish the last of NCIS it is very easy and straight forward
  8. you should patinum Batman Arkham Asylum and go right to Arkham city
  9. it's really not that hard bro the worst game of these games are the CoD Classic on Veteran and CoD WAW the Burn em' out level but rather easy actually:D
  10. A lot of Disney games? i have 5 out off 73 (fiished CoD Classic today) sides some of them are quite good when you wanna relax with a game, without thinking
  11. Yeah i know is working on it
  12. i'm jelly of you'r Xcom platinum never been around it always wanted try it
  13. Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension Batman: Arkham Asylum God of War Skyrim
  14. i think you should go for Modernwarfare 2 now you got Modernwarfare 3 then finish that collection ;D and take on CoD Black ops 2, CoD Classic & CoD WAW Also You said it, all the endings is a pain in the ***!!
  15. 7 in common Need for Speed Most Wanted Hitman Absolution Infamous Batman Arkham Asykum Batman Arkham City Heavy Rain God of War 3