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  1. did you have any problem being able to load it up? I've downloaded the dlc and it says installed yet I get the error message when clicking on Valley of The Yetis in the main menu. Update: after reading a few people say deleting and re-downloading doesn't work, i did delete the application and downloaded it all again including the dlc and update and it worked.
  2. No, you can do it via mission select in any order.
  3. I more meant completing enough for the trophy, like it had one sort of different mission that shows that its nearly the end for trophy requirements - Yeah it was a mindless mundane trophy, they should have made it a true mission not a rinse and repeat type mission
  4. Dude I agree, I had the same time - I really wish I knew, to turn on auto sprint or even that it was an option cause i reckon it would have helped me so much
  5. I read a lot of forums saying with people saying different things and people said difficulty didn't affect it. Maybe that aspect of the game is completely random.
  6. So I ended up getting the trophy not too long after posting this about 30 min... Murphy's Law I just kept playing the Off the Hook missions played about 12-15 (wasn't counting). Wrench will call you after one and say they've tracked 'the Hook' then you will do one final mission and your trophy will pop.
  7. The "Prize Catch" Trophy description says 'Finish Operation: Off the Hook' - now the in game progress tracker isn't tracking this at all and there seems to be one mission after another after another of what seems like an endless amount of missions. Can anyone who has got this or anyone who would be able to shed light on how they have obtained this trophy?
  8. I've turned in that mission she gave me 10 coins per tomb = 90 coins. Ive read a few forums that say that but then I've read a lot comments saying they have still been short after 100% completion. I've been looking all over the place, found a few piles of coins on the ground, I guess I will have to keep looking.
  9. Does anyone know how to obtain more Byzantine coins after you've completed the game? I have the game at 100% so all the coin catches and everything has been collected and I have collected the coins that I have come across on the ground in tombs, crypts and caves as I've played through. I was at the supply shack where you purchase the items and it came to a total of 705 coins and I've only got 670, I haven't perviously purchased anything either.
  10. So I finally got it after many hours of just playing it, I finally did it - 33.60 seconds only just made it. I nearly had to buy another controller ahahah
  11. So this is probably the hardest trophy to obtain, I've been stuck on this trophy for hours and only have managed to get 35.40 seconds. Does anyone have any tips that could help or any alternative routes to run as all youtube videos run the same route?
  12. It ended up taking me 3 play-throughs before I realised, what I had done wrong. So my original play-through I ended the game with 36/37, I followed a guide for the conversations and swear I hit everyone conversation and after the last one I checked and it said 36/37 so I restarted checkpoint and check my stats and it still said 36/37 so after numerous restarts of console, game and checkpoints, I decided to do it in my NG+ In my NG+ the stats still showed 36/37, so I began the conversation run and about half way through the game so 18 conversations in I decided to check my stats and it now said I had 8/37. I then chose just to finish the NG+ and was going to start a fresh but change my mind and decided to do it on my Grounded run. For the third time got up a guide and ran through the game checking after each conversation if it counted some didn't since the 8/37 decided to carry over. I then got to the last conversation and once more 36/37. I went through many forums to see and tried the different ways people said might get it to pop (university, the hunt, ect). No luck, I was thinking I needed to delete data and start fresh and speed run it in one go, when i was looking at a text guide and stumbled on to one I don't remember doing - Right at the start of the Bus Depot once you gain control of Joel, as long as you stand still and after Joel has finished talking about teaching Ellie the guitar, theres a prompt for a conversation. Boom did the conversation and the trophy popped. I felt like an idiot, as I don't remember watching that one in two different video guides, I always went straight to the airplane picture. So I am assuming I miss that one in my first playthrough as well. Needless to say I was happy I didn't have to do another play-through but felt like an idiot. *Also an update for the comics, the guide I was looking at on PSN Profiles only said 12 comics when there was 14 comics and on the last comic the trophy popped no problem*
  13. So it looks like chapter select and new game plus is where I'll have to try again for the glitched trophies. Can anyone confirm collectibles show up in new game plus cause I've heard they don't if you picked them up in your previous playthrough? On the PS3 I had no problems with any of the collectibles, everything either popped before I met the requirements like the scavenger trophy or once I met the requirements like every other collectible trophy/
  14. So I had 36/37 before the last optional conversation, I initiated the last conversation, no trophy pop and the statistics still say 36/37 - anyone have this happen or know a work around? I also have a problem with the comics I have collected all comics, no trophy pop, I checked the statistics and it says 13 comics, yet there are only meant to be 12 according to the guide - anyone had this problem or know a work around. Any help/ solutions on these problems will be greatly appreciated.
  15. I was thinking that in my mind that if I post something about it I will get it soon after, and boom it happend haha