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  1. If you're at level 10, upgrading ONE PIECE OF ARMOR may cost 1000 drachmae, but if you reach level 50, upgrading that same piece may cost 50,000 drachmae. The higher your level, the more expensive everything is. The maximum ship upgrades usually cost anywhere from 100,000 to 250,000 and that's if you care to max your ship out.
  2. In all fairness, Ubisoft fully deserve this for their outrageous pricing on upgrades, both ship and weapon/armor. I've upgraded only one of the final 9 ship upgrades and it's pathetic that Ubisoft has done this. Thankfully I found the tea-bagging XP farm before it got patched, but now I need money. And yes, I'm aware they want you to spend real money on micro transactions, but spending $60 on a game plus season pass should be enough... Could you message me a link? Or if you're concerned to even do that, tell me exactly what to search under? Is it just "farm" or "farming" or "fast XP" or something more specific?
  3. 2 and 3 are both quest related. I believe 3 is a quest associated with Phoibe.
  4. Free update (June 18): Includes the ability to allow gyrosphere rides to go between enclosures so I suppose you could have one gyrosphere ride that goes through all enclosures if you wanted. Also includes the ability to choose how many gyrospheres each ride has (I believe). Includes paint tools and new terrain options (new plants, sand option, rock option, ability to plant single trees) so you now have the ability to be more creative within each enclosure. Make a desert or beachfront resort for a dinosaur or a rocky enclosure. Includes Spinosaurus fish eaters. This is for Baryonyx (Fallen Kingdom DLC), Spinoraptor (Dr. Wu DLC), Spinosaurus, and Suchomimus (Deluxe DLC). The fish eaters MUST be placed IN water. Without them, these dinosaurs will start to get agitated and try and break out as they prefer fish. The patch WILL effect existing parks. Pachycephalosaurus and its friends (Dracorex, Stygimoloch) will now be able to defend themselves against small carnivores like Velociraptor. Sauropods like Brachiosaurus won't be affected by large carnivores in their enclosure anymore. They won't panic or get spooked/frightened away, etc. Claire's Sanctuary DLC - $15 (June 18): https://www.jurassicworldevolution.com/en-GB/news/jurassic-world-evolution-claires-sanctuary-and-free-update-18-are-coming-18-june-2019#article
  5. This is unfortunately a well known glitch. Not sure why you're having a tough time finding enemies to drop mutagens. Drowned dead and nekkers drop a ton of mutagens. Drowned dead drop lesser reds frequently, nekkers drop lesser blue/green. Just save before you go into battle with them. An alternate solution is to keep one greater/regular/lesser blue/green/red on you and put one greater/regular/lesser blue/green/red in your storage chest since items in your storage chest can be retrieved in NG+. When you reach White Orchard, go to your storage chest and retrieve the mutagens you stored. Then at least you'll have two of each. In Blood and Wine, pick a ton of the plants from the green house area at Corvo Bianco so you can change mutagens from one color to another in NG+ as well.
  6. I know you said you don't wanna restart the game, but one of the best places to farm for trophies is Devil's Pit, just southeast of Hanged Man's Tree once you reach Velen. Enemies will respawn there infinitely until you loot and grey out the Bandit Camp. There's a lot of high ledges making some trophies easy. Do it on NG+ so you retain all your abilities and play on easy only focusing on main quests until you reach that part. Then you can switch difficulty as desired. There's no requirement for these trophies on any difficulty.
  7. I can. I'm playing on Nightmare and I have a feeling this bitch is gonna be a bad doggo.
  8. This actually happened to me when I was playing Witcher 3 on PC. I platted Witcher 3 on PS4, but got a gaming laptop to play through the whole trilogy. Then I discovered modding via Nexus Mods and began modding Witcher 3. But because I hadn't really played it yet on PC since I was going in order, I downloaded a save to test some of the mods not available until later in the game. As soon as I loaded up the save, because it was so late in the game, a bunch of achievements popped right after another (about 25% lol).
  9. My completion percentage is around 99.6%. It would be at 100% if LittleBigPlanet 2 didn't have a cross platform DLC. Point is I'm normally careful before starting a new game. I only created a couple alt accounts to boost trophies with myself on one game because I felt it'd be faster than creating a gaming session here. As to OP's question, it'd probably make me more careless in the future. I'd prefer not to become careless. I like doing my research ahead of time. That said, I wouldn't mind it. I guess a better term is I'd be indifferent. I wouldn't even delete LBP2 to insure 100%. It's still a plat that I'm happy with.
  10. August 30th!!! Tool MMXIX!!!

  11. Now if someone could find a glitch where you can get a ton of drachmae so we can all level up our ships and equipment. I mean, really, WTF was Ubisoft thinking making the prices so ridiculous? Thanks. Went from 66 to 99 in less than an hour and decided to continue doing it for another 20+ XP points as well...
  12. Clam slam... if you're playing as Kassandra...
  13. It's just like in the main game: When you kill everyone at a base, if you return later, they've all respawned, allowing you to kill (or in this case, liberate) again.
  14. This recommends to try on Isla Nublar since you have unlimited cash. Just release one of every species IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER to insure you release them all. My only guess why it didn't pop is because you thought you released one when you really didn't. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/7758-jurassic-world-evolution/7-creation-is-an-act-of-sheer-will
  15. I tried going with captains or the guys that are bulky. It probably doesn't make much difference, but I was like, "I'm gonna go with a bunch of captains anyways!" (I died my first time during the conquest battle due to my own stupidity, but beat it my second time. The trophy won't pop right after the conquest. It pops at the end of the mission.)