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  1. My PS4 wasn't saving to the cloud for PS+ so I did some research and the sites I found said my cloud storage may be full. I checked and it was at 9% full. Nevertheless, I deleted a bunch of old saves going from 9% down to 2% and it now seems to be working. Still confused how 9% is considered "full" though...

    1. Cleggworth


      Its capped out at a 1000 files too, they don't advertise that though

    2. DaivRules


      There is both a volume limit (measured in bytes) and a quantity limit (number of files). You probably hit the file number limit. 

  2. I am officially a saint!
  3. Plat #76: Cyberpunk 2077, on a base PS4, too.

  4. Here's an easy way to to this: https://www.trueachievements.com/a317480/ten-out-of-ten-achievement#:~:text=How to unlock the Ten out of Ten achievement&text=This achievement requires you to,etc.) to Level 20. Note they're on Xbox so just replace Y with and A with . I've tried this and can confirm it works. Takes less than 20 minutes assuming you have the necessary attribute points available.
  5. As far as I know, no. I got the trophy for Watson during lockdown before the rest of the map unlocked.
  6. Yes. I honestly thought Heywood glitched for me as I cleaned it out, but there was one gig in City Center on the right side near Heywood but in City Center and upon completing it, the trophy for Heywood popped. Got the trophy for City Center like 30 minutes later as I was clearing it out when I stumbled upon the final gig for Heywood.
  7. There's 13 missable trophies: https://www.powerpyx.com/cyberpunk-2077-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  8. First, do what nettopeer suggested. Then, there's already a topic on this:
  9. I'm pleasantly surprised with these results. It looks like nearly 60% of players will continue to play at some point. I have two friends that went for the refund and I have two other friends that are enjoying it. I'm enjoying it, too, for the most part.
  10. Only advice I can provide is to contact CDPR's support directly. If you have a save file prior to completing Watson, DL it to a USB flash drive and include it with your report. I urge EVERYONE experiencing bugs, glitches and/or technical issues to send in reports (with either video, image or save file attached). I realize we're not supposed to be the game testers, but to get this game running smoothly, I don't mind helping fix its numerous issues. https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/playstation/gameplay/issue/1652/contact-to-support
  11. I found another solution that works better than my above one and doesn't require you to reload if it glitches, at least it hasn't for me: Unfortunately, this is more for a tedious completionist like myself. So I restarted my character and am still in lockdown in Watson. Instead of doing any many story missions, I've just been going around clearing the map of markers. Whenever, I encounter a gig, I save and then do it and upon completion of it, Regina calls and says job done. As long as I just have one gig active at a time, I guess it completes like normal.
  12. I'm playing on a launch PS4. Yes, I've crashed multiple times. Yes, I've encountered a number of bugs and/or glitches. But the experience hasn't been totally destroyed for me. I'm enjoying the story, I'm enjoying the characters, I'm enjoying the side content. And I'll get a free PS5 upgrade of the game when I finally buy a PS5. I feel the game still needs a lot of work and am glad to see it's getting two major patches next year. I hope those fix a lot of the issues. My biggest complaint is that they announced a release date and that forced them to scramble to meet the deadline, which they failed three times in doing. This is especially aggravating when, for the longest time, they kept saying "it'll release when it's ready." Developers need to stop putting pressure on themselves and only announce a release date when it IS actually ready.
  13. This was my fourth trophy I popped while playing as Johnny at the start of the game. I'm enjoying the story, the characters, the side missions, everything, but unfortunately it has a ton of bugs that need to be ironed out. If this is one, I hope it gets fixed for everyone having trouble unlocking it.
  14. Regarding glitched/bugged gigs not completing, I think I've found a temporary solution. And I say temporary as I hope CDPR patches this ASAP: Wait to have at least two gigs in an area/district. Go to GIG A and manual save, then complete it like normal. 1) If Regina calls and says job done, go to GIG B and manual save, then complete it like normal. Upon completing it, it'll most likely glitch out and you'll have to do 2 below: 2) If Regina calls and says she has a job for you, i.e. the same job you just completed, load the save and head to GIG B first, manual save and complete it like normal. Chances are you'll be doing option 2 more than option 1. After you complete GIG B, Regina will most likely call and say she has a job for you (GIG A) which keeps GIG A open while simultaneously completing GIG B. Head to GIG A, manual save, then complete it like normal. This SHOULD complete both gigs. At least it has been for me until CDPR patches it.
  15. I'm confused by what you mean. I've had a number of gigs glitch for me. Usually after successfully completing a gig, she'll call and give me the information to START that same gig I just completed. Am I just supposed to stand in one spot and wait for her to call again with the correct info?