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  1. This actually happened to me, too. I normally don't check my cloud storage, but one day when I did, it said it was something like 60+% full. I thought that didn't seem right, so I went in and deleted a bunch of saves from the cloud and when I checked again, the cloud storage was at 8% full. Don't know of any fix other than to go in every once in a while and clean it up.
  2. In the game, if you're a guy, you can sleep with guys and if you're a girl you can sleep with girls, too.
  3. Started reading The Witcher novels. Just like with the games, they're really good. Descriptive.

  4. Nice. For some reason, I have a tendency to slack off after achieving 4 stars. That final star always gets me. Same thing happened when I went after the trophy to complete medium in 3 hours. Really hoping this is it for trophies. Although, I did hear Frontier were having some JWE photo contest with the winner to be drawn in early to mid January. Seems like they'll be continuing to patch it and/or update it for a while. IF more trophies are added, I hope it's nothing to do with challenge mode...
  5. You'll get it eventually. It does take some trial and error. I think I restarted three times. Just remember your mistakes and try and correct them the next time. (Note: I tried to remember my mistakes and I still made them the next time. Lol.)
  6. It'd be nice if Sony let PS3 die with a bang and give some AAA titles to it on Plus. Instead, PS3 seems like it's trying to crawl across the finish line and will collapse a foot short...
  7. Just got the trophy. And now I can enjoy Christmas. 1 star = 0:37 2 stars = 1:33 3 stars = 2:24 4 stars = 3:20 5 stars = 3:54 If you can beat these times or are just a minute over, you should be able to achieve your 5 star goal. Pen 1: 1 Edmontosaurus, 3 Corythosaurus' (unlocked at 1 star), 3 Struthiomimuses, 6 Triceratops' *Pen 2: 3 Ceratosaurus', 11 Dilophosaurus' (unlocked at 1 star and I think I meant to have 12, but forgot 1 lol) Pen 3: 1 Ankylosaurus, 1 Crichtonsaurus, 3 Chungkingosaurus', 3 Huayangosaurus' *Pen 4: 1 Brachiosaurus, 1 T. Rex (which pushed me over 5 stars when I hatched it at 3:54), 2 Velociraptors, 3 Camarasaurus', 8 Diplodocuses *Pen 5: 3 Deinonychuses, 8 Diplodocuses Pen 6: 3 Diplodocuses with 2 Velociraptors incubating in case the T. Rex failed me. * Make sure you double fence in carnivores or use electric concrete wall. The Dilophosaurs especially will go berserk during a storm.
  8. The first thing you should build is the Small Power Station (because it takes the longest to construct). Follow that with Expedition Center and Fossil Center respectively. Connect all with Paths and don't forget to add a Substation. When all are operational, send dig teams to the Struthiomimus site. (You can easily tell when a dig team is returning because you'll hear the helicopter so listen for its return and be ready to send another dig team out ASAP.) Build a Research Center. The first and second research items you should go for are the Restaurant and Clothes Shop. There are only three amenity buildings you need to get a 5 star facility rating: Restaurant, Clothes Shop and Arcade (the latter is unlocked at 3 stars I believe). As you wait for the Struthi genome to get high enough, build a Hammond Creation Lab and 2x2 or 2x3 enclosure. Add Water and Ground Herbivore Feeder to prepare. You could even add a Viewing Gallery and another Substation (if needed), too, if you want. Connect the Viewing Gallery to the main path. Oh,and add a Gate to the fence. When the dig team has exhausted its resources at the Struthi site, send the dig team to the site that has all three starting herbivores: Struthi, trike and Ed. Incubate ONE Struthi. Its genome should be between 75-80% now and incubate TWO more when it reaches 100%. Now would be a good time to build a Ranger Station. When the dig team exhausts resources at the second site, send the team to the trike only site. At 100%, try and release two. Also, if you're comfortable with your funds, try and build both a Restaurant and Clothes Shop. When I hit 1 star at 37 minutes, I had 3 Struthis (1 at 80% and 2 at 100%) and 4 trikes (all 100%). If you don't hit 1 star with those 7 dinosaurs, keep pumping out more. The guide I looked at said by the time he hit 5 stars, he had 1 Edmontosaurus, 2 Struthiomimuses, 3 Corythosaurus (unlocked at 1 star), and 6 Triceratops in his first pen. Note that I have 3 Struthis instead of his 2. When I hit 4.9 stars, one of my Sruthis had died. When you hit 1 star, the FIRST research item you should go for is Research Team Bravo. When it finishes, immediately go for Dig Yield AND Expedition Team Bravo. They're literally right next to each other. When Dig Yield finishes being researched, PUT THREE on the Expedition Center ASAP. HELPFUL TIP: Contracts suck in this game, so when you complete a contract and the contract giver is done talking, save your game. You'll be given a new contract immediately, but if you don't like it, you can load up your previous save. This will save a lot of time IN-GAME, but it may take 10 or more minutes in real life reloading and finding a contract you're happy with. You can even save your game on the screen where you have to choose which contract you want and if you're forced to reload, it'll reload seconds before that screen pops up again. For instance, if you have 201 guests and the contract wants you to maintain guest count of 300 for 3 minutes, you know you won't have 300 for a while, so reload. On the flip side, if the contract is to prevent power outages for 10 minutes, accept because that contract is ongoing and you don't have to do anything for that 10 minutes except expand your park.
  9. I honestly thought you were serious until I read the rest of your post. Lol. I'm in the process of attempting challenge mode again. I keep making stupid mistakes (like forgetting to put Dig Yield on my Expedition Center). I managed to achieve 1 star at 37 minutes this time. In the Challenge Mode Tips topic, I said to hit 1 star between 30-32 minutes, but that was on Medium and this is on Hard, so I'm happy with 37 minutes, especially since I kept going on or over 40 minutes previously. I hit 2 stars around 1:32, another time I'm happy with, again because it used to take an hour (1:40) for me to hit 2 stars. Because of these two times, I'm hopeful to accomplish it today, but first, bed time...
  10. My first attempt I did mod a few dinosaurs even though the other guide said to avoid it. They mentioned that mods boost the incubation cost A LOT and it's cheaper to go with an unmodded dinosaur and spawn a bunch than to go with one modded dinosaur and wait to get funds up again to spawn a second. This time, I won't mod a single dinosaur. And I did the same thing: Played Spider-Man DLC all day yesterday. It was fun.
  11. I actually did try it and would save after every star, but when I had 4.8/4.9 stars, I couldn't pump out dinosaurs fast enough in the few minutes left to complete it in under 4 hours, so I'd reload a previous star and start from there, but same outcome. So I started over completely. I'm hoping to learn from my previous mistakes. The two big mistakes I made were 1) giving dinosaurs modifications, which I recommended when going after the medium challenge trophy, and 2) researching items, like mods, I clearly don't need, which costs money I won't have later. The biggest advice I can give is when you reach 2-3 stars (I forget which unlocks Diplodocus/Brachiosaurus), send dig teams to them and spawn them like crazy. You can have 8 Dips in a single pen and they boost your rating a lot, so you could theoretically put Dips in every pen as long as it doesn't go over the social cap for any other dinosaur and as long as the Dips are happy with the size pen they're in. I saw another guide by someone on Xbox (since they got it a week earlier than PS4 users) and he said in pen 1, he had 6 trikes, 1 Edmontosaur and 2 Struthis to start, which pushed him over 1 star. I started with 1 Struthi at about 75% genome and when it got to 100%, I added 2 more. It makes you money early on. Then I went with 4 trikes and 1 Edmontosaur (the Edmontosaur is the worst because it gets sick so frequently, so spawn it last). With all those dinosaurs, I still didn't have 1 star and time was running close to when I got 1 star on my previous attempt, so I incubated 2 more trikes and released them and that pushed me over only a few seconds shy of 40 minutes. (If I have to start again, I'll incubate all the trikes as quickly as possible.) Unlike when I did medium challenge mode for the other trophy, it took a month to complete because I was so panicked of completing it in under 3 hours, but this time, I'm more sure of myself, especially since coming so close a few times and just missing the mark. This time, I'm more sure of accomplishing it and plan to give it another go later today after I get home from the movies. I do recommend trying it on Matanceros because it has the shortest par time to complete hard mode.
  12. Ouch. Well, all I know is that Silver Lining concludes the CTNS trilogy, but Insomniac just left it at that, not saying there would or wouldn't be any further DLC. I personally hope there isn't any more DLC. Not because I didn't like the game (because I thought it was phenomenal) but because I feel any loose ends, cliffhangers, etc, would be great additions and/or side content for a sequel.
  13. If you got it digital (which it sounds like you did) you can always re-download it later if insomniac says there's more DLC on the way. They probably won't drop it last minute like, "A new DLC pack with trophies for Spider-Man is out now! Surprise!" They'll probably say, "We're pleased to announce our next DLC for Spider-Man coming this spring!" So you'll have time to re-download. 😀
  14. I'm sorry, but this is why we can't have nice things. It was posted all over Twitter by both Insomniac's official account and PlayStation's official account. I don't even follow Insomniac and I found out. I shared it with a friend who doesn't even own the game and he said he saw. Other gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot posted about it, too. I saw IGN's post on Facebook.
  15. I just got the You'll never look at birds the same way! trophy. It was surprisingly easy, although I did have to restart a few times. You'll need to make SIX enclosures and house TEN different carnivores within them. Best advice I can give is to do it on medium difficulty. I actually completed it in 2 hours, 53 minutes, which is 7 minutes quicker than the par time (although par time isn't required for this trophy). The only carnivore you start with is Ceratosaurus, so you need to get 1 star with it. Unfortunately, this trophy might be difficult to do IF you don't have the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC as that DLC gives you the Troodon. Without it, you only have Deinonychus, Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor as small carnivores. Each can be put with a large carnivore for THREE pens, but then you'll need FOUR more pens with four other dinosaurs to hit the variety bonus. With Troodon, because it's a small carnivore, it can be put with a large carnivore thereby removing one pen required. I started with Ceratosaurus and then added Dilophosaurus to the same enclosure. Then went with Baryonyx and Troodon in another. And Deinonychus and Metriacanthosaurus in a third. Then, in the one big area down south, I made one hatchery that branched off into three enclosures. I put T. Rex in one (although, in hindsight, I probably should've used another species with lower comfort), I put Carnotaurus in a second and then put Velociraptor and Suchomimus in the third. I never once built an ACU center. and only needed 1 hotel. Lol. Well, good news is these trophies don't seem overly difficult. I got two of them within 24 hours.