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  1. Before I begin, I just wanna say that I have played this game before and obtained 100% of trophies, but a friend got this version and lent it to me so I could go for plat again. Anyway, me being a perfectionist, I'm going notice board by notice board and getting 100% of question marks as I progress. The silver trophy Pest Control requires "Destroy all monster nests in the Velen / Novigrad region, or in Skellige." BOTH guides on this site (one for the base game released in 2015 and one for the GOTY version) say there are 5 monster nests in Skellige which is the easier region to go after this trophy and 24 (I believe this is a typo as the interactive map shows only 23) monster nests in Velen/Novigrad. Since I'm going area by area, I've already blown up all 23. I only have a total of 7 question marks left in the entirety of Velen/Novigrad (not including Hearts of Stone), but going by the interactive map guide, I already know what all 7 are. Can anyone verify if the Complete Edition has updated Pest Control to include the Hearts of Stone DLC (which adds over 20 new question marks in the northeast part of the map) for the trophy? Off the top of my head, I know there's two nekker nests near the northeastern most fast travel post. If the monster nests from Hearts of Stone are now required to unlock the trophy, someone should contact the person(s) that made the GOTY guide and inform them. Here's the interactive map: https://witcher3map.com/v/#3/120.00/120.00 Witcher 3 base game guide: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/2842-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-trophy-guide Witcher 3 GOTY guide: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6610-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-game-of-the-year-edition-trophy-guide
  2. Better to buy the season pass. I don't know for certain, but considering the GOTY Edition has its own trophy set, it won't work with the launch version.
  3. Yup. In the map, cycle through the different modes (campaign is red dots, co-op is turquoise dots, etc.) I think it's L1/R1 to cycle (been a while since I played). The prologue is in Guam, which is the red dot by itself on the lower right side of the map.
  4. Well, considering that you play as Sam, I'm gonna assume it counts. 🙂
  5. I take it to believe that Sheva is left handed. If you play either of the DLCs (Lost in Nightmare with Chris and Jill or Desperate Escape with Jill and Josh) no matter who you play as, the character is right handed. In the Mercenaries mode, Sheva is left handed, too. So I take it as the devs way of making a left handed character.
  6. Maybe now Ubisoft will turn their attention to making another AAA Splinter Cell. Sam has been MIA for far too long... (Yes, I've heard the rumors another SC is in the works, but I've heard mixed things on it, including it may be a mobile game.)
  7. Hello, my good dude. Was curious if Sail the Seven Seas was still available in your world and if anyone can vouch that it functions properly? It's the last trophy I need, but I heard it was buggy. I tried on another world, but it didn't pop. May have to wait for an update.
  8. Someone gave my initial post a like, so it brought me back to this thread. I've since played Conviction now, too, having bought a gaming PC earlier this year (2019). It's enjoyable and I was glad to hear Michael Ironside as Sam. I liked the level designs, too. But I hated that the game would go to black and white when in shadow and color when exposed. Also hated the night vision goggles despite letting the player see through walls. Finally, disliked that most if not all (don't remember) missions were in the US. I'd give it a 7.7 or 7.8.
  9. I enjoyed Fate of Atlantis more than First Blade, too. This does beg the question, though: Which realm was everyone's favorite? 1. Elysium 2. Underworld 3. Atlantis Mine was Underworld.
  10. Origins actually brought me back to the franchise. I hadn't played any AC game since 2, but the trailers for Origins made me decide to go back to the series. Absolutely loved Origins. Really like Odyssey as well. They both have positives and negatives. I won't go into that here as my positive may be someone else's negative and vice versa. But I liked both and will agree that stealth is pretty nonexistent in Odyssey, especially considering that the franchise as a whole is very stealth oriented. Looking forward to achieving 100% in Odyssey so I can take a break from the franchise for a while. Side note: Ubisoft has been too overly focused on Assassin's Creed that they've left my man Sam Fisher on the sidelines for far too long. 😭
  11. Tbh, I actually really liked Origins. I think Odyssey expanded on a lot of what Origins did, but a one setback was that I think stealth in Origins was better. I realize we're not an "assassin" in Odyssey like in other AC games, but it'd be nice if when you sneak up on someone and stab them, they freaking die instead of turning around and alerting the whole damn base camp there's an intruder. It's why I spend so much of my time sniping enemies with arrows in Odyssey. In Origins I would infiltrate an enemy stronghold and stealth my way through it. Can't easily do that in Odyssey.
  12. Can anyone that has played The Isle on PC tell me if it has controller support?

  13. Green thumb (Claire's Sanctuary) trophy tip: Trophy description: Reach 1500 palaeobotany welfare bonus on a single island Despite being a gold level trophy, this is surprisingly easy to accomplish, especially if you have access to the sandbox island, Nublar (unlimited funds). 1. Build large power station, large substation, ranger station and greenhouse. 2. Build two 5x5 pens (any fencing will do). 3. Grow conifers, ginkgos and tree ferns in the greenhouse. 4. Build 2 Hammond Creation Labs per pen and gates for access to each pen. You may build more Hammond Creation Labs if you wish. 5. Build 4 tall paleofeeders per pen. I had 4 per pen, but it may be smarter to add more close to the Hammond Creation Lab entrances. 6. Unlike normal feeders, the ranger teams need to be dispatched first to fill each feeder from the start. Once the plants in the greenhouse are grown, add all three to each feeder and send the ranger teams out to fill them all. 7. Add a ton of forest and some water for when you release the sauropods. 8. The dreadnoughtus has the best bang for its buck, but it's DLC and can only fit 3 per pen. Modified, its starting rating (for me) was 381. If you have the DLC, release 6 (3 per pen). 9. If you don't have dreadnoughtus, release 4 modified mamenchisaurus' (starting rating for me was 341), 4 modified brachiosaurus' (starting rating for me was 326), and 8 diplodocus' (starting rating for me was 282). ALL PER PEN. In other words, 8 mamenchisaurus' total, 8 brachiosaurus' total, and 16 diplodocus' total. If you don't have dreadnoughtus, substitute it with 6 (per pen) modified apatosaurus' (starting rating for me was 279). 10. It'll take a while for them to release, but when the last one releases, you'll have between 38 (if using dreadnoughtus) and 44 (if using apatosaurus). Now feel free to go out and grab some lunch or something because it's just a waiting game now. (If you do this last sentence, which was kind of a joke, make sure to turn off storms and other hazards within the sandbox feature first!) 11. To check on your progress, press and then under Island Rating. Press again under Dinosaur Rating (which should be at 5 stars by now) and at the bottom, you'll see Paleobotany Bonus.
  14. These trophies are notoriously difficult to unlock. My advice (and this goes doubly true when going for Liara's ally trophy) is don't do any side missions AT ALL until you have the two allies you want to use the WHOLE game for said trophies. This means not doing any side missions on the Citadel (even keeper scanning) until you have the two allies you want to go after the trophy. Use them and only them from the moment they're unlocked until the end of the game and the trophies should pop somewhere around Ilos if memory serves.
  15. Another helpful tip for doing Challenge Mode on Jurassic Difficulty (IF you have any of the DLC packs and/or dinosaurs): I've mentioned previously that early on when constructing your park, you really don't need to complete a ton of research. (Refer to previous posts in this thread on what to research.) However, only after you reach 2-3 stars, in the research area, you'll have a bunch of dinosaurs (mainly from the various DLCs) that you can unlock via additional research. Initially I said this was a waste to spend money on. It's a waste early on when you don't have Dig Yield equipped to your dig teams. Once you've researched Dig Yield, after you reach 2-3 stars, start researching new dinosaurs. Reason for this is that even if you don't use them, the Dig Yield bonus allows you to find extra minerals that can be sold. The two best ones are 320 K and 400 K and that's an insane amount of income on Jurassic Difficulty that will really help.