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  1. I always wanted to know how one gets warning points. I assume they're bad. I have 0 warning points and no restrictions being applied. One has to do something really heinous on here to get them I'm guessing.

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    2. journaltalk


      Swearing at someone would typically constitute an offense against rule #3 though, correct? (Said in the voice on an android) 😉



      No warning points!!?? You arent DP...

    4. Pirelli913
  2. My wishlist of upcoming games: Marvel's Spider-Man (Sep 7), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Sep 14), Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Oct 5), Just Cause 4 (Dec 4).

    1. Yuna4353


      I think my wish list is only Yakuza Kiwami 2 but assassin Creed Odyssey looks good to.

  3. If you don't watch Animal Kingdom on TNT, you're seriously missing out on the best show currently on network television. Simply put, if you liked The Shield, Sons of Anarchy or any other show on FX, you gotta check out this insane drama. (Show is also available via Amazon Prime.)



  4. ME3

    I never said the whole story was good. I said parts. And that includes DLC. Regardless of how good or not good the story is, I stand by my point that it's about the journey, not the destination.
  5. ME3

    The way I classify them is as such: Mass Effect - Best story, but the side missions were all very repetitive. Simply land on a planet, drive around a bit, enter the enemy hide out (of which, there was only like three variations) and then leave. Mass Effect 2 - Overall, my favorite and I played that game over six months straight creating different characters. You could not get me off it to party up in something with friends. While they fixed the repetitiveness of side content, planet scanning was the bane of everyone's existence. After replaying a bit on Insanity a few days ago as well, I can safely say squad AI was utter trash, too. Mass Effect 3 - It had the smoothest game play and best DLC, but the majority of it suffered from the weakest story, of which, it was very linear. Though parts of the story were pretty good, most fans go immediately to the ending. My rebuttal on this is, while the ending may have been a letdown, it's not about the destination, but about the journey and the journey spanning all three games was worth the trip...
  6. To correct what I said about not wanting name changes, it's not that I don't - it's that there are other features I want added first and that I feel deserve higher priority. I've grown accustomed to the name I chose and friends even nicknamed me "P" due to the first letter. I can understand why many want name changes, though (especially if your username is something like XxXkillALLbabies420) but for me personally, I don't need that feature. High on my list is still backwards capabilities, though. Also, I turned on my PS4 yesterday and was greeted with the Beta voucher. Maybe it's different in certain regions, but from where I am (west coast of US) I didn't need to go through my email. It just told me how to access the Beta from prompts on my PS4.
  7. I got an email from Sony for Beta 6.00, too, but said when it becomes available, you'll receive a notification on your PS4 with prompts to follow to activate it. That being said, the two big things I think everyone wants are name changes (I personally don't) and backwards compatibility. Also, I'd like the option to see when friends sign OFF like you can see when they sign ON. I don't need to see a friend sign on 5 times in a row within 5 minutes and be like, "Wait, he was just on a moment ago, when'd he sign out?"
  8. I just want PS3's last year of PS+ to get some AAA titles and go out with a bang. So far, it's going out with a whimper...
  9. Heroine won't actually count twice in the epilogue list. It's just HEROINE. Not Heroine (1) and Heroine (2). And you only unlock HEROINE when you've viewed both parts. I'd recommend OP look at the guide found here.
  10. Get ready for PG Deadpool! :awesome:

    1. Phil



      Did sjws and/or feminists get to Deadpool as well?

    2. Pirelli913


      It's a joke at the fact that Disney officially acquired 20th Century Fox.

  11. Do people just gloss over my comments and then immediately like/heart the comment below mine? 🤔 'Cause that's what it feels like...

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    2. Meowski


      Don´t cry Mister Jedi we are all Little; fluffy oranges who ae controlled by a unknown identity

    3. journaltalk


      Maybe its because your rank says, "Stop stalking me!!" :dunno:

    4. Pirelli913


      Well now... that's all just cold...










      I approve!

  12. If I recall correctly, the games appeared on PSN in July 2016. The first time I knew they went on sale was December 2016. I was on the verge of getting MUA1 (already owned MUA2 on PS3 and didn't care to rebuy/replay it) but decided against getting MUA1 during the sale then. Then, I noticed it went on sale again July 2017. This time, I bought MUA1, but a year on, I still haven't played it. Edit: I had played it on the original Xbox way back in 2006. I would just like to point out the $40 price tag (or $60 for both) was insane. You know Activision was like, "Lets be greedy A holes and milk them. And then laugh all the way to the bank!" I feel bad for anyone that didn't or couldn't get it during a sale. It's a disgrace how all this was handled. First, you have MUA1/MUA2 overpriced and then you have Transformers: FOC, but don't release Transformers: WFC as well. Activision can go fuck themselves... LMFAO!!! What's funny is you can't even pre-order it on Amazon.
  13. All alien species actually look alien. And then there's Tali... WITH hair. Like BioWare couldn't have made her look more alien? Oh, that's right, they had to appeal to adolescent boys and make her super attractive... I called him Mark "Monotone" Meer.
  14. I know you're probably joking, but on Xbox, 2007, on PS3, 2013.
  15. Trophy description specifically says, "Complete the single player campaign without killing anyone as Sam Fisher." Co-op missions aren't counted. 😀