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  1. Death March isn't that bad. One bit of advice, though: Focus on leveling up Whirl and Rend (third tiers of fast and strong attacks under combat respectively). Both are OP. Whirl literally will keep enemies at bay for long periods of time. Rend bypasses enemy defenses (like shields) meaning you'll damage them even if they're blocking. If you have the Hearts of Stone DLC, go to the runewright and have him enchant both your blades to increase distance of Whirl and Rend to 1.1 and 1.9 meters respectively. (I forget the name of that enchantment). Seriously, Whirl and Rend are so OP, you'll be going through enemies 20+ levels higher than you like nothing. Saw a guy go through Iris' six nightmares at once on Death March and beat them in like two minutes. Tried it myself and did the same.
  2. Thanks for the advice. When next I play, I'll heed it.
  3. Don't mind at all. If you ever played JPOG, gameplay is very similar to it. This is kind of like a slow burn of a game in that it takes a while to turn profit and each new island you unlock, the funds you had from the previous island don't carry over. The first island you start with around 3 million, the fourth and fifth islands you start with around 6 million and the third island you actually start with a negative sum, so you need to sell stuff to get money to do anything. It's not without issues as it lags something fierce, but in terms of gameplay, it plays out pretty much like JPOG.
  4. In order to sell a dinosaur once it's been tranq'd, you need to do the steps like you would if you were gonna move it. Once you click on it to move it, the option to sell is revealed.
  5. I may have spoken too early when I say the lag was fixed. It was at first, but the cursor can lag when it drags over buildings you've placed. Really annoying. Trophies are actually really easy. The only one I have a concern on is achieving 5 stars on each of Las Cinco Muertes. The most I've achieved is 4 stars and that was on the first island. If anyone has advice on raising the rating of each island, I'm all ears.
  6. I'm really enjoying this game and wanted to know what things others have encountered that they were like, "That's cool!" One of my favorite aspects is how each species needs a certain amount of grassland versus forest and whether it prefers to be in solitary confinement or have interactions with its own kind (social) or others (population). The Ankylosaurs are all solitary dinosaurs, but don't mind a small population, so you could have one of each species together for a variety of five dinosaurs (I already picked out an island and location where I plan on doing this enclosure). The Hadrosaurs; however, require herds and most of them need at least four of their own species to be satisfied. On the flip side, the Velociraptor is happy with just one friend while its other Dromaeosaurid, the Deinonychus, needs three to be happy and can even share its enclosure in harmony with the larger Metriacanthosaurus. Surprisingly, the Velociraptor and Deinonychus can't live together or they'll fight. Also, I bred a Metriacanthosaurus with only 5% viability that destroyed the much larger T. Rex. On the aspect of reducing viability for a more appealing dinosaur, I think that if you watch the entire incubation (instead of doing other tasks while you wait) increases the chance that lower viable dinosaurs successfully incubate, as I watched the entire incubation of that Metriacanthosaurus.
  7. I have 70+ million on the first two islands, 80+ million on the third island and 15+ million on the fourth island (it just started to turn a profit). Once I 100% all dinosaurs and unlock all research options, I'm gonna demolish everything on every island and start creating my perfect park for each island. Can't wait for that. Unlocked Isla Sorna, but haven't started on it yet. This is definitely one of those games that's a slow burn where it takes a while to unlock everything and turn a profit and the payoff is so fun. The waiting in anticipation make it even better.
  8. One negative to this game versus JPOG is that if you tranq a dinosaur, it won't wake up by itself. You MUST move it, even if that's only two feet, for it to recover. Otherwise, it'll slowly die. This was confirmed by Frontier in an interview. Tranq'd dinosaurs can also be sold for cash. I sometimes get annoyed if a dinosaur kills guests and after tranqing it, think I'll just let it die, but then I remember selling it is more beneficial.
  9. Yeah, this game was free on PS+ back in August 2017.
  10. Just wanna add that when I logged on today, there was a patch (1.03). The game seems to be moving smoothly now, but I've only been playing today for like two minutes, so we'll see...
  11. Well, you can't spell IGNorant without IGN. If you've watched any of their game play videos on this game, the guy that narrates it constantly mispronounces ISLA as "aisle-uh". As to the game itself, for those interested in platting the game, it seems easy enough. I've earned 20 of the trophies in just over a day. I won't focus on the positives (because there are a lot - so if you wanna know something, ask). But I will say this, the species list is insane. As for the negatives, there are three main ones: 1) The game lags something fierce. It didn't at first, so I can only assume it's due to either how much I've unlocked or how much I've constructed on each island. 2) The island space (including Isla Nublar - which you unlock with a 4-star rating on the first island) is surprisingly small. Dinosaurs need their space, so it forces you to get creative in where to construct not only your zoo enclosures, but also buildings. If you want BIG enclosures (say, for a herd of hadrosaurs), you may have to sacrifice the other enclosures and make them small. 3) Unlike in JPOG where you can place a hatchery in an enclosure, EVERYTHING needs to be attached to the main path AND to a power source.
  12. Looked at the trophy list earlier. I personally love the names for each trophy. All are references to the films.
  13. Was just wondering where the Jurassic World Evolution forum is. It should, obviously, be under J, but it's not there, unless I somehow missed it. Will it get its own forum once the game is released (June 12)? Also, any word on a trophy list for it?
  14. 3) If you wanna balance things out, soldier is 100% strength. This means use Tali (100% tech) and Liara (100% biotic) the entire game. If you choose a different class, say infiltrator for instance, it's 50% strength and 50% tech, meaning you should use Garrus (50% strength/50% tech) and Liara (100% biotic) the entire game. If vanguard (50% strength/50% biotic), use Wrex (50% strength/50 biotic) and Tali (100% tech) the entire game. Basically, each squad mate is one of the six classes. The females are all 100% in their respective classes of Ashley (100% soldier), Liara (100% adept) and Tali (100% engineer) while the males are all 50% in two classes, be it Garrus (infiltrator - 50% soldier/50% engineer), Kaidan (sentinel - 50% biotic/50% engineer) or Wrex (vanguard - 50% biotic/50% soldier). ME2 and ME3 are a bit different. You've obviously beaten the game, so try and remember what enemies you'll encounter for each mission. If they have shields, take someone with overload. Armor? Incinerate. Etc.
  15. There are a few missable Gwent cards, namely Olivier, the Kingfisher Innkeeper, a mini Gwent tournament (three cards available) during the side quest, "A Matter of Life and Death," and three cards during the side quest, "A Dangerous Game." At the end of that side quest, you have the option to keep the cards. Obviously keep them if you want the trophy. You'll miss Olivier's card if you fail to play him before you help Triss get all mages out of Novigrad. (I forget the name of the quest,but it's AFTER "A Matter of Life and Death.") As for the mini tournament in "A Matter of Life and Death," once you walk through the doors to the main courtyard, you should see a yellow exclamation mark. That's the tournament. It consists of three matches and thus, three cards to win. Normally, when I uncover a new town, I play Gwent against all merchants/Innkeepers/blacksmiths/armorers so I can rest assured that I don't miss any. The first guy you play in the game also gives you a book of all cards available and where to acquire them.