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  1. Animal Kingdom is still the best show currently on TV. #BadIsBred #BeTheAlpha

  2. Forza Azzurri! Forza Italia! ⚽🇮🇹

  3. A friend informed me of a game called Styx because he knows I like stealth games. Normal price on Steam for it and its sequel is $20 apiece, but they were on sale last week for $2 and $5 respectively. Normal price on PSN? $30, and like it'd ever go on such a deep sale like that. I took a chance and bought both on Steam. Really enjoying the first game so far.

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      I missed Aragami Shadow Edition during last month sale, was $3.74. UGH!!!

      I have the base game though...just want the dlc.

      And dlc was $1.49 too last month. dang it.

    3. zizimonster


      Cool! 👍 @Pirelli913


      I recommend Mark of the Ninja: Remastered. Best stealth-action I've played in a while. It has gorgeous visuals, too. :awesome: @NERVergoproxy

    4. Pirelli913


      I second Mark of the Ninja: Remastered. Absolutely incredible stealth game. And best of all, you can switch it up and fuck with the enemies if you get bored constantly just doing stealth. :ninja:

  4. 1. Any mission that you've completed you can replay and I believe you can change the difficulty before the mission or in your plane (The Paladin) once you've progressed the story enough to acquire it. I normally just keep it on Perfectionist. 2. Only main story missions are required for this trophy. It's missable if you use lethal force. That said, there's one section where you must play as Briggs and you don't have enough non-lethal equipment to ghost his area. The trophy specifically says no kills AS Sam so killing with Briggs won't void the trophy. 3. Not entirely sure what you mean by this. You mean DLC maps? Or something else? I'll elaborate more if you mean DLC, but I don't remember what collectible maps you're referring to. And yes, the game's structure is weird.
  5. Nah, Suicide Mission will always reign supreme.
  6. People focusing on the Normandy picking up your squad and Harbinger ignoring them seem to either forget or overlook that's exactly what happened at the start of ME3 when another Reaper took out two shuttles while looking right at the Normandy. I'm not trying to defend the situation, but I understand why it happened the way it did. The original game had a plot hole of how did your ground squad make it onto the Normandy in the end and the Extended Cut ending tried to rectify that. Plus it allows you to say goodbye to your LI one last time. Overall, is ME3's ending as good as ME2's ending? No. ME2's ending is still the single greatest experience I ever had playing a game. But was ME3's ending a disaster? At launch on PS3, you could argue it was. However, the Extended Cut fixed a lot of the issues and for me, the series was about the journey, not the destination. And the journey spanning all three games, from becoming the first human Spectre to talking to Vigil to taking down Saren to dying and be resurrected to recruiting a new team and taking down the Collectors to being reinstated and fighting Cerberus and throwing one last party on the Citadel and everything in between, was it worth it? Fuck yes.
  7. Goal of #EURO2020 so far: Patrick Schick #CZE

  8. Plat #87: Mass Effect 3 (Legendary Edition). Thus completes the trifecta of MELE plats as well as the shared list.

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. Pirelli913


      @Infected Elite they were just as easy and as difficult as I remember on PS3. I had my fair share of deaths, some comical, some rage inducing.


      ME1, despite having to start at level 1, was probably the easiest for me. I played Infiltrator through who trilogy and no sniper sway like on PS3 and being able to use multiple powers each with its own cooldown, in addition to being able to gain same amount of XP killing enemies while in Mako was much appreciated. I don't think I really struggled much.


      ME2 was kind of in the middle. The two areas that always annoyed me on Insanity were Garrus' recruitment mission closing the shutter in the big room and being ambushed on the Collector ship.


      I probably could have made Insanity easier on myself in ME3 if I was leveling up my squadmate's weapons but I was saving as many credits as I could for leveling up my own to 10 in NG+ for the plat. (For the record, you don't need as many as I was hoarding.) There were some bullshit moments I'll admit, but it was still enjoyable to relive the series. And I plan on doing it again throughout the summer with different classes.

  9. The original trilogy on PS3 had 175 trophies total. The Legendary Edition has 130 total, meaning they cut 45 trophies they deemed surplus. Off the top of my head, ME1 cut at least 8 (though 2 of those were combined into 1 for MELE). ME2 cut all 3 for Arrival and 1 for Overlord. ME3 cut 2 for From Ashes, 2 for Omega, 3 for Leviathan, and 7 for Citadel.
  10. Plat #86: Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition)

  11. Plat #85: Mass Effect 1 (Legendary Edition)

  12. Years ago on the PS3, there were bonus powers awarded for unlocking certain trophies. While using Engineer, you could unlock a trophy called AI Hacking Specialist (Use AI Hacking 75 times) and thus would become a bonus power in NG+ which I would equip on my Infiltrator. Because you can get all power usage trophies in one playthrough this time (instead of requiring 3 like on PS3) are the bonus powers still here and can the Infiltrator gain access to AI Hacking?
  13. Zaeed - You can do it as early as you want, but saving it until your paragon/renegade is higher isn't a bad idea. Your paragon/renegade may not be high enough to gain his loyalty if you do it too early and choose a specific path during the mission. Kasumi - Doesn't matter, but you do get a decent SMG early on by doing it early. Arrival - It's meant as endgame content, but I normally do it before acquiring the reaper IFF solely because the last main story mission is so epic I save it for last. Conversation between you and another character changes at the end of Arrival depending on if you do it before or after the final mission, too, which is cool.
  14. It's been years since I played through ME1, but I do know you need a minimum of three playthroughs to plat the game since there are six squad mates and all six of them have a trophy associated with each for using them for the majority of the game. Therefore, the three classes one should use are: Adept (all biotic related trophies) Engineer (all tech related trophies) Soldier (all weapon related trophies)