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  1. A few more tips: 1. Use cosmetic genes. They boost a dinosaur's rating by 25% and if you have a bunch, they'll improve the variety bonus as well. I achieved 1 star with six dinosaurs: 2 Struthiomimuses (each with a different cosmetic gene) and 4 Triceratops (two with one cosmetic gene and two with a different cosmetic gene). All 6 had 100% genome. I achieved my 5 stars (and thus, the trophy) by hatching 3 Diplodocus, each with a different cosmetic gene. 2. This is mentioned in the video, but in case you miss it, incubate the Indoraptor no later than 2 hours, 38 minutes. It'll take a while to research and once complete, don't forget to incubate it! I made that mistake once and at 2:59, I had to reload as I knew it wouldn't hatch in time. 3. Also, between 10 and 20 minutes prior to the three hour mark, your park WILL be hit by a storm. The game auto saves right before it hits, but pray it won't be a tornado like what happened to me. If it is, reload the moment you see it head towards the fences. Fixing buildings is easy, but rounding up escaped dinosaurs AND fixing their paddocks is a nightmare. Manually save in a new save slot once the storm passes. The good news is this will only take 3 hours and you don't have to do it all in on sitting. I spread it out over 4 days because I found it so stressful. Stars 1-3 were each done on a different day and stars 4-5 were done back to back because when I hit 4 stars, I knew I was close and just wanted to finish. A rule of thumb: Watch the guides above and then try and beat his time, star for star. By staying ahead of his time when you reach each star, you know you'll achieve your goal. On average, you want to achieve 1 star between 30-32 minutes, 2 stars between 1:20 and 1:28, 3 stars between 1:55 and 2:03, and 4 stars by about 2:32.
  2. Thanks to a guide on YouTube, I was able to achieve Clocked at 32 mph. Final time was 2 hours, 55 minutes. Below are the two guides (parts 1 and 2) I used:
  3. For those that played Origins, there were these "Where's Waldo" type puzzles, where it'd give you a clue and you'd have to find where in the world it was located. Odyssey does something similar. I'm semi-stuck on one: I'm pretty sure I'm near the area. I'm currently searching around Prototype Trireme of Ameinokles as it's a ship which I consider a ruin in this sense. Can anyone tell me if I'm in the right area or if I need to go further north where the water is deeper? I tried going further north once, but it didn't seem right since I wasn't seeing anything other than water - no shelfs, no reefs, nothing. Kinda don't wanna go deeper because of sharks.
  4. I could have sworn the all female assassin skin was free in the Ubisoft Club. At least, I don't believe I paid any Ubisoft Points for it. Would have opted against it if it required Points.
  5. I currently only have 28 friends. At one point I had the maximum of 100 on PS3, but deleted 70+ because I never partied up with them. Anyway, of those 28, 19 have PS4 (not counting secondary friend accounts or, in one case, someone that passed away) and of those 19, 11 have done Real Name Request with me. We all started off on PS3 and after a few years of gaming together, decided to add each other on Facebook. When PS4 came out, we did Real Name Request because we already knew each other well enough by then.
  6. Don't forget that as long as a game doesn't have MP/PvP or co-op trophies, it's an easy plat, too. As to Spider-Man, it's an overall fun game: great, emotional story, top notch voice acting, smooth as hell (both combat and traversal) game play...
  7. Since no one's posted one of MJ yet... Saving my favorite for last...
  8. Was just curious what you don't like about the combat? I found it very smooth and similar to Arkham personally. Was it too smooth? Or something else?
  9. Good tips. When I go after the Jurassic difficulty trophy, I'll refer back to your post. A few questions: 1) The par time for Jurassic difficulty is 12 hours, correct? What if you go over that time? 2) Do you remember how long it took you to achieve 5 stars on Jurassic difficulty? Thanks.
  10. Well, since I don't know how to post photos directly, look in my signature. My trophy card was a screen shot I took via photo mode in-game.
  11. You just need to hit it once.
  12. Well, that kinda sucks. The Witcher 3 did that, too, and while NG+ is fun, I kinda wish games would let you have endless NG+ modes. Assassin's Creed Origins did it right in that regard.
  13. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/spider-mans-new-game-plus-mode-is-in-the-works/1100-6461685/ https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/11/marvels-spider-man-to-get-a-new-game-plus-mode https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/11/17845480/spider-man-ps4-new-game-plus-ending
  14. You may not think it compares to the Arkham series and you may be right, but that doesn't mean it's not a good, fun game. Besides, it's getting NG+ and three DLC, so why sell before you do them?
  15. Plat #55: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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