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  1. Plat #87: Mass Effect 3 (Legendary Edition). Thus completes the trifecta of MELE plats as well as the shared list.

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      @Infected Elite they were just as easy and as difficult as I remember on PS3. I had my fair share of deaths, some comical, some rage inducing.


      ME1, despite having to start at level 1, was probably the easiest for me. I played Infiltrator through who trilogy and no sniper sway like on PS3 and being able to use multiple powers each with its own cooldown, in addition to being able to gain same amount of XP killing enemies while in Mako was much appreciated. I don't think I really struggled much.


      ME2 was kind of in the middle. The two areas that always annoyed me on Insanity were Garrus' recruitment mission closing the shutter in the big room and being ambushed on the Collector ship.


      I probably could have made Insanity easier on myself in ME3 if I was leveling up my squadmate's weapons but I was saving as many credits as I could for leveling up my own to 10 in NG+ for the plat. (For the record, you don't need as many as I was hoarding.) There were some bullshit moments I'll admit, but it was still enjoyable to relive the series. And I plan on doing it again throughout the summer with different classes.