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  1. Dragon this may be hard to believe but the dragon character in it you want to murder a lot
  2. It and the post making Kingdom Hearts seem like a "weeb" game are both painful God Eater if we count start to finish but considering how prepared it is and unsure on Demon Gaze II but shouldn't be much different to the 1st game Most do but I have other games in mind better games I think it is what most of the cabin does I don't even need the Kingdom Hearts platinums
  3. You have no idea what 90 hours(example) to complete means do you?
  4. Leaning towards the darkside... I thought that was an easy guess though maybe he needs a photoshopped avatar combine Todoroki with Cinderella or something? That would be interesting to see actually kind of wonder if a 2nd might happen and if so who could be in it? Like this?
  5. Pretty sure the milestones are: Platinums: Fastest 1st 10 20 30 40 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 - every 50th onwards Trophies: 500 1,000 1,337 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 9,000 10,000 15,000 - every 5,000 onwards
  6. Ok going to update my list so it is complete and to make things easy will give the images/links like you are placing in the OP: The new addition is Atelier Firis for hiking and with that all catergories have a game finally.
  7. If able guess I will join I will put my list in a spoiler below just in case so don't have to make a 2nd post just to join also decided might as well cover as many catergories as I can as well
  8. OP updated and with a few new things added also wondering who will end with most trophies earned and platinums earned but anyway... Are you prepared?
  9. Will do a small update later tonight showing all 1st trophies and any of your x2 point games if added on your profile will turn those into links to the lists so progress on them can be easily seen Also good to see we all have at least 1 platinum each no matter how common
  10. Well earned 2 platinums so far but not much in points thanks to White Album 2 and Cross Channel but do have at least 3 decent platinums planned up to trophy #3,500 but for now just these 2: Will say platinum #75 will be Cyberdimension and trophy #3,500 will be Burst Re:Newal's platinum but not going to say the others yet.
  11. Well I did cut/paste I think it was about 6 screens for my list as I said was only going down as far as the 1st 0% since it is sorted in completion so it doesn't have a way to big image. Between downloading a few things and falling asleep on/off my day went a bit slower than expected still will have 1 platinum on day 1 at least...
  12. Just under 20 minutes now and an image has been added in spoiler tags showing what games were started before the start and will use those percentages for those games' scores but this doesn't mean if a platinum was earned while I took that image it will count as it won't just these percentages will count for any of those games' platinums if earned after the start. Will sync the profiles again on start time just to get the starting stats did the images earlier due to possible cropping and pasting even though it was my profile that required that only... Hope you had fun but I am actually excited for this race so hoping to get a good start but if you sleep through day 1 or more I'll really appreciate it.
  13. I don't think going to bother quoting people since 1 of them looks like it would be going round and round until just agree with them and both seem to label anything against them as attacks... CJ you are not even paying attention to a word so many people are telling you and you just shrug everything off and call them all attacks want to know why people seem so aggressive it is so you pay attention since being nice about it doesn't seem to get through to you in this case. Nobody said you can't play the same games again at worse you had somebody saying you need all AAA games to have a good profile when they had no clue what AAA games are and pointless to get that through to them... Banned? Yeah don't think that will happen. Alienated likely considering you are on profile what now, keep saying the last will be your last, start/enter threads and then leave and repeat... and when people try help you they are attacking you... Yes don't visit the forums anymore when people were showing concern and trying to help you that is great move, omega good job! Angered more like shocked people on your denseness you go to make a new profile due to Dark Cloud and then also say you'll finish Dark Cloud on this profile and then always strive for 100% which is impossible not to mention basically throwing money away and then posting about how you have no money or are using food money for your games. People were actually proud at the profile you are throwing away all it would take is effort to get that profile good but nope just burn it to the ground and start over and make same mistakes again again... Nobody said anything about Ni no Kuni or Final Fantasy or said it was the games that why they hate what you are doing not what you are playing... Mundi games are bad and yes Kent gets shamed for them such a shameful woman Kent is not only playing Mundi but a fan of Donald Duck and ponies. Wait wasn't there something here about Adventures of Mana being not easy because you beat it twice and old lady Kent having it at 4%? Well with the 2 geniuses in the thread that can't see what is being put in front of them and just causing headaches... I will say this CJ you say you are 45 but don't act anywhere near it, you have no self control, lack commonsense and can't see when people are helping you but getting annoyed at you making the same mistakes over and over hoping for things to change for you for the better... Guess all I can say now is...
  14. You will be at risk you may want to look up security and how to avoid a yandere.
  15. Great reply I made 1 typo out of a huge post that you had nothing to counter, I feel no matter what anybody says trying to help you they would be better off giving the advice to a wall. I will am also leaning towards those that think you have problems... Well have a feeling I am going to be seen as Rika in this thread just like I was in platinum races...