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  1. Hey.. 2 questions:

    1.Did you quit gaming?

    2. Know any japanese accounts that figured out festival of blood UGC?

    I made an opsie.. and started it.-.=

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      Nope, I'm from the US.

    3. DamagingRob


      @MidnightDragon She no longer plays on that account. :P Couldn't tell you if she's quit, though. Has been four weeks since her last trophy, but that's a lot less than 4 years. 

    4. MidnightDragon
  2. As others have stated they weren't ignored the list in OP is just recommendations not the definitive list besides others have listed genres not listed there anyway. Thinking might go a little easy for some games this season with: Steins;Gate Steins;Gate 0 Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS Island Watching just about everything airing this season with a few exceptions and might be playing a few more games than those listed above like the various BlazBlue or SAO games. Though of the shows watching so far this season I think Satsuriku no Tenshi, Island and Happy Sugar Life are 3 that have me really interested.
  3. Guess I'll join only really not looking forward to the platinum for Hollow and Re:Hollow all the others don't seem so bad since have done Lost Song before and then Fatal Bullet and AW VS SAO also doesn't seem bad from what I have done so far. I think gameplay I prefer how Hollow Realization plays over all others and I prefer Lost Song gameplay over Hollow Fragment.
  4. You have 3 games listed so you can join but 4 are needed at minimum and to be completed in a season for the medal/trophy. Good job on the platinum and as for the new OP it just doesn't fit for me unsure how to say it but the song is good but just doesn't go with everything. Good job on the platinum and yeah that is fine with the delay for it as well. Everybody who has joined should be added to the OP at least though will change how that is klater on to show games/platinums to keep track and for easier to see. Will post my games and the anime I am currently watching soon
  5. Anime licensed and "anime" mainly but if you have another game in mind and it fits a genre or similar to an anime feel free to use it, you can think of this as a more casual completion event with anime discussion alongside it. I will count games with an easy trophy if you are saving them for events like the Vita birthday event as for anime talking of currently watching or those in the past is fine and no they do not replace a game for the 4 games. Games can be already started or new that doesn't matter.
  6. A late update due to health but here it is: It would seem Shana is off to a very slow start but can she turn it around while @Mesopithecus and @Edunstar84 are of to a much better start. So far only Edunstar84 has earned a bonus game's platinum with Lightning Returns greatly boosting score but at the same time Shana Alter has taken advantage of a release window with no guide bonus with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Some nice games have been played but with plenty of time left it could still go to anybody but wonder what platinums are still to come though it looks like Edunstar84 is in the lead going by base points but since not going to add any deductions at current it could be wrong, will Mesopithecus' supporters urge her to earn more platinums or can Shana Alter get up and make some progress who knows but for now we shall wait and see next update. PLATINUMS EARNED SO FAR: Shana Alter: Mesopithecus: Edunstar84: Most Common Platinum: 89.06% Rarest Platinum: 4.91% So far only Mesopithecus hasn't started any of her bonus games is she planning on winning without them or saving them for later as a surprise?
  7. Here we have an event mixing anime with games, knowing there are a lot of anime fans and fans of "anime" or Japanese games thought put together this more casual and laid back style of event. All that will be asked of people is playing games, possibly watching some anime and then talking about the two things with spoilers kept in mind of course. This event will be a bit different in how it works using anime seasons as a way to break up each season with a week or so break in-between each as hope to have this as a long term event, not good at these intro things or event names so onto explaining stuff I guess... Event Runner: @Shana Alter Helping Hand(s): @Dragon-Archon Information & Rules Each session will be called a season and following an anime season so 12-13 weeks but this first season will be a little shorter due to a late start... Season Countdown Choose a minimum of 4 games per season to be completed can choose more You can mark a game as either 1, 2, 3, 4 or a split season doing so will lock you into following seasons, a split season is a way to easily participate 1 season, skip the next and rejoin the following Some of the criteria you can use for games chosen can be the following, but try have a variety of these selected for your list if doing multiple games. These are just recommendations though, so there can be more if you're up for it. Feel free to put a comparison of an anime to the game you picked, if you want to explain the pick. Yuri/Yaoi Battle anime Ecchi Slice of Life Idol Fantasy/Trapped in Another World Mecha Comedy This doesn't mean only Japanese or "anime" games you can use for example Skyrim for a Fantasy theme or Deus Ex for something Cyber Punk like Ghost in the Shell as a comparison. Be mindful of spoilers of games and anime and mark them well if possible No hacking/cheating trophies doing so will get you removed as this event isn't competitive and all you have to earn from it is a trophy/medal upon completing 4 games minimum per season, multi season and split season only count for completion in the season you complete them Any questions ask and will try to answer and anything necessary will be added to this post. List of Participants: Shana Alter jem soultaker655 Leon Castle xZoneHunter xFalionx Satoshi Ookami kingofbattle8174 Mesopithecus Dragon-Archon Spider5786
  8. Wow this has been an interesting read... So many defending somebody who knew about the rule change who then proceeds to spam to meet the requirements yet I am sure he said something like he was going to post on his Toogie profile while playing on his new profile so his events would be unaffected unlike a certain other user. Funny how he basically did what that certain other user did except add in spamming gets a tiny little warning point and then throws a tantrum about it locks his thread and then proceeds to blame the mods for it, good job yep definitely somebody who should get a free pass and did nothing wrong.
  9. I am going to quit this event sorry but good luck to whoever stays though.
  10. You are not falling anybody with account #9,001 but are you actually going to stick with it or is DetectivePrinny or something else already in the works? And why is that I wonder?
  11. So everybody has to be able to get the game at the same time... never going to happen and why should they have to have a new account that is pathetic. I also wait for your answer on how different regions get games that share a list at different times genius. It isn't a sport not even an e-sport though certain games are like Street Fighter V or Overwatch also just because there is a leaderboard does not make trophy hunting a sport... Those people need help and a lot of people complete games fully, platinum, speedrun and pre-order the games and I bet most don't see this as a sport...
  12. So reviewers, developers, etc. have to play a game when you can why does it take away from your experience and why would their trophies not count? What about 1 list games does that mean if it releases somewhere like America or Japan before anywhere else people who buy it legit shouldn't count as they got the game before other people? I also have to ask when did trophy hunting become a sport because that is something I never knew?
  13. Ok the changes I have come up with are: BONUS at current will stay the same as unsure what to replace that with at current but hopefully this is fine, the new games are also links to my own lists to make things easier.
  14. I think I'll be changing my games a bit due to planning out my next 3 milestones and trying to choose good games for a certain platinum race. The games below are what I have chosen to play just got to see what fits for what catergory for this event so at least some will remain unchanged like ghost story will stay as Corpse Party. I am undecided on if it will affect my bonus game or not as well but since I do have 66 trophies left unplanned for games to be added to my profile or to use something else to break any possible boredom up I could use 41 of the 66 for Peach Beach Splash but unsure. Currently just been playing Fate/EXTELLA LINK and Monster Hunter: World and making progress in Fate getting through the Mooncell with Tamamo while MonHun... all I have managed is 1 mini Nergigante crown leaving 5 crowns left both Kirin, Kushala Daora crowns and the giant Nergigante then there is just a bit more for MonHun's platinum.
  15. Quote #2: "First I whip it out. Then I thrust it. With great force! Every angle..! It penetrates! Until..! With great strength! I.. ram it in! In the end, we are all satisfied, and you are set free." - Dante from Devil May Cry 4