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  1. 1st Put me down for It was a dream... a dream with trophies... on my new profile here are the game links: Tsundere-Tenshi - クドわふたー CONVERTED EDITION Tsundere-Tenshi - AIR Tsundere-Tenshi - CLANNAD Will be aiming for all of them just not looking forward to Tomoyo After as that is not going to be fun with the RNG... 2nd I'd like to be credited for the banner and emblems I did.
  2. Will be updating soon with changes similar to Baka Hentai! stay tuned.
  3. Links next time please Links next time please Links next time please and no nothing for guide writers at current Links next time please Seriously there was a post saying so and everybody else managed.
  4. And a bit of a delayed update but to make up for this the update will cover from August 1 until October 9 next update will hopefully just be October but let's check our competitors~ Shana Alter: - Andrea: - MysticjMax: Ratchet2425: - Kent10201: - Looking at the progress made we see that @Andrea just pushed ahead and was driven thanks to the THTL but we can also see that with that @Ratchet2425 did his fair share of suffering and even @Kent10201 made some progress thanks to it with each of them doing a good showing. @Shana Alter kind of lagged behind but had reasons which also slowed these updates down hopefully there won't be another but no guarantees unfortunately... Andrea - 3,447.91 Ratchet2425 - 1,943.09 Kent10201 - 1,666.57 MysticjMax - 1,437.77 Shana Alter - 1,146.06 Rarest Platinum - Guitar Hero 5 1.14% by Ratchet and Andrea Most Common Platinum - Nubla 97.05% by CJ Games Played Currently: *Only titles with a platinum and only if the platinum was either earned during this race or has yet to be earned will be listed Shana Alter: Andrea: MysticjMax: Ratchet2425: Kent10201: We also see that @MysticjMax formerly @MidnightCJ started another profile losing all points from that and acquiring many shares in Artifex Mundi on this profile he is clearly aiming to be a majority shareholder but has uninvited house guest issues causing money to go elsewhere preventing the dream. @Ratchet2425 however managed to make a wish on the Dragon balls to end his suffering from the Wheels of Auroria but it was a tough wish but was granted Artifex Mundi however was not promised in the wish as it was against the Dragon Balls power sadly... @Kent10201 has made some bold claims of winning a few things and this recent showing... didn't help any and the bold claim to win gold in THL is definitely beyond the Dragon Balls power and he'll need to do it with his own effort and may be looking to wannabe detectives or other shady people in back alleys for help. @Andrea went a little sports mad and earned a lot of points in those ball games and seems she scored many of those goal things on her way to what could be a early victory could this game be called before it is even partway? Nothing much to say on @Shana Alter besides the strict plan being changed and was slowed due to reasons on the upside she did earn double points with a little danmaku but not much to be competitive can she turn this around with a miracle? With the Weeblympics well underway could they play a part in this race and affect positions? Will Kent actually learn to stay away from white vans? Can Ratchet regain his sanity and keep up his current performance or has his sanity taken too much damage? Will Andrea keep up the sports attack and win by hitting those baskets in these ball games? Can MysticjMax do well now that he is in witness protection with all those unsavoury people searching for his previous identity MidnightCJ... ooops... Can Shana make some progress and stay in this thing or will we suffer more delays which can't be good news?
  5. Altera Waver Gilgamesh Vlad HALLOWEEN Summon also has Tamamo Cat on rate up obviously should start on the 17 or 18 going by event dates My support list has been updated a bit and so far used all my grails on 1 of my favourite servants and the slayer of many demons and pillars and I can't wait to replace Gilgamesh as well as hoping to get the last monuments for Nero today as Altera can wait and finally got Artoria Alter max now And from the current banners all I got was a David, Euryale(most wanted), Anne/Mary, Hektor and Medea Lily kind of wanted Drake only for easy QP farming
  6. Being too unwell to do an August update we get a special August/September update which I hope is the only double... Anyway with these 2 months it looks like some decent progress was made by some while others were a bit slow either resting up or working on something that wasn't the quickest game for points but let's see what each have achieved so far. Kochiya Shana: - Dragon-Archon: - J2V89: - Wdjat Prinny Doods: - Earning a few URs, earning a lot of easys or just getting back into earning trophies the effects on the scores are rather interesting with with J2V having a seemingly comfortable lead, Shana and Prinny fighting for 2nd/3rd and Dragon in last but not necessarily out of the race surprisingly: J2V89 - 2862.44 Wdjat Prinny Doods - 2,195.41 Kochiya Shana - 1,999.28 Dragon Archon - 1,265.08 The current rarest and most common platinums at current go to: RAREST: J2V with Mortal Kombat at 0.64% Most COMMON: Shana with グリザイアの果実スピンアウト!? アイドル魔法少女ちるちる☆みちる at 97.64% Games Played So Far: Kochiya Shana: Dragon-Archon: J2V89: Wdjat Prinny Doods: With the August/September progress we have Shana and Prinny close especially after what they did during the THTL getting a close 2nd place spot with no help from @Kent10201 at all both carried the team or at least that is what is being spread around. Dragon was no slouch either clearing God Eater, Muramasa as well as made great progress on Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana but for what everybody achieved J2V wanted to defend his 1st place standing playing games like Undetale, Uncharted but yet he could not turn a blind eye to 2B for some reason although we all think we know why. Each participant is doing well so far and it could still be anybody's win though J2V does have a nice lead at current anything could happen as Dragon has proved by clawing his way back to a decent score and proving he isn't out yet.
  7. He would just rage quit when he ends up losing or somebody gets him with good banter and then somebody else would need to take over going by other leagues/races we have seen
  8. What would you do if Neptune turned out to be like Astolfo?
  9. I challenge @ShogunCroCop with whichever HTC scores the most via THL scoring rules during this period wins 100 points if you accept?
  10. I don't need to know if a game is Japanese or any different region... Only any special emblem games should be seperated like that but they are still in planning so keep an eye out. Also here is updated just need to update the main leaderboard.
  11. I might as well join and see what happens
  12. That support lineup really needs to change their CEs so many of them are really going to waste. Replaced my 3rd ascension Medea with Waver and using a 2x grailed Ushiwakamaru as my rider, I really need to get dragon fangs though for so many servants but especially for Elizabeth Bathory but then it is the hearts, scales and monuments I will be needing for most servants as well as a few gears needed to really use a few others... Really wish I had Atalanta instead of Gil personally but really looking forward to Okeanos release especially for Medea Lily and Euryale for a healing caster and somebody to take out a few troublesome bosses in a later singularity. Though if anybody gets Drake you will be in luck for possibly 1 of the best servants for farming and NP spam.
  13. Going to update my list a bit I likely won't get them all done and some may get swapped out but will try to reach the 40th platinum medal though. *Your apprentice will love this update.
  14. If you are trying to group them by series Tomoyo After ~It's A Wonderful Life~ should be next to Clannad. CLANNAD - Tomoyo After ~It's A Wonderful Life~ Little Busters! - Kud Wafter Rewrite - Rewrite Harvest festa AIR The links are to the games in the old thread yes but the links displayed are to the images used before the site update, now back to hoping for Kanon...