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  1. Sorry for the big delay but at least most understand why the delay so thank you for that now to the actual update. With Andrea removed and she knows why, we are down to 4 competitors although this should still be a decent showing from at least @Ratchet2425 and @Kent10201, I would be surprised if I am currently near them or if CJ is even still in this as he has jumped on how many new profiles with me not allowing another change. Shana Alter: MysticjMax: Ratchet2425: Kent10201: Rarest Platinum - Guitar Hero 5 1.12% by Ratchet & Kent + Starwhal 1.12% by Ratchet Most Common Platinum - グリザイア ファントムトリガー 01&02 98.65% by Shana Scores removed for now... Won't add the games played list due to how many different titles played, sorry. Well seems Kent has earned a lot of platinums in the timeframe having weapons handed to him while he jumps on spikes thinking they are platforms seems to do him well for now though he has played a lot of easy titles he has earned a few harder platinums but can he keep the pace? It would appear Ratchet on the other hand sort of slowed down possibly feeling he had a safe lead with Andrea disqualified but with what Kent has earned can Ratchet still keep a decent lead and win as he seems to stay closer to the rarer platinums but will games with the plot he desires slow him down? Shana and CJ have made very little progress with Shana having recently earned the Mary Skelter platinum at least but doing it far slower than expected due to other problems while CJ seems to be lost wandering somewhere searching for his true self and could possibly be lost inside a TV or worst but without confirmation can't say. Still with around 3 months left I would like to say this could still be won by anybody though.
  2. Sorry for the huge delay having to deal with health and recent death of a pet really hit me hard and I kind of wanted to rest and try ignore a lot but here are the scores and I apologise that these scores are a bit off due to a delay from Jan1... Kochiya Shana: Dragon-Archon: J2V89: Wdjat Prinny Doods: E J2V89 - 3934.83 Kochiya Shana - 2,509.12 Wdjat Prinny Doods - 2,305.65 Dragon Archon - 2,300.11 The current rarest and most common platinums at current go to: RAREST: J2V with Mortal Kombat at 0.63% Most COMMON: Shana with グリザイアの果実スピンアウト!? アイドル魔法少女ちるちる☆みちる at 97.64% Games Played So Far: I am sorry, not going to do this list for this update. And with those scores I think it is obvious the winner is @J2V89, @Wdjat Prinny Doods had a close scare of becoming last but seems @Dragon-Archon was kept too long for poor health or was just too busy torching a few villages or protecting his hoard of treasure so got such a narrow defeat although he did ruin the losing streak Prinny was so proud of. Everybody played a decent selection of games during this even if they hadn't earned the platinum so hopefully everybody enjoyed this even if scores aren't exactly what you were hoping for or expected. _________________________________________________ Of my games platinum'd during this I will say my favourite image definitely has to go to Touhou for the platinum I even went and made that a milestone platinum due to it besides also being Touhou, just really like the cute image of Reimu. My actual favourite of the games played is a toughie and can't narrow it down as I enjoyed NieR as it was really fun though will admit I did do the ingame trophy purchases for the platinum only so I didn't feel pressured to hurry through the game and will go back to it later for a proper 100%. I also enjoyed Fate/EXTELLA due to being a fan although I did not like the Tamamo storyline or how forced Nero was into the whole plot but overall it wasn't bad was fun going through and getting all the Mystic Codes using the best Saber, Mysterious Heroine X. If only she answered my summons in Fate/Grand Order... Then the 3rd game is definitely Under Night the closest I'll get to Melty Blood on PS3/4/V though I would gladly be proven wrong, best character is Sion... I mean Eltnum... and bonus points for the cute image as well. As for this new year of gaming got a lot I would like to do but unsure with how my health has been though I would like to at least manage to pass platinum #100 as well as get a few platinums in particular like MonHun, Girls und Panzer, more Nep, Senran Kagura and Touhou as well as a few more games but will see what this year has planed for me as I go along.
  3. Well sorry for lack of updates due to health and then MonHun but anyway just a small update for now which is mainly not all that good... @Andrea will be disqualified due to a few things brought to my attention which is also why she failed to do well in Grimy's competition I have no idea what is going on with @CJ_Mystery and what account he is using now or what number account it is now so unsure on his status Anyway that is all for this small update for now and I recommend MonHun for people to play though if you are a completionist or can't handle long grinds with RNG not for you. Scores for this and another race will be posted later this week so look forward to that.
  4. Anyway London cleared(main/free) was easy, kind of annoyed with all that was done as New Year celebration as it looks like a certain CE won't be received in the English F/GO which is kind of disappointing as well as Scathach looking like she'll have 1 less banner due to not being with Arjuna and Karna. I will add also looks like the dailies haven't been updated in my experience at least as no dolls, homunculi, helter skelter or book enemies in the dailies yet so looks like London is the only spot to farm gears, pages and babies for now. Also if people hadn't done it yet the 3 Mystic Codes by clearing the 9 stages(3 for each) there are some guaranteed drops like 1x heart, 4x claws and pretty sure can't remember as did it on the day it popped up but 4x babies as well. Have my support list pretty much planned out just got to hope for a few servants but for now my support lineup is this:
  5. Oh I love how I've been ignored in this thread might as well have been posting PMs to myself at this rate anyway Jack, Tamamo and Alice are NOT story locked or story gacha only don't spread wrong information and act like you know also needing to post everything the game actually tells people when they login isn't needed either pretty sure everybody would have seen London active as well as the new mystic codes which have guaranteed drops by the way with 1 having a heart, another having 4 claws and them also being decent for homunculus babies and pages too this would have been better info to post but nope I also said about those 3 earlier in the thread like last page as well with what would happen... Bragging about Mordred guessing only reason you tagged Blades since why tag him if he is clearly playing the Japanese version though seems your not the only person not paying attention to that fact considering people saying Christmas event is over when it isn't especially after they talk about Altera...
  6. What is your drive to always be the victim?
  7. For people who have been playing since day 1 their servants skills at least for their mains/supports should be Lv:4 minimum above that not being done is understandable for some servants due to materials like Artoria Alter and claws... Christmas event should have really helped people out as well especially for gems, fangs, dust and bones. My support lineup though I really want to replace some of them but have no other servant I like for certain classes... at least most of their skills are raised and Ushi really needs London for gears though need horseshoes before them and then the wait for her strengthening quest for her evade skill.
  8. You had me wondering between Artoria, Altera and Asterios and yes that is some luck considering... I had to completely empty the 1st box to get the ticket I hope my luck doesn't remain E-...
  9. Who? How the? I have cleared over 400 items in the 1st box with no ticket yet...
  10. Nursery Rhyme and Jack are just like Tamamo and Orion how they get a sneak peek during an event but then become permanent in a story chapter's release in Alice and Jack's case they join Tamamo with London and are in all the quartz gacha like Orion and not just the story summon gacha like how Nero, Medea Lily, Artoria Alter, Gilles de Rais, etc. Though this post will go ignored... Failed rolling Jack got Alice instead... EDIT: Also for anybody who cares: 10 AP = Ribbon farming - CE Lightning Reindeer 20 AP = Bell farming - CE March of Saints 40 AP = Star farming - CE Present for My Master 40 AP and later the 50 AP for stockings - have as many Holy Night Sign equipped and borrow any non-silver bonus servants so Martha, Marie, Alice, Jack and Santa Alter
  11. And with that my support list is shaping up nicely and seems besides ruining the Scathach banner Christmas gets pushed forward 2 weeks now starting December 1 so can't even prepare for Jack this is going to be fun...
  12. My support lineup really benefitted with the current 1/2 AP dailies: Currently only 3 of those would be swapped in near future if luck allows... No problem though if you were playing for stats I would say go Caeser instead of Lily since he can be NP5 quite easily has a decent skillset and a pretty good single target NP only downside is his appearance and personality in my opinion...
  13. Why is Dragonkin on Stheno it has no effect as Dragonkin and similar CEs like Heavens Feel and Angel's Song only boost damage of an NP so on a non-damaging NP you get nothing from it similar with Halloween Princess on Tamamo with the whole increasing NP damage on a non-damaging NP. I would also suggest swapping Projection and Limited Zero Over around as Lily needs the added damage from LZO while EMIYA can use Projection to increase his 3 ARTS cards which also increases his NP gain from them meaning a quicker UBW. My updated support list: Just need to get a few dragon fangs and a few monuments so I have everything to max ascend Okita.
  14. Well have both of the lore from the event and currently on 1.67 million Honnoji points to bad nothing extra after the lore and cleared the final quest which was easy with my lineup no servant of mine was defeated and the enemy didn't get to use 1 NP. My party was: Lv:80 Artoria Alter/MLB Halloween Princess Lv:80 Waver/no CE Lv:71 Gilgamesh(sup)/Kaleidoscope Lv:90 Ushiwakamaru/Imaginary Around Lv:60 Elizabeth/Little Halloween Devil Lv:74 Nobunaga/MLB Verdant Sound of Destruction
  15. What is your support lineup? No and neither are Gilgamesh or Kintoki. The only limited servant in it is Okita since Orion is permanent since Okeanos release and Tamamo is permanent with London release which this 5* guarantee was meant to use which is why Jack and Mordred should have been there but due to no London it means no Jack and Mordred.