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  1. What is your drive to always be the victim?
  2. For people who have been playing since day 1 their servants skills at least for their mains/supports should be Lv:4 minimum above that not being done is understandable for some servants due to materials like Artoria Alter and claws... Christmas event should have really helped people out as well especially for gems, fangs, dust and bones. My support lineup though I really want to replace some of them but have no other servant I like for certain classes... at least most of their skills are raised and Ushi really needs London for gears though need horseshoes before them and then the wait for her strengthening quest for her evade skill.
  3. You had me wondering between Artoria, Altera and Asterios and yes that is some luck considering... I had to completely empty the 1st box to get the ticket I hope my luck doesn't remain E-...
  4. Who? How the? I have cleared over 400 items in the 1st box with no ticket yet...
  5. Nursery Rhyme and Jack are just like Tamamo and Orion how they get a sneak peek during an event but then become permanent in a story chapter's release in Alice and Jack's case they join Tamamo with London and are in all the quartz gacha like Orion and not just the story summon gacha like how Nero, Medea Lily, Artoria Alter, Gilles de Rais, etc. Though this post will go ignored... Failed rolling Jack got Alice instead... EDIT: Also for anybody who cares: 10 AP = Ribbon farming - CE Lightning Reindeer 20 AP = Bell farming - CE March of Saints 40 AP = Star farming - CE Present for My Master 40 AP and later the 50 AP for stockings - have as many Holy Night Sign equipped and borrow any non-silver bonus servants so Martha, Marie, Alice, Jack and Santa Alter
  6. And with that my support list is shaping up nicely and seems besides ruining the Scathach banner Christmas gets pushed forward 2 weeks now starting December 1 so can't even prepare for Jack this is going to be fun...
  7. My support lineup really benefitted with the current 1/2 AP dailies: Currently only 3 of those would be swapped in near future if luck allows... No problem though if you were playing for stats I would say go Caeser instead of Lily since he can be NP5 quite easily has a decent skillset and a pretty good single target NP only downside is his appearance and personality in my opinion...
  8. Why is Dragonkin on Stheno it has no effect as Dragonkin and similar CEs like Heavens Feel and Angel's Song only boost damage of an NP so on a non-damaging NP you get nothing from it similar with Halloween Princess on Tamamo with the whole increasing NP damage on a non-damaging NP. I would also suggest swapping Projection and Limited Zero Over around as Lily needs the added damage from LZO while EMIYA can use Projection to increase his 3 ARTS cards which also increases his NP gain from them meaning a quicker UBW. My updated support list: Just need to get a few dragon fangs and a few monuments so I have everything to max ascend Okita.
  9. Well have both of the lore from the event and currently on 1.67 million Honnoji points to bad nothing extra after the lore and cleared the final quest which was easy with my lineup no servant of mine was defeated and the enemy didn't get to use 1 NP. My party was: Lv:80 Artoria Alter/MLB Halloween Princess Lv:80 Waver/no CE Lv:71 Gilgamesh(sup)/Kaleidoscope Lv:90 Ushiwakamaru/Imaginary Around Lv:60 Elizabeth/Little Halloween Devil Lv:74 Nobunaga/MLB Verdant Sound of Destruction
  10. What is your support lineup? No and neither are Gilgamesh or Kintoki. The only limited servant in it is Okita since Orion is permanent since Okeanos release and Tamamo is permanent with London release which this 5* guarantee was meant to use which is why Jack and Mordred should have been there but due to no London it means no Jack and Mordred.
  11. Already knew as do quite a few others. Also: Wrong it would've been New Year's event not a whole year later and it would be followed later by class specific guarantee gacha and NO that is wrong Kintoki, Gilgamesh are not available for that either. Personally I am annoyed at it being early as it makes it harder to get Mordred and Jack unless they do it again on New Year's but then again the material bag and such were meant to be during the anniversary so no idea what they are doing.
  12. NP5 Lv:74 Nobu for me also have a Lv:37 or so Okita. Now to just farm for hearts, snakes eyes, gears and pages for the most. I will also remind everybody the summoning system of Chaldea works differently to the usual summoning and in the Chaldea system servants can decline that summoning so if Okita or any other servant wasn't summoned don't feel bad they just don't like you. I will also point out 1AP quest has given about 50% of it's total and the remaining give that or even a bit over so don't miss those and always borrow Okita+GUDA-O as for farming normal stages use Lancer 40AP for points and drops or go for Caster 40AP for drops most should also AVOID the upcoming Archer 40AP you have been warned.
  13. Yes. All servants are viable and 1-3* can clear end content you do not need 4/5* but there are several 4* welfares available through events if you play them and you get quartz for summoning through story, events and login bonuses not to mention a ticket per week for a free single summon from the quartz gacha as long as you login daily. You also get a free 10x summon on the FP gacha daily which only gives 1-3* servants and craft essences so you shouldn't be struggling since per stage unless story/event locked support you'll always be borrowing another player's servant from their support list.
  14. Guess I will throw my name into this hat.
  15. I hope this isn't serious but 100,000 Honnoji points makes her permanent if you look at the rewards for Honnoji points it will take 1,000,000 to make her NP5 also raising the limited time copy will carry over when you make her permanent so 1st copy you earn via Honnoji points turns the limited time copy into your own copy all stats/levels/skills intact.