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  1. Thanks for your tips on the car chase in legend difficulty of Yakuza Kiwami. They were vital to beat it on my fourth attempt. Every bit of it was completely accurate. 

    1. STK91


      Hey, thanks! It took quite a bit of trial and error for me and in the end it just seemed right to compile a little guide to help other people struggling with it. Especially because having to replay the Ka Long stage every time is very annoying.

      I'm glad it was helpful to you!

  2. He teleports and then attacks, it's not really an instant thing, when you see him teleport start dodging. The hang back tip is for a phase of the fight where he shoots fireballs, not for the whole thing. And yeah, if your party members die there's not really much you can do, just learn his moves and try to stay alive with your character, it's not too hard to do the fight without taking hits, you just need some practice. Also, to be perfectly honest, 5-10 levels above mausinger might be enough to kill him with good gear, but the other fights of the dlc become harder and harder, you might as well start levelling now to avoid unnecessary frustration.
  3. He definitely hits pretty hard. You can't really fight him head on, just watch and learn his attacks, after some of them there's a pretty clear window to damage him. Once he goes to the throne and starts the fire show just hang back with something like Bracken's health hub to sustain your hp and go in when he's done. As for your damage, if it's really that bad you probably need some of the weapons crafted from the dreamer's maze materials. Just make the research to start from specific floors of the maze and do runs of floors 21 to 29 to grab some mats.
  4. I just hate that they wrote "DLC: Mars" in the trophy names instead of the description, like in the last DLC. At least be consistent! lol
  5. Seems like you got it though. Congrats!
  6. I'm happy they were useful to you
  7. It should be the one in Konunsgard. Just teleport there, take a left and follow the path down, once you get to the main gate that you had to open with 3 keys go left again. It's in that general area, near where you had to put a light crystal down to create a bridge, in the middle of an opening.
  8. I mostly have a problem with the text box going away very fast, but yeah, it's pretty tiny.
  9. Just finished the DLC. I think it's worth a playthrough but you'll need to start it with the right mindset. The major problem I had with the controls was the jumping button (it retains a bit of momentum upon landing and has a bit of cooldown), once you get accustomed to it, it really is not that bad. Being able to save anywhere really makes the experience way smoother and helps traversing the hardest parts. Definitely play it before Madness Returns and on easy difficulty to minimize frustration and maximize the enjoyment of the sequel!
  10. I'm just going to leave this for posterity : The Chains That Bind trophy description is incorrect. It will be awarded when the player performs 100 Chain Kills (Multiple kills with a single hit). S-Chain Master description is correct. Fatality! Is also worded strangely imho. It requires you to get 500 Fatal Kills, which isn't really the same as killing enemies with critical hits.
  11. Yeah, having to reload really is a pain. After a while I was at least managing some very fast runs of the entire chapter. I suggest using 3-4 strong swords in Legend style to get through all the enemies quickly and equipping Sunburst (you get it from the rewards of the western casino) to kill the boss swiftly, since it stuns him with every hit.
  12. Hi there! I just completed Car Chase on Legend difficulty after around 10 tries so I wanted to share some tips. An universal tip is that you deal the most damage aiming for the center of the circle, so don't bother aiming for the head of the bad guys. The first part of the chase is fairly simple, you should be able to complete it with some minimal damage/no damage after a few tries. All my losses were from the truck part so let's get to that: 1st Phase: The easier of the lot, you can only shoot 2 out of the 3 guys on top of the truck. The screen will change after dealing half bar of damage to the left guy or after killing the middle one. While killing the middle one is fairly easy (and you absolutely should do that since he can damage you in the next phase aswell) I suggest splitting your damage and get as close as possible to the half hp mark on the left guy before offing the middle one. 2nd Phase: Quite difficult, but this is where I can give you my most valuable tip. Killing the guy on the truck switches to the next phase immediately so going in for the kill while managing the cars behind the truck seems like the obvious way to go, but if you're here chances are you take too much damage or die while doing it (like I was xD). The thing I noticed is that the cars do NOT actually respawn indefinitely as they initially let you think. So the safest way to proceed is to just kill all the cars while ignoring the dude on the truck and only shooting his rockets. After the truck switches side of the road you're pretty much half way through the cars so keep removing them and finally, once they're over, you can take all your time killing the rocket man. Doing it this way I managed to not take any damage in this phase for the first time ever and winning the run afterwards. 3rd Phase: The hardest one. The concept is the same as before: killing the guy on the truck switches to the next phase and the bikes do not respawn indefinitely (there are about 3 for each of the two positions). You can keep killing the bikes off, while trying to not let the guy on the truck shoot, until they are over (which is what I did) or try to go for the kill of the truck dude after a bit, since all the damage you dealt to him in the 1st phase was retained. 4th Phase: I've seen people stop the driver's attack midway but honestly I cannot tell you how to do it. It seemed to happen quite randomly (mostly didn't) even with every shot on target. So the best thing you can do is capitalize on all the hp you saved from the safety strats we did during the run. If you shoot well you can get away with just taking one hit from the truck, otherwise two. He hits for 50% of your car HP if you hide into it or 50% of Kiryu's HP + about 20/30% of your car HP. The strat is simply to aim well, use Heat eye when he gets close to you and take a hit or two depending on your hp situation. Having 50%+ of Kiryu's Hp and 80%+ of your car HP by this point will make this very safe, just take a hit to both of them and you will have plenty of time to kill him. Otherwise take a hit where you will survive and just unload and pray it will be enough. I hope these tips will be helpful to anybody having problems with this nightmarish stage. Good luck and, if you fail, just keep trying and you'll eventually get it!
  13. No 100% completion for every minigame? Finally
  14. Aside from Godhead, do you actually need to collect every new item introduced in afterbirth to unlock real platinum god or just the ones from rebirth?
  15. He already did it, but for anyone with the same need to discover Terror Island via the ship minigame and visit it. After that the katz will appear on the bridge in Reneed.