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  1. i think this game will just bleed out now with 15 days remaining
  2. i guess this server wil just die out.
  3. What trohies do pop in lan ? can you also get the 3 wins per map in lan ?
  4. i did get a diffrent answer today from them , but we will see
  5. Is everyone tweeting or contacting ubisoft to get this server back up ? for the players that still need it ?
  6. I tought they only did community events and such. Ok thanks for the info
  7. No new cats vs dinos event has been spotted the topic hasnt been updated Does anyone even look every month still ?
  8. thanks
  9. even the arcade edition ?
  10. with codes or installed on the disc ? also if if buy the ultra pack on the store will it have the arcade edition included ? im looking my best options with the store closing
  11. @jorgesleep how did you get the server renting to work ?
  12. So does it still work to get a server rented ? i just tried and it didnt work. but a friend of mine did get all trophies in 2020
  13. Nope , i had to replay the game
  14. Has anyone else had this glitch ? i have finished the last race were i got the orange skyline , and should of gotten the friends reunited trophie but i got nothing? Thanks in advance
  15. Im sorry i didnt say thank you.. before thanks. Sorry if i came up annoying to you. That was not ment to be so sorry thanks for replying on my answers tho. I wont bug you anymore. Also i think its fine to use we as we are in a chat on discord. Who plays rock band online every often. But enough about this now thanks again for replying. Sorry if i was an ass. I dont want to be one!