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  1. If it was like the first heist trophies, nice! But unfortunately it has turned into microtransaction hell Also, criminal mastermind + elite challenges with 2,3 and 4 people, who wants to play the same fkin thing for 50+ hours? Wth It's already boring to grind to get the money.
  2. No hope man 2 trophies glitched for me, this one and the offroad miles to bad man, would have loved to get the plat
  3. I have both but love the ps4 version way more, It's not a stupid Ipad port and it has that san andreas feel to it. The orange lightning the storms etc.
  4. Have played it on ps3 and ps4, absolutely loved it! Great story, athmosphere, gameplay ,etc.
  5. 2 hardest parts for me= Chapter 4 holyshit that was hard as f***! And at the end after you have to dodge the container you instantly die (Kind of broken.) Once you are lucky enough to get to cover quick then it's beatable but think I died like 70 times there. Glad I have the trophy tho!
  6. Mine was the Ghost in the cemetry trophy, did it in 1 try. (Sad I didn't know this on my speedrun because this is really fast.) Got my platinum last night now going for the coop stuff.
  7. I just got my 3 stars on all the dlc, man it's not easy at all, for such a 'table top racing' game why make it so hard? Didn't enjoy the dlc at all. If you have platinum save yourself the grind of playing events over and over.
  8. Another month of 'Nopes'
  9. No replies here lol, guess no other people have glitched trophies. Anyway I might buy this one, thanks for the tip!
  10. For me the whole uncharted series made me care about all of them, and the last of us als a masterpiece! Also suprisingly valiant hearts was an experience I'll never forget, didn't even expect i would cry haha I suggest you play this game without watching anything from it. But most games you don't really care I guess since they are for fun.
  11. I also have 1 stunt jump glitched, to bad you can't see wich one... have to restart I guess with the jumps... hope it's one of the first
  12. Since having played all the uncharted games before, I absolutely love this one! The flashbacks in the house of drake, the memories at the end, the picture you had taken while they were kids in that house, with this uncharted I was already connected to the characters but even more than the other ones. I'm kind of sad that it is done now, I'll miss Elena, Nathan, Sully, Sam etc... It's been a beautiful adventure. Thank you Naughty Dog, thank you Uncharted!
  13. Hey man, thats really amazing good job already! This game is truly amazing, lived up to my expectations even better at moments, what an adventure.
  14. Lol cool idea man, F*** activision for not selling mw remastered without infinite warfare. Would have loved to play it but not falling for that stupid selling crap.
  15. Yeeeeeemen