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  1. Aigis from Persona 3 because reasons.
  2. Ah, i was half expecting some shady online seller or something haha thats certainly strange. Mine was EB Games and a friend of mine who also got an EU version bought his from Target, there may have been some sort of mixup for JB's order or something. On the bright side it would be much easier to find an EU version floating around without having to import. Just make sure to check the region codes are compatible if you download any future DLC, just in case!
  3. Australian games generally are EU region and Star Wars is no exception in my case. Where did you buy your copy from? The place you got it from might be importing other region versions for whatever reason.
  4. Just came back here to update my comment haha, I got to this point in the story just now and the bench gave me a Magus Lightsaber Sleeve instead so i imagine the bench where i got the double bladed light saber would give that for anyone who got it here instead
  5. I didn't see anything for seeing friends structures in my time with the game. The closest I can recommend is to create one of those strand contracts or whatever they're called with your friends. They make it more likely to encounter those player's structures throughout the game, i made one with PowerPyx hoping i could find all their cool late game stuff and zipline networks 😜
  6. I just unlocked this in Kashyyyr on the second visit right on the path following the story. It might just be the first upgrade you get when you find one of these benches, now I'm curious what I'll get when i go to Dathomir lol
  7. I knew there had to be a little happy birthday in there somewhere like in MGS5! I sat at the birthday screen for a solid 10 minutes trying to decide if i wanted to lie and say it was my birthday that day or go with my actual birthday in case it had some sort of story relevance
  8. I can't tell you how many games developers have convinced me to not buy by simply releasing to many non-trailers. I lose way to much interest in the time it takes to search through multiple videos showing none of what actually matters for a game trailer, I really don't understand why it's so common.
  9. Incompetence most likely. This is such a basic and crucial feature that should have been included from the start and i can't think of any reasonable excuse beyond utter incompetence. It really grinds my gears.
  10. This sounds very grindy but i don't know enough about the gameplay to be so certain. 10,000 kills for both ghouls and investigators sounds like a big grind either way.
  11. I don't think they can be cleared permanently but once you get further in the game you can create timefall shelters that you can wait under until the storm passes. I don't think you can force them to pass if they're scripted though. Also if you want to make them easier to avoid, don't kill anyone. I didn't test this, and frankly there is very little information online to confirm it (so take this with a grain of salt), but some things I've read indicate that the more people you kill, the more BTs show up. Which makes sense within the story with how they take bodies to the incinerator. If anyone knows whether this is right or wrong feel free to correct me, I'm kind of curious since i didn't find out until after the game.
  12. Try being part of the EU store where devs/sony don't even bother to release 99% of avatars while being painfully aware that they all exist because everyone on your friends list are using them.
  13. Those who purchase Civilization VI for PlayStation 4 will also receive as a bonus the following pieces of additional content: Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack ^ that's taken from the playstation store listing. Judging from the names of the DLC packs it sounds like its included with purchase so why are you all upset about the DLC? I'm largely unfamiliar with Civilization games, this will be my first, so am i missing something?
  14. First devs loaded their games with DLC for easy money Then they loaded them with microtransactions to create an even lazier development cycle Now, they just charge the price of a game for an avatar. But they're not done. By 2030 devs will achieve their final form by cutting out the middle man and having stupid people give direct access to their bank account without the need to produce content at all! Who will fight against this unstoppable evil? Can the gaming industry be saved from the greed of devs and stupidity of those who validate them? Will Goku make it in time? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!
  15. I was pretty late to the game so I had to deal with all the ways the game has aged too but i remember enjoying it a fair bit. Nothing to write home about but enjoyable enough to platinum. Especially considering it was a decade old game at the time. I couldn't stand Warrior Within though, i went at that at least a dozen times because i can't stand paying for a game and not playing it but i just found nothing redeemable in it. Though i admit, a lot of it was just the aged factor and to a newcomer like me WW aged far worse