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  1. It takes some serious self control for me to not go on a essay length rant about this on a daily basis because i know it's not gonna come back but damn do we need it. I'm sick of visiting threads that seem to discuss how to get particular trophies only to see someone shamelessly plugging their youtube channel and I'm sick of half-assed trophy guides where the writer clearly only made it to post all their youtube videos and offers no worthwhile guidance outside of forcing self-promotion for themselves. The trophy tips section coming back would be perfect for this, people who needed the guidance could find it and the forums wouldn't be cluttered to hell with people trying to get famous. It's also just way to inconvenient that the only way to get tips on trophies is from one person's opinion. What if that person didn't encounter one of the myriad pieces of necessary information for a trophy or got it by accident? I can't tell you how many times I've found important tips for trophies like how to solve bugs or how to get things done in a quicker or easier way and just had nowhere to post it. I'm at the point where PSNProfiles is getting lower and lower on my priorities list when searching for information because I'm sick of opening pages just to be greeted with worthless self promotion or arbitrary experiences with no real testimony or discussion and it's much easier to just click any other option that comes up when you search trophy guide and it's unfortunate because I don't want to use other sites. As much as i hate to say it about an xbox site, trueachievements.com has become my go to place when i need specific tips because they still have this ability and I'd be lying if i said it didn't give me a smug sense of satisfaction to see all the self-promotion posts sinking to the bottom of the list in favour of actual help.
  2. It's quite easy once you have the gist of it. Azthefuture summarised it pretty well it's all about Tifa's triangle attack being upgraded using her unbridled strength ability. The intel report only requires 200% but if you're going for the platinum you may as well go for 300% while you're at it. All you need is an enemy with a long stagger time which the Fat Chocobo VR fight is perfect for since you can access it from many chapters. Adjust the difficulty to suit where you are in the story, easy if you're a low level or normal if you're a high level. I personally did it at max level on easy but i literally got it in the last hit before he died so it's risky. I know it sounds confusing to read in text but it's not as crazy as it sounds. I threw together a quick video guide on hitting 300% this morning if it's any help:
  3. A lot of it was enjoyable but a lot of it was a bit boring unfortunately. Everything looked great, the characters were lovable and the combat could be as simple or as complex as you like which i enjoyed. But in all honesty at least half my play time was just spent paused while i played on my phone out of boredom. There's only so many long metal hallways you can walk through doing the same thing over and over before you just can't stay engaged anymore and i say this as someone who loved FF13, which is usually the fanboy punching bag of hallway simulator hate. If it weren't for the semi-openworld chapters i probably would've disliked it but thankfully they were there to break up the monotony every once in a while. I think the problem really just stems from trying to drag one game out to multiple, it really did feel like there was no purpose to so much of the game and i didn't have the benefit of nostalgia to hype my way through it. Around 75% of the way through i just got to the point where i said alright i want this to end, no more normal difficulty, classic here i come which made all the filler much more bearable since i could tune out and watch a movie or something.
  4. I think this might be a glitch for Royal. I had this quite a bit where i had to talk to them multiple times to get them to leave. Most the time they just said the same thing over and over until they finally tacked on 'well time to go' on the end and left. One of the times i could swear i talked to them over 10 times before they finally left and didn't say a single word different until the last dialogue so if anyone's in doubt just mash talk until they leave it happens eventually
  5. The looks are great but I'm really worried about how fat it looks. I find xbox controllers utterly unplayable with how large they are in my hands and i end up with so much strain with long term use from having to fully extend to press buttons so I'm very concerned that the enjoyment of playing will be gone next generation for me. Hard to tell with pictures though, i thought the same of the DS4 and that fit my hands great.
  6. Yea it seems that way. EB Games is also releasing some of their switch games early from what I've read, i imagine JB is the same. I asked if there was any chance of Resident Evil 3 getting that treatment but apparently they don't even have the stock yet 😞
  7. The same place just gave me Persona 5 Royal so i think you may be right. Here's hoping they give me Resident Evil 3 soon too haha
  8. Never sprinted into EB Games so fast. It's also the same for One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 if anyone's wondering which was supposed to come out friday.
  9. The release of this seems completely whacky right now. EB Games is emailing me saying it releases tomorrow (25th) despite no preorder confirmation to tell me it's there, the release date was always 27th yet every website states anywhere between 25th & 27th and the preorder is open for the American store but no one else and i can't find any news about a changed release date lol.
  10. I call those moves the bullshit-super-saiyan-moves because frankly if i were to be punched by Goku i imagine it feeling roughly as OP and overwhelming as that. It really just makes me nervous to go anywhere with xp. I've played most soulsclones so I'm perfectly familiar with the setup and all but usually recovering my souls is a matter of concentration not luck and i just can't handle the commitment of losing all my hard earned xp over an impossible situation. I still like it a lot more than Sekiro though, at least I'm not forced to counter.
  11. Those things are about as useful in a fight as my left testicle
  12. My wallet dreads this sale every year. I however, love it.
  13. Not sure if it's to late but if you want just a plain old fight of winning the Mira battle with no commentary I did one here at level 77. I also did one for the level 10 training room fight which seems to be the one people have been wanting to see more for whatever reason. They're probably not needed but thought I'd offer since this title was weird about sharing videos and you mentioned mira.
  14. I'm halfway through the Buu saga and honestly this is the game I've been wanting all these years. It's like if legacy of goku had a baby with xenoverse. My save is currently at 45 hours and I'm still completely invested. I think any DBZ fan will love this one, the story is so involved that it feels like you're watching the show at some times and there's a lot of great context added to the main story (+ easter eggs) through a large amount of side quests. The only complaint I'd have is that the fighting can get a little stale later in the game (especially random encounters) but I think some of that is just me because it's very similar combat to xenoverse which i played a lot of and I am doing literally every last thing possible in the game.
  15. Aigis from Persona 3 because reasons.