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  1. I suppose the next thing to check is to make sure the replacement you got is the same exact model that came and works with your PS3. I had to swap a new blu-ray drive into my PS3 back in 2019 and I ordered a replacement off of eBay and made sure I got the exact model I needed. It may be the case that you ordered the correct model number but they sent the incorrect one that is incompatible.
  2. Do you know for sure if it's solely the blu-ray drive that's not working? Have you checked to see if any other disc that isn't a blu-ray works? So a PS1 game, CD or a DVD.
  3. I am in Canada and I can find this DLC in the store. I went to search and it wasn't until I entered 'DARK V' before the Survivor Missions DLC appeared on the right side.
  4. I installed Alien: Isolation yesterday and no update was ever brought up, started the game up today and I got the notice for an update. Hopefully this all was just a minor blip.
  5. The issues I was having getting the error message seems to have fixed itself. I managed to complete the purchase I had been trying to make previously. So whatever was causing it is possibly corrected now.
  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting the "an error has occurred" message. I first tried a few days ago and got it and figured it was due to high traffic of people buying new games/downloading others and that was messing things up. So I gave it a couple days, tried again and still got the error message. I'm guessing it's just a waiting issue.
  7. I bought the PS3 version of Game of Thrones and it wasn't until I got home and read on the back that episodes 1-5 are on disc but episode 6 must be downloaded that I started to have doubts if I'd be able to finish it. I googled it but didn't find anything too concrete about it. Fortunately though, upon selecting episodes it did take me to a secret PS store page where I was able to download episode 6.
  8. It's now a worldwide thing that messages can only be sent from one PS3 to another. I don't have a PS4 so I always used the app to participate in group chats and it made communicating while in-game easier, but now I can't do any of that and it's back to the old school way of hitting the PS button to open up the message box.. It's unfortunate though that I can't inform some folks on my friend's list I can no longer see their messages until they log into a PS3.
  9. Had no issues logging into the server or loading up any of the missions.
  10. Metal Gear Solid 3 is my pick. That's a great game.
  11. This is pretty much what I did. As soon as I knew that was it and I was dead I quit the game and reloaded my save. I didn't have any issue with getting the undefeated trophy.
  12. You could just play it as is? I didn't want to go through all the trouble of deleting and reinstalling all 11GB so I played through Pure Survival without the devil horns and it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be. A bonus tip is if you stagger upgrading any part of your suit it will refill your health. I'm now halfway through the Hardcore run and the game keeps giving me way more healing items than I need, so it's going fine as well. I think as long as you back up your save on Hardcore so you don't lose progress if you get killed or die in one of the few instant death moments you should have nothing to worry about.
  13. Error 80010514 is the same error I had back in September which meant the Blu-ray lens was dead. Everything else worked on the PS3 except reading any Blu-ray discs. No other solutions worked for me so I had to purchase a new Blu-ray lens deck and swap them. After that I was back to playing games normally with no issue.
  14. You're probably right about that but I just did it to be on the safe side just in case.
  15. EDIT: So I tried doing this through the Best Buy link that was provided and it does in fact work. I live in Canada so I had to do some things beforehand. The first was making a new account on my PS3 with a US address. I simply used a hotel's address. Then I made an account on Best Buy.com and purchased the DLC pack. During the checkout there is an option for international customers to enter a provided billing address out of Houston, Texas. I did all that and the purchase went through and was emailed the code. I downloaded the code through my new account and installed it with my current game file then switched to my normal account. Just playing around with it I've already earned 2 trophies from the Pirates DLC pack.