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  1. nice catch!
  2. The Dwarf who play Lyre? Harp-guitar? is played by Bear McCreary, composer of the game. And Bear spelling backward is Raeb 😦
  3. As long as my boi Sindri got to be happy I'd say bring it on!
  4. The first 5 minutes of Ironwood was kinda okay but god they keep dragging on and on and on and on until I hate it. The meh Yakk riding sequence, the weird, unnecessary giant house boss fight which add 0 story.
  5. James Sunderland S. Kennedy is back baby!
  6. 4k mode in first 5-30 minutes of the game. Then 60fps all the way
  7. Will this include free PS7, PS8 free upgrade?
  8. can't wait for next installment called CRANKING THE HOG BROTHER AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Might be different from my case tho. Try changing the user to the same as the disk region. My main ID is Japanese region but my disk is Asia region. I changed to my sub ID, which is in Asia region, then the PS5 upgrade choice was available to upgrade. Sorry for my English.
  10. Sometimes. But most of the time I just feel disappoint with myself for not being good enough😓
  11. Based on Japanese forum they said estimate platinum time: 30 hours.
  12. Finished the demo. Definitely a day 1 for me. After you focus on counter+blocking the last boss feel pretty easy. Also you can stunlock his 1st phase with Sword's square+square+triangle. Might try another build color thingy? again before demo shut down.
  13. I'm loving the recently trend of having a demo on store. DioField, Metal Hellsinger, now this.😚
  14. See you all at Babylon 2.0: A realm reborn.
  15. Sekiro 2. Elden Ring 3. You heard it here first.