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  1. Is anyone interested in this? A place to list "rare" items (plans or gear) they have or are seeking.I just hit level 50, and know I'd want to find some max-level stuff that will last me the rest of the way.I have right now: 3-star Lvl 50 Zealot's Robot Left Arm3-star Lvl 50 Two Shot Assault Rifle3-star Lvl 40 Bloodies Single Action Revolver2-star Lvl 45 Vampire Crossbow2-star Lvl 45 Vampire Mr Handy Buzz BladePlenty of 1-star stuffMarsupial mutation serumI'd be interested in the mutation serums for: Eagle Eyes, Grounded, Healing Factor, Plague Walker, and Scaly Skin...….and the plan for Lever Gun (or if someone has the plan redeemed, craft me a level 50 one and I'll pay you for it).Trying to learn how the pricing works now also, as some of the specific prefix weapons have a hefty price tag in-game.So what are people looking for?
  2. They are way behind on this stuff. I just got my activity list updated with a bunch of silver and golds (despite having already done the 12 stacks of gold passes, so I shouldnt be getting any more of those) dating between 5/31 and 6/23. Still no platinums updated since 5/24, and I've done 11 since then.
  3. I just did the first one of the game in 50 seconds, and no trophy. So it's definitely glitching.
  4. Happy to have found this thread. Been looking for a complete list of PlayStation ports (even the Artifex Mundi website is inaccurate). I have gotten 7 plats so far. A lot left to go.
  5. Another one of those poker games with AI (when playing the cpu offline) that seems to hit all the long odds plays over and over. Played for an hour last night, maybe 75-80 deals, got to the river maybe a dozen times. The cpu sucked out and hit its card on the river (when I was a 95/5 favorite) four times in big pots. Suuuuuuuuure. I decided to give it one more go today for a couple trophies, and the cpu gets dealt pocket aces on the first hand. *head shaking*
  6. Same problem here. The recall command just outright sucks. They just don't respond half the time, and die over and over because of it. I'm reloading constantly and virtually stuck at the 5 minimum impas. Terrible game.
  7. Wow. Mine is not nearly as long as so many other peoples. Killing Floor 2 in 2 years, 5 days.
  8. Appreciate the videos. I used them for several of the collectible trophies. Much more helpful than some others with a lot of cut-jumps in them.
  9. Thanks sir (or madam).
  10. How often are people getting Rainbow drops in general? I just started it (UVHM), got one vehicle skin in the first area (clearing out the camp). Are they dropping that frequently?
  11. Yes, I'll play garbage for 2 hours to get a platinum. Not a game "I don't care for" for 50. Ridiculous comparison. Preach!!
  12. Well then enjoy, but you don't "have" to do anything. I'm gonna play and get the trophies too, but I don't feel down about new content just because of a trophy %. It's a bonus to fun gaming, not the main focus.....for most people. I'll play shitty (short) games just for trophies, but in good/fun/replayable games, it's by far a secondary factor.
  13. Then...…..don't play the new dlc. Problem solved. No chores.
  14. I predict 10 new trophies...…..6 somewhat practical and fun...….and 4 for arbitrary collectible items that hardly ever drop and make you hate life.
  15. This is how I was expecting it to work as well. We shall see, but this makes the most logical sense to me.