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  1. does this apply to all online? just the pvp and not zombies?
  2. ive thought about it....but then theres some trophies i wouldnt be able to get anymore (due to server closed). also , cant you just hide those 'imperfections' now?
  3. i think they may be down? I tried Battlefield V a few minutes ago and it gave me the same message
  4. anyone know which trophies require 'online' cant tell from just reading the description
  5. YES! I just hope it keeps working. (im guessing its because borderlands 3 didnt release a hotfix this week? since ive read they use the same servers or something) I just hope its like this during the weekend as well
  6. Cant believe it took me this long to start playing this game. its actually pretty fun. but the server thing (at the end of matches, when 'retrieving match data' is the last thing on thr right side and it fails) is super discouraging. It then takes 3-5 tries (About 50m each) until it finally works and i can progress to the next 'episode/chapter'
  7. PSN: BrownKiidd Level Name: Quick + ez Level Link: Profile Link: Leave a Comment and ill add yours to my queue to play/yay since i still need those trophies
  8. lol 40 GunZ Need help beating Voracidous on normal difficulty.
  9. same thing happen to me recently. it first happened when it was going to load the final 1v1 against your rival. mine does freeze my system though it just stays on the loading screen. it first happened with sackboy and now it happened with heihachi. the only solution so far is to exit game and go to the whole acarde thing from the begining